Corporate Event Proposal

Pfizer International Vetinary Incentive Conference
31/08/2012 DT413/2 Dr. Ruth Craggs 4 Canal Street, Dublin 2, 01 295 1563

Ciaran Henderson

Corporate Event Proposal

Introduction have been organising events for Irish and international clients for over 15 years. First established in 1997 with a 3 man team specializing in Incentive Events aimed at corporate companies, we have expanded massively for over a century to a 30 person team with specialists for every type of event imaginable, with everything from large international conferences to small meetings for local businesses. With the diversification of the company and the specialists at our disposal and a 15 year track record of excellence, you can trust us to deliver your event to the highest standard and the best value possible. We have put together a very unique Meetcentive package for you and your 100 international VIP delegates including all the specifications you required and under budget. We have combined your 2 day conference with a 5 day Safari Adventure in Tanzanias Wildlife parks. We believe this creates a unique opportunity for the delegates to immerse in a once in a lifetime opportunity while creating vital chance for networking with their international counterparts.

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Corporate Event Proposal

Event Objectives
-Research Conference
One of our main objectives is to provide the best possible learning environment for the delegates to absorb the maximum amount of information, while being 100% comfortable in their surroundings. We aim to acquire a venue with all the requirements for the conference and who have a reputable track record, to ensure this we have thoroughly researched the venues in Tanzania. To ensure delegates will be in top shape we have also ensured all the meals and refreshments served throughout the conference is fresh and natural ensuring the highest levels of concentration throughout. We aim to cover all the necessary content within the conference in the most effective way possible, ensuring the educational need of each delegate is met and that interaction is to the highest level. This will be achieved through all aspects of the event from the format of the conference, to the speakers we invite and down to the choice of food available during meals. In order for the Pfizer to benefit as a whole from the conference, we will ensure that the learning needs of delegates are put first and foremost. Our goal is to encourage the delegates to network with each other as much as possible and to aid this we have breakout sessions planned that require a lot of teamwork, helping them to not only get to know each other, but to see how they think and work within a team environment, allowing delegates to prove their skills. This will prove very helpful post-event as it will greatly increase the chance of delegates staying in contact and communicating improving the companies’ inter-personal relationships. We believe these contacts and relationships could prove crucial in the future as businesses face bigger and more difficult challenges. We plan to “wow” and educate delegates during the 5 day safari, with many different elements, combining to create an unforgettable experience. This experience will not only directly affect the delegates themselves but create an air of excitement within the company that will motivate the firm as a whole improving the productivity of the employees long after the incentive trip is over. We hope this will prove to be a driving force for many employees and will increase employee loyalty within the company.

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Corporate Event Proposal

-To take guests on a 5 day, breath-taking, once in a lifetime trip to Tanzanias’ Wildlife Parks, as they meet and greet with colleagues from around the globe, venturing through foreign jungles, observing wild animals in their natural habitats and learning from the natives as well as from each other. Tanzania is home to a plethora of wildlife from the big cats- lion, leopard and cheetah, to elephant, buffalo, Zebra, Gazelles, Crocodiles and much more! -while being pampered in the ultimate comfort in a choice of either luxury camping or lodges. For guests comfort each tent and lodge comes with a king size double bed covered in silk linen, air conditioning, en-suite bathroom and breath-taking views of the surrounding environment. Friendly room service is available at any time for refreshments, towels or anything else guests may need. All meals are catered for by award winning chefs who lovingly prepare all the food and guests even have the option to try some local delicacies if they’re brave enough! We hope to create a stronger bond between you and your international colleagues as they take themselves out of their comfort zones to experience and immerse in an entirely different culture. Through this we hope to create stronger relationships within the culture of the company, helping attendees to network in a completely informal and relaxed nature, benefiting personal and professional relationships within the company for the future.

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Corporate Event Proposal

Venue Justification
We choose Tanzania as a destination because of its breathtaking scenery, extensive array of wild game and the unique opportunities this Meet-centive trip offers. Thanks to its remote beauty guests will be able to completely immerse themselves in the activities planned and leave behind the stresses of daily life for the duration of their stay. Feedback from previous safari trips have made us believe this kind of trip really helps to bond groups and improve teambuilding as a result. It will also give a huge boost to staff morale and productivity. According to studies team incentive programmes can increase productivity by up to 44% while it creates memories that last far longer than the incentive programme itself. A huge reason we think your guests would be very intrigued by this trip is because of their professional backgrounds. The wildlife of Africa is stunning to any visitor, however having a career in veterinary pharmaceuticals, we believe the wildlife will be of keen interest to your guests as they learn about them in their natural habitats. We the incentive aspect of the trip compliments a veterinary conference very well. We understand value for money is important in the current economic climate, and the package we have put together for your guests is the best value money can buy. With all the guests training, vaccinations, food, travel, insurance, accommodation and activities included in the price and with spare left for a contingency fund.

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Corporate Event Proposal

Communication needs
There will be 3 different types of activities included at the conference, each with their own communication needs; Presentations, Workshops and networking opportunities.

For presentations speakers will need;      A Stage -Ensure sight lines are clear

Microphone & stand -Wireless for more flexibility Audio Visual Seating Style -Speakers & onstage feedback monitor -Projector & Screen -Appropriate seating style (Theatre/Classroom style)

For workshops delegates will need;       Writing/Work surface -Will need a desk/table for delegates to write or work on Audio Visual Seating style Delivery Space -Ensure groups are small enough to be able to hear everyone -Ensure members of the groups can see each other -Appropriate seating style (Boardroom/U-Shape) -Ensure this is done at the correct level and speed -Need much more space than presentation

Networking Opportunities
During networking/breakout sessions delegates will need;     Seating Style Space Time Setting -Needs to be comfortable & open encouraging interaction -Plenty of space to move around -Need to allow plenty of time for sessions -Informal occasions can allow for networking (meals, safari)

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Corporate Event Proposal

Venue Plan
Below is the floor plan of the Bank of Tanzanias’ Conference centre and the different capacities each of the rooms have with different seating styles.

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Corporate Event Proposal

Programme Schedule
Day 1 Upon arrival in Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) the delegates will be transported to the Kempinski Hotel, which is located in the former capital city, Dar es Salaam, approximately 2hours travel away, where they will be served dinner and allowed to rest and relax after their long flight. This allows the perfect opportunity for the delegates to explore the city of Dar es Salaam or simply relax by the serene shore of lake Victoria located adjacent to the hotel. Day 2 In the morning, after breakfast, the delegates will be brought to Bank of Tanzania’s Conference Centre located only 200meters from the hotel. The delegates will be registered, given their delegate packs and proceed with the first day of the conference. After the conference delegates will return to the hotel for their dinner, there is also a visit planned to the local Sukuma Museum & Bujora Cultural Centre, which delegates can avail of, where visitors will be submersed in traditional Sukuma culture for an evening. Day 3 On the second morning of the visit the delegates will once again be brought to the Conference Centre to proceed with the second day of the conference, this will include opportunities for networking, workshops and breakout sessions allowing the delegates the opportunity to get the maximum benefit from the conference. Concluding the second day of the conference the delegates will be brought back to the hotel to gather their belongings and be flown from Julius Nyerere International Airport to Lake Manyara for their evening meal and an overnight stay in luxury lodges, ready to begin their 5 day African Adventure the next day. From the 4th day onwards the delegates will be completely immersed in their safari with activities including Wild Game drives where a multitude of animals can be seen, visits to natural wonders such as the Ngorongoro Crater and Ngoitoktok swamp all the while being pampered in the ultimate luxury that Tanzania has to offer. Day 4 After breakfast is served, guests will be driven to the Great Serengeti National Park with game drives in transit. During your stay in Serengeti there is a large possibility you will witness animals migrating with stalking predators, as they usually have a better chance of hunting them. The Serengeti is teeming with wild animals, birds and fauna throughout and the National Park is also currently Tourists Seventh Wonder of the World!

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Corporate Event Proposal Once the guests arrive in Serengeti, lunch will be served. In the afternoon the guides will continue with more game viewings around Seronera. In the evening dinner will be served and guests will enjoy an overnight stay in the Serengeti in luxury tents or lodges. Day 5 On day 3 guests will experience a full day in the National Park. Following an early breakfast, the guests will enjoy half a day of game viewing in the Lobo area, where a hot lunch will be served and go on with game drives until the early evening. In the evening the guests will return to their campsite where dinner will be served. Guests will be staying in the same accommodation as the previous night in either their luxury tents or lodges. Day 6 Once breakfast has been eaten, the guests will leave the Serengeti and journey to the Ngorongoro Crater Rim with game viewing en route. Guides will continue with game drives in the beautiful Crater until lunchtime. Lunch will be served at the picnic site in the Crater by the Ngoitoktok swamp which is a spectacular Hippo pool. In evening the guests will ascend to the Crater rim for magnificent views of the surrounding landscape. Once the group has arrived back they can relax and enjoy dinner and an overnight stay in their luxury tents or lodges. Day 7 After the guests finish breakfast, the final game drives will be taking place in Tarangire National Park for the guests to get once last look at the variety of wildlife. After lunch has been served, in the afternoon, guests will be driven back to Zanzibar. Dinner and overnight stay at a Hotel will be provided so guests will be rested for the long trip home the following day.

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Corporate Event Proposal

Communication with Delegates
We at Incent event suggest that a number of different steps be taken with regards to communicating with the delegates chosen to attend Pfizer’s Scientific Meetcentive. With plants in 46 different countries we suggest the board of directors meet and decide on who is top priority, having replacement offers available if delegates cannot or do not wish to attend. In each of the countries the plant director should have a meeting with the chosen delegate and discuss the opportunity with them, along with all the benefits. The employee is then given 3 days to accept or reject the offer, if they accept their place will be held for them unless otherwise instructed, if they reject the next person with the highest priority will be offered the place. Two weeks before the training event each of the delegates will be called for a final confirmation of their acceptance, if at this time they cannot make it for some reason, a last minute offer will be sent out to the next person of highest priority, they have 1 day to confirm the offer. At the training and preparation event the Instructors will communicate all the needed information required to the delegates with regards to: pre-trip vaccinations, the cultural differences between the countries, a run through of the programme, what to pack, what to do in case of emergencies, the dangers and finally to answer any questions or concerns they may have. Delegates will also be provided with a handbook they can study in their own time will all the relevant information laid out very clearly. Incent event will also be in constant contact with the delegates through email reporting them of the different stages their trip is undergoing and informing them of any updates or changes with regards to their trip. This will also be posted on a website created especially for this trip (, photos and updates will be posted live from the conference and trip so family, friends and colleagues from around the world can follow the activities along with the delegates.

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Corporate Event Proposal

The budget has been prepared for 100 delegates. Training & Ice-Breaking Event -Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin. Attendance is MANDATORY to the Training & Preparation session.
Item Training & Preparation Meal & Evening Entertainment Detail -Briefs delegates -Receive vaccinations -3 course meal -Wine -Tea & Coffee -Entertainment Cost PP 8 Total 800





Total Cost The budget has been prepared for 50 delegates accompanied with their spouses.
Item Ice-Breaking Event Detail -Afternoon briefing -Social Evening event -to/from Zanzibar -All meals -accommodation -transport to/from airport -insurance -Venue Hire -Meals -AV equipment -Packs Cost PP 48 Total 4800

Flights 5 Day Safari Package

949 1800

94,900 180,000

2 day Conference





There is a contingency fund of €10,700 (€107 pp) to be used in the case of any unexpected circumstances or emergencies.

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Corporate Event Proposal

Time Frame
Below is the typical timeframe from booking to your return from your trip. It is important to note the minimum amount of time required between each step, with a total minimum required time of 9 weeks from the booking stage, if this time is not allowed the trip will simply not be able to go ahead.

1 week

You book with us, once we confirm we have received a 15% nonrefundable deposit, we begin the planning of your incentive trip.

2 weeks

We contact the safari & with a set of dates available, we tailor make your package & you pay a further 30% of the total.

2 weeks

We book your flights and organize all travel arrangements for you, a further 10% must be paid.

4 weeks

We organize the training event with everything you will need to know before you leave, including receiving your vaccines. There will be an evening social aspect as an icebreaker for your guests. The remaining 45% must be paid at this stage. Guests depart on their flight from Dublin and arrive in Zanzibar 13.5 hours later to be transported to Lake Manyara and begin their programme schedule.

7 days


Guests return 7 days later after their trip; feedback from guests is very welcomed and appreciated.

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Corporate Event Proposal

Post Event Evaluation
Please indicate your level of agreement or disagreement to the following statements.
Strongly Disagree 1) The learning environment during the conference was excellent. 2) The food during the conference made me feel tired and sluggish. 3) The level of interation during the conference made me feel involved. 4) The conference didn’t give me enough opportunities to network. 5) The safari element of the Meetcentive was breath-taking. 6) I did not connect with the other delegates. 7) I learned something during the safari that may aid me in my career. 8) I do not think the trip will help the future of the company. 9) The combination of the conference with the safari worked really well Disagree Neither Agree nor disagree Agree Strongly Agree

What do you think the best Element of the trip was, and why? __

Were there any negative aspects to the trip?

If you have any other suggestions or comments please leave them below.

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Corporate Event Proposal

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Corporate Event Proposal

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