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1.1941^3483 + 1961^4181= find out the last 2 digits 2.

A+B+C+D+E=FG, FG =10F+G Ato G are different letters , if FG is as large as possible , what is value of G. 3: in a particular year the month of jan had exactly 4 thursdays and 4 sundays , on which day of the wk, jan 1 occurs? 4. Height n distance problem. Like A person started from one place to another place with directions n distance given , find out the distance between one point to the other and find d direction. 5. George n mark can paint 720 boxes in 20 days , mark n harry 24, Harry n george 15 days. So total no. Of boxes painted by them ? 6. J= 16, p=24, J+P+H= 8, H=? Actually it is a statement problem, n we have to analyze and take the values, den calculate d required? 7. R's age in 1994 is double the age of G, sum of R and G born years is 3844, wat s the age of R in 1999? 8.How many polynomials functions f of degree >= 1, satisfy f(x^2)=(f(x))^2=f(f(x))? Answer : 1 9. X*Y^2*Z<0 den which one of the following is true: a)xz<0, b) Z<0 c) xyz<0 10. Profit & loss question. From the statement problem, we have to analyze n solve If C+H= 200000, 1.2C+0.9H= 204000, C=? 11. f(f(n))+f(n)=2n+3, f(0)=1, find f(2012)? 12. Find out no. Of triangles in a given diagram. 13. In a rectangle with length n breadth given in meters, & For one inch there are 3 ants, then how many ants are there in perimeter of the rectangle

14. A problem on seating arrangement. One seated in linear fashion , other questn is on circle. 15. If ABERSU are in sorted in alphabetical order, if 24 sortings are req for ABUSRE, 25 - AEBRSU, 49ARBESU, den how many for AEUSRB. 16. Finding out the coordinate values for a given point in a given diagram.

Q17. In a circlr track of lngth 100m..g m n k start togethr,g n m start in d same directn at speeds 10 n 8m/s..h runs in opp directn at 15m/s..whn wl al 3 meet fr frs time, A)4sec,b)200s,c)50sc,d)100s Q18. A b c cn do sm wrk in 36dys..a n b togthr do twice as much wrk as c alone,and a n c togthr cn do thrce as much wrk as b alne..find d time takn by c to do whle wrk.. 96,108,120,72 Q19. Hw many 6 dgt evn numbrs cn b frmd fm dgts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 so that d dgt shd nt repeat and the secnd last dgt is evn 6480,320,2160,720 Q20. G wrks 5 times fastr dn hs sn n hence cmptl a job 40 dys earlr dan sn.find d time dy would take 2 fnsh d job togethr 12.5, 8.3, 7.5, 6 Q21. Raju cn do a piece of wrk in 1o dys..vicky 12dys,tinku 15 dys..dy al start d work togthr,bt raju leaves aftr 2 dys,vicjy leaues 3 dys b4 d wrk is cmptd..hw many days wrk is cmptd? 7,5,9,6 Q22. An organstn has 3 comites..only 2 persns r mem of al 3 comites,bt evry pair of comite has 3 mem in comon..what is d least posble no of membrs on any 1 comitee 5,6,4,7 Q23. Each of a b c need a certain unique time to do a certn wrk..c needs 1hr les thn a to cmpt d wrk.wrkng togthr dy requre 30min to cmpt 50percnt of d job.d wrk also gets cmptld if a n b start wrkng tgthr n a leaves aftr 1hr n b wrks fr furthr 3 hrs.hw mch wrk dnes c do per hr 16.6% 33.3% 66.6% 50% Q24. In a telecm asmbly factry..dy r 250m n 150women..d avg prdctvty of al wrks is 12 per dy..d avg prducvy of men is 15 unts per dy..wht is d avg prductvy of wnn per day?

6,9,7,8 Q25. A tree of ht 36mts at d edge of a road brke at certain hght..n it fel in such a way dat its top touchd d othr edge of d road..if d breadth of d road is 12m,dn the hght at tree broke.. 16,24,12,18 Q26. M drves alng d permtr of a square of side 10kns.she drvs alng d frst side at 10kmph,2nd 20kmph,3rd 30kmph,4th 40kmph..avg speed 30,18, 19.2, 20 Q27. A raisd 2 pwr b.gvn dat one of d zereos of d cubic eqn ax3+bx2+cx+d=0 is zero..d prdct of d othr zeroes is C/a/ Minus c/a 0 Minus b/a