If the truth be Known

Vallentino serenades his mother’s mistress After being driven to madness by some bizarre disease of the brain When the news spreads threw the town Don Juan doubles up and splits a gut in laughter After discovering the story in the headlines of the town’s leading newspaper

Columbus leaves for Spain on a plane from O’Hare airport He sold America for secluded nights in Queen Isabella’s boudoir It’s not so much that he liked to have sex with her he liked to see her undressing She had this alluring animal magnetism that she displayed in his presence

Juliet hawked the engagement ring she received from Romeo After finding out he had been having a secret liaison with her sister Romeo swore it wasn’t true on a stack of Bibles he checked out from the library Juliet sued Romeo for lying under oath and backing out of a matrimonial contract With the money she received from hawking the engagement ring

All this just goes to prove you can’t believe everything you read

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