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UWI Visual Arts Studio Sale Submission Guidelines

November 30th 2012 10a.m 5 p.m. and December 1st 2012 9 a.m. 2 p.m.

Exhibition Hall, Wet Space & Drawing Studio, DCFA Gordon St. Who can sell at the VA25 Studio Sale: The VA 25 Studio Sale is open to all artists and designers who have been part of the history of the Visual Arts unit as students or staff over the last 25 years. What kind of work will be accepted for the sale? The studio sale may include commercial work and experimental art and design e.g. functional and non-functional Ceramics, surface design, product design, furniture, lighting, textiles, drawings, paintings, photography, posters, T-shirts etc. How to submit work for the sale? An exhibitor form and images showing the type of work that artists / designers are interested in selling at the sale should be sent via email to by 16th November 2012. Artists / designers should also indicate the quantities of work that they are interested in selling at the sale so that that space can be planned more efficiently. When and how should work be delivered before the sale? Works must be submitted at the Visual Arts Unit of the DCFA before the Sale and will be accepted on Wednesday 28th November and Thursday 29th November between 9 a.m. 4.30 p.m., or on Friday 30th November and Saturday 1st November from 7 a.m. - 9a.m. All work must be individually priced and accompanied by the submission forms as well as a detailed inventory and pricelist. If you need assistance in pricing your work, the Sale Committee may be able to assist you. All 2D work must be dry, framed or wrapped and wired for hanging. Some general packaging materials will be available but if your pieces have specific packaging requirements you will have to provide this packaging. All work must be labeled and priced and be accompanied by the Inventory List. Tables will be provided for display, if you like to use your own display, please make this request to the organizers as the curating committee must approve the placement and size of your display. Is there any cost to participating in the Studio Sale? Each exhibitor will be required to pay a contribution of $40. A commission of 10% will be charged on all sales and the sale price should include this commission, e.g. If an item is priced at $500, The Department will receive $50.00, the 10% commission, and the artist will receive the remaining 90% of the sale price, or $450.00.

Do I have to stay for the sale? There are two ways to participate in the Show and Sell. Option A: To set up in an assigned location and display and sell your products or service (e.g. drawing portraits). The benefit of this is that you get an opportunity to network with potential clients and negotiate the terms of sales. Option B: To display your work in the collective shop and have your products sold for you. The advantage in this arrangement is that you dont have to stay and sell for yourself. N.B. In both Option A and B, monies will be handled centrally by the DCFA and exhibitors will be paid for their goods sold after the event. Promotion Please contact us at or via our Facebook page: for any other information. Wednesday 17th October 2012

Visual Arts 25th Anniversary Show and Sell Registration Form Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________ Email Address: ______________________________________________________________________________ Telephone No: ______________________________________________________________________________ UWI Status: current or former staff ( ) If former student: What year did you graduate? _______________ Certificate ________ Degree ___________ Did not graduate ( ) M.A _________________ No ( ) Which programme did you do at Visual Arts (tick all that apply) ? Have you shown work in any exhibitions in the last 5 years? Yes ( ) current student ( ) Former student ( ) UWI ID Number (if applicable): ___________________________________________________________

If yes, where did you show work? __________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________

I agree to the exhibition regulations ___________________________ (signature) No. 1. 2. 3. Title Medium Sale Price