StakeHolder Charities

Communication Format
Concert Information: •Chosen Artist •Chosen Catering •Volunteers •Equipment •Venue Options Ticket Information •Designs •Prices Merchandising Options and Information

Producer/ Owner

Frequency/ Comments Date


Sponsoring Options Merchandising Options Available


Concert Information •Number of stages set up •Date and Time •Cost


Concert Information •Availability •Date, time, Place Artists Requirements Performance Information •Duration of their act •Allocated stage

Local Government

Transport Information

StakeHolder Legal Services Communication Format Contract signing with the different External Companies. Place Application Information Media Advertisements created by advertising companies . Time. Government and Legal Compliance Checks Producer/ Owner Frequency/ Comments Date Ticket Vendors Ticket Design Ticket Pricing and Quantity Attendees Date. Time Place Ticket Prices The artists at the concert Volunteers Date.

lighting and visual requirements Catering Supplier Expected attendee numbers Menu requirements and restrictions .StakeHolder Emergency Services Communication Format Services offered to the concert Availability of emergency personnel and their roles Producer/ Owner Frequency/ Comments Date Contracting Agency Staff Roles required Quantity of Staff required Roadies Concert Layout: •Number of stages •Stage Locations •Number of tents •Tent locations •Sound. lighting and visual equipment layout Equipment Supplier Sound.

StakeHolder Security Company Communication Format Security Requirements: •Layout of the venue •Security of locations Producer/ Owner Frequency/ Comments Date Cleaning Company •Cleaning Requirements Design Company •Design Requirements Advertising Company Advertising Requirements Merchandising Company Merchandising Requirements: •Charities merchandising requirements •Sponsors merchandising requirements •Artists merchandising requirements .

Time and place Expected attendee turnout Option of including travel fare in ticket price Equipment Logistic Services Date Time and Place Amount of equipment needed to be moved . The artist lineup Transport Services Date.StakeHolder Residents near the Venue Communication Format The date and time of the event Producer/ Owner Frequency/ Comments Date Medical Staff Expected attendee turnout Layout of the concert Location for medical areas Competitors Date and Time of competitor events.

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