An Eternally Three Novella: Lillian’s Rogues
Though Lillian Devereaux would enjoy being back in her jeans drinking coffee at the corner café, she must do her job. Naked under the ancient robe, she walks to the cell where the Conclave’s two immortal prisoners are kept. Reno’s new immortal life sucks. Day one, he’s captured by cult followers. When he sees Lillian entering his cell, everything about her, much more than his chains, holds him hostage. Titus has been imprisoned by the cult for centuries. The moment he spots Lillian, primal hunger rises up inside him. Still, his ancient hate won’t go down without a fight, despite his growing desire for the new high priestess. Lillian performs the seduction ceremony on Titus and Reno, and cravings take hold of all of them. Will the threesome let hate pull them apart or despite the evil pursuing them, will they hold on to their new love for each other? Genre:Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal Length:23,809 words

LILLIAN’S ROGUES An Eternally Three Novella Kris Cook MENAGE AMOUR

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LILLIAN’S ROGUES An Eternally Three Novella KRIS COOK Copyright © 2010 Prologue Twelve years ago Lillian Devereaux’s Aunt Grace clicked off the television.” . who had assumed the role of single parent for Lillian since her mother’s death ten years ago. let’s get started.” “Sweetheart. Aunt Grace. “Time for a quick review of what you’ve learned from The Book of Timu. sat beside her on the sofa. “Record it on the VCR. When she saw the red light that indicated the show was being taped.” “B-but…” Her favorite show. she turned back to her aunt.Dawson’s Creek had just started.” Lillian used the remote to set up the recording. “All right. You can watch it after we’ve talked.

but most of it is ancient propaganda.” “Excellent. Aunt Grace placed the big black book on the coffee table. Lillian. sometimes she dreamed about it. So. her aunt no longer used trickery or promises of sweets. she sighed and waited for the questions. Since Lillian had turned thirteen.Lillian didn’t like the lessons about all the crappy things in the world most people didn’t believe existed. If Lillian didn’t pacify Aunt Grace tonight. Instead. But sometimes…Lillian just wanted to forget about her future and just be a normal teenager. For years. “Tell me about this book. Aunt Grace had bribed her with cookies to keep studying.” Lillian knew the volume so well. Continue. Someday she would have to depend on this knowledge to stay alive.” Her aunt smiled at her. “And the other pages?” . She knew they were real—and important. “It’s called The Book of Timu. she demanded Lillian take time to study or lose privileges. encouraging her to continue.” “Past members of The Conclave also added stuff like secret spells to keep immortals from hurting us. It has lots of information about immortals who live in secret around us. she wouldn’t be allowed to go to Jenny’s sleepover next Saturday.

” She’d memorized all of this long ago.” Aunt Grace opened the book up to a picture of a leathery-winged man with horns jutting out of his head and a spear in his hand. what kind of creature is this?” “A demon.“They list all the bloodliners in the world. Aunt Grace’s boyfriend had been killed by a demon after an attempt to capture the immortal. but tapped insistently at the page in front of her. and now she recited the information in the hopes that her Aunt Grace would be satisfied. as she’d been taught all her life. You can use the book to find any living bloodliner by invoking a spell while touching it. And what do most people think about demons?” “That they’re evil and want to destroy humanity. You’re doing great. A shiver shot down her spine.” Malevolence all but leapt off the page. “Aunt Grace.” Lillian’s frustration welled up. “That’s right. “Do we believe demons want to destroy humanity?” “Yes. Black fire surrounded him. Can’t we do this another time?” Her aunt didn’t respond to Lillian’s protest. She really wanted to see if Dawson was going to dump Jen.” she recited. honey. “That’s right. . “Lillian. I already know this stuff.

She wanted to call her friend Jenny after the show so they could talk about the episode—and the cute guys.” Aunt Grace nodded and turned the page to a picture of a man who held daggers in his hands. They’re evil. “What kind of creature is this?” Lillian leaned forward and peered at the picture.” “Exactly.” Her aunt mocked. “He’s an angel.” “What do we believe?” Lillian rolled her eyes. “Angels are not good. “What kind of immortal is this man?” “A jinn. Blue light rays shot out from him.” “What do most people believe about angels?” “That they’re good.” Aunt Grace turned to another page. it would be too late to call. “Don’t they grant wishes to humans?” “No. “What about this guy?” . Green smoke hid the lower half of his body. A winged man flew with a sword in his hands. If this lesson didn’t end soon.Her aunt turned the page to another drawing.

Most of her friends in middle school didn’t know monsters were real.” She didn’t need time. Lillian trembled. No one had ever hidden the truth from her. Both very creepy. and she would die young because of it. “That’s an ifrit. Yes. like everyone in her family. Very nasty. The other with the gray smoke is a shade. there would be no fairy tale with a happy ending. sweetheart.” Her aunt opened the book to two pages. They want to destroy all humanity. Similar to the jinn in many ways. . that’s a phantom. “Take your time. If it weren’t for The Conclave of The Bloodline. sweetheart. Immortals are all evil. “Good girl. but instead of daggers he carried a large hook in each hand and his smoke was purple.” “That’s right.Lillian looked down at the page. The two immortals imprisoned in the secret chambers of The Conclave’s Temple looked just like the creatures in these pages. When Lillian looked at these pictures. Lillian had been born a bloodliner. she wished that she didn’t either. but in particular our kind. “The one with the silver wings. each with its own brand of immortal.” She meantbloodliners . For Lillian.

How many immortals does it take to drain life from a bloodliner?” This was the part of the lesson Lillian always dreaded the most. “How long do bloodliners live?” “Never past age thirty. sweetheart. Time was ticking away for her precious aunt and stand-in mother. Her shoulders sagged at the thought of a world without Aunt Grace. Are you okay.we would all have become extinct long ago. Some passages in this book say that immortals can receive energy and return it to unsuspecting humans. Let’s keep going.” “That’s right. Lillian wished she could take the question back. “I’m fine. “Two immortals for every human. sweetie.” Aunt Grace blinked as tears slid down her cheeks. strip her. but hugged Lillian tight.” Her aunt wiped her eyes. The two monsters take the mortal to their bed. She tried to forget that Aunt Grace was already well into her twenty-eighth year. Those are lies. and then ravage her until they steal all her life into their own bodies. “I’m just so pleased at how much you’ve learned. Her aunt didn’t answer.” . Lillian’s own life was almost half over. After a long embrace. Aunt Grace?” As soon as she asked it. Aunt Grace released her. With the genetic age limit of a bloodliner.

As an adult. ever. but especially not two nasty immortals. Lillian had secretly read the passages in the book that outlined the ceremony she would be expected to carry out. but don’t believe their false promises and empty compliments. Once her initiation ceremony began.” Fear chilled Lillian’s bones. She’d cried herself to sleep that night. it was incredibly risky to siphon magical power from such creatures.” She had to or else. Lillian. “If the bloodliner doesn’t die immediately. she would have to face at least two of them.” “That’s the truth. “You’ve been chosen. They will lie to get what they desire from you. Never trust any immortal.” “I won’t. The consequence of failure was too much to think about. Lillian. but also very necessary. She couldn’t imagine being naked in front of anyone but Aunt Grace. Listen to me.She’d never seen an immortal in person. I know you will make me proud. Keep yourself pure and you will triumph. Sure. she only had forty days and nights to succeed in performing all the duties of her new position. Aunt Grace didn’t suspect that she knew the X-rated nature of the ritual she would perform someday for The Conclave. . They will talk with silver tongues. They want to eat you alive. for the highest honor of The Conclave. the human victim will pray for death.

Lillian. She shook them off.” “Because you’re very special. “It will be your job to make sure The Conclave has the power necessary to fight the immortals with their own weapons. Aunt Grace?” “Unlike you. The council has been choosing successors to keep The Conclave intact and The Bloodline safe for centuries.” Lillian wasn’t sure she could do it. the day would come all too soon.There were a few years and a lot more things Lillian had to learn before she would have to face the nightmares described in the book. That was another lesson Aunt Grace had been teaching Lillian all her life.” . Tears pricked the back of her eyes. She repressed a shiver. Defeat weighted her shoulders down. kissed her cheek. She had to be strong—all bloodliners must. Lillian.” Her aunt leaned in. “Why did I get picked? Shelia or Katie would’ve been better. “Why weren’t you ever chosen.” “How does The Conclave’s council know mine isn’t weak too?” “Trust their judgment. my capacity to channel energy and wield magic is weak. But with her short life. and smiled gently.

They claim to protect humanity. At least they don’t lie about their intent. The VCR is catching your program. What is the faction of angels and jinn called?” “The Alliance. She wondered what Jenny and her mother talked about. “That’s right.” “Perfect. And the one for demons and ifrit?” “The Dark. That always made Lillian nauseous. Can’t we pick this up tomorrow?” “Patience. Lillian longed for that normalcy. They lie. Lil. “The Conclave keeps tabs on the three factions of immortals. “I’m tired. and she dreaded it.” Lillian sighed.” Thankfully. “Fine. It would never happen for her. But tonight she wanted to watch her show and pretend she was a normal teenager. her aunt wasn’t reading one of the passages from the book about how the demons and ifrit tortured their victims.Lillian knew the day would come when she’d have to carry that burden. . Likely silly things like makeup or whether her room was clean. She closed her eyes tight.” Aunt Grace touched her shoulder. making sure the scales don’t tip too far in any one group’s favor. rolling her eyes.

They live in secret.” The nature of phantoms and shades troubled Lillian. 10) He sipped the wine I had given him. claiming to be neutral when it comes to mortals?” “The Rogues. phantoms can hide their wings. you know about angels and jinn. the self-serving and isolated Rogues seemed to be the most dangerous. They held no allegiance to authority and were very unpredictable. and told me about other immortals roaming the earth. In Lillian’s mind. Everything you have spoken I have written down as you commanded. Benign one day. Timu. the angel Rajiah was completely healed from his wounds from the earlier battle with the demons and ifrit. 12) He continued: There are other immortals in the world that side not with the angels of The Alliance or the demons of The Dark. demons and ifrit? 11) I answered him: I do. Like jinn and ifrit. away from the Eternal War. deadly the next. Though Aunt Grace had told her these immortals could work together when necessary. Chapter 1 9) Before the sun went below the horizon. shades can hide their . 13) Like angels and demons.What about the phantoms and shades who don’t side with either The Alliance or The Dark. of all the three immortal factions. it rarely happened.

Lillian had to do this on her own. I have to do this. four giggling women. Her attendants.” She didn’t feel beautiful. Looking at her reflection in the full-length mirror. crystal beading. helped her with the veil. 14) Timu. The Book of Timu: Verses 9 through 14—Chapter 3 **** Present If Aunt Grace were alive. spaghetti straps. she would’ve been filled with pride this night. and chapel train. The white gown she wore helped to create the illusion with its silky lace. known to humankind as The Rogues. The youngest of the four squeezed her hand. “Are you ready?” One of the others asked.” I can do this. beware the Phantom and the Shade. “Thank you. But she wasn’t.smoke. she appeared as if she’d traveled in time from the present to a more formal and elegant era before fast food chains and Internet dating sites. . corset back tie. just frightened. “You look so beautiful. standing right beside Lillian.

“You’ll need this. Lillian studied it.” The youngest held out the ancient dagger still sheathed in its scabbard. though Lillian knew it to be centuries old. It felt heavier than she had expected.” The music in the other room grew louder. “Mistress. Nothing was out of place. indicating the time had come. Outside the walls of the temple was a metropolis with freeways. and faced the large wooden door with The Conclave’s rune etched into its surface. She’d only seen it once before. and the scabbard had jewels and gold fittings. The camel bone hilt was covered in symbols. “It’s an important day.” Lillian sucked in a lungful of air. The steel of the blade showed no stains or nicks. The four attendants knelt before her. A shiver ran up her spine accompanied by awkwardness and . turned away from the mirror. skyscrapers and millions of residents with no idea of the existence of evil immortals or of The Conclave. be well. Taking the weapon.Lillian scanned the mirror again. but I think I am. Trepidation filled her at the magnitude of the new role she was about to take on.

Her hands shook as she pulled the dagger out from its . at twenty-two. rose to his feet. save her and her attendants. Lillian Devereaux. unless he died earlier at the hands of the monsters. we will.” She knelt beside the body of the woman. Suzanne. Young. “I do. like it or not. gladly. Walk with me and be my witnesses. One of the women tilted her head slightly. and now.“Rise. but it did not glow. She’d prepared for this moment her whole life. They’re waiting for me to speak the ritual words. the time had come. knowing what was to come. Not yet. But she’d been murdered last night. Only four years older than Lillian. the former high priestess. co-ruler of The Conclave with the high priest for two more years. then opened the door to the chamber. as Lillian’s predecessor had. “Mistress. Suzanne should’ve continued in the loftiest role of her kind. She swallowed hard. Eight more years before he would be stretched out in the middle of this very room just like Suzanne. Soon.” Lillian touched the rune. knelt in a circle around the mangled body of a woman. After.unease. with beady dark eyes. Tall.” In unison. they responded. All The Conclave members. “Who dares challenge the high priestess?” Feandan. the high priest.

” Damn my genetic time bomb. too. All new high priestesses sliced their predecessor’s dead flesh with the dagger to signify the burden of a bloodliner’s short life and the gravity of becoming a high priestess. “Let The Conclave know that Lillian Devereaux is high priestess from this day forward.scabbard home. Lillian had known for years this day would come. She still had to survive the next hour if she was to have any tomorrows. those gathered in the room shouted. Lillian dared not look. Tonight was just the first step for Lillian’s future. “The high priestess is dead.Bloodliners lived such short lives. The action made her queasy and dizzy. “Who shall ascend?” . Someday. even though she understood the reason for this part of the ceremony. this would be her fate. though it had arrived two years earlier than expected. The members of The Conclave rose to their feet. and plunged the blade into the dead woman’s chest. Lillian clenched her jaw. The attendees seemed restless for her to continue the ceremony. Louder.” Another plunge of the blade. Feandan glared. He wouldn’t allow any hesitation. the scent of citrus and roses filled the room. Since Suzanne’s body had been prepared for the ceremony.

all of it invaded her body like a sickness. causing her nausea to increase. “You have proven your worthiness. leaving only two alive for her. The high priest looked at her and said. All hail Lillian. “Will you share the bed of our prisoners to ensure their power is our power?” . holder of the dagger and tormentor of the abominations. Hail Lillian. Will you stand by me?” His duty was to hunt immortals. “I will. The smell.A final plunge.” In unison. The Conclave has acknowledged you as high priestess. the crowd responded.” Feandan smiled. “Hail Lillian. We live to serve you and our high priest for the good of The Conclave. She would use the two abominations to perform her duty.” She forced the words out. No blood seeped out from the piercing. the sounds. “Lillian Devereaux is our new high priestess. Lillian shuddered. All but Feandan fell to their knees. the feel of the knife cutting flesh. She breathed through her mouth and forced the bile back down. his knowing eyes glittering with anticipation.

acknowledge you. and one human victim. then asked: And the Rogues? How do they form a triad? 22) Rijiah answered: A triad of the Rogues has one phantom. “Take her to the Rogues!” Dread filled every part of Lillian. Feandan Karvis. 21) I pondered his words. 23) I asked: Is the mortal of the triad a victim or a lover? 24) He answered: Only the Rogues know.Oh God! “I will. and one human. 19) I asked: And the immortals of The Dark? How do they form a triad? 20) He answered: A triad of The Dark has one demon. and one human lover. The Conclave shouted. one shade. Rijiah: What sustains immortals? 18) The angel answered: All immortals must form a triad with a human to remain in the world. . high priest. as high priestess of The Conclave. Distaste crowded in as Feandan took her hand and led her to the cell where Suzanne had been murdered—and she would now be expected to surrender her virginity. one jinn. Chapter 2 17) I asked the angel. A triad of The Alliance has one angel. one ifrit.” Still kneeling. Lillian Devereaux.Her heart skittered with fear.” “I.

Reno tried to pull the chains out of the wall. Not these. walls. His cellmate looked like immovable granite. At least six-six.Reno’s ironic thought might’ve made him grin had things not gone from bad to worse as of late. but they didn’t budge. and it only added more unanswered questions about the craziness he’d experienced since his accident. There was a wooden table with an odd assortment of what appeared to be sex toys and lubricants in one corner. Especially after he died. The cell’s only entry. Reno spotted in the opposite corner another prisoner chained up like him. He wasn’t sure why. His tormentors had moved him to a new cell with another prisoner several minutes ago. He studied the place and its contents. Strange symbols covered the floor. was bolted and locked.The Book of Timu: Verses 17 through 24—Chapter 7 **** Once again. How long had his wardens held him captive? He’d lost count of the days and nights in his windowless cell of walls of stone . My life-after-death really sucks big time. but probably not true since he was an immortal. Short white hair. The new strength he felt should’ve broken almost any type of restraint. a door of metal bars. and ceiling. The guy appeared to be in his early-thirties.

. Still. the humans had tortured him and the other immortal with wooden sticks that burned like branding irons. never—in nothing. some way. except to convictions of honor and good sense. but he did remember being a U. The metal cuffs were connected to chains that went around a pulley on the ceiling then dropped to a ratchet with a handle on the floor. His memories were fading fast. Why? Reno didn’t know. never. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy. The other immortal had similar bindings. the odds of escape were stacked against them. Reno refused to give up. Never.S. For hours. here they’d restrained him with manacles. no matter how slim. never. to win both their freedom. great or small. Never yield to force. with they guy’s help there had to be some chance.and iron bars. they’d tightened the chains so his arms hung immobile above his head. but he’d bet the screaming he heard last night had something to do with it. Before leaving. but left no mark. Never give in. As he had in life. Somehow. Marine. With the other prisoner chained up like him. Never give in. Reno sensed something big was about to happen that wouldn’t be good for him. large or petty—never give in. Now they were brutal. His jailers had been tough before. he had to get out of this mess. Unlike Reno’s limited freedom in his former accommodations. Reno remembered the quote from Churchill he’d memorized from his previous life. It had to be at least a month.

I can’t remember. “You’re dead. Hoping not to alarm their jailors. Some kind of accident. In fact. Can’t remember my last name. The guy didn’t even look up. “Hell. Anyway. Reno whispered. Can you explain that?” The other immortal didn’t move a muscle. and then it disappeared. a lot of things are missing. I fell back to earth. right?” Gotta keep talking. so Reno knew he was breathing. “Buddy.Reno wasn’t sure how this supernatural stuff worked. Something will reach this guy. how long have you been here?” No answer. Perhaps his cellmate had the answers they needed.” Reno vaguely recalled that the cause of his death had something to do with an explosion in a Humvee in Iraq. nothing. Is that normal?” Still. “The last thing I remember before coming here was floating and spinning in a dark place. “I’m Reno. I knew that I’d died. like me. Gray smoke surrounded my body. though he couldn’t recall any other details. . I think. but his chest rose and fell.

“Then. These fuckers haven’t said a single word since they hijacked me. he had an instant liking for the guy. “What’s your name?” “You can call me Mr. **** . what can you tell me about these pricks?” “Shut up. and only then. “They’re coming. will I answer your idiotic questions.” The guy opened his eyes. Despite the attitude.” Reno couldn’t help but grin. buddy.“Come on. Fuck Off. then footsteps. “Holy crap. His steel gray orbs revealed nothing. Fuck Off.” “Until you’ve been here two hundred ninety-four years. Mr. shut up. Might’ve also been a soldier in his previous life. Reno tried another avenue.” Reno felt his jaw drop. that’s how long they’ve had you?” The granite man didn’t answer.” The immortal’s hands curled into fists. “Okay.” Reno heard a door open. like him. What now? His body turned icy. but simply turned away.

The other immortal had suffered for two decades and wanted to be free. but that didn’t matter.Titus guarded his mind with a speck of his remaining silver energy. the stupid shade had killed Suzanne. That plan had backfired in a big way. He didn’t miss his tormentor. Last night’s debacle had drained him.Good riddance to Suzanne. Her delight in delivering torture disgusted him. He’d never agreed to the previous shade’s plan. . The previous shade had been foolish to venture an escape and had killed the woman in the process. The shade had communicated silently to Titus that he wanted to take the high priestess hostage and force The Conclave to let them go. The shade had taken advantage of Suzanne’s hesitation after her climax to siphon off the energy quick enough to save herself. No one would get into his head. too. but Titus had been foolish. Titus had gotten some of the power. Ever again. but not enough. Reno. She and the high priest held no mercy in their hearts. The former shade had built up enough power to break free of his restraints. likely didn’t know how to access his power but better safe than sorry. The newborn shade. Instead of stunning her. Though he hated to deplete his resources. he didn’t have a choice.

blue eyes and the seeming innocence in them. Through the steel bars. three males and four females. She wore the traditional blue and white dress that would be on the floor in minutes. Different faces. Her plump lips looked red and lush. at all. The high priest had stopped just short of sending Titus to the Ether. one of the latter being the new high priestess. Compelling. He tried to brace himself for what was coming. though he knew it wouldn’t help. he stared at the woman. Feandan saw him only as athing to exploit for power. They demanded tasting. Not just for satiation and power. This wasn’t fucking good. Now. The Conclave’s high priest came into view. . Transfixed by her wide. Long coffee-colored hair fell to her uncovered pale shoulders. Titus itched to touch them. but also for the need to possess her. Titus and this new shade would face angry Conclave members and a new tormenter. He’d been through it time and again with the short-lived fuckers. followed by his entourage. The footsteps told him there were eight bloodliners coming. Mercy? No.Titus had failed to save the immortal from Feandan’s banishment spell. There were seven of them. To his shock. same assholes. his hunger rose. and he’d also suffered for the attempt. A thin. almost sheer fabric covered her perfect breasts. He knew the drill very well.

In spite of that. Only enough to barely sustain him. until Suzanne. but the slight tremble of her hands revealed her fear. but the urge to drive deep inside her erupted within him like an unstoppable volcano. to really want her…that. release me from these chains. your high priestess. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before. She obviously wanted everyone. He tried to quell his growing curiosity. “You will give me your power. but he sensed real courage underneath. The Conclave had learned well the perfect recipe to keep immortals alive to steal the magical power they craved without endangering themselves by allowing their prisoners too much energy before draining it. and I will give you life. The woman wore bravado fairly well. That only added to his unexpected desire. at best. he couldn’t ever allow.” Her voice sounded shaky. “Sweetie. but the sweetness of her tone added to his lust. Reno smiled.What kind of new spell has she cast on me? The new high priestess lifted her chin until she took on a regal pose. his need for her.” A cruel joke. “I am Lillian Devereaux. and he reeled. He doubted the bloodliners would make that mistake again. including him. and I’ll do whatever you want. to be with her.” The new shade didn’t have any idea what was about to . to believe she was unafraid and ready. Well.

high priest of The Conclave. “I am Feandan. organs and bones. either.” The attendants moved cautiously toward him and Reno. Pain and shock contorted his face. but he didn’t cry out. and balls of fire shot from his fingertips straight to Titus’s chest. muscles. Agony. The familiar torture seared him through skin. Titus had stopped trying to bond with other prisoners to avoid the pain of their inevitable demise. he’d held onto hope for escape. He looked over at Reno. The high priest raised his hands. He just lived on in this never-ending hell. Reno would vanish like all the other shades before him. filling his body with pulsing pain. except they had no cause to worry. That impressed Titus. he began longing for the oblivion of the Ether. At first. After Feandan’s spell.happen. As that faded over the years. Good. But it never came. Three hundred years ago. Besides. their nasty pain sticks positioned defensively. He wondered how and why he’d been able to survive so long when other immortals couldn’t. but he no longer had the sanity for chitchat. Prepare the prisoners for our new high priestess. just like Reno. he didn’t have enough strength or energy left to hurt a kitten. . They were still unsure after the death of the former high priestess. Titus would’ve tried to help the guy out.

As the new high priestess drew closer. The shade’s ankle cuffs were secured to large metal rings bolted to the floor. Neither he nor this new immortal would find an iota of satisfaction. If he could use her nerves to his advantage. they stripped his clothes. Titus suspected that once Reno understood his role here. he and Reno would be given just enough slack to move their hips. the sexual ceremony would end. he’d be irate and very frustrated. After all. leaving him in a spread-eagle position on the cold stone floor. but at least Titus’s former cellmate was free of The Conclave. what good would it do The Conclave if he and Reno couldn’t doubly penetrate the high priestess so she could steal their energy for her own use? Fucking barbarians! Once the high priestess climaxed. Yes. she shook and her eyes welled up with liquid. The shade would be made to crouch all too soon.Without fanfare. and then prodded him onto his back. his wrist cuffs attached to the ceiling so they dangled from the manacles. Four men pulled the chains connected to the metal cuffs on his wrists and ankles taut. . Perhaps the previous shade hadn’t been stupid at all. He watched the bloodliners move Reno into a standing position at his feet. the shade’s immortal life was over. Once the high priestess moved between them. so be it.

2) It came to pass. His harshness and arrogance had always put her off. we offered our best incense and balm. All she had to do was say her lines. that I. 4) The angel told me his name was Rajiah. write.” Feandan grasped Lillian’s arm. came upon a wounded angel in the midst of my field. disrobe.” His hold was tighter than it needed to be. 3) My wife and I welcomed the angel to our house. at the time of harvest. But tonight. and…lose her virginity to immortal monsters. Timu. Anxiety squeezed her tight. saying: Listen! And I listened. Showing mercy on the creature. find her mark. and He spoke unto me.Chapter 3 1) Now behold. Lillian had never cared for him. and the angel was healed. I. he was directing the show with her as the lead actress. let . “It’s time for you to disrobe. 6) And the prophecy he imparted unto me. so that the truth of The Children of The Divine and The Children of The Damned may be known to those who seek. 5) These are Rajiah’s words. Timu. The Book of Timu: Verses 1 through 6—Chapter 1 **** “The phantom and the shade are ready and under control. The men she was about to clench with her pussy and ass would terrify even the most worldly woman. about the nations of man and the kingdoms of the Everlasting. and the Divine showed mercy.

Only those of the inner circle were allowed access to the abominations. Her two unwilling lovers. What was he thinking? Without the chains and Feandan’s spell. Don’t rush me. Their desire for her evident by the lengthening of their massive—Oh God! She knew the phantom's name was Titus. though she’d been part of The Conclave her entire life. Feandan pulled her close and whispered. restrained by chains and stripped of all clothing.” She jerked free of his hold. “Make haste. She’d never seen such muscular bodies. providing magical power for bloodliners. she was one of the chosen few. only added to the vision. Once done. No cell phones or laptops here.alone a virgin. His stare bore through her. The scene looked like a medieval dungeon. “I will take whatever time I need. we can join together.” Lillian had never seen either of the prisoners. Now. . She hated the unfairness of the monsters living so long and her family dying so young. Lillian. The shade had just been captured only weeks ago. but the phantom had been imprisoned for nearly three hundred years. he could kill everyone present in a split-second.

The oddest urge sprung up in her to tell the shade what was about to happen to him. seemed bewildered about what was happening. Her stomach tightened. She'd always known her virginity would be lost in this ceremony elevating her to high priestess. One step toward Titus made her jumpy. With Suzanne’s death. Feandan would never agree to her stopping the ceremony for anything. She guessed him to be six-six or more. Feandan extended his hand in a gesture of invitation to begin. thighs. She wouldn’t undress. not until she got a better look at the two immortals. Even with the years of treatment as a prisoner of The Conclave. Thick biceps. a monster. but she knew it to be a silent command tohurry it up . She looked at the space between the naked immortals. his body looked like he worked out at a gym a minimum of four or five hours every day. and now that moment was here. She hadn’t had time to prepare.The other immortal. eight-pack stomach. the place meant for her. the shade. both inside and out. . her readiness didn’t matter. Everyone was waiting for her to drop her gown to the floor and reveal her naked body.No. chest. His picture should’ve been next to the definition ofripped in the dictionary.Very strange. A giant. especially something like that. Too bad. She shoved it down. to brace.

“But take all the time you want. Aunt Grace claimed the ancient writings in the Book of Timu were propaganda. A seedling of sympathy for him lodged into a corner of her heart. The magical weapon had come from behind her. She saw a small lightning bolt fly over her shoulder into the center of Titus’s chest. “That wasn’t necessary. lids furrowing against the agony of the spell.” “Not your call. Every line of his warrior’s body screamed pride. is it? Perhaps you should study the book a bit more.” . and yet he was restrained like the most dangerous animal—had been for three centuries.How is this possible? Against her will. My duty is to make sure you are safe. Lil?” Titus’s eyes narrowed. her sympathy grew. Feandan.” The corners of the asshole’s mouth turned up wickedly. But the sight before her looked sad. The manacles around his wrists and ankles looked heavy and had left scars. accusing.“You going to fuck with me or not. Lillian had been taught to hate all the enemies of The Conclave. She tried to shove it aside and focus once more. His eyes closed tight. somehow wrong. The phantom’s words were filled with ancient pain under sarcasm. She turned around to face the spell caster.

I’ll hurry it up. She had . He looked up at her. was at Feandan’s discretion. She couldn’t look away. Asshole! Lillian turned to the shade. immortal?” His eyes locked in on her like a laser. He hadn’t hurled that spell at Titus for her benefit. Bravely. But let me get acclimated. His stare made her weak in the knees with its intensity. Sex with Titus and the other immortal would be repeated every time The Conclave needed power. “What’s your name. she took two steps up to inspect the other immortal. now she distrusted him. his chocolate brown eyes filled with confusion. clearly pleased at her deference to him.She’d disliked Feandan before. That. No telling what he’d do—and how he would hurt them—if she pissed him off more. but because he liked to cause pain. His enjoyment of the phantom’s agony spilled all over his face. If the chains weren’t enchanted. too. And how often had he caused these immortals unnecessary pain? She considered asking how he’d failed to keep Suzanne safe. And tonight was only the first night. she believed his massive muscles would’ve easily allowed him to break free of the restraints. “Please. but didn’t. okay?” Feandan nodded.

the urge to run her fingers through his thick. and then stood. Though still frightened. She couldn’t bear him sending another torturous spell into these two. As it had been with Titus. She glanced at Titus’s hard. But he wasn’t a man at all. All he needed was a cowboy hat and some tight jeans and he would be any woman’s dream of a man. I take your power for The Conclave. Continuing to touch Titus’s knee with one hand. She turned to Reno. Why. immortals. brown hair. there was something about him that drew her. “Are you ready now.It’s now or never.” Trembling. backing away from . “Yes. she guided her fingertips up Titus’s leg to his knee. she knelt at Titus’s feet. Her stomach went topsy-turvy. but no further.” His accent sounded thick with southern charm. but there was no denying the heat permeating her flesh. thick cock. she didn’t know.” She spoke the ancient words. “Reno. Lillian?” Feandan demanded. where Reno stood with her back now to him. I’m ready. one glance and desire bubbled inside her. she grabbed Reno’s calf with the other. miss. Still. “Tonight. His intense stare made her shiver.

Titus and Reno. causing goose flesh to pop up everywhere. She held the garment close to her body. Reno’s eyes betrayed the confusion brewing inside him. then impaled herself on two slaves until she climaxed? In nearly three hundred years. He looked surprised by her modesty. but I approve. The air hit her skin. bowing to the urge to cover herself from the clothed bloodliners.” she commanded. Titus’s eyes darkened.” Trying to hide their confusion. the attendants bowed to him and to her. “Everyone leave us. “An unusual request. Leave. You heard the high priestess. and the two immortals. Lillian hesitated. Titus should’ve seen plenty of hesitation during all the initiation ceremonies. He had no idea what was about to happen. An urge to explain and beg him for forgiveness for what she was about to do rushed through her. Feandan. which made no sense. though it didn’t have anything to do with the ambient temperature. then exited.I’m losing it my first day on the job. Then she slipped out of the robe. How many virgins stood in front of a roomful of people and disrobed. then turned to the others. trying to calm her anxiety before moving to the next phase of the ceremony. . Titus and Reno. Feandan smiled. Her legs felt like two cooked noodles.

He turned to Lillian. The ritual demanded it.” He tugged at the garment. phantom. “Don’t be shy. when I come to your bed for the transfer of energy. I’ll show you the pleasure areal man can give.When the last of the faithful was out of sight. wrapping his arm around her back. She inched away. and trailed a finger over the exposed skin of her breast.” The high priest wouldn’t like her next request. “Haven’t they all been?” Titus scoffed. still clutching the robe to her body. “Finish the ceremony. “Silence.” . and Lillian grasped it like a lifejacket. nearly stepping on Titus. “I want you to leave. but she knew that climaxing under his impatient stare would be impossible. “You’re untouched?” Well. I promise. too. my sweet.” Feandan commanded.” Titus scowled at her. “What a shame that your first time will be with these two. of course. Feandan approached Lillian. Lillian frowned. Feandan smiled indulgently.

I’m dead.“I know.” “And you have no clue what these two are capable of should .He shook his head. but I want to give it my best effort.” “Feandan.” “I’ve never thought of you as a risk taker. Now. If I am to reach an orgasm during this tripling. “It is not necessary for you to climax on your first attempt. There’s plenty of time for that. Now.” “Am I high priestess?” “You are.” Feandan smirked. “I’ve done everything a woman chosen for high priestess is commanded to do. “Have you practiced climaxing by yourself?” Her cheeks burned.” Feandan didn’t move. please leave. You’ll make sure of that.” “My presence shouldn’t be a factor for you if you’ve done the exercises. but—” “But nothing. “Not happening. you’ve no idea what it will take for me to orgasm.” But if I fail to reach orgasm and capture the immortals power in the next forty days and nights. then you must go.

An ache settled deep between her thighs.” Feandan cupped her ass. Time to begin the final phase of the ceremony. If he didn’t leave her alone with them.” Perhaps Feandan was correct. Lillian resisted the urge to pull away.” “Treat her well or you know the consequences. the ceremony of union between the high priest and high priestess. Lillian looked over at Titus and Reno. Feandan had already shown that he had no hesitation in using his power ruthlessly. you and I—” “—will complete theCavateerk. If I succeed. the strength of their massive bodies. “All right. the other in her ass. As you wish. rocking her to climax? Her belly flipped again. and though she hated his touch. What would they feel like inside her. Whatever necessary to make him leave. . I’ll enjoy devouring your body. Then he left. I’m not Suzanne. but they were restrained so tightly they looked completely powerless. “If I need help. my sweet. I’ll call for you. their ready make a mistake.” Feandan hissed at the immortals. one inside her pussy. “Well.” she placated. she didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of reaching the required orgasm to siphon the power from the two immortals.

“So you’re really a virgin. looking for any sign of deception. The Book of Timu: Verses 1 through 5— of The Conclave’s 1622 additions to the book. pulsing through her veins. **** Lillian dropped the robe. 3) The spells and rituals of our blessed bloodline can be found in here. you will be the first. 4) My hope is that generations to come will add to these. “A high priestess must come to her initiation . 2) To keep the history of our order from our enemies.Chapter 4 1) These are the writings of Marcum. fifth high priest of The Conclave. “If you’re not bluffing. Her heartbeat ratcheted up. if they know how to use it.” She studied his face. 5) The book itself has been enchanted so that any lost bloodliner may be found by the holder of the book.” Reno’s gaze held apprehension.” Titus shot her a jaded glance. these pages have been sealed by great magic. providing a great wealth of weapons for our kind. “That’s impossible. the immortal abominations.

I also know that you’re the first to come to me untouched. She’d never performed the spell before.” “I know your cult’s fucked up practices. too. was this what happened to Suzanne? Titus’s eyes closed and his fist curled as Lillian felt a soft . Back and forth. Had he been telling the truth? “So. would increase lust inside nearby immortals to an unimaginable level. Yet another reason to send The Conclave away. The spell would create a little bubble of intimacy and pulse pounding lust if she managed it properly. high priestess.ceremony pure. God. never felt its effects.Yes. I’m going to do this. Lillian touched the tips of their erect dicks and uttered her first real spell. are you going to steal our energy or not?” Titus mocked. She would feel it. one at a time. She touched their cocks to get the connection started and the power flowing.” His comment blew her mind. She’d always discounted it as his feeble attempt to get her into his bed. if the caster spoke them correctly. Lillian gulped and knelt next to them. How could that be true? She’d heard the rumors about high priestesses secretly taking a lover before their ascension from Feandan. never been close to the edge of losing control. Its ancient words.

some priestesses could not get over their own hatreds. Holy hell! This can’t be happening!Reno’s thoughts entered her mind. for what believer could want an abomination? Even with the spell in place. She could hear his thoughts. Try as she might to remember any single passage that mentioned such a thing. b-but more pain.What the fuck is going on? Pain and pleasure. Her body was humming. Reno’s breathing turned shallow.That’s not possible. she couldn’t. Still. Suddenly she wished she . Suddenly her nipples tightened and a low ache began deep inside her pussy. There’s nothing about thisin the ceremony’s instructions. covering her breast. “Listen.breeze brush her skin. The spell was working. Fuck! Even through her own arousal. she couldn’t deny that she could read his mind. Lillian didn’t understand that. sweetheart. But for the Rogues this spell brought both pleasure and suffering. this isn’t the way you should experience your first—” The immortal cowboy’s body went rigid as the spell took effect on him. enabling the priestess to do her job. The spell Feandan had taught her increased lust inside the caster. She jerked her hands back to her chest. her heart hurt as she learned of Reno’s agony from his thoughts. More of Reno’s unspoken words shot through her.

She’d never felt anything like it. high priestess. her mind whirling. she would’ve fallen to the floor. “You’re a natural at this. until her breathing . Are you struggling to finish what you came here to do?” “N-No. She closed her eyes. “I’m sorry. L-like I said—you’re a natural.” Even as she said the words. Titus groaned against the pain of her magic. dark and accusing. Over and over. It could give her what she needed to stop this ache. “Sure you did. perspiration dotting his skin. “Stop trying to confuse me. she hoped to get her resolve back. She had to stay in control.” She repeated the spell. You’re hesitating.All immortals are evil. How could she be so cruel? All of her studies hadn’t prepared her for this. Another flood of arousal sped through her system. I mean. she bit back a groan.could take away their pain. and thought of the Conclave’s additions in the book that her aunt made her memorize. yes. He choked out.” If she’d been standing. Titus’s eyes opened. I didn’t mean to cause you so much pain. It felt different this time. warm and pulsing.” Lillian touched his cock again. Titus. Repeating one of the mantras. since you come for a long line of persecutors. No wonder.

They came from Titus. They were deeper and full of ancient suffering. Why do I crave the woman? She’s my enemy. Feandan. Lillian gasped. Reno was unreserved. Sure. nothing else. Titus and Reno were not monsters. but could she really be sure? . Could they hear her thoughts. Titus was brooding and surly. What you saw was what you got. who enjoyed dishing out torture. Wrapped in the bubble of the spell with them. She tried to close her mind off. Had touching their dicks opened up their minds to her? Her pleasure-pain spell seemed to be fading. His pain shouldn’t matter to her and yet…she hated knowing of it. that she’d caused it. Her duty demanded she tell Feandan about hearing Reno’s thoughts. But the words seemed hollow and false to her tonight. He was kind and charming. Who wouldn’t be after all he’d been through? But underneath she sensed strength and loyalty. she was looking at these two men with different eyes. The prick didn’t need another reason to torment the poor cowboy more. She shivered. too?Please. was the real monster. These thoughts weren’t Reno’s. but she wouldn’t. no! Their faces didn’t show that they were eavesdropping on her mind. as their lusty gazes freely moved up and down her naked body.relaxed.

A shimmering silver light surrounded Titus.She closed her eyes and sent. Unable to stop her hands from trembling and too scared to care. The magical energy was expanding in the cell. Likely. willing herself to . but not one speck more.Can you hear me. Per the book’s instructions. her body. The new heat filling her body must’ve been from the gathering power. and a grey smoke swirled around Reno. immortals? No response. She doubted that she would reach orgasm tonight. she would be expected to provide them enough energy to sustain their existence. She had to believe that meant they couldn’t or she would explode into a million pieces. she would lose her virginity when Titus and Reno penetrated her. Then she would have to master siphoning their energy into her. Lillian touched the men’s cocks again. I can do this. this moment and nothing else. she focused on the two immortals. even with a strong lust spell in place. In the next few moments. she’d need two or three more attempts before she succeeded. Thankfully. Only one record existed in the book of a high priestess reaching climax during her initiation ceremony.If I can keep my head straight. if a true transfer did occur. That would come even later. The thought multiplied her nervousness. their thoughts didn’t rush in. Still.

“Lillian. though he’d likely participated in Suzanne’s murder. She could lose herself in those steel-gray eyes. Warmth suffused her as she tried to give into the spell. Moving between the two immortals. “Tell him what you’re about to do. had suffered more than anyone should. Chained and abused for centuries. Wouldn’t anyone fight back for their freedom? “We’re going to…make love. doubt crept in. she straddled Titus. The world became still and quiet. What had this immortal seen? What wonders and bits of history had he witnessed before The Conclave chained him to the wall for all eternity? Got to keep my mind in check.forget about Feandan and the other witnesses in the next room. “What you’re about to do has nothing to do with .” Reno’s chains rattled behind her. I don’t know what’s going on. keeping her mound from touching his hard dick.She closed her eyes and recited the lessons Aunt Grace had taught her all those years ago.” Titus’s eyes mesmerized her. Titus scoffed. but no more. all three of us. But even as she silently repeated several mantras. He had enough slack to crouch into a position for the double penetration. but Lillian was far from calm. high priestess.” The words tasted bitter in her mouth. but this is nuts. Titus. Reno seemed innocent.

” He was right. no matter how good this felt. Like it or not. Yes. high priestess. Lillian reached back and gripped Reno’s cock. but she’d never felt anything like this. Their energy would multiply. She’d played with herself before. She was so wet. With her left hand. But hadn’t that been her predecessor’s mistake? A complete tripling with Titus and Reno coming inside her would satiate them too much. adolescent fumbling while she fantasized. and with her right. there was no stopping this travesty. Strange. so much wetter than she’d ever been. A crazy thought took hold of Lillian. but their eyes on her only increased her lust. and the wrath they would deliver to the Conclave would be a total massacre. She sent her fingers into her folds nearly sighing in All her life she’d been trained for this very moment. Tingles danced over her skin like fireflies. The two men watched her every move. When the time came. but she had no choice but to move forward. but no . crushing her flat. She had to remember that. His brown eyes pleaded with her like a starving man begging for crumbs. there would be pleasure for Titus and Reno. she pressed her clit. what if she allowed Titus and Reno to stay in her body long enough until she knew they’d been satisfied? That would be less cruel.

I want her to submit everything to me. Conflicted or not. A mental picture from Titus blasted her. Lillian leaned forward and kissed Titus’s nipples. as he kissed her deeply. The passion in his thoughts made her dizzy with hunger. His hold on her was commanding. the two prisoners could fist themselves. Insane. Reno would learn it. she was trusted to see this through. for the next several years the three of them would be locked collectively in this less-than-perfect dance.climax. The feel of his cock pressing on her folds . pulling her from her guilt. She cursed the day she’d been chosen for this role. if they so desired. She pressed her pussy against his meaty dick. She needed it inside her. Like it or not. sinking her to the bottom of a cold. Tears welled up in her eyes. Her safety depended on the step-by-step ancient protocols. But that didn’t change anything. She would die. Continuing the ritual. Titus knew the score. The Conclave and Feandan would allow nothing more. The Conclave would choose another to take her place. This was her fate. Those were the iron-clad rules. her orgasms. If she didn’t. She must keep moving forward. filling her mind. Later. She ached with a regret she didn’t understand but couldn’t deny. She wasunder his naked body. but God. Now that she saw their slavery and their agony for herself. and her immortals would still suffer at another priestess’s hands. the cruelty of her new position felt like an anchor. controlling her body. I do want her. dark ocean. help me. absolute.

she knows exactly what she’s doing.” She listened to the chains rattle. His face showed the immense hunger inside him. Whatever spell she’s . She’d have to get the lube from the table soon.She’s innocent in all this. but now.exhilarated her. “Crouch down.Titus’s words exploded in the back of her head. but not on how it would make her feel. she couldn’t wait to feel a hard cock pounding into her ass. She’d hated the thought of this act before. let me help you. Reno’s thoughts slammed into her. A virgin. Why is she doing this? “Sweetheart. that’s clear. with the spell in place. Her training had been specific about what was going to happen. The slickness from her core covered his shaft. Gooseflesh popped to life on her skin.I can’t endure another minute. She spoke the words from the book. and then she felt Reno’s cock against her backside. his hot breath warming her shoulders. Lillian stiffened and froze in place. Anxiety and excitement merged together inside her to create some new kind of emotion she couldn’t clearly define or easily control. shade. “Stage fright?” Titus whispered. Touch me from behind. Unchain me and I’ll—” Reno.

With the chains in place.put on me is driving me mad with desire. Clasp me deep inside your pussy. not yours. gently. With every one of his thoughts burning inside her mind. but she wasn’t. and to the surface of her skin. Just easing into it. But she doubted anyone could ever really get inside him. Titus seemed the type to give commands.” She hated saying that last part. My pace. she stated. She needs to get on with this horror or leave. rolled up into her belly. . feel him. reach him. And yet. then a bit harder. Inch down on me. but she sensed that the misery of his isolation and suffering had driven any compassion out of him long ago. “No stage fright. especially when it was a lie. What kind of orders would he give her if their roles were reversed? A vibration began in her core. she wanted to touch him. She feared the fresh rush of arousal that coated her thighs had nothing to do with a spell and everything to do with him. not take them. His deep. she should be at ease touching his body. His tone and thoughts made her tremble. she squeezed. First. Wrapping her fingers around his loaded balls. she pressed her pussy against Titus’s dick. Once again. Trying to sound brave.Fuck! That feels too good. strong thoughts rolled through her. her body sizzled with want.

There. but everything about them called to her. But I’m forbidden to think of Titus and Reno as anything but objects. she could imagine losing herself to them. Lillian tweaked her nipples. She . she wouldn’t have believed it possible. she failed. imagining the two prisoners’ hands were touching her here. The two amazed her. Did he believe that he would get to fill her up with his seed? Probably. She reached back and did the same to Reno’s. Before coming here. waiting for her with desire carved into his angled features. She wanted that. She couldn’t deny her own eagerness and lust for the two naked men. His anticipation cut her like a knife. Beads of perspiration dotted their muscular bodies. In other circumstances away from here in thereal world. Titus and Reno’s combined masculinity burned through her. a delightful shiver ran up her spine and down again at the fantasy. Her body heated to a roaring inferno. Though she tried to keep her mind under control. Despite the fact it could never happen. for a virgin. They would take over and she could submit. Reno held his breath. Titus knew better. She moved her hands over her pussy. “Not bad. Tingles don’t lie. He flinched only a bit. Everywhere.Titus smiled. two means to a single end.”Not bad? Fucking amazing. pressing on her clit.

Her slit moistened. usually reserved for abominations. More than any before. Suffering is all that is left for me. Sex. She considered stopping. Tonight’s experience was so much more intense than masturbation. The book mentioned one unwilling high priestess that had been chained and beaten into submission. The cruelty of her peers.Pain comes next. Now! Titus’s thoughts were fewer and less clear. but The Conclave would never tolerate failure to finish the ceremony. The room seemed to rock hypnotically back-and-forth. But knowing and participating were two different things. The exercises had prepared her. Impulses. They’d secure the immortals’ power with or without her acquiescence. This one is very dangerous. deep within her. would turn on its own when necessary. hungered for more. She could see pulses of silver light shooting out of the phantom and gray smoke rushing from the shade. I’ve got to fuck her. Suddenly. The depth of his darkness terrified her. Reno’s thoughts came into her faster and clearer. Lillian felt electricity dance over her skin.She’s like a goddess.was no damsel in distress. . I need to be inside her. lacking any idea of what sex was. Energy amassed around the two males.

Staring down at the slick liquid. Now. Not for The Conclave or the power. She walked to the table that had all the sexual devices. She squirted more liquid in her palm. and then slickened up Reno’s cock with long.Titus’s words rolled through her. and she wanted them. He and Reno wanted her. she placed the bottle by Titus’s feet.Oh God! She returned to Titus and Reno. “You think you’re ready for this. He craned his neck off the floor. She applied the stuff to her ass ring generously. but she didn’t care. if only for a moment. she had no more reasons to delay. She squeezed a healthy amount into her palm. .She wiggled off of Titus’s body. she wondered how many women outside The Conclave lost their dual virginity on the same night. making her crazy with want. Her hands trembled. and took one of the bottles of lubricant. The spell pulsed around her. high priestess?” She wasn’t. She craved to have them inside her. I need to be inside her. His moans pleased her. but to satisfy her needs and to know what it meant to be a woman. slow strokes. but nodded anyway. but the emotion she felt had nothing to do with the spell. Next.

Reno crouched into position and Titus thrust up off the floor.” . Certainly she couldn’t be the only high priestess to show any fear or sympathy. but as she worked her way back in between them anxiety caused her to shiver. “Sweetheart. but only their breathing and hard cocks revealed the titanic craving caged inside them.” “You really mean that. I don’t want to hurt either of you.” She choked back sudden tears. just let me have one hand free. She could feel both their cocks pressing against her. Instinctively. Reno’s against her ass cheeks and Titus’s against her mound.She trusted the enchanted chains holding Titus and Reno would stay intact.” Titus’s frown reflected his surprise. The time had come.This is too much to ask of me. “I’m really scared.” Using her hands.” “Then let us come inside you. Their rock-solid bodies hemmed her in. “I do. she guided the tips of each of their dicks to her entrances. but I don’t want you to hurt me. A touch of panic twirled in her belly. “It’s forbidden. I can help you enjoy this. You shouldn’t have to arouse yourself.

” Titus’s gaze never faltered from her. In her head. It’s all in the book. Really. You’re the first to ever show any compassion or remorse. but the thought of not connecting with them completely somehow disarmed her.“Shh. Their .” Titus closed his eyes. You’re trying to trick me. but she’s still a member of The Conclave. The time had finally come. She’s troubled by it.” “We’ll see. I’m not. high priestess. she knew he wouldn’t die because she withheld his climax. I never expected anyone like you to come to this cell.” “We’re not going to get to come inside her?” Reno’s frustrated tone undid her. Tears rolled down her cheeks. We can’t expect anything else from her.” “Stop talking. “Do what you came to do. “That’s how it works. “No. She’d saved herself for this very moment. I want to feel your pussy around my dick.” “I’m not like them. but there’s another way. shade. I know.” Her bloodliner passion would not be quelled. and be done with it.

His intrusion ripped her apart. and his silver light to her. Titus growled. Christ. She could feel him down to her core. “My God.I’ve never wanted a woman more than Lillian. we can’t let her know how much we desire her. Her tissues rent. Shade. you surprise me. All resistance dissolved. Reno’s thought drifted into her. She felt ravenous for more. No time to wait for her body to fully sync-up with the pain and pleasure of the penetration before taking Reno into her backside. But Lillian gritted her teeth and pushed down on Titus until she’d stuffed his entire dick inside her. Ever. It shouldn’t be like this. The strain and discomfort jolted her. she released one of Reno’s wrist . She’d never imagined it would be like this. Fresh tears fell. Speaking the magic words.dicks knocking at her openings sent sparks dancing up and down her arms and legs. woman. impersonal her taking but not giving. Bit by bit.” She could see her red energy spreading out to him. the shock subsided and an ache ramped up inside her. The immortal closed his gray eyes on a hiss of pleasure. she’s amazing!Titus’s thought pushed her past her fear. She took a deep breath and brought her pussy down hard on Titus’s cock.

More heat than before rolled through her belly. I hope you meant it.cuffs. Lillian bit her lip as she looked at him over her shoulder.” Without hesitation. “Feandan would kill me for less. “That feels so good.” Titus’s demeanor seemed wracked by confusion.” Titus was right. Stand up. Shock spread across his face as she leaned her back into Reno’s body. but they shared this experience and she had no one else to trust. she obeyed. he used his unchained hand to graze her nipples. sweetheart. She risked a glance at Titus. She shouldn’t talk to them.” . but you promised to help me. As Reno’s lips feathered across her neck.” “I mean it. he gently massaged her breasts. Next. “Anal sex terrifies me. much less confide. “What the hell?” The shade’s surprise evident in his tone. “You must finish the ceremony before he returns. you know Feandan won’t wait much longer.” “High priestess.

partner. “I like that.” Titus demanded. “Now. Reno kissed the back of her neck. I can take it from here. Get the head of my dick past the tightness. spread your cheeks and move your tight little ring against the tip of Reno’s dick.” She shifted back.” Lillian felt Reno’s hand on her thigh. and then exhaled. and pressed. grab her thigh with your hand. I know what to do.Reno petted her. . she complied.” “Slower. taking his dick into her ass. “It’s way too much. That feels amazing. “Fuck. Pain. she jerked off his cock and stepped forward.” She closed her eyes and bit her lip.” “This ain’t my first ride.” Again.” Reno’s voice shook. Sharp. “Just breathe deep. Instantly. I can’t. “Push into me. “Reno.” She took in a long breath.

Kneel down and take Titus’s dick inside your pussy again. and he gently pulled her into him. sweetheart. She slid more and more of him into her. the pain eased. you and I both know what happens.” “Okay.” . And more. Feandan will know if she doesn’t.” Was Titus trying to help her? “I know. What? Bliss.” Reno’s soft tone calmed her. she spread her cheeks. “This time. Rapture. The pain returned as his dick slipped past the ring. If you don’t.” Again. “Reno. just take me a sliver at a time.” The phantom grimaced. Sure. Hunger. Every inch of her seemed utterly stretched. she must take us both at the same time. high priestess. Gradually.” “Yes. you have forty days but you have to get past this before you can move on to siphoning our energy. Try again. “You took way too much of him.“You must. His arm wrapped around her belly. Want. She’d never felt so filled. and in its place something new took hold of her. slowly this time.

Faster. She aligned his cock with her waiting slit and impaled herself. Titus.This is an orgasm! God. Heat filled her up. the ache swelling inside her until she jerked and screamed. Reveled. Reno crouched over her. Her body tightened.” “I won’t hurt you. . too. tightened.” Relieved that he’d understood her unspoken plea. yes! Lillian sensed the two men were about to come. She shimmied back and forth on their dicks. let them! Just this once. Lillian.” Lightheaded. Tingles leapt through her body. she shimmied back in position on Titus.Please. but she adjusted. The friction made everything inside her light up like a thousand rockets launching into space. “Please.” His dick slipped into her backside like it belonged there. “You ready?” “Y-Yes. From beneath and behind they assisted. Faster. and positioned his dick to enter her from behind again.“All right. Faster. she slid her clit against the tip of his dick. always delivering a bit more than she thought her body could handle.

he could’ve seen for himself. but power. If the high priest had power to spare. Lillian couldn’t let Feandan know that she’d fully succeeded. Feandan could never know that. She hadn’t needed it. then Titus. but he was low due to the battle to subdue Suzanne’s killers last night. She slumped to the ground. It struck her suddenly that she’d let the lust spell fade. Real power. God.” Feandan glowered at her. as after-pulses continued to roll through her. She’d wanted the two immortals and they her. A victory for her. she lied. The agony on their faces hurt her more than it should. but at what price? She glanced at Reno. She couldn’t bear him touching her. “Enough!” The attendants pulled Lillian from between Titus and Reno. the new high priestess. She should’ve kept it up. “How did the shade get his hand free?” . Not just that. “Did you succeed in siphoning power from these abominations?” Feandan asked.Feandan’s voice cut through her delicious dizziness. but somehow it had been forgotten. So. “I didn’t succeed tonight. Not now.

Clearly. but Titus spoke first.Tell me what happens next? The two immortals’ minds were ablaze with anger and hunger. cold. or they wouldn’t have silently conversed with each other. Yes.There’s nothing next. and his body bowed as he grimaced in agony. Titus sent. Thiswas hell for her.” The high priest sent a bolt of energy into Titus’s chest. So this is hell?Reno’s thought buzzed like a wasp’s nest. Reno continued. . The phantom answered. they didn’t know she could hear their thoughts.She opened her mouth to confess. bastard. and lonely corner deep inside her she’d not known existed. Lillian’s heart burst in two. are you okay?She listened to Reno’s thought. Lillian’s heart submerged into a dark. Titus’s thought was accompanied by a far-reaching anguish. too.I’ll be fine. Titus. “Immortals have more tricks than you know.

Chapter 5 51) Immortals need humans for life essence. That requires a triad. Think of the laws governing electricity and its flow between positive, negative, and conduit. The same is how the energy is created and transferred. Two immortals and one human create this transaction of force. It is called a tripling. We now understand why our ceremonies work to keep the power from the immortal abominations. If the conduit is removed after the energy is created but before it can transfer, the power remains with the human. The Book of Timu: Verse 51—of The Conclave’s 1925 additions to the book. **** “You’ve come a long way from thirty nights ago when you first became our high priestess.” Feandan’s false praise sickened Lillian. The narcissistic bastard could go fuck himself for all she cared, but she just nodded and smiled. Has it only been thirty nights since the initiation ceremony?She was not the same woman that she’d been that night. Feandan sat across from her in a throne-sized wingback chair,

twirling his brandy in the crystal glass. She sipped her Earl Grey, hoping to seem calm, though a tempest swirled in her head. “How are your studies, Lillian?” He meant with the Book of Timu, of course. She hadn’t brought it out of her new chambers for this meeting as he clearly wanted. The tome remained under her bed invisible to all but her by the spell she’d surrounded it with. Feandan wanted it back under his thumb, but thankfully tradition gave her the right to keep it as long as she deemed necessary. As a vital part of her plan, she deemed itvery necessary. “Still lots to study. Perhaps I’m just a slow learner.” One of his eyebrows rose up. “I know better. Time is almost up, my sweet. You either siphon energy, or you know what will happen to you in ten days.” “Yes, I know. I will succeed. I promise.” His angry stare unnerved her. “What are you up to, Lillian?” “What do you mean?”Does he know what I have in mind? No. If he did, she’d be dead already. Or worse. Feandan downed his liquor in a single gulp then said, “The last

few of your attempts to gather power from the two abominations troubled me.” Her heart leapt to her throat. “How so?” “You keep asking for more time alone with them, claiming that it will help you reach orgasm and eventually to be able to siphon power. It never happens.” “I’m trying, Feandan. Next time, I won’t fail. I know what I have to do.” The last two months had been pure hell. Yes, she loved touching Reno and Titus, listening to their thoughts about desiring her, feeling them inside her body. She knew how to free Reno’s hand, even with Feandan’s new enchantments on the chains, but if she had, the creep wouldn’t have allowed her to be alone with Reno and Titus again. Her climaxes came like clockwork, each more intense than the previous. But Reno and Titus were denied release into her body. The pain they endured from the rituals had stockpiled her guilt into something she couldn’t bear any longer. Reno’s words had amazed her. “Lillian, this isn’t your fault.” But she knew better. So did Titus. During their last ceremony, she’d tried to pull the phantom out of his dark mood.

Titus tempted her. God.” The sharpness of his tone stung her. high priestess. “I can tell them to wait. warmed her up.” . slick folds. Best to get to what you’re here for. dominated her. When their mouth-embrace ended.” Reno’s tone was gentle. “I want to taste your cream. his demands were hers to obey. he should teach a kissing class.” She stood. “Don’t bother. and made her feel wonderfully vulnerable. his tongue grazed her clit. As their kiss deepened. Still. I can tell that you like that. His eyes opened and he sent his velvet tongue into her mouth. She crawled up his body until her mound touched his lips. Instantly. “He’s right. Titus stopped licking her pussy. sweeping inside until her mind exploded. Titus’s body was chained in the spread-eagle fashion on the floor. Like every night when she came to him. “Lillian. Titus growled. high priestess. high priestess.Lillian grazed Titus’s lips. dispensing an assault that overwhelmed. Even in chains. she felt his cock thicken against her swollen.” Adrenaline flooded her veins. but the assholes will be back in here soon.

“What’s with you. You’ll be fucking Feandan soon. She crawled down next to him. they had taken her away.” “Do you enjoy torturing me. sobbing uncontrollably.” Tears poured from her eyes. His gaze never left her. She’d used the time to form her plan. but you . “You keep saying that you know what you have to do. Even with only a few days left before she would be replaced if she failed. Lillian figured they didn’t have any faith left in her to succeed. Guilt consumed every fiber of her being. No more fooling myself into believing this is more than it is. You’re running out of nights. curling into a ball.” When Feandan and the attendants had rushed to find her curled on the floor in tears. touching his shoulder. high priestess?” She rolled away from him. Forty nights was all you had to siphon energy and provide it to the high priest.“But we can have more time together. “I’m done. I swear. “It won’t mean anything to me. Titus?” Reno asked. The Conclave’s council had granted her request for a couple days of rest. We are nothing more to her than prisoners. Everything he’d said was true.” “Really? I know your laws.

“You’ll have me soon enough. He might be able to sense the energy inside her. Though she wanted to memorize more spells.” This discussion proved to Lillian that she must act now if her plan had any chance of success. letting him know that she’d deceived him about being able to siphon power that was meant for him. Even the book attests to that. It will help with your next ceremony. The two creatures are nothing to me. Let me show you around the bedroom. I am the high priestess of The Conclave. but if her plan worked. what she’d learned from the book would have to suffice. .seem…how do I say this…sympatheticto the creatures. not true. “Feandan.” she lied. just in case he tried to force himself on her. “Just don’t forget who you are.” He knows. my sweet.” “The book says otherwise. Excellent. but she didn’t.” “Or the blade will.” “And me. “You know that my work is taxing.” It didn’t. he would never be able to look at it to prove her wrong. only power for my family. Feandan. Time was up.” “Never.” She thought about bringing her new power to the forefront. He’s just toying with me.

Hear me out. He wasn’t spread-eagle now.She can’t know. A woman. “But I do. Alone. and if she stepped close enough he could grab her through the bars.” . Someone was outside the bars of the cell. He feigned sleep and suspected Reno was actually out. “I know you’re awake. Where were the guards? His chains were loose. He heard the metallic click as the lock opened. allowing him movement in the cell. The attendants only tightened them when the power-stealing ceremony was conducted. too. Lillian softly said.” He didn’t move. Titus. It had been several nights since he’d seen Lillian and felt her soft skin pressing against his body. Lillian. She whispered something and touched the metal door. please. Reno’s awake.**** Titus stirred. Don’t try to grab me.

Reno frowned. young high priestess. But he didn’t have more power. he would’ve guarded his mind from her and any other Conclave eavesdroppers.” He sent her a look that he hoped she would understand. thanks to Lillian and her bloodliner friends. The shade responded.” “He’s no fool. “Yes. Now he knew better. With more power. you never told me that you could hear Lillian’s thoughts.” Fool!“Didn’t think you needed to know. bloodliner or not. “You are the only real fool here. Andyes . He’d always believed that to be only an immortal skill. And I’m sorry about what we’ve done to you—what I’ve done to you. “Titus. Lillian. what are you doing here?” “I’m springing you. Unbelievable. Titus.Titus opened his eyes. He’d never known any mortal.She can read my mind.” he lied. I am. Strange. Can’t you hear mine?” “Sometimes. I can hear your thoughts.” . Forgiveness would never come from him.” “Don’t waste your words on me. Titus. with such power.

You will be killed the minute we step out of this cell. “Lil. as a captive or as a free immortal.” Her lips curled up into a beautiful grin.” Titus shook his head. I dismantled the spells to this place. Her sudden frantic glances told volumes. What’s your plan?” . she was like no woman Titus. She wasn’t lying. We will suffer incredible pain at Feandan’s hand and you will be executed. but I’m not. She whispered.” “Thank you. It took a lot of guts and skill to get past the guards and into this cell without every warning bell in creation going off. “Yes. That floored him.“What do you mean?” “I’ll hand it to you.”I refuse to be the cause of her death. which I don’t. “You believe you can get us out of here?” Reno asked. had ever known. “Even if I believed you. “The guards are under a sleep charm I learned.” “He may be a sucker.” God. I do. don’t let Titus the Terrible bring you down. It wasn’t hard. Quite impressive. there’s more to the spells holding us than you know.

sweetheart. and my buddy here hasn’t been really instructive since we became roommates. You know how to create one. Believe me.” “Sorry. I don’t know much magic at all.“I read about a portal spell in the Book of Timu.” Lillian turned from Reno to him. How? He’d suspected for some . don’t you?” Could she really mean to try this insanity? Why? “Call it a crisis of faith. I haven’t been able to perform it. I know now that the teachings of The Conclave are untrue.” She stepped back from the bars. Titus. No one does.” Titus realized she must’ve been reading his mind and the cowboy’s since the first day. but I don’t know how I’m doing it. Titus.” What’s her angle? “No angle. I’m new to my immortal life. I promise. trembling. I do this because neither of you deserve such treatment. “Please. “I’m sorry. if I did I would’ve stopped it a long time ago. It’s your only hope. “Get out of my head. but it says most immortals can create them easily.” Anger welled up inside him.

That would be corrected should they beat the odds and succeed in escaping. just being near her had undone much of that work. “Thank you. Worse.” “Is it something like meditation?” She closed her eyes. I can’t hear either of your thoughts. “We?You’re in. Time to saddle up and get the hell out of here. “Quiet your mind.” Reno smiled. which I doubt we have much of. But in the past couple of months. Now he knew it.” “The high priestess is right.” “You’re wasting time. but I don’t have enough power to open one large enough for a mosquito to pass through. Don’t let your thoughts wander.” She opened her eyes.” . It’d taken him a century or more to learn how to do just that. “Yes. “Think about some time or place that you enjoy.time that she was more than she appeared. “It’s working. but hard to expect. Creating a portal is a simple spell. she must’ve listened to his insatiable ramblings for her—how much he wanted her under him begging for the orgasms he would withhold from her. He hated his disadvantage.” he ordered. Control your thoughts. Good.” Easy to ask of someone so young.

not the other way around. even if everything logical inside told him he should. Chapter 6 . Reno.” He could never kill her. God. If you scream.Lillian stepped into the cell. Lillian. Another step and he could grab her. right now. he loved holding her immobile next to him. He knew it.Advantage—mine. covering her mouth with his hand. I can snap your neck in a flash. “And?” Reno asked.” “She’s not our friend. but she would never know. “Got you. he grabbed Lillian’s arm and pulled her into him. “We have to complete a tripling. you’re dead. notes of honeysuckle and raindrops. “Let her go.” “What the fuck. Her scent filled his nostrils. “I’m going to move my hand from your mouth. In a flash.” Titus answered. You understand that?” She nodded. Titus?" Reno's tone held a dangerous warning. Something about her made him her hostage.

“Did you not hear me the first time.33) Listen to the words of the angel. The Book of Timu: Verses 33 through 37—Chapter 13 **** Lillian had made a foolish mistake. 35) Can The Dark and the Rogues form such a union? I asked. or else you will have to deal with me. whether angel and jinn. or phantom and shade. but it is not easily done for any immortals. His and Reno’s thoughts were no longer accessible to her. 34) From their holy union. 36) Tis true. the bloodliner receives immortality. and jinn. 37) Many have sought to create such a triad. Now she would pay with her life. His hand remained over her mouth. Rijiah: Behold the unbreakable union of bloodliner. the angel and jinn receive power immeasurable. but few have succeeded. “Let her go. The mystery is beyond even immortals to understand. demon and ifrit. A Perfect Triad. angel. Such immortals can join with a bloodliner for such a union.” She couldn’t see Titus since he held her with her back to his front. but she prayed he would concede and release her. Timu. . Titus?” Reno’s scowl showed he meant business.

“And you’ll do what to me. will be for nothing. Right. Her anxiety mushroomed. all of her effort. .” Four of Titus’s words reverberated in her head. Her. “Experience or not. It had worked moments ago. Now. newborn-shade?” Titus’s tone deepened. her mind was anything butquiet. “I’ve got centuries of experience on my side. but her clit betrayed her and swelled. Lillian.” “I may not know much.” Reno’s eyes narrowed. are you calm now?” She wasn’t but nodded. whether sincere or not. even though the magic to hear their musings no longer worked.Titus had urged her to quiet her mind and stay out of his head. listen to her. that has to tip the scales to my side. but I have enough to take you out. I sense that the energy inside you is much less than what I have at my disposal. she might wiggle out of this mess. “If we don’t fuck her right now.” “If you don’t believe me. Reno edged forward. Titus tightened his hold on her. “You’re lying. hoping he would believe the lie. Now.Fuck.” With Reno’s help.

including her own exit from The Conclave once the immortals were free. but kept her body restrained with his muscular arms. . crafting an enchantment on her name in the book to make it appear she was dead. he had no plans to release her. this idiotic plan of yours will fail. Titus would need power to create a portal for them to escape through. a bloodliner on the outside. Dizziness and her pent-up fantasies and desires to be overwhelmed by the two immortals kept coherent thought at bay for several seconds. She’d turned over the book to Eric Langley. And this time. Clearly. If we don’t get power from a completed tripling. he would fall for the ruse and not try to use the book’s magical pages to try to find her. Detail after detail. he would have to come inside her. and that meant sex. No way could she break free of such strength. They both would. she’d been consumed with getting Reno and Titus free from The Conclave. She’d also worked out the sleeping spell for the guards. She’d worked out so many details. she’d gone over them for days. The past several days. How could she have missed that neither Reno nor Titus would have enough power to open a magical portal—without tripling with her? Clearly. and she didn’t have a death wish. “Tell him.Titus removed his hand from her mouth.” She hadn’t thought of that possibility. Pushing her luck with him would be suicide. Hopefully.

circling the flesh around her nipple but never actually touching the little peak.” Reno didn’t look convinced but did stop edging forward. The ache grew to a roar inside her. “He’s telling the truth. “Good girl. The air touched her skin. she’d dreamed about it since the first night with them. In fact. Tingles danced on her skin as the tiny buds hardened. but can you slow down some?” “No.” “I think we have to. Here and now. and gooseflesh appeared everywhere. Titus had ripped off her clothes.” In a micro-second. I get it. “Yes.” Titus’s sarcasm stung her to the core. “Buddy. we’re going to make love to her here and now. Lengthy foreplay isn’t . high priestess? That ended the moment you walked into this cell. she tilted her head toward Reno. She wanted them to overwhelm her. Titus massaged her breast with his free hand. we’re going to fuck.” Titus squeezed her tight. “So.” Reno tilted his head.” she whispered. We need to power up and fast. “You still think you’re in charge. “Sex gives us immortals power.Once her mind finally cleared.

Titus was in full command of the moment and her body.” Titus turned her head to face him. while his other held her captive. Titus’s free hand firmly massaged her buttocks. and she wasn’t about to push him. No longer her prisoner. “You are not to come until I say so. but his control and dominance made her wet. and then his fingers touched her pussy. “Lillian. understand?” “I won’t. “What the hell!” Reno’s hands curled into fists. Lillian’s wantonness sped past her worry about their predicament.” She wasn’t about to saylovers. between her legs. Titus slapped her ass.part of the equation. According to the book. It stung. you better let me do this my way. “You want out of here. His hand came up from behind her. don’t question me again. .” His dominant nature unraveled and fascinated her. the triangle needs all three…umm…participantsto climax for the power to be created for the two immortals. Too dangerous. sending a jolt of heat through her core.” “I don’t understand.” Titus pinched her nipple. even though that was how she remembered the text.

everything seemed turned inside out. she decided one night with him in the driver’s seat was a small price to pay for her crimes. Surely she couldn’t. But how could anyone get past his layers of pain to uncover it? She had no idea. Her feet dangled more than two feet from the floor. she’s ready. Now unbridled. Buzzing with want. a full-blown thunderstorm of danger exploded out of him. a massive thing. she had sensed the clouds of threat in him. With Titus chained on the floor. Slowly he lowered . teased.” Without hesitation. Nice and wet. Now. “Ready?” Titus asked with an unexpected gentle tone. The cock she’d tasted. he shed his clothes. and felt inside her for a few fleeting moments in all the ceremonies was fully erect.” Reno asked.” All her senses jumped with pleasure and panic as Titus turned her around to face him.“Cowboy. “I’m ready. Never letting go of his hold on her. Does he have another side to him?She believed he might. but I’ll need the lube to take her from behind. “What do you mean?” “We both have to be inside her to make the connection work. She’s soaked. a high priestess of the very people that piled the torture on him over the centuries. Titus lifted her body like a feather. Give me the lube from the bastards’ sex-toy table.

you are not to come unless I say.her down. I know.” His dominance over her sent shivers racing down her spine. “Did you hear me. How could he be so strong after being held captive for so long? She wondered exactly what kind of strength lived inside him. Now. His mouth went to her ear. she had to obey him. His grey eyes locked with hers. causing her desire to multiply exponentially. More tingles rushed down to her quivering belly and clenching womb. Ever. “Good.” Lillian obeyed. Titus lowered her so that the tip of his cock pressed at her opening. loving the feel of his muscled frame. “Remember. Slowly. Somehow. she thought her advancing climax could crash through her will.” How could she hold back? Even now. . Lean back.” She complied. high priestess?” “Yes. But he’d never been allowed to come. She could feel his breath skate over her skin. “Put your arms around my shoulders and neck. lean back.

her feet resting just under his ass. and she would never see him again once he had enough power to create the portal to escape through. filling her completely. Still. How she’d dreamed of this. Her legs came around him. Titus leaned forward. I will not repeat myself. And more. feeling his dick pressing against her mound pleased her. Though she’d had him inside her before. Embers stirred. Then he began taking possession of her pussy with the strokes of his cock. Wrap your legs around me. she took it. Electrical explosions streaked through her. Without hesitation. driving his dick deep into her pussy. In and out. .” She didn’t hesitate and complied. this time was different. Titus saw her as the enemy. “Listen carefully. In and out. She could feel his leg muscles tighten as he drove deeper still into her channel. Over and over. making her his sacrifice. “Hold on.He deserved that. The pressure overwhelmed her. continuing to hold her securely. and now a burn grew inside her for more.” He bit her earlobe and shifted his pelvis forward.

” “Yes.” His words sent sparks zinging across her skin.” His eyes narrowed. “No! You are not in charge anymore. she tried to pull him deeper with her legs.He released her ear. His hunger visible by a long. “For that attempt. “Buddy. I thought you saidwe needed to triple with her?” She felt Titus stiffen at Reno’s words. hard cock. What is it? I don’t know. The cowboy had stripped. Instinctively.” Titus would never show her mercy. Titus. “You will never deny me what I want. Later. Their thoughts were back. do you see that red light around her? Yes. He never let her feet touch the floor. but flipped her around to face Reno. Sir. you will be punished. He began lifting her off his cock. . The pumping action inside her stopped. and that pleased her very much. Never again. Ever.

and tingles sizzled within her chest. everything. help me hold her off the floor. belly. and lifted so that her chest was within reach of his mouth. and crushed her lips with his mouth.” Reno lowered her down. “I’d love to help. slickness squeezed out her pussy. When he moved to the other breast.” His mouth came down on her left breast.” Reno smiled at her. . his brown eyes wide and inviting. “I’ll get her hot little ass ready for my dick.“Shade. Then she felt Titus’s fingers pressing her folds and clit from behind. determined to obey him. Your lips. and if they hadn’t been holding her she might’ve fallen. “No coming until I say. The thrill weakened her knees.” He stepped right up to her. He sucked on her nipple.” She nodded. “Lil. Titus’s fingers moved to her backside entrance. But the pressure inside her felt like a soon-to-erupt volcano that wouldn’t be denied its release of heat and energy. I’ll start with your amazing breasts. neck. pussy. placed his hands around her waist. I’ve wanted to taste every part of you.

She knew. don’t let this end this way.The guards! “Get inside her!” Titus roared. Both their cocks entered her body simultaneously. The jolt sent shockwaves rolling through her.Please.The kiss went on and on. Lillian’s head spun. So consuming. as Titus worked to loosen where he would take her. There was no way she could reach orgasm now. diving deep into her pussy like a heat-seeking missile. “We all have to come!” Titus commanded. No way did they have a chance to survive. Pain turned to awesome pleasure. and hot flares streaked from where Titus’s fingers entered her as Reno’s tongue swirled inside her mouth. She’d never dreamt that being with them would be this incredible. A crash in the other room shocked her. “Coming!” “Come now. but she didn’t look to see who came.” Titus’s words rolled through her. Everything . Lillian. Reno released her mouth as he shot his liquid into her. The door burst open.

inside her blazed red hot. Delicious spasms fired inside her like hot popcorn. Her sex throbbed as the unleashed orgasm tore through her entire body. The colors of the rainbow shot around her. “Chain the immortals and kill Lillian!” Feandan screamed.

Chapter 7 Unlocking from their final sexual thrust into Lillian, Reno and Titus guided her behind them, blocking her from Feandan and his men. No one would harm her. Reno would make sure of that. He watched in amazement as silver wings popped out of Titus’s back. The phantom stretched his hand out and hand shot several spheres of light at their enemies. The bloodliners recoiled backward, trying to avoid the phantom’s magic missiles. Some succeeded like the high priest, but most didn’t. The bodies of those who failed vanished in an explosion of light. You’vegot to keep them at bay with your own power until I can open a portal. No longer a prisoner, Titus was one hundred percent badass soldier, a brother-in-arms.

How do I do that, Titus? Concentrate. Can’t you feel the power inside you from our tripling with the high priestess? I feel something. Warmth. Look with your mind at the center of your body. You’ll see it. Reno concentrated and saw a spinning sphere of gray smoke.Hell, I must be Smokey the Immortal. Yes, I see it. You’re a shade. That’s how your magic looks. How can I use it? Shape it with your will into a weapon. Feandan’s voice sounded raspy and full of rage. “Kill Lillian! Once she’s dead, we can subdue the immortals.” More guards rushed in. Lillian’s trembles of fear moved him to action. Reno felt the magic in his fingertips. His body warmed up and became smoke-like. Weird, but he didn’t have time to think about it. Bullets. Damn. What he needed was a gun. He understood a gun. Reno gasped as the magic inside him burst from his fingers, each pulse a bullet-shaped missile that flew at the

advancing bloodliners. An explosion blinded him, but their screams told him that it had worked. “Let’s go, shade.” Titus pointed to the wall behind them. Reno turned and saw a magical doorway to some place other than The Conclave’s cell. Lillian stood trembling, her eyes wide with fear. Feandan waved his hands and mumbled some words. He seemed to be working on some kind of spell. Time to exit before he finished. Reno lifted Lillian up in his arms that looked like gray smoke. Apparently, transparent or not, his body still had substance. “You’re really taking me with you?” she asked, her eyes wide. “Of course, sweetheart.” With his wings wide, Titus stood inches from the portal. “You coming or not, Reno?” With Lillian in his arms, he stepped next to the phantom. Titus touched Lillian’s naked shoulder. “Now, you aremy prisoner.” The three of them went through the magical portal.

“That was different. he could feel her body and he pulled her in tightly. they twisted and spun. She’s the reason we escaped.“Nooo!” Feandan’s shout faded to nothing. Blackness. Though Reno couldn’t see Lillian. It took another second to get his bearings.” Lillian’s tears rolled from her beautiful blue eyes. If it hadn’t been forme. “Cool it. “She could’ve been killed. Where are we?” “My place. “High priestess.” Titus’s eyelids narrowed. For a split-second. Shake it off. The next instant. your plan would’ve failed. and a dozen lit candles materialized around them. The phantom’s harsh tone impacted her. “We did it.” Titus waved his hands. Silence.” .” “You’re both free. soldier. as if they were riding a massive rollercoaster.” “But she wasn’t. I wouldn’t take credit for such recklessness. the feeling passed as he felt solid ground under his feet.” Reno felt her stiffen.

Ask her. “I’m surprised it still exists after your two hundred-plus year imprisonment.” “Me. Reno heard some crackling and felt something akin to electricity in the air. but they’re all dust by now.” “Portals are tricky. “I’ve got a lot to learn about this magic crap. “Best to create one to a place the spell caster knows well. a couple of leather chairs .” “Why here?” “You ask too many questions. her modesty evident. too. Reno guessed it to be some kind of cave or mine. Suddenly. but seemed harmless.” Titus closed his eyes. She’s read the book. Reno.” He turned to the phantom.” In all the previous commotion. A few slivers of light from various holes in the rocky ceiling joined the candles in illuminating the space.Scanning the area. Reno wondered why Titus had brought them here. Reno had disregarded that they were all still naked. Reno wondered if it was magic light or sunshine from the outside.” Lillian crossed her arms over her chest. “You got somewhere for her to sit? Maybe some clothes?” “I did. shade. The air smelled dank.

I’d leave her just the way she is. be my guest. “Don’t even think about trying to leave. You know with those wings. Titus turned to Lillian. “Shade.appeared in the middle of the cavern.” Reno thought about it.” Titus took a deep breath. do it yourself.” “Pretty cool trick. He did like his eyes to have full-access to her incredible body. and hiking boots.” Silver shimmered around him and then died out. and then his wings vanished. but she needed time and rest. You have your own power. for now. Your choice. Understand?” “Where would I go?” Without a word. “Where are you going?” .” “I know some angels. blue jeans. leaving him wearing a black shirt. I look nothing like them. “But if I were you. “If you want to clothe the high priestess. you kinda look like an angel to me. Reno’s irritation grew with each footfall of the self-appointed general. the phantom turned and walked down the tunnel. Titus gestured to the new furniture.

” “You’re learning. Titus?” she asked timidly.“To get provisions.” Then the phantom turned a corner and was out of sight. “If you’re not back in an hour. “How long will you be gone.” Reno pulled her in close and squeezed her. Enough questions.” Reno called out. With Titus gone. Time in The Conclave’s cell had changed Reno. “I’d like a porterhouse with a baked potato. Mine are all long gone. we’ll come looking for you. It’s only an illusion. Figure the rest out for yourself. “As long as it takes. I’m certain. but it doesn’t really quench thirst or ease hunger. He looked over at Lillian.” Lillian grinned at his mockery of the phantom. That pleased him.” “Why not use magic like you did with the chairs?” “I could. high priestess. . he would have her all to himself. He silently vowed to never take his freedom for granted.

He’d tried but failed to produce clothes for them.Chapter 8 Lillian pulled the silk sheet that Reno had created for her earlier up to her chin. The rest helped. She kept her eyes shut.” He stood. How long was I out?” She sat up. no denying it. and the sheet fell away. “Twenty minutes at most. From the first time she’d met Reno. Foolishness. his stare fixed on her. “I’m fine. Earlier. exposing her breasts. she’d sensed an immeasurable goodness within him. The bed he’d magically formed felt amazingly soft. the reality of what had happened and where she’d been taken whirled like a top in her wide-awake mind. “Lillian. and she saw his cock lengthen. Reno sat in one of the leather chairs. “Is Titus back?” . She jerked it back up to cover her nakedness. Not a monster. but instead a naked Greek god. He looked so strong and powerful. you okay?” She opened her eyes. though she was no longer asleep. her exhaustion had easily plunged her into catching zees. Now. She wanted him again. Heat filled her cheeks.

“I’m glad that you’re here. Right now. I want you for myself. I’m not surprised by his dark mood. Reno. literally. and her silk covering vanished.” Her desire blasted through her body.” Emotions rolled through her. “Why alone?” .” Reno was the eternal optimist. Still.” “But we need Titus for you to gain more energy. He waved his hand.” The hunger in his tone sent a shiver up and down her spine. “I hope you’re right. to pleasure her. She craved him to possess her. Moisture slipped out from her pussy.“No. she needed to know his reason for coupling. Tripling for power can come later. “Why did you do that?” “I want to touch and taste every part of you. He won’t let us down. But I am here. Do you think he will really return?” “Considering what he’s been through. sweetheart.” “I am.

I could’ve been just like him in another couple hundred years.” “It didn’t. Look what you did.” His cupped her chin. I bet you’re the first to ever try. and then kissed her shoulder. the other traced her hip. You’ve righted a wrong. my love. Look how long Titus was held before someone showed him compassion. .” “You’re definitely one-of-a-kind. Others must’ve felt the injustice of it before. solid chest. “Your skin is so silky soft. “How could I not at least try to do something to spring you?” “Lillian. “I’ve wanted you for myself from the moment I met you. She felt his cock pressing against her flesh.In a flash.” He guided her to her side with her back tight against his front. Without your courage. Intense heat rolled through her.That thrilled her. One hand worked on the tightness in her neck. he curled up with her on the bed.” He called me my love. You don’t give yourself enough credit. She giggled.” “I couldn’t bear not trying something. but did nothing. “It could’ve ended badly.” She touched his naked. honey. You heard Titus. you are amazing.

Feandan and The Conclave were far from here.“You like me touching you. her life had been planned for her.” Nothing in her life had ever felt so right. but true. sending . He leaned down and planted a long. he massaged her breasts. Lillian’s body warmed. Reno rolled her on her back.” “How about here?” Reaching around her. Her womb fluttered in anticipation of what was to come. But now? Lillian’s new found freedom both excited and frightened her. His domination of her mouth went on and on. With his hand on her back. “Perfect. lingering kiss on her. and his mouth curled up into the most amazing smile she’d ever seen. She parted her lips for his advancing tongue to probe her. Thankfully. Reno. Lillian?” “Y-Yes. As long as she could remember. Reno pulled her in closer to his muscled frame while he deepened their kiss. She imagined more of him entering her. His chocolate eyes didn’t blink. out of place. Feels good. How could she have expected what meeting Titus and Reno would do to her? She’d always felt alien in The Conclave. Crazy.

she instantly missed his lips. the wetter she got. “My love.” “But after all I did and The Conclave did to you…” Reno pressed his index finger to her lips.” “So are you. Reno pulled her in close. too. sweetheart. If you and Titus hadn’t jumped into action I just don’t know what would’ve happened. you were a prisoner. I’ve never met a woman like you. The more his lips pressed.” “Make love to me.” Lillian couldn’t hold back the tears.her into a dizzy bliss.” . tell me what to do to make you feel better. Reno. Reno. “Lil. She could’ve gotten all of them killed.” “You saved us. too. When the kiss finally ended. That’s enough. “Lil. you’re incredible. Though not in a cell. He threaded his hands in her hair. you took a great risk to help us escape.” “Gladly.

and gave her another kiss. She let herself believe that everything would be okay.” “Shh. shouldn’t we wait for Titus. Her toes curled and her eyes closed.” He leaned down. She thrashed on the bed and fisted the sheet. Unable to stop herself. “That’s it. and swallowed her nipple.Reno leaned down. I told you that right now isn’t about tripling. He tweaked her nipples. Gooseflesh popped on her exposed skin. “Reno. Back and forth. Since that first time with you. Let go. I’ve dreamed of this moment. how to touch. my love. It’s only about you and me. His mouth left one nipple. causing her nipples to peak even more. I want to get you so turned on you’ll think you’ve gone to heaven. only to swallow the other. She felt the bits of flesh harden under his treatment. Time to wave the white flag of surrender.” . Lillian moaned. I want to explore all of you. He knew just what to touch. impaling her with unspoken demands. he laved her chest with his tongue. when to touch. A spark traveled from where he sucked all the way to her aching pussy.

driving her mad with desire. I want it. too. filling you up. She couldn’t withstand much more. But he continued his oral torture on her skin. His thoughts rushed in like a stampede. The sensations in her body increased.” Her body buzzed with desire as he touched herthere . Fuck.” Her womb warmed and clenched.How the hell am I hearing his thoughts again? How does it work? Reno froze and looked at her.” “I can’t wait for my dick to be inside your tight pussy. Then he kissed her clit while slipping a finger between her folds and into her channel.“Oh.” . She caught her breath and held it. Reno moved down and licked at her navel. “That’s weird. now she was ablaze with heat. His thumb pressed against her clit.” “What?” “I can hear your thoughts. Where she’d been warm before. yes. “P-Please. Down he went. she’s so tight! I can’t wait to be inside her again. until his hot breath skated over her mound.

Her core pulsed as he placed his thumb against her clit. She widened her legs. She threaded her fingers through his hair. sampling her juices. Reno stroked her thighs.Shit! I mean. and stopped his wonderful tongue assault. Lillian. “Reno.No. “I love you. spreading out to every fiber of her being.” Electricity shot through her like a thunderstorm. His command and bite shoved her over the edge. I want you to feel pleasure like never before. dotting her flesh with soft kisses. she dug her nails into his flesh.” . I think you did mean shit. as his tongue laved her bud. Her cowboy laughed. Spasms consumed every inch of her body. My love. Unable to hold back. The orgasm erupted. Reno never stopped laving her swollen folds. “Y-yesss.” “Come for me. sweetheart. Unable to stop herself. He dove back down between her thighs. she shot him a grin. shoot.” He gently bit down on her clit. I-I’m so close.

and her lips came back together in a snap. She pulled the sheet up. next to Lillian. too. “I did.“I love you. looking at her. “Water. Her incredible body disappeared from view.” Reno handed one paper sack to Lillian. the shade looked lusty and sweltering. Reno sat up from between her legs. driving Titus mad with desire to rip to shreds the cotton covering Lillian’s soft curves. ripping another bag to shreds.” Titus stood by one of the chairs. Chapter 9 Titus watched the blood rush to Lillian’s cheeks and her mouth form a perfect circle. too. The donuts and bottled water exploded onto the bed.” “I see you figured out a way to keep yourselves occupied while I was gone. The shade swallowed one cinnamon roll in two bites before moving to another . did you bring food?” Reno asked. While she looked rested and satiated. but remained seated on the bed.” He sat the bags he carried on the bed. and then dove in like a starving animal. “Buddy. He didn’t stand. She didn’t speak.

pastry. Even with the sack in her lap, Lillian didn’t move or look at Reno. Instead, her hazel eyes fixed on Titus. She had to be starving, too. Was she waiting for his permission? His cock hardened, knowing she was. He craved more of her submission. The centuries of pain and anguish from being subdued against his will seemed to melt into nothingness next to her demonstration of obedience. Everything about Lillian unhinged him. “Eat, high priestess.” She shot him a smile that sent him to the moon. Joining the shade in the feast, she sat up. The sheet fell away, exposing her naked breasts. Her nipples were erect and red. Titus’s cock hardened, desiring a taste. Lillian grabbed a chocolate covered donut and began devouring it. Poor thing must’ve been famished. He should hate her. She was part of The Conclave, and not just part of it, but its high priestess. Still, how could he fault her? And she’d put herself at risk to rescue them. Foolish, but he couldn’t help but admire her courage. If they’d been a second later on completing the tripling, he and the shade would be back in chains and she would likely be dead by Feandan’s hand. Titus clenched his jaw. He had plans for that prick that

included a long, tedious, horrible death. He’d already begun working it out. With the energy he now had, how could Feandan escape his wrath? The power surging through him felt incredible. A massive sphere of silver light spun in his core. Lillian had given that to him and the same to Reno. Centuries had passed since Titus’s last full tripling. Still, he recalled that none of the previous triads had provided so much energy. Not even close. And what about Lillian’s bloodliner light changing from red into every color of the rainbow shooting in every direction? What did it mean? “Thanks, buddy. This is good.” Reno downed half a bottle of water. Lillian looked up, a single chocolate spot on the corner of her lips. “Thank you, Titus.” His lust went into overdrive. He didn’t need to triple for power, though more would be welcomed, but he craved to have her again. A high priestess of The Conclave, yes, but Lillian was different. Like it or not, she’d gotten to him. The tripling with her and Reno rolled through his mind. So strange. Different. Powerful. Could Lillian know more? “High priestess, our tripling in the cell wasunique . Why?”

She shrugged, but he sensed she was holding something back. He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. “Don’t make me ask again.” “O-Okay. I could be wrong, but I think we created a Perfect Triad.” Titus struggled with the possibility.No! He’d thought such things were only myth. The ramifications boiled into his bones. “A Perfect what?” Reno asked. Lillian continued, “A Perfect Triad is where a human bloodliner and two immortals are sealed together, forever.” The shade rubbed his forehead. “I don’t understand.” “Why would you? It means we cannot triple with any human but her. Ever.” The idea both pleased and infuriated Titus. “What else, sweetheart?” The cowboy grabbed her hand. “It’s okay.” “Well, according to the Book of Timu, I won’t die.” “I felt a strong bond during our tripling. Thought I was losing it. Glad I’m not.” Reno smiled. “So, what’s the downside?”

“High priestess. “Time to pay for your meal. and fill her. touch her. to take her. to increase our desire. Not while I’m here. They all felt terribly fresh. The lack of control. I don’t care.Plenty. The suffering. Everything inside Titus urged him forward. He willed his desires into a tenuous surrender. “What’s this all about?” “I’m going to set the pecking order straight with her right now. She’s been trained for her whole life to be in charge of our kind.” “Reno.” Lillian leapt from the bed in a single bound.” .” Reno held up his hands. you didn’t stand as I commanded you. it’s okay. “Hold on. “And why are you frowning?” The old memories poured into him. now. For now.” Reno stood up and stepped in front of Lillian.Titus began. buddy. The humiliation. only to withhold release and pleasure. Get up on your feet. “You’ll not hurt her.” “What do you mean?” Lillian asked. high priestess. That’s over. You can join me or not. He’s right. You’ll be punished for your disobedience.

Whatever she wants. Reno grinned. If she’s right. unlike his predecessors.Reno jerked back to her. and we three are sealed together. “Good. I have no doubt she getting wetter and wetter at the thought. high priestess?” . and smarts.” “You are?” Sheepishly. that gave Titus a hell of a hard-on. Damn. “You’re up for this?” “She’s more than up for it. thrived on it. He liked her obedience.” “Weird. We’ll start by helping her to learn that she cannot come until you or I say so.” Lillian didn’t move a muscle. In the cell. in fact. strength. she needs to understand how things will operate from now on. “What did you think of last night. The guy had heart. “I’m game then. he didn’t mind it being Reno. but okay.” If Titus was to be tethered to another immortal for a permanent triad. he’d actually come to believe the shade might survive with him for a couple of centuries. Lillian nodded.

” “I think we both need different handles for her.” “AddSir to your responses to me from now on.” “What about the times before?” She looked down and clasped her hands together.” Titus watched a tear roll down her cheek. Understand?” “Yes. Sir. how do you want her to address you?” “I don’t care.” . Shade. “You should be punished for not letting us come. too. Sure. too.” “No it doesn’t. We have to undo the training she received from The Conclave. It will lessen the confusion when she’s addressing either of us and we’re commanding her.” “Good.“It was nice. don’t you think?” “Yes. You need something that immediately lets her know you are in charge. “I-I wish that you could’ve come. But what if some of their brainwashing kicks in and she betrays us?” “Fine. she seems compliant now.Sir is fine with me.Reno works just fine.

“Do we have to do this all the time. It’s called a safe word. Either we give her one.” “You wouldn’t since you’ve been out of commission for so long. “The word isceremony. but as you wish. “You’re a prick. “As I recall.” “I’m not sure what you mean. shade. Titus. She looked so beautiful.’” Lillian let out a little moan. Hell. And we will call her ‘prisoner.” “Yes. prisoner?” “Yes. Prisoner.Reno shrugged. Titus?” The shade looked a bit uncomfortable. there needs to be a word she can utter to stop anything that is over-the-top for her.” Lillian dropped to her knees. Their talk was getting to her.” Reno touched her cheek.” “She won’t ever say it. it was getting to him. Sir. get on your knees. Do you understand. or this ends right now.” . Sir. “Let’s just see how this goes. “How about ‘Commander’?” “Good. but he never took his eyes off of Lillian.” Titus turned to Lillian.

If done properly. so awesome and overwhelming. I don’t know.” “Let’s get on with it. I bet you feel the same way. All I want to do is pleasure her and give her all I can. Whatever this Perfect Triad thing is.” “I don’t think you get it. my love. We gave our sexy prisoner something incredible. I felt something inside me.” Titus corrected. “Then. let’s get on with her punishment.“Whenever you say that word during a tripling. you and I gave Lillian—” “Prisoner. we’ll stop everything. the immortal will be paralyzed by agony until you and your followers can either capture the abomination for The Conclave’s ceremonies or kill the abomination to rid the world of another . But together in the cell. “Fine.” Chapter 10 22) The Spell of Pain is not easy to master. Titus. She gets to me on a level I’ve never known before.” Lillian looked up at him and Reno in a way that looked to be utter devotion.

He shed his clothes. to the opposite side of the bed from Titus. It was the only way. and Titus needed to take her this way. She needed this. Reno moved out of view. The Book of Timu: Verse 22—of The Conclave’s 1925 additions to the book. She rolled her head so that she could continue to look at him. “Time for your punishment. Her only hope to keep them. **** When Titus walked over to Lillian and cupped her chin. She imagined how she looked. felt right. sprawled out between them on the sheets. her pussy ached. her obeying his commands. He picked her up and placed her face down on the bed.” Titus calling herprisoner . What he might have planned for her put her on . Seeing his fully erect dick sent tingles over every inch of her skin. prisoner. The thought had her grinding her mound into the bed. Slap!The sting of Titus’s hand on her ass froze her wiggling to a stop.

” Titus nodded and waved his hands. And sensing the incredible pain that he harbored. What? “You earned five strikes for not standing when I ordered you to. You will not move until I or Commander say. how could she refuse him? She couldn’t. Sir. prisoner. needed this.” “You have more coming for the other nights in the cell. Sir. “Sweetheart. Five more for your actions the first night we met and for withholding my pleasure. too. Reno spoke gently. She gulped. How many is that. Titus stared down at her.” His strength blasted her to bits. knowing that he would burn her bottom with it for her punishment. And Titus needed it.“You will not come until I or Commander say. prisoner?” “Fifteen. Besides. his face full of determination and strength. Understand. until I or Commander say. You will not speak. but those can wait for another time. What appeared in his left hand sent both a chill and heat through her flesh. she wanted this. And something else. are you sure about this?” . prisoner?” “Yes. Five more for prohibiting Commander to come.A large paddle.

she knew there was no going back. “Yes. knowing that she wanted this more than anything.She paused. That earned you two more strikes of this paddle. “I want you to count the strikes as they are delivered on that hot little ass of yours. “Answer Commander!” Titus demanded. Understand?” “Yes. Sir. prisoner?” “Seventeen. She fisted the sheets. an extreme urge to press her pussy into the mattress for much needed relief almost overwhelmed her. Was she? Once begun.” “Correct. Commander. Shade. She felt the manacles snap onto her wrists and ankles.” As Titus magically created restraints. and then Titus stretched the bindings taut until she was in a spread-eagle pose with her butt ready for his discipline. I want her chained. “What’s the count. knowing she’d obeyed Titus’s command.” Her womb burned. Sir. I’m ready. but she resisted. “Don’t hesitate. Ever. That pleased her. prisoner.” . Sir. hold the paddle. Yes.” The command in Titus’s voice held her to the bed.

She wants more. “Too soft.” Reno brought the paddle against her ass. More of their thoughts rolled into her and— The little sting of the paddle to her backside smarted slightly.” Reno added.Smack! This time she felt it. Too soft. Reno.Titus’s thought shot out. Sir. “Two. “I agree with you. “Yes. Commander.Give it a try. Can you deliver a harder blow? You heard her thoughts. high priestess. Sir. Here it goes. “One.”I can take more. “Likely something about us all being meant for each other. Needs more. I need more.” Three strikes followed in succession.” Titus smiled. shade. Your mind is open to me. Commander.” “Maybe. The pain quieted her mind and sent her desire to the stratosphere. prisoner.” He can hear my thoughts just like Reno did before. The dreamy place it took . Okay.

Reno asked. prisoner. Commander. God. soften Reno’s memories. prisoner?” “Yes. They didn’t come. everything would snap into place for their new little corner of the world. five. four. ease Titus’s pain.” “Good. Commander.” Lillian felt the heat on her ass cheeks and the tears on her cheeks. “Three. trust them to keep her safe. Commander. she felt as if she might explode into a million pieces.her had no time. Sir. Sir. for their entire imprisonment. Very good. “Six. “Are you doing okay. If she could please him and Titus.” . If she didn’t soon. Instead. Biting her lip. she wanted to come. Was this how all The Conclave’s immortal captives felt? Not just for a single night. Smack!The last strike was harder with more sting. hands massaged everything away. she braced for the next twelve to come.Her punishment. no guilt. Very good. More wetness than she could’ve thought possible seeped from between her legs.” Reno’s words thrilled her. And Titus had been imprisoned for centuries. All that remained was extreme desire.

make it nice and pink for my dick?” Gooseflesh popped up on her arms and legs. Nine.” She ached to please them. “Ready?” Titus asked with a tenderness that shocked her.” Titus’s words melted her hesitation and warmed up her pussy. Ten. “She is amazing. You want me to deliver some strikes on that hot ass of yours. As Titus brought the paddle down to her ass. away from her guilt. “Yes. Sir. Sir. Commander. “Seven.” “Such a brave girl.” . Titus?” “Let’s see what she wants. Eight. her mind drifted up and away. Sir. prisoner. The little bits of pain had taken her higher. I’m impressed. to show them how strong she could be for them. Sir. “Yes. bracing herself.” She bit the sheets.“You want to spank her. Commander. Surreal. “Neither have I. I’ve never known any woman like her.” Reno stroked her hair. Tell us.

Titus leaned down. She belonged to Titus and Reno. The stings were only slightly more than Reno had provided. “Seventeen.” “Thank you. Now they were face to face. . Lillian.” She felt Reno spread her ass cheeks wide. Sir. it was enough to keep her mind floating in bliss. a bit less than the previous ones had been. Until now.” Her entire body hummed like a jet. I want to fill up her hot cunt. Then he released her chin and mouth and stood up. Their handling over her body thrilled her. Commander. “You did great. Still. He cupped her chin.” “That’s perfect.She continued the counting as Titus continued delivering her punishment to her backside. She couldn’t deny the truth. and he dove into her with his tongue while Titus’s hand glided up and down her shoulders and back. since I’ve been dreaming of plunging into her tight behind. readying for takeoff. The final one came down. tonight. “Reno. she’d never really felt like she belonged to anything or anyone. Sir.” His lips skimmed over hers.

she felt Reno apply its slick contents to her backside entrance. “Breathe. Sir. She closed her eyes tight.How can I hold back my orgasm? .I want to be inside your pretty little cunt. She tensed. All resistance in her body vanished. The more Reno drilled into her with his digits.” Titus whispered in her ear. In and out.God. He pulled her down the bed until her hips were half-on and half-off the mattress.She heard Titus rustling through one of the other sacks he’d brought earlier. prisoner. He didn’t waste any time and slid deep inside her.” The plastic container’s lid popped loudly. feeling the pressure. “Relax. “Use this lube on her. leaving only hot. he held onto her thighs so her legs and feet remained off the bed and floor of the cavern. Lil. One finger entered her. past her cheeks.” In a few seconds. Standing behind her. He filled her past the brim. Then. “Y-Yes. the more she wanted. silky want. I need his dick inside me. Reno.” Another finger. Reno sent. “You’re doing great. everything changed from overflowing to exploding.” Titus commanded.

” Shade. Sir. Now. his face was right in front of her. I’m adding five more to your paddling count. Lillian. “Open your eyes. “Ready to come?” “Yes. plunged in again. “Yes. “Fucking unbelievable. Sir. She’s so tight.” The softness she’d heard earlier in Titus’s tone had gone.But Reno taking me from behind isn’t a tripling. Sir but—” She stopped. Understand?” “Yes. He smiled. he sounded demanding andhungry! Reno increased his pace in and out of her backside. Still. “You’re correct.” When she did. You must. it isn’t. It must’ve worked as she heard him growling behind her and his new strokes inside her were more intense and faster. He hadn’t asked her to elaborate. hoping to drive him even wilder. So hot. Fuck!” He reared back. slow down.“You will. .” Titus commanded. Lillian wiggled her hips.

and his hands slid down her side’s curves. prisoner. He leaned down and kissed her.Gotcha. A thin layer of pleasure sweat dotted up on her skin. she almost gave into her pending orgasm. Not yet. down to the spot that sent a ricochet of hot pressure throughout her body. is so inviting. “That hot pussy you got. She felt her sex pulse over and over. yeah!” Titus smiled down at her. Titus ended their kiss and began plowing into her like a man on a critical mission. Titus plunged his dick into her depths.Titus sent. When he sucked on her clit. Together. Not a sweet embrace. they rolled her on her side and then on top of Reno.Almost. but a possessive. He leaned up and moved his body over hers. Her body lurched from where Reno’s cock pierced her and Titus’s dick filled her.” Titus leaned down and dined on her mound.Please. his cock remaining inside her. “Fuck. Reno’s possession of her backside came . But I can’t hold back much longer. Sir! I need you in me. positioning his cock’s tip between her pussy’s swollen lips. Reno’s muscled body cradled her back. Don’t do it. commanding embrace.

my prisoner. In and out.” A moan slipped past her lips. Silver light and gray smoke appeared. Grew brighter. Over and over. pushed her so close to orgasm. too. and red coalesced together.” “Not yet. She wanted to please her immortals as much as they had pleased her.” Titus breathed heavily. changed.” His words aroused her even more. She used her inner muscles to clamp down on the two cocks inside her. The colors blended. Feeling their joint assault inside her. holding on for dear life as her orgasm inched forward inside her. Deeper. Faster. “I’m close. “You both close?” Reno asked. Sir. Commander. Then she saw red light skating outward from her body. Her body buzzed with a million . “God. “So am I.with delicious plunges. More strokes. “Not yet. She shot her hands up and circled his neck. Taking her higher and higher. gray.” Titus answered. remembering her delicious punishment. I am. Silver.

“Come for me. “Fucking A!” Reno yelled. Titus closed his eyes. “Lillian. She enjoyed the afterglow of their tripling. then relax. she heard Reno’s breathing change. “Yes. Titus and Reno plowed one last time into her with their dicks. Lillian watched his facial muscles tighten. After a bit.” “Y-Yesss. “Lillian?” Titus’s tone sounded so gentle. but his drilling in her didn’t. shooting their liquid deep into her pussy and ass.” Her climax rocked her like a Cat-Five hurricane coming ashore. Evidently. Her rainbow vibrated in her mind.” .” She prayed he would let her orgasm. Her body hummed softly. “Yes. prisoner. Sir. you belong to me and Reno. Sir. Sir.” Titus’s tone had softened once again.honeybees. “You understand?” That took her to the edge of her willpower. he’d fallen asleep.

” Her heart ached for him.” He pulled her in close.” Chapter 11 Titus felt the rage roll through him. “I’ll kill you. “No. I’ll always love you. Not even an inch.” His name felt wonderful on her lips. into a Perfect Triad. Lillian. but he couldn’t move.“For now.” She closed her eyes. I hated my imprisonment more than you can know. “I love you. I would live through the last two centuries again. knowing you’d be there at the end to free me. I love you. my prisoner.” . call me Titus. Feandan’s voice jolted her. feeling tears streak down her cheeks. mind. and heart. Lillian. Nothing could spoil that.” “I’m so sorry for what you had to suffer.” “Yes. Titus. She couldn’t imagine how he’d endured so much suffering. She sobbed. Titus. “Lillian. “Hello. Sir. Feandan. It changed me. Don’t cry for me. Her immortals were locked together with her body.

what about you? She trembled beneath him.” Arrogant prick.” “True. I found a document from 1847. I think I’ll chop off your toes. But I will take my time. describing your capture in full detail. bitch. First. by narrowing it down to that.“I don’t think so. I will enjoy fucking you. either.” Feandan smirked. Then. So. Reno’s thought shot to him. But The Conclave keeps good records. a simple location spell to get a fix on you was easy.Titus. Titus imagined squeezing the life out of him with his bare hands. Have you already forgotten what spells I’m capable of performing?” A portal to Titus’s old cell floated next to the high priest and The Conclave soldiers he’d brought with him. “Hello.” . I guessed that would be your hideout. Lillian. “How did you get a portal here? You’ve never been here before. the portal. “I can’t wait to chop you up into little tiny chunks and drop your remains in the ocean for the sharks to feed on.A little. including where you’d been found. I can’t move. Then.

Try. It had to.” Reno. not theirs. He couldn’t let the high priest torture Lillian. . “Well?” the high priest asked. You know how to use it? Not really. Perhaps that would give him and Reno an advantage. “Tell me that. Titus sent. can you access your power? I think I can.A protective fury multiplied inside him. and Feandan was one of its most prolific students.” Lillian’s voice didn’t falter. Sir. He used it to increase his focus in on his silver sphere of power. you have your rainbow. Yes.Lillian. but don’t torture them. “Execute me if you want. He knew too well what horrors The Conclave could meet out. and I might make your death swift.” “Where’smy book? ” Feandan’s face darkened. “The escape was my doing. Feandan knew they’d tripled but couldn’t know that they were a megaton Perfect Triad bomb.

and sent it flying to The Conclave guardians. and I’ll show you where the book is hidden. Commander. By the sound from Reno. he. All but Feandan and two others fell on the ground in pain. Feandan. Those who had fallen screamed and then went silent. but all he could produce was incomprehensible grunts. “Yak-lisak-blusto-wan-wan-wan. Are you all right?” Titus tried to choke out an answer for her. Titus felt a giant ball of pain in the middle of his chest that doubled him over. dusting the ground with their remains.” When he finished the last syllable. traitor. The paralysis of Feandan’s spell melted away.” “No deal. “Sir. Do you think if I send this .Titus took most of his power. left just enough to keep him out of the Ether. and the two companions of the high priest turned to ash. “Release them. Feandan’s pain spell grew inside Titus like an exploding nova. suffered from the high priest’s spell. He watched a gray smoky sphere shoot out from Reno at the same group. too.” Guys. waved his hand. Feandan glared at him. Titus jumped up. I’m going to try something.

Nothing changed. Do it. the pain left Titus’s body and energy flowed into him like a flood from Lillian. honey. Titus curled his fingers into fists. but they had to act now. The gray smoke swirling around Reno let Titus . “Disos-Comek-Parnle. Send me your best shot.” Must’ve been a big one since his chants went on and on. Titus sent.Believe in yourself. my sweet prisoner. You have the power. Send us your power. Together they could stop him. I’m the high priest. Suddenly.rainbow power into each of you.” Feandan began mumbling some ancient bloodline spell. “You’ve got to be kidding me. His silver sphere grew a size that amazed him. Lillian. Use it. If the high priest finished the incantation. you could access it? Worth a try. He watched her eyes close. Lillian. all hell would break loose and Lillian would be dead. I know more spells than you can even dream of. I’ll turn it on you so fast you won’t even know what hit you.

A miss. Reno knocked him to the floor and stood over him. He chunked it at Reno.” He and Reno sent magical bombs at the high priest.” Lillian screamed. Feandan screamed and tried to jump into the portal to escape. and his face darkened. too. phantom!” Feandan begged. “Enough!” Titus bulldozed into the high priest. but he continued the spell. who deflected it with ease. No luck for the bastard. buddy. Another toss. “Rotarnel-Begso. Another dagger appeared in his hand. “Look out!” . Feandan created a dagger from the magic he’d stolen from Titus and others over the years. And another. Then the prick got back to his feet. Feandan looked at Lillian.know that she’d sent power into the shade. and it flitted to a halt. Titus lurched forward. shade?” Reno shrugged. “Mercy. “Your call. Feandan’s eyes widened. knocking him to the floor. “Have mercy!” “What do you think. He didn’t finish the spell.

It was the only thing they allowed her to wear inside their new home. No clothes. slicing it wide open. Chapter 12 3) Blessed is the human who finds love in the arms of two Rogues. No shoes. The Book of Timu: Verse 3—Chapter 15 **** Lillian donned the silver choker that Titus and Reno had given her over four months ago. Outside? Well. He didn’t want a new Conclave high priest to have a chance to find her. The high priest’s eyes went saucer like as blood poured out of him. Though he couldn’t recall much of his mortal life. he’d remembered he worked with livestock before . Using old Rogue contacts. A very remote place. He knocked it out of the high priest’s hand into the air. Titus’s tormentor was dead. that depended.Titus turned just in time to see Feandan try to shove The Conclave’s dagger into his chest. Gravity took hold of the blade. Titus had been able to purchase five hundred acres in West Texas. and the weapon’s descent ended in Feandan’s carotid artery. Reno had been thrilled. Only the choker.

” . She lowered her eyes and said. his tone full of mirth and mischief. They looked so sexy in their cowboy hats. and dusty boots.” “Yes. or the herd. She fell to her knees and trembled with desire for the two immortals that had changed everything for the better for her. Where is my sexy little prisoner?” Titus asked. western shirts. “I’m in here. Lillian suspected Titus liked ranching more than he could admit.” When she entered the living room. Titus thought it would be a good idea to have some cattle to keep up appearances for any nosy locals. “I live to serve you. Commander. She heard the door open and then the footsteps of her immortals. Sir. the sight of them thrilled her. “Is that fried chicken I smell? She knows just how to please us. too. “Get in here. He’d use any excuse to saddle up his horse to check one of the fences. a well. babe. Sir and Commander.” “I smell apple pie.he’d become a Marine. tight jeans.” Reno laughed.

my prisoner. you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Sir. “Lillian. “Yes. too. Titus. “I couldn’t be happier.” “Me. Lil?” .” “Thank you. They were already hard. “Are you hungry?” She giggled and reached out and placed a hand on each of their crotches through the denim.” She obeyed.” Titus grinned. I’m hungry for something much more satisfying. He sent her a wide smile and put his hand on her shoulder.” “I need a shower.” Neither could she.” Reno stepped up and cupped her chin.” “You want to scrub us clean. I think you should be punished.” “I think Lillian has the right idea. Dinner can wait.Titus spoke first. first. An expectant tingle shot through her pussy. “Naughty prisoner. His gaze was soft and warm. “Look at me. Sir. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A military brat to the core. Kris Cook never put down deep roots in any particular geographic location. sexy. THE END www. A voracious reader. but this writer’s favorite books are romances that are edgy. Until Texas. with rich characters and unique challenges. Lora Leigh. and Shayla Black. Kris loves many genres of fiction. The hotter. Kris has won and placed in several writing contests in the past couple of years. Kris’ motto: I like cooking up really hot books for my readers. . caressing her along the way. the better. Kris’ influences include JR Ward. Eternity would be just fine with her two Rogues.” Her two immortals carried her back into the bathroom. Why? Kris loves the sun. Commander. Please.“Yes.

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