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Rajas Gospel TouR Oct-2012

Volume 1, Issue 1 10-oct-2012




A work of churches of Christ, Rajahmundry & Surrounding Areas

Gospel Meetings: In Visakhapatnam District
Day-1: 07th Oct, 2012. the people here are once Hindus and also very poor.

Distance Traveled: 250 kilometers. From Rajahmundry to Visakhapatnam city. Soon after the morning worship at Rajahmundry church, I started my Gospel tour to Visakhapatnam city. In the RAJA WITH THE 4 NEW BORN night I visited my relatives BABES. and another family belongs to the Lords church. Then in the late night I went to bed.

1. Preachers support 2. $1000/- for building repair works.

Day-2: 08th Oct, 2012. Distance Traveled: 100 kilometers. From Visakhapatnam city to Madina village which is a remote village. FIRST MEETING: The first RAJA BAPTIZING A YOUNG MAN meeting conducted in the morning time at a village called Madiana. Here a preacher named Bro.Prakash is working for the last 20years. As a result of the meeting, 4 were added to the Lords church by baptism.

THIRD MEETING: The third meeting conducted in the evening at Ravikavatham village. This is a headquarter village in that area, full of tribals. Here we conducted gospel meeting and at the end celebrated the birthday of the daughter of local preacher, named, Bro.Rajababu. Hes working in that village for the last 5 years.

1. 2. Preachers support Site for the church and Church building.


support SECOND MEETING: The second meeting conRAJA WITH THE 7 NEW BORN ducted in the afternoon at BABES. Krishna Nagar, which is also a remote village. Here I preached the gospel and also encouraged the local congregation. The members were strengthened in faith. All

[estimated cost: $5000/-]

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Day3: 09 Oct, 2012: Distance Traveled: 220 kilometers from Ravimatham village to Chintapalli tribal area. Ive halted in Ravikamatham village at the night and we started to go Chintapalli. This is a hilly tribal area where aboriginal tribal people lives. Now-a-days, they are becoming educated and gradually civilizing. It took 3 hours from down area to the hill top where the village located. The whole day was sufficient for our travel and to spend some hours with them. One of the preacher from that area, named Bro.Krishna Rao, has been trained at us and started preaching for the last 2 years. Now he can convert over 25 people of his own community, and they are growing church. On this day, Ive preached along other few preachers. As a result 7 were baptized and added to the Lords church. SPECIFIC NEED: 1. Preachers support 2. $2000/- for laying roof for their uncompleted church hall. 3. Rugs or blankets for nearly 100 people in that localty.

Day4: 10- Oct, 2012: Distance Traveled: 150 kilometers from Ravikamatham to Narsipatnam and then to P.R.Peta and then to Rajahmundry. Ive halted again at Ravikamatham village. This day I suffered from fever, cold and headache. Took some medicines but felt so much of weakness. Although, I didnt compromised and worked in full force. FIRST MEETING: This day Ive preached in a tribal villages headquarter called Narsipatnam. Here one of our preacher named V Francis Xavier is working for the last 15 years. Here nearly 60 people were attended and I preached on Growing in Faith to Faith Rom 1:16. All of them were encouraged by the subject. SPECIFIC NEED: 1. Preachers support 2. $1000/- for building renovation work. 3. Need monthly pension/gift for over 10 really suffering widows.

Day4: 10- Oct, 2012: SECOND MEETING: After the morning meeting, we headed to another far away village called P.R.Peta where one of our preacher Bro.Solomon Raju.N, is working. He is working there for the last 15 years and he can able to convert 60 people who are once strong believers of Hinduism. Here Ive preached in the night gospel meeting and all the attendees were happy to receive the message and appreciated me about the lesson. At the end, a poor widowed woman, a street vendor of vegetables arranged us our dinner. She is living in a single room thatched hut which leaking the rain water. She cant able to sleep when it rains. That lady is very much interested to serve the men of God. After this meeting, we traveled back from that village to my home town Rajahmundry in the very late night. SPECIFIC NEED: 1. Preachers support 2. $1200/- for laying roof for the incomplete church building.


Raja Vijaya Kumar V Church of Christ


As a result of my trip to remote tribal villages in the district of Visakhapatnam, I can able to win 11 beautiful souls to Christ with the help of the local preachers. I humbly request you all for your prayers and continual support for the Lords work and also to win more and more souls for our Lord. Please think of raising support for not only to the 6 preachers of Visakhapatnam district but also rest of the same district and remaining 5 districts where Im involved in the Lords work. Total there are 50 preachers who need immediate monthly support. And also think of other needy expenditure for the local congregations.

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Preachers and their families in Visakhapatnam District::

Bro. Prakash & Family Bro. Rajababu.K & Family

Bro. Francis Xavier V & Family

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