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Reservation for Two

On Navajo Nation

September 2012

The Main Dish

Change can stir up something good or it can stir up a mess. This

month we decided to make some changes in our worship schedule to see if we could get better attendance and more fellowship between our members. Call me crazy, but I actually believe that if were going to call ourselves the family of God we have to do better than just showing up to the same building three times a week and sitting two chairs away from anyone and then shaking hands and going home. We moved our Sunday night Bible classes to Sunday morning right after worship. Weve had better attendance in the last month for our study than we ever had on Sunday nights. People are staying for class that wouldnt normally have come back on Sunday night. Every week now on Sunday nights we have a different form of fellowship. So far, these changes have stirred up a lot of good. On Sunday night, we have done a bonfire a couple times with smores and hot dogs, which was a huge success. Weve gotten together to write cards to encourage people, hiked the toes for a teen devotional, weeded the property, and took the time to pray for our entire prayer list together. Were planning on hosting bigger area wide teen events in the future, as well as having some devotionals off-site since there are so many wonderful places around here. There is really a pretty unlimited potential to what we can do with this designated time of fellowship, its been a very cool change for us. A few weeks back, we did some work around the building digging out weeds. I got a chance to meet two guys from the neighborhood, both of whom struggle with alcohol and wanted to make a change. The first guy I met, Mike, has never come around again. His scenario is the one we see played out most often. The second guy I met was Rob, I talked to Rob for over an hour right there on the spot about his addiction problems and desire to change. Ever since that night, I talk to Rob three or four times a week, counseling him and just letting him know I am on his side. Heidi asked me last week, after I chatted with Rob for almost an hour, if I was his sponsor. I said NO NO NO, were justokay yeah Im sort of like his sponsor. Right now, he is just looking for a friend, but I pray someday he will be open to the Word of God. Pray for Rob as he tries to get on the right track. We have a good relationship and thats half the battle of helping people find the truth. In September, I was honored to speak at the Family Retreat for the Gallup church of Christ in New Mexico. The church in Gallup is located just off the Southern New Mexico border of the Reservation. We dont go on too many retreats so it was really great to get that opportunity. (Continued on Back)

Nick & Heidi Rice PO BOX 4536 Kayenta, AZ 86033 Phone: 928-697-3096
Any donations or financial support to the work can and should be sent to our sponsoring congregation:

Northeast Church of Christ

11000 Paseo Del Norte NE Albuquerque, NM 87122

Coming Right Up
Bible Study on the Reservation: October 19th- 20th Kinlichee church of Christ Speaker: Ray Wallace Topic: The Book of Acts Trailer Work Day October 13th and 20th North Valley is sending us some workers and some supplies to make a few more steps towards getting this trailer remodel completed. Gallup church of Christ Ladies Day Speaker: Heidi Rice Date: October 20th Topic: Packing for the Trip: Preparing for Heaven

Reservation for Two

On Navajo Nation The Gallup church is not one of the ten Navajo churches that we talk about around the Reservation, but they are very close to some of our more Southern congregations. They have Elders, a strong membership, a terrific connection to the Manuelito Navajo Childrens Home and they have a passion for the Reservation mission works. Especially in the last few years as their preacher Jeff Foster has taken a great interest in this mission work, they have been building a strong relationship here. In September, we also started (renewed) a Bible study with a couple who has been members for a few years, but have been struggling with their faith and with their teenage kids. Although it has been very inconsistent, when we do meet, it is a great teaching opportunity and the word is well received. Pray that we can keep this going and see them grow as a family. Their situation is a perfect example of what were up against here on the Reservation and in the broader American church. They have a desire to live for God, but a life that is too committed to the busyness of the world. They view church as one more thing to squeeze into the calendar. When we truly live for Christ, He becomes the framework that supports everything else and we fill our calendars around Him not just to include Him.

September 2012

we refer to this as a mission field. The church is in its infancy and has plenty of challenges, but we have a mission here and were working with a purpose. Weve talked a lot in the past about the trailer that the church acquired to use as a parsonage of sorts. Dan has been a trooper to live there in various stages of disrepair over the last 10 months. When he and Rose are married, hes going to be moving into her trailer in Chilchinbeto. Heidi and I have decided to move into the trailer at the church building. Its going to save us some money and help us to stretch our support further and to better prepare for the added expense of a baby, which Im told are expensive and need things.

6th & Washington church of Christ

Ladies Corner
Winter is approaching fast and we are looking to do a warm and fuzzy drive. We are soliciting donations for hats, gloves, scarves, socks, and coats. We will accept any of the above mentioned or gift cards to walmart and target as well as money to purchase these items. We would like to collect any of these items by Friday, November 10. Thank you in advance for anything you are willing to give. If you have questions, please email me at or call us at 928-697-3096.

Fishinger & Kenny Roads church of Christ Hendersonville church of Christ Highland Heights church of Christ Spring Road church of Christ University church of Christ Watterson Trail church of Christ Word of Life Ministries as well as many generous individuals

On the Back Burner

We are approaching the end of 2012 anticipating a lot of change to our mission team and with a lot to be excited about. Heidi and I are expecting our first child in early February. Dan is getting married to Rose in just over 3 weeks. Ive been talking with a number of young men who are interested and seriously considering coming to work on the Reservation. There is a lot of potential for growth and development in this work. There is a reason that