Made by: Will Huntsberry Date Made: Monday, Sept 18, 2012 Request: I'd like to request any and all emails

(including cc's and bcc's) between any and all combination of the following people: Tony Tata, Robert Snidemiller and Don Haydon. I'd like these emails dating back to the first day of school until the date this request is fulfilled. Please let me know anything I can do to help you fulfill this request. Thanks, Will

Made by: Allison Backhouse Date Made: Thursday, Sept 18, 2012 Request: After hearing the debate this evening with Board members about whether or not public information should actually be made available to the public, I would like to request all maps used in association with the development of the proposed WCPSS student assignment plan presented this evening - in accordance with NC Public Records law.

Made by: Jennifer Mansfield Date Made: Thursday, Sept 20, 2012 Request: I would like to receive copies (electronic is preferred) of the base assignment maps developed by staff for the new assignment plan. I understand that these are not the final assignment maps but I would like to see what work staff has done to this point. Thank you!

Made by: Amy Lee Date Made: Thursday, Sept 21, 2012 Request: Since Ms. Backhouse seems to be getting the assignment maps early (see below from WakeEd blog), I would like to request copies as well. Refers to N&O Wake Ed blog: Fri, 09/21/2012 - 11:03 — Sideburns Exactly. They didn't have the cajones to change 6200 - for fear of riling up parents. We all know what a "diversity component" will bring to the table. Instead, the Board tried to do it backhanded by attempting to micromanage a new plan behind closed doors. BTW, the maps are available. No need to wait for the work sessions. You just have to ask for them. I pick up mine on Monday. Read more here:


Made by: Cyndi Tomblin Date Made: Thursday, Sept 21, 2012 Request: I would like to come by and pick up copies of the latest assignment maps that align with the online address look-up feature scheduled to go live this afternoon. Please let me know when they will be available to pick up. thank you.

Made by: Casey Miller Date Made: Thursday, Sept 25, 2012 Request: Requesting report on the number of students placed in year round schools part way through the school year or how the decision of where to place students is made.

Made by: Kelcey Carlson Date Made: Thursday, Sept 25, 2012 Request: Cris and Mike, Good morning. I know you're both very busy with board issues today, but I wanted to get a public records request in today. Let me know if it should go to someone else. WRAL is requesting all email from school board members, Don Haydon and Tony Tata from 8/1/2012 until 9/25/2012 on their schools system email accounts. Let me know if you need a formal letter. Thanks so much. Kelcey

Made by: Laura Hudson Date Made: Thursday, Sept 25, 2012 Request: Ms. Hudson wants the base assignment maps for: York ES Stough ES Jeffreys Grove ES Lynn Road ES Wakefield ES, Middle, High Hilburn Academy Leesville ES, Middle, High Daniels MS Carroll MS Sanderson HS Broughton HS

Made by: John Peeler Date Made: Thursday, Sept 25, 2012 Request: I would like to have the usual wcpss maps showing the proposed student assignment plan.


Made by: Tommy Goldsmith Date Made: Thursday, Sept 25, 2012 Request: I am making document request for the color assignment maps that were sent to board members. Jim Martin and Judy Peppler have both just mentioned them as documents supplied to board members, and as such they are public documents. Thanks very much. Because of the public sensitivity to the these documents, we'd like to receive them immediately. thanks, Tommy Goldsmith

Made by: Pierre Bushel Date Made: Thursday, Sept 26, 2012 Request: The minutes, vote count, voters and members' votes for the meeting(s) held by the Wake County School board between September 19th 2012 and September 25th 2012 to fire Mr. Tony Tata, the Wake County School Superintendent.

Made by Tracy Cook Date of request September 27, 2012 Request: I would like meeting minutes from any and ALL meetings where the firing/termination of Tata was discussed.

Made by Samuel Hayes Date of request September 28, 2012 Request: Early College HS and Leadership Academy Lottery data. If possible, I would like to get the history for all 4 schools on the number of applicants, number of accepted, and if possible the number that were wait listed and accepted to run on a statistical model I am trying to create.

Made by: Amy Lee Date Made: September 28, 2012 Request: This email is a public records request under the North Carolina Public Records Act, N.C. Gen. Stat. § 132-1. Pursuant to this request, please provide the following: 1. All electronic messages received or sent by Superintendent Tata from July 1, 2012 through September 25, 2012, including text messages on his WCPSS issued phone. You may exclude all personally identifiable student information and information protected under attorney-client privilege from the records responsive to this request. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need additional information. Please 3

let me know if you would like me to provide a flash drive for any electronic records. Thank you, Amy Lee

Made by: Ann Rouleau Date of request: September 29, 2012 Request: I am making a public records request for the access of the archived video of the Board Meetings from January 2012 – to Present. As per Mr. Hill the video is archived and should be available to the public because WCPSS is transparent.

Made by: Trent Storino Date Made: October 1, 2012 Request: I would like to receive all meeting minutes, personal meeting notes from staff and board members, and all e-mail communication both to and from staff and boardmembers regarding the design of the proposed based school assigment plan as it relates to the areas desinated as attending Broughton and Southeast Raleigh High Schools.

Made by: Kris York Date made: Oct. 2, 2012 Request: I am requesting the BOE minutes from September 6, 2011 and March 27, 2012. These minutes are not posted on the website. In both instances minutes from after those dates are posted. I would like to understand why these haven't been posted. I would be willing to come and pick up a hard copy if that is necessary.

Made by: Anthony Goode Date made: October 3, 2012 Request: I am requesting statistics of short and long term school suspensions of black students versus white students at Garner Senior High School. I am also requesting the types of punishment handed down to black students versus white students for the same act.

Made by: Will Huntsberry, the Independent Date made: October 3, 2012 Request: I'm requesting the names and titles of all Senior Administrators and above who have left the school system during the past 12 months. I do not need the list to include people whose titles have changed or whose position was eliminated, but were rehired. I would like the list to include, but not be 4

limited to, people who have retired, been put on leave, or were terminated. This is a time sensitive request, so please let me know about anything I can do to help you expedite it. Thanks, Will Huntsberry

Made by Heather Moore, News 14 Date made: Oct 3, 2012 Request: Pursuant to the state open records act, I request access to and copies of all emails, documents, memos, and/or drafts to or from WCPSS staff or board members regarding or mentioning the centralized Transportation Customer Service Center. I want any and all documents about the creation of the centralized transportation customer service center, personnel and/or facilities changes required for its creation, documents regarding work flow and how it operates, and documents about what issues have been called into the center and how those concerns were addressed or resolved. Pursuant to the Public Records Law, I am willing to pay the actual cost of the copies I am requesting but ask that I be furnished with an estimate prior to any costs being incurred in excess of $50. N.C. Gen. Stat. 132-6.1 Please provide the requested records or respond with an explanation of any denial or delay within 10 business days (Oct. 17, 2012).

Made by Jonathan Carlson, NBC 17 Date made: October 3, 2012 Request: Pursuant to the open records law, I write to request access to and copies of all emails sent or received by Tony Tata over the past 30 days backdated from today.

Made by: Adam Fletcher, Fletcher Insurance Group Inc Date of request: October 4, 2012 Request: need to get the 1 yr amended execution to the expired 4yr contracts that just came due. Has WCPSS executed these contracts between Associated Transportation and the subcontractors they use.

Made by Donna Hughee of MDR Date request made: October 4, 2012 Request: We are seeking information pursuant to NC General Statutes Chapter 115C, Article 21A, of all staff in Wake County School District for the 2012-2013 school year. Send the fields you have available, but we would like separate data fields for the following: Personnel First Name Personnel Last Name District or School work location name District or School address, City and zip code Position/job title description (i.e. Supt, Coordinator, Teacher, Librarian, Custodian etc.) 5

Position/job title Code Number Subject description taught by teacher (i.e. Biology, Grade 5 etc.) Subject Code Number E-mail address Our first format preference is a database (.xls, csv,.txt, ACCESS etc.) e-mailed to us. If database format isn’t available, please indicate what format is readily available.

Made by: Kueng Hui, N&O reporter Date request made: October 4, 2012 Request: As per our conversation, I'm requesting all emails sent from the wcpss email addresses of the nine school board members to Superintendent Tata's wcpss email address from Aug. 27, 2012 to Sept. 25, 2012. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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