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The American Ins tute of Architects, Los Angeles Chapter

Historic Resources Commi ee and Interna onal Prac ce Commi ee
The Western Chapter of the Associa on for Preserva on Technology

“The Valley of the Kings”
An alumnus of UC Berkeley, Mr. McLane has 27 years of experience in the fields of Architecture and Historic Preserva on, working in several firms in San Francisco including EHDD and in his own prac ce. He is presently Associate Principal with Architectural Resources Group, engaged in both Historic Preserva on projects and new construc on. He served as Co-Director of the Valley of the Kings Research Group, 1996-2000, whose work will be described in the presenta on.

jointly present

Three Prac oners’ Perspec ves
Tuesday November 13, 2012 5:30 pm social 6:00 - 8:00 pm program hosted at 500 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90071 RSVP
h p://historicinterna onalprac
Event pending AIA Con nuing Educa on Credit approval

“My life in

Mr. Fidler is a Bri sh licensed architect with two postgraduate degrees in building conserva on and more than 34 years of experience specializing in the maintenance and repair of historic buildings, monuments and archaeological sites. He is the president of John Fidler Preserva on Technology Inc. offering technical and scien fic consultancy services for historic buildings, monuments and sites and their welfare. He formerly served as Conserva on Director at English Heritage in London, overseeing the management of 420 historic proper es including the World Heritage Sites at Stonehenge and Hadrian’s Wall. As Britain’s most senior civil servant specializing in historic preserva on, Mr. Fidler has traveled worldwide to advise governments about conserva on techniques in the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, and at Colorado’s Mesa Verde World Heritage Site. He has recently worked on the World Heritage Sites of Palmyra, Syria and Angkor Wat, Cambodia. His talk will address his experiences in this specialized field with respect to architectural prac ce overseas.



Parking: No valida on is provided for the building’s underground parking. $8 parking at the Central Library 524 S. Flower St. Garage a er 4pm $15 parking at the World Trade Center 350 S. Figueroa Prices subject to change. Various street lots in the vicinity. Public Transporta on: Metro Blue and Red lines at 7th St. / Metro Center / Pershing Square LADOT- DASH bus

Mr. Gray is a Fellow of the Royal Ins tu on of Chartered Surveyors, and an internaonal expert with over 30 years of experience in the measurement of complicated Buildings (many landmark) in the US and the UK. He specializes in the applica on of high tech tools such as laser scanning and photogrammetry to generate accurate 2D and 3D data. He has lectured and published extensively. His career includes head of survey procurement at English Heritage, and head of survey at the Ge y Conserva on Ins tute. He is currently Director of Business Development at the Mollenhauer Group in Los Angeles.

“Documenta on and survey suppor ng interna onal projects: a comparison of the US v. European model”

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