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1 Greetings Black Nation. I also want to thank those of you who reached out to support our efforts when the concept for the journal was first announced. As always. but I have to thank everyone who contributed articles to Abibifahodie this month. feel free to email us if you have any comments or questions. Our next issue will be released on July 1. Rhonda Lewis Chief Editor of Abibifahodie & National Media Director of the Black Beret Liberation Movement . as well as the introduction of our our “Black in Business” section. 2012 and will contain a variety of interviews from Black nationalist leaders and activists. Peace & Love. I'm going to keep this letter short. I hope that you continue to support us as we all work to grow Abibifahodie into something even greater. which will feature Black entrepreneurs who are working for the good of the people along with tips on how we can all break free from the beast and create our own livelihoods. we welcome all feedback.

it's a sign that the Black nation really needs to be on the opposite side of it. We've got to be in our right Black minds when it comes to this problem. and then wonder where you went wrong when they end up gay. Period. but the troubling thing is that this agenda is obviously targeting Black people. the Black preachers and Black celebrities get together to promote an issue. We must not be guilted into thinking that the gay struggle is our struggle. Even the so-called experts have admitted that some people are socialized to be gay and aren't . We should not accept the idea that being gay is natural or normal. As Black nationalists and Pan-Afrikanists. The reason why is simple: homosexuality does nothing to empower Black people. It does not improve the Black nation. You're telling yourselves and our babies that this mess is ok. You cannot be a Black nationalist and advocate the gay lifestyle as natural or normal. when it clearly isn't. This is a problem that is mostly seen in Black women. Now I don't have to say this to most of you.2 Black Nationalism and Gay “Rights” Don't Mix by Talia Young Anytime that Obama. we have no obligation to the homosexual community. further degrades the Black family and lends to Black genocide. and we've got to stop it. The next time someone tries to tell you that your position on homosexuality is wrong. and watch the person who is chastising you go silent. neutral or supportive when it comes to the gay “rights” agenda. That is certainly the case with the President's recent decision to push gay marriage. but best believe there are brothers and sisters among us who are still on the fence as to whether to be against. Where are the people of other colors publicly defending the gay movement? Why is it always Black preachers called on to shove the agenda down the throats of their congregations? The answer likely lies in this being yet another tool to weaken and eventually eradicate the Black nation. ask them “How does homosexuality benefit Black people?” . nor should we allow the gay agenda to seep further into the Black nation. Let me say that again: you cannot be a Black nationalist and advocate the gay lifestyle as natural or normal.

But to answer the question posed by the title of this article. an unarmed Florida teenager. was murdered. that children be taught about homosexuality. We . These new curricula basically indoctrinate the children to think that being gay is the same as being straight in that there is nothing wrong with it. Encourage your sons to be responsible and seek out good Black wives. Since it's getting harder to keep images of homosexuality away from our kids. We haven't learned that Black lives are seen as less valuable than all others in this country. And we haven't learned that making corporations richer by buying the very products we're protesting. including those in Black face. Staying strong in our resolve on this matter is the only way that we can reclaim our community from the grasps of the gay agenda. and celebrities get to you. politicians. Teach them that the Black family is created and nurtured by the Black man and woman. and validate your daughters so that they grow up knowing that the only husband suitable for them is a strong Black man. What Have We Learned From the Trayvon Martin Tragedy? by Rhonda Lewis It has been months since that fateful day in February when Trayvon Martin. let them know that such persons are confused degenerates who are not interested in the preservation of their race. and let that be that. and that exposing children to the gay lifestyle before they can comprehend what it is about can result in confusion regarding gender roles. Don't let the beast's media. We haven't learned that the justice system provides us with no justice. It is also imperative that we take our children out of the public and charter systems because it is quickly becoming law in several states. I argue that Black folks have learned nothing. and don't be influenced by people who have been tricked into accepting the mess that is going on. if they happen to ask you why some people are living the wrong way. most notably California and Massachusetts. they just need to learn the right way to live. If you think the number of confused Black folks walking around right now is ridiculous.3 born that way. calling on Black “leaders” propped up why the white media and marching won't do much for us. just wait a few years until the effects of these new curricula really become apparent. Our babies don't need to learn anything about gays.

It's been over 500 years and they are still committing the same savage acts upon our people. Asians and Arabs being murdered in large numbers by white folks is they believe in nationalism and they believe in taking independent action when one of their people is done wrong. and will never work for us. In many of these cases. Kendrec McDade. That's not to say he is to blame for the genocide that is occurring in this country against Black people. women and children that were murdered – and not in incidences of Black-on-Black violence -. the murderer was a police officer. when do we finally get tired of it and break the cycle? . especially with people of other races. it was not meant for us. We've got to start taking these matters into our own hands and fighting back.after Trayvon was killed.4 also haven't learned that separation and self-determination. Rekia Boyd. Ervin Jefferson. To solve this problem. Sure. The second thing we need to do is stop relying on the justice system. but none of that deters people from killing us. Africans in America need to adopt that same mindset and stop these beasts. you know they're not calling for Black liberation. They do it because American society has deemed Black lives to be expendable and worthy of destruction. Michael Haynes. and sing “We Shall Overcome”. but he surely hasn't helped the situation by calling for us to be docile as brothers and sisters are being shot dead in the streets. Alan Blueford. some people have their cases tried in courts and the family receives some sort of compensation or peace of mind in the end. They do it because the very system we so often try to work within was built to work against us. are they keys to preventing tragedies such as the one endured by Trayvon's family. The reason that you don't see Latinos. He's been on the scene for well over 30 years and things have only gotten worse. Anytime that someone encourages Black folks to hold hands. Wendell Allen and Ramarley Graham are several of the names of unarmed Black men. One has to wonder how many incidents we have not heard about. since it is rare for news of a Black death to get much media attention. as opposed to integration and assimilation. we would do well to first and foremost stop calling on Al Sharpton every time we have a problem.

Protein is 22 amino acids. This sets the foundation for the biggest untrue concept in the fitness world. you would have to eat the entire animal. and expounds upon the importance of using plant-based sources to get the protein we need. In order to get all 22 amino acids from the meat that you’re eating. there are many questions that need to be asked. It all starts with a herbivore eating plants and getting all the nutrients needed including protein ( amino acids). you must get a large amount of protein. the protein gotten from the meat is just a food chain effect. Animals such as the elephant. Elijah Bilel. explains why most people have it wrong when it comes to protein. It is often said in the media that if you wish to gain muscle. dear and many others animals are strong and do not consume meat. Bulls. When a carnivore . There are many animals that have mass on them and do not eat meat.5 This month. our health and wellness expert. that you must eat meat in order to get the protein needed to achieve your goals. Most do not know protein from plants have all 22 amino acids. while the meat people eat does not have all 22 amino acids. This concept is not thought out as we can look at nature and see this is not true. This is true because in nature. and Rhinoceros have a lot of mass but do not eat meat. Many people talk about protein but do not know what it really is. Horses. The Protein Myth When it comes to the topic of protein. hippo.

Copyright Asili Tiba. the body will not be able to get the full glucose need to repair damaged tissue which will result in the loss of muscle. by definition they are not getting protein. . The only way to gain muscle from only eating meat is to eat a lot of meat to increase your chance of taking in more amino acids that the body can use to get glucose from. sugars are.6 comes and kills a herbivore or omnivore for food. getting all 22 amino acids. but eat nothing but meat can start getting smaller when on a workout schedule. If one wants to gain mass without compromising their health. All Rights Reserved For more helpful tips and information. This can be done but comes at the price of putting unnecessary strain and work on the liver which can shorten your lifespan. It is glucose that the body needs to repair tissue. they must get at least some of their protein from plant sources. check out Elijah Bilel's blog. It is a misconception in itself that protein is used to build muscle. Seeing as how most will not be willing to eat the entire animal of what they are consuming. If the body does not have the full protein (22 amino acids). the carnivore consumes all of its prey’s flesh. This is why people. Protein is not used to repair damaged muscle. Eat Like an Aboriginal. The body will take protein and break it down a few steps to get the glucose. who wish to gain muscle.

at least two days per week. you must strength train. which will equate to you being able to lose and keep off the pounds more quickly. walking or taking a dance class. it's more about transforming your body.7 Sistas: Hit Those Weights! by Duane Wright I see this every time I'm at the gym: Black women running on a treadmill or using the elliptical. shapely figure. . Once you get your form down and get into a regular routine. Black women. your dress size goes down. The more lean muscle you have. For your upper body and core. lifting weights or even doing squats the wrong way can create soreness and pain. Have you ever wondered why when you diet by cutting calories alone that your clothes don't seem to fit much differently? That's because you're not doing anything to truly change your figure for the better. you will not bulk up or look manly as a result. you will find that your pants get loser. the higher your metabolism will be. you will notice great improvement in your health and appearance. What I hardly ever see is Black women doing any sort of resistance or strength training. consider lifting dumbbells. hear this: if you want to truly get in shape and reach an optimal level of health and fitness. do at least 45 minutes of strength training at least three days per week. No. sooner than you might think. such as running. but you will achieve a more slender. your arms will get toned and your legs will become more sleek. Always get help from someone who is knowledgeable about exercise if you don't know the proper form to use. To get started. barbells or kettlebells and using resistance toning bands. But don't simply think of strength training as a way to lose weight. but you can simply use your body's weight instead and do squats (which are excellent for the butt too) and lunges. and cardio. When you start strength training. There are resistance bands available for the lower body as well.

but I still wear weaves sometimes. Take a look at all the sistas walking around with fros and natural hairstyles. wigs and the like can actually help keep Black women from going back to relaxers. When you become anguished about how to handle your real hair it's tempting to slather on some of that creamy crack. Until you get to the point where you can comfortably manage your natural hair without frustration. If you want to. Lack of weave and relaxers does not a Black nationalist make. and I don't always know what to do with my natural hair anyway. you can still be a Black nationalist with a weave in your head. it doesn't. swear by only putting organic products in their hair.Amani. If there aren't any near where you live. if you're going to wear weaves. . but you'll do yourself a favor by slapping a wig on your head instead. The short answer to your question is yes. try to buy your hair from a Black owned beauty supply store. yet are still walking around calling themselves the girlfriends and wives of men who aren't Black. But is it still possible to be a Black nationalist and wear weaves on occasion? . If not putting on a lacefront or having some Remi sewn in automatically made one conscious or a revolutionary.8 Q: I already know relaxers are bad and don't use them. Everyone who thinks Black women should be forbidden from wearing hairpieces or even going within 10 feet of a flat iron should go have a seat. If we're going to be wearing weaves. using faux hair really is better than subjecting your body to the toxins in relaxers. All that said. we'd see evidence of that. And for the love of all that is Black. What some people fail to understand is that weaves. I just don't feel like doing my hair every single day and think it does my hair good because it provides a break from styling. don't do it. but again. look online. who haunt those Black hair forums like ghosts. please don't walk around with any blonde or other ridiculous colors – that's a whole other issue for another day. use a texture of hair that's closer to your natural one. Florida A: This is what I honestly think.

I can't even pronounce the chemicals in pre-made pies. fewer and fewer Black women are practicing the art of healthful. But we're not supposed to be striving for that. but it's not destructive when eaten in moderation and made with whole ingredients. homemade cooking. Moniq Love is a natural hair stylist and makeup artist with 11 years of experience in the beauty industry. My better half's favorite treat is pecan pie but I could never serve that man a pre-made one. and not because he'd complain or refuse it. we're supposed to be working towards building whole families. but it isn't their job to do so when a woman is around. That's artificial food they're putting on the table. And yes. Before the pseudo-feminists try to come at me. technically. If you're going to eat macaroni and cheese. Have Black beauty questions? Contact us and we'll answer them in our next issue. Pork chops. Feeding Our Families by Rhonda Lewis One thing which I find truly troubling is the number of Black women who do not know how to feed their families. Cooking is a way for us to show the people in our lives how much we value them.9 the least we can do is put money in the pockets of our people instead of the Koreans. and we need to reverse this trend. Not only do they not see the problem with what they are doing. all Black men should know how to cook in case something happens to the woman in the family. I cringe. More importantly. Pecan pie isn't exactly healthy to begin with. he needs to know how to feed his family just as we do. and there's no telling what havoc they wreak on the body. and there's no love in serving artificial food. learn how to . The fact is. how do we expect our daughters to grow up into women with domestic prowess if all they see us serving is frozen waffles for breakfast and boxed lasagna with bagged garlic bread for dinner? Whenever I happen to be wasting time on Facebook and see pictures posted by female acquaintances proudly showing off the “meals” they've prepared for the evening. then yes. let me say that if a Black man is a single father. mac 'n cheese from a box and canned green beans are not what I consider a meal. but they seem proud of what they're eating.

source of safe. sadly. Our children's health. but you'll find it to be cheaper in most cases as well. and if you're going to have canned green beans in your house. What I will do is give those sistas credit for at least trying to eat at home. cooking from scratch will come naturally and it won't seem like a chore at all. because we also have a lot of Black women who resort to mostly eating fast food. instead of serving them artificially flavored. Learn to make your cornbread from scratch instead of using the box mix. have very little food security. and don't have access to a produce-bearing garden. Think about it: if a disaster happened and left us with no access to the grocery store. Lack of knowledge isn't an excuse either and this is one area where we cannot wait to make a change The Black Food Security Crisis by Chinedu Nwoke Food security is a topic that is foreign to most of our people. cookbooks and instructional videos available on the Internet for those who feel they simply don't know where to start. We really need to address this crisis. make your children's breakfast by cooking whole oats topped with fresh fruit. Since it's not feasible for every Black family to have their own backyard garden. but how much of that food is actually in their control. community . Black folks. Eventually. but it is of the utmost importance.10 make it from scratch. make your own spaghetti sauce instead of using the jarred version. The majority of Black people don't have a three to six month supply of food and water. prepare your meals in advance and stick them in the freezer for the days when you're pressed for time. our health and the health of our men is failing in large part due to what we consume. There is a plethora of free recipes. as our very survival depends upon us eating correctly. Lack of time isn't an excuse. Essentially. sugar-laden packets of instant oatmeal. Ladies. fresh fish or farm animals that can be eaten if need be. Once you start making your food from scratch not only will you notice that it tastes better. save them for emergencies and aim to put fresh vegetables in front of your family on a normal night. most of us would be out of luck and in serious trouble. If need be. Start by taking small steps and replacing the pre-made foods in your pantry. food security not only measures how many people have access to and the ability to buy food. we've got to stop the foolishness.

but being a source of sustenance in the event of an emergency. We can't sit around thinking that some benevolent white folks will come save us. I watched a show on TV not too long ago called “Survival Preppers”. Africland is a social media website for Black people around the world to . there's just something about it that never sat right with me. I've jumped on the bandwagon. Now that there's an alternative to Facebook that was made by a Black man for his people. ability and buying power to start ensuring our food security right now. Missing out on the social media experience didn't bother me that much. I propose that we need to start an initiative whereby community gardens are set up in Black neighborhoods across the socioeconomic spectrum for the purpose of not only supplying food now. and that's exactly what we need to do. although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least tempted to be apart of the fray from time to time. It is definitely worth it for us to pool together our resources and ensure we can feed ourselves in the hardest of times. Seriously. and never made an account on that website. Although I think the opportunity to stay in touch with friends and family is great. we should know by now that we cannot depend on anyone to come to our aid when we need it the most. and even during an economic downturn such as the one we're experiencing now. We have the intellect. Black folks spend trillions of dollars each year and spend time on all manner of fruitless (pardon the pun) pursuits. because in Amerikkka we're constantly in survival mode. which basically details the efforts of several white families who are preparing for various doomsday scenarios. Our Facebook Alternative by Mike Wilson I can't stand Facebook. If we haven't learned anything else. The one thing they all had in common was that they had a huge abundance of food stocked up or they had a system in place where they were growing enough of their own food to keep them and their neighbors fed. We've got to start thinking like we're all survival preppers.11 gardening is a possible solution. especially not the government.

you can surely support a brother with good intentions who won't sell your information for a quick buck.12 connect and build with each other. so you won't be inundated with Eurocentric images. Word to the wise: it's full of conscious people. posts and the like. and ultimately helped make him rich. Check it out for yourself and support the Facebook exodus by signing up on Africland. . If you all jumped to support a white boy. I'm just saying.

and that's due to a variety of reasons.” That's not only an ignorant generalization. of course.13 In the first of a series of upcoming articles about Black economics. it does not pertain to us. do you have to ask for your drink to be refilled and do the waiters treat you in . We're typically the last hired and the first fired. It seems like buying Black should be easy. find a Black landscaper on Craigslist. as opposed to a large chain bookstore that won't employ a Black person. regardless what level of education they have attained. When you decide to go out to eat. but it begs the question: Do businesses owned by other folks treat you well? When you go to that white-owned restaurant. The actual unemployment of Black people is well over 20%. but it hasn't been easy to put into practice: Black folks need to build our own businesses wherein we hire our own people. The solution to this problem sounds simple. Any time that you see unemployment numbers in the media. and instead are often underemployed in the service industry. Terel explains how we can begin to break free from the vicious cycle of high unemployment and underemployment that Black Americans face. let alone be owned by one. but we simply don't do it en masse. Unemployment and Black Economics Don't be fooled. One of the most common excuses that I hear from brothers and sisters who hesitate to buy Black is that “Black businesses don't provide good service. For this to happen. that means the Black nation needs to keep its dollars circulating among us by being conscious enough to buy from a Black-owned business whenever possible. go to a Black-owned restaurant. Black women find it exceedingly difficult to enter full-time careers. If you need to have your lawn mowed. Go to Black bookstores to help them stay in business and feed the minds of our people. Black men with college degrees are less likely to land a job than white men with high school diplomas.

I know a brother who wanted to start a transportation company. paperwork and start-up costs. He's also contracted with two other brothers to help him make his deliveries.14 a less than hospitable manner? Probably so. dry cleaners and florists asking them if they would be willing to expand their pool of customers by offering delivery via his services. point blank. which is providing them with an income as well. along with your reputation for providing good food and service. and that is what we need to do to improve our economic situation. which typically calls for much less regulation. if you want to start a restaurant. Another alternative would be opening a food cart in a busy area of town. if you want to open a clothing store but can't afford to rent a spot in a shopping center. is a more valid hurdle to solving our economic problems. So he took a different route and opened a delivery service for various businesses in his area. creating Black businesses. start by catering. Black people can rarely get business loans – although we shouldn't be going to the beast for money anyway – and it is harder for us to come by the resources and support needed to successfully launch a new business venture. When you go to the Asian-owned beauty store are you followed around or eyed carefully? In all likelihood. For instance. He gets to make money not only from each delivery but in tips as well. He approached restaurants. That's not to say all Black businesspersons offer excellent customer service all of the time. or forgo the brick-and-mortar route and launch your business online. As your catering operation grows. That is how you create opportunities for yourself and your people. yes. you can save the money needed to sustain a full restaurant. The brother didn't get rich off his idea. Similarly. . The other solution to the problem of alleviating Black unemployment. and it was a draw for the businesses he contracts with since they didn't have to pay any upfront costs and had nothing to lose. try a mall kiosk to start with. but he didn't have the funds needed to buy a fleet of vehicles. My solution to this problem is starting small and being very resourceful. Without Black dollars most Black businesses fail. but he's making enough money to pay all of his family's bills and no longer has to work for anyone else. but lack of perfect service is no excuse not to keep money within our community.

Dhealthstore Western medicine has failed us. and by all means. spread the word about these Black businesses. DNBE Apparel Black power embodied in fashion? Sounds good to us. . Dhealthstore. is an affordable alternative to the toxins offered by Eurocentric drug stores. Check them out. Reality Speaks Bookstore We all need to stay up on reading so that we can constantly gain knowledge and insight. founded by natural health expert Djehuty Ma'at-Ra. patronize them if you can. women and children that make a positive statement. and the Black nation needs to look towards natural therapies rooted in traditional healing wisdom and herbology. Cooperative economics is key to the preservation of the Black nation. They also have an impressive selection of Blackcentered DVDs. Reality Speaks bookstore offers a great selection of books and media for the Black home library. DNBE Apparel offers a wide variety of tees for Black men.15 Here are a few Black-owned companies that we feel are worthy of recommendation.

please visit www.BlackBeret. To learn more about the organization or to contact national headquarters.com .16 Abibifahodie is the official publication of the Black Beret Liberation Movement.weebly.

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