Alstead Primary School Acworth Center School Sarah Porter School

2012 – 2013 Handbook
Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 4

Alstead  Attendance  Area  
Ms. Gail C. Rowe, M. Ed. 835-6351 835-2482 835-6351 835-2482 Physical Education Art Music

Assistant  Principal    
Mr. Christopher Young, M. Ed.

Mrs. Laurie Abbott

School  Nurse  
Mrs. Lisa Therrien

Specials  Teachers  
Mr. Kevin Hicks Miss Claire Higgins Mrs. Lillie LeBlanc

Alstead  Primary  School  –  835-­‐2482  
Mrs. Elaine Gray 835-2482 Pre-Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten Grade 1 -- Lead Teacher Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Resource Room Teacher Title 1 Teacher Skills Center Teacher Reading Specialist Mrs. Wendy Collier Mrs. Deborah Logerfo Miss Kaitlyn Brown Mrs. Sharon Martin

Miss Mallory Smith Mrs. Lorraine Chaffee Miss Amanda Neilsen Mrs. Linda Hanatow Mrs. Sandra McGuirk Miss Katie Harmon Miss Shanna Ketchum Mrs. Lisa Hannon Mrs. Gail Eydent Mrs. Evelyn Pogorzelski Mr. Jonathan Gilbert

Support  Staff  
Ms. Mona Rapini Ms. Laura Rheaume

Acworth  Center  School  –  835-­‐2270  
Mrs. Susan Rondeau Mrs. Jeanna Foote Mrs. Dianne Crainich Grades 1 & 2 – Lead Teacher Grades 3 & 4 Secretary/Educational Tutor

Sarah  Porter  School  –  835-­‐2260  
Mrs. Kari Brodeur-Stevens Ms. Bethany Franz Mrs. Elaine Pascoal Grades 1 & 2 Grades 3 & 4 Secretary/Educational Tutor


Students are required to be in school whenever school is in session. This is important to maintain a high level of achievement. In order to participate in extracurricular activities, students must be in school on the day of the activity/event. Hours for the four schools in the Alstead Attendance Area are as follows: Acworth School 8:05 am through 2:20 pm Alstead Primary School 8:25 am through 3:00 pm Sarah Porter School 8:35 am through 3:00 pm Vilas School 8:30 am through 3:05 pm Parents must notify the school when their child is absent by calling the school office. A message may be left on the answering machine before school starts. It is extremely important that we know when your child is absent so that we may be sure that he/she is safe. Any student who is absent for more than 30 days in one school year may be considered for retention at their current grade level.

Students arriving after the scheduled start of school, will report to the school office with a note, sign in and then report to class. If a student misses a bus, it is the parent’s responsibility to get the student to school on time. Arrival on a bus that is late does not count as a tardy. Parents who wish to pick up work for a child who is absent should notify the office when they call in the morning. The student's work will be available at the end of the school day.

Pick-­‐Up  /  Drop-­‐Off  
At Alstead Primary School, please drive up to the painted solid white line, where a staff member will meet your child and cross your children over. Parents please do not stop in front of the building to drop off your child. That is a “no unloading zone” for buses only. For the safety of student, please do not pass cars in line for drop off. If you prefer to park, please park in the parking spots that are past the handicapped parking area next to the dumpster. Students that are being dropped off at Sarah Porter and Acworth Center Schools, please follow procedures laid out the first few weeks of school.

Behavior  Expectations  
These are the steps that you are expected to do to help yourself succeed: • Use equipment and facilities safely. • Report to class on time with all the necessary materials, pencils, books, and assignments. • Pay attention. Get involved in classroom lessons. • Do all assigned work. Ask for help when you need it. • Get assignments and help when you have been absent. If you do not take these steps, your teacher may: • Work with you to develop better learning habits. • Notify the principal and your parents of the problem and set up a team meeting to develop a plan. These are the steps you should do to get along with other people and to ensure the safety of everyone: • Treat people and property with respect. • Use appropriate and acceptable language and tone of voice at all times. • Treat others, as you would like to have them treat you. • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. • Be considerate of others’ needs.


If you do not take these steps, you can expect to be involved in the disciplinary process. The consequences for inappropriate behavior listed below will be at the discretion of the principal and/or lead teacher.

Level  I.    Classroom  Rules  &  Consequences  
Examples of infractions handled at Level 1 • Chewing gum and foreign objects • Classroom disturbances and/or uncooperative attitude • Inattentiveness - not doing your work or not bringing materials to class. • Running and other inappropriate physical behavior • Refusal to follow directions (Please note: Delayed obedience is disobedience.) • Being disrespectful to others • Arguing • Inappropriate tone of voice

Level  II.    Notification  of  Parent/Guardian  and/or  Detention  (Before  or  after  school)  or   In-­‐School  Suspension  (with  Principal)  
Examples of infractions handled at Level II • Repeated discipline problems in classroom, hallway, bus wait, lunch, etc. • Cheating, forgery, stealing, swearing and fighting (shouting match) incidents • Constant disruption and refusing to cooperate in the classroom • Mental and verbal abuse of another person • Throwing rocks, snowballs or other objects • Temper tantrums. • Abusive language/threats to others • Repeated disrespect to teachers and support staff

Level  III.    Out  of  School  Suspension    
Examples of infractions handled at Level III: • Defacing school property • Possession of weapons, drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, or pornography • Leaving the school grounds without prior approval • Blatant disrespect to teachers or other school personnel - threats and/or blackmail. • Fighting and intentionally causing harm to another person • Continued disregard of school rules and interruption of the learning process • Pulling fire alarm or calling 911 According to NH RSA 194:1 and RSA 193-D:4 1a. requires schools to immediately call local law enforcement authorities and fill out a police report of all incidents regarding child endangerment, harassment, threatening, hazing, assaults, theft, acts of violence, bomb scares, destructions, vandalism, suicide threats, possession of drugs, alcohol, weapons, pornography, and/or imitating use of drugs, alcohol, weapons and pornography. All reports are filed with the police, superintendent of schools, guidance, and principal. According to district policy, copies of school disciplinary incident reports and police reports must be put in the students’ cumulative file.

You are responsible for all books that have been assigned to your name. You will have to pay for lost or damaged books. In most classes, you will be required to use book covers. Report cards will be withheld at year’s end until all books have been recovered or replaced. Your effort to take care of school property in general will result in longer service and help minimize replacement costs to your parents and other taxpayers.


Bus  Transportation  
District Transportation office phone: 835-2527. The Fall Mountain Regional School District provides transportation for all eligible students. These students have the right to ride the bus providing they obey the rules of proper conduct. These rules exist to ensure a safe trip for everyone. Further, it is expected that each student will ride his or her assigned bus. Any exceptions to this rule will require a phone call to the school secretary. Upon the phone call, the school secretary will issue the student a bus pass.

• • • • Conduct - polite behavior Attitude -positive action Respect - care about yourself and others Effort - help crossing guard maintain orderly dismissal

Lack of cooperation will result in lost of privileges and reports to the police, parents and/or school.

School  Bus  Safety  Rules  
You are required: • Be at your assigned bus stop 5 minutes before your assigned time. • Wait for the bus in a manner that does not present a danger to yourself, to other students, or to moving vehicles. • Have written permission from your parents to leave the bus at any other stop except your regular one • Respond to bus evacuation drills procedures in an orderly manner as directed. • Respect yourself and others Any violation of these rules, display of disrespect, or conduct injurious to others will be met with firm and appropriate disciplinary action.

Bus  Policies  and  Procedures  
• • • • • • • • • • • • Students shall arrive at their assigned bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Drivers will not wait. Students shall wait in a safe place, clear of traffic and at least 10 feet away from where the bus stops. Students must be standing in a line when the bus arrives. Students shall follow direction of the bus driver at all times. Students shall exhibit classroom conduct at all times. Students shall go directly to an available or assigned seat when boarding the bus. Students will remain seated, facing forward, with their feet on the floor. They are not to block the aisles or exits. Students are permitted to carry only objects that can be held on their laps. Students are not permitted to eat, drink, chew gum, or smoke on the bus. Students are prohibited from extending their head, arms, other body parts or objects out of the bus windows. Students shall not spit inside the bus or out of he bus windows. Students are not permitted the use of profane language or obscene gestures on the bus. Students shall cross the road in front of the bus only after the bus has come to a complete stop and upon the direction of the driver (ten feet minimum crossing distance).


• • • • • • • •

Students are prohibited from using tobacco products, alcohol, drugs or any controlled substance on the bus. Students shall not carry hazardous materials, nuisance items or animals onto the bus. Students shall not have possession and/or use of weapons or articles used as weapons (including rubber bands, pea shooters, etc.) while on the bus. The noise level will remain low enough for the bus driver to be heard at all times without having to raise his/her voice. Students shall respect the rights and safety of others. Students shall be polite and courteous to all other passengers, passerby, and to the bus driver. Students shall not damage any part of the school bus. Students are not permitted to wear earphones/head phones while on the bus.

Bus  Discipline  
The bus driver's first responsibility is safe transportation. To ensure safety, it is expected that students will be on their best behavior at all times. The procedure for students who do not follow the rules or who jeopardize safety will include: • A written complaint made by the bus driver describing the misconduct and given to the transportation manager • The transportation manager speaks to the student about the complaint and sends a copy home to parents. • Records of all complaints will be kept on file for each student. Although the law requires the district to provide transportation, it does not relieve parents of the responsibility of supervision until such time as the student boards the bus and after the child leaves the bus at the end of the school day. Nor does it relieve students of the responsibility to behave in an orderly and safe manner on the bus. School bus transportation is a privilege that can be taken away any time student’s conduct is considered to jeopardize the safety of the other passengers or the driver. The right to a safe transportation will not be taken from an entire busload of students because a few disobey the rules. If necessary, a bus will return to the school or transportation office and parents will be called to pick up their unruly child. Those students guilty of flagrant, repeated, or gross disobedience or misconduct on the school buses are subject to discipline within the guidelines of the district’s policies and regulations. Continued violation of bus rules will be considered as sufficient cause of refusing to transport the student(s) involved and may lead to suspension from school, depending upon the seriousness of the matter. Physical damage to district property and/or uncontrollable student behavior will result in the bus returning to the school, and parents will be called to come and get their child.

Procedures  for  Bus  Disciplinary  Action:  
Step 1 – A written warning sent home to parents Step 2 – One to three days’ loss of bus privileges Step 3 – Five days loss of bus privileges. Step 4 – Ten days loss of bus privileges Step 5 – Twenty days loss of bus privileges Step 6 – Twenty plus days as recommended jointly by the Transportation Manager, Principal and the School Board.


Please note: The progressive discipline schedule is for common infractions. Violations of a more serious nature, such as (but not limited to) smoking, fighting, profanity, possession/use of contraband, destruction of property or behavior which jeopardizes the safety and/or well being of other students will result in advanced progression on the above scale which may include up to a STEP 6 action, even for a first offense. It shall be the policy of the Fall Mountain Regional School District to employ the use of video cameras (with audio) on all school buses used for transporting students. The use of video material shall be used to assist administrators and other designated employees of the district in identifying students who may be in violation of the rules of behavior while on the bus. All such recorded images will be held in confidence and used only for the purpose of identification as described above.

  Change  of  Dismissal/Transportation  
Students who will be leaving school in other than their usual manner must have written permission from their parents. Students riding a bus other than the one they usually ride should get a bus pass from the secretary or lead teacher. Students staying after school to watch athletic events must have written permission prior to the end of school. If a student does not have written permission to change normal dismissal plans, he/she will be sent home in the usual manner.

Computer  Usage  
Parents/Guardian must sign a “Permission to gather research from the Internet” form. This form gives your son/daughter permission to use the Internet at school. This is for classroom and library research. All school computers are equipped with filtering software, for the protection of students, and that students are monitored while using the Internet. Students who misuse the internet or go on inappropriate sites will serve an Out of School suspension and will no longer be allowed to use computers at school. Under no circumstances should a student give out their password. • Students shall not use technologies for any illegal, inappropriate, harassing, or obscene use. Consequence for misuse will result in not being allowed to use any computer at school. • Internet histories are periodically checked for appropriate use. • Under no circumstances should your child give out his/her password. Please note: If your child does not have permission, he/she will not be allowed to use the Internet.

Classroom  Expectations  
It is important to maintain a positive atmosphere for learning in school. In order to promote this, we expect that students: • Are on time and prepared for class • Accept responsibility for their own behavior and learning • Show respect for faculty and classmates • Follow all school rules


Dress  Code  
A student's appearance, mode of dress or cleanliness will not be permitted to disrupt the educational process or constitute a threat to health or safety. When, in the judgment of the principal and/or lead teacher, a student's appearance or mode of dress disrupts the educational process, or constitutes a threat to health or safety, the student may be required to make modifications.

1. The principal and/or lead teacher has the absolute responsibility to determine what clothing is acceptable. 2. Cleanliness -- clothing and grooming must be such that they do not constitute a health or safety hazard. 3. Clothing -- clothing must be adequate in ensuring a decent appearance. 4. Educational distraction -- grooming, body piercing, hair style/color, and dress must not be so unusual or bizarre as to constitute a distraction or interfere with the educational opportunity and learning environment of the other students. 5. Skirts, dresses, jumpers, and shorts must be below mid thigh in length. CUT OFF’s are not appropriate. 6. Shirts and tops must be below waist length. Mid tops are not appropriate. Abdomen skin must be covered when arms are raised. Straps on tops must be at least 3 fingers wide. Spaghetti straps are prohibited. 7. Common courtesy and etiquette dictates that hats, bandanas, chains, triangle scarves, and sunglasses should not be worn inside the building. 8. Apparel, backpacks, and book covers with slogans or graphics, which promote activities prohibited by the school district code of conduct and statutes are not permitted (i.e. references to sexual connotations, profanity, drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, violence, slogans which promotes a negative attitude towards the pursuit of educational excellence.) Garments in question will be evaluated by the principal and/or lead teacher. 9. Clothing normally worn when participating in a school sponsored extra-curricular or sports activity may be worn to school when approved by the sponsor or coach, however, gym shorts will not be worn to any class other than physical education.

Early  Dismissal  
If it is necessary for a student to be dismissed before the end of school, they must bring a note of explanation to school at the beginning of the day. When parents pick up their child, they must sign them out on the sheet in the school office or with the lead teacher. Students will not be dismissed on the basis of a phone call. Unfortunately, we can never be positive about who is on the other end of the line.

Emergency  Forms  
Each child must have his/her parent or guardian fill out a school registration form, which will be kept in the school office. These forms are our only way of knowing how to contact parents in the event of an emergency at school. If some of the information on the registration form changes during the school year, please call your child's school with the changes.


Extended  Absences  
Absences from the classroom environment affect learning: introductions, reinforcement activities, social interaction and cultural, musical and physical experiences are missed. There is no comprehensive way to recapture these events. The school does, however, recognize the value of travel and visits to other places as extensions of the learning process. Parents are asked to recognize the implications of extended absences and their responsibility for the child's education during absences. This means that parents will assist the child in making up lessons and homework. In order to be counted for grading purposes, make-up work must be completed and given to the teacher not more than one week after the child's return to the classroom. Parents must realize that extended absences may affect the quarter/trimester report card grades. Parents who wish to bring assignments for their child with them on their trip should contact the teacher in advance. Teachers should be notified at least one week in advance of the absence to allow time to prepare materials.

Field  Trips/Event  Privileges  
The teachers of the Fall Mountain Regional School District are encouraged to take their students on field trips when funds are available. Field trips are intended to allow students experiences that provide them with insight, information, and/or knowledge that cannot be adequately developed through regular classroom instruction. Field trips should support learning, be an extension of classroom experiences, and be an intricate part of the curriculum. Each school conducts fund raising initiatives. Parent and community support is appreciated. Students who have numerous discipline incident and/or incomplete assignments will not participated in field trip/events. It is our opinion that students who cannot behave appropriately at school, cannot be trusted to behave on a field trip/event. The student will have an excused absence at home the day of the trip or event. This may be an opportune time to complete unfinished assignments. Please note: This policy applies to all students. (This includes students who are coded, have special programming and/or aide support.)

Fire  Drills,  Evacuations  and  Lock  Downs  
Fire drills, evacuations, and lock downs are conducted to ensure the safety of each child in the event of a fire or other instances necessitating the evacuation of the school building. Practice drills and lock downs are held at the discretion of the principal and/or lead teacher with consideration given to the weather, programs and health of the children.

Fund  Raising  
During the school year, student organizations and classes may conduct fund raising to support various projects and activities. Pre-K - Grade 4 fund raising provides funds to support special programs, activities, trips or to purchase special equipment.

Grades/Report  Cards  
Students in grades K through 4 will receive a report card on a quarterly basis. These will serve to notify parents of their student's progress during the course of the year. Interim progress reports will be sent at the teacher’s discretion. When report cards are issued, students should take them home immediately. Either the report card or the tear-off portion should be signed by the parent and returned to school the next day. Parents who have questions about report cards should contact their child's teacher. The K-5 schools are on a quarterly system with report cards being issued four times per year.


For reasons of health and school cleanliness, chewing gum will not be allowed in school. An infraction may result in loss of recess or school detention.

Health  Services/Medicines  
The Alstead Attendance Area system has a school nurse who visits all four buildings on a rotating schedule or as needed. Any health related questions or concerns should be directed to the nurse. The nurse provides the following services for the school and community: • Heights and weights on all students • Vision and hearing checks for grades Pre-K to Grade 4, Grade 7, and all new students • Scoliosis checks on students in grades 5-8 • Communicable disease checks • Kindergarten screening • Immunization surveys If a student becomes ill during the day, he/she should ask his teacher for permission to come to the office. The nurse or secretary will assist the child. If a student is too ill to remain in school, his/her parents will be notified. All medicines, both prescription and non-prescription, must be left with the nurse or secretary. The student must have a written statement from the physician detailing the method of administration, dosage and time of day to be taken. Written permission from a parent/guardian in order to give out any medication and the medication needs to be in the original container. The parent is required to write down how many tablets are sent with the container. All children new to the school district must have a physical examination, signed by a doctor, on a form provided by the school. It is also necessary to have updated records of all immunizations and a health history upon registration.

Homework  Policy  
In order for a student to understand more fully the ideas presented in school, it is necessary for him or her to complete activities outside of class. Homework teaches students to organize their time, to work independently, to use good study skills and to develop self-discipline. While the number of outside assignments may vary, the following time allotments are general guidelines for homework: Kindergarten Grades 1 -3 Grade 4 Grade 5 10 minutes weekly 15 to 25 minutes daily 30 to 45 minutes daily 30 to 60 minutes daily

Students may be given the opportunity to complete unfinished homework during an indoor study or during a recess break. Students will be allowed at least 1/3 of the mid-day recess break time to play. (example: 10 minutes out of 30 minutes)


Lunch  Program  
Kim Burton, Lunch Manager 835-2447 Prices are subject to change. The Fall Mountain District provides a hot lunch program for those who wish to participate. Lunch tickets should be purchased before school in the morning. This allows the cafeteria workers to serve lunch more quickly. Applications to receive free or reduced price (40 cents) lunches will be available at the beginning of school. Those eligible for this program last year will continue eligibility until new forms are processed. Price for hot lunch is $3.00 and milk will be 50 cents per carton. Please Note: Our federal allocation for grant money and Title I reading programs is based on the number of free and reduced lunch participants. The total cost of a reduced price lunch is 40 cents. Please take advantage of this service.

Parent/Teacher  Communication  
A variety of ways have been established to communicate your progress, effort and concerns, including: • Progress reports may be distributed when a teacher has a concern about a student's progress. • Report cards, issued to students and parents four times during the year in grades Pre-K -4 and three times a year in grades 5-8. • A parent/teacher conference, which is held during the month of November and as needed in March to review your youngster's progress and answer your questions. • Phone calls, which are used by teachers to communicate immediate needs. We encourage parents to phone the school when necessary as well. • Parents and/or students are encouraged to make appointments to meet with teachers whenever they have a concern. • Assignment books for Grades 3 and 4 are encouraged to be kept up to date. Parents should check assignment books and homework every day. • Newsletters are published to inform parents of curriculum updates and school events.

School  Closings  and  Cancellations  
In the event of bad weather, it may become necessary to cancel school for the day or delay opening. Through the Global Connect Parent Notification System, the Alstead Attendance Area will be able to keep you informed of school closings, school activities, important dates or student events, and emergency situations. A message describing the event or providing specific instructions can be created and sent within minutes. Please fill out the form in the back of the handbook for contact telephone numbers. We ask that families plan with their child as to what actions should be taken if school is canceled when parents are not home. If this should require riding a different bus, please advise the school in writing to avoid any confusion. Students should have access to a house key on your property.

School  Photos  
Watch for a flyer advertising the dates scheduled for all attendance area school photos.


School  Programs  
Beginning band is open to all 5th graders with approval of the instructor. Weekly lessons are provided by the band teacher during the school day. Instrument rentals are available.

The Alstead Attendance Area schools offer a varied curriculum. Reading, spelling, and language arts are offered at all grade levels in addition to math, science, health, social studies, physical education, art, music and guidance classes. It is our goal to provide lessons which are relevant and rigorous. Our curriculum is aligned to the NH Grade Level Expectations.

The Guidance Counselor implements comprehensive developmental counseling programs at all educational levels. The programs are designed to help all students develop their educational, social, career and personal strengths and to become responsible and productive citizens. The School Counselor helps create and organize these programs as well as provide appropriate counselor interventions. School counseling programs are developmental by design, focusing on needs, interests, and issues related to the various stages of student growth. There are objectives, activities, special programs and expected outcomes, with an emphasis on helping students to learn more effectively and efficiently. There is a commitment to individual uniqueness and the maximum development of human potential. The Guidance Counselor is available to talk with students regarding any concerns. These include academics, getting along in school, personal problems, peer relationships and so on. The counselor sees students individually or in small groups. The Guidance Counselor conducts regular classroom guidance sessions to cover good listening and communication skills, conflict resolution skills, decision making skills, study skills and selfassessment skills. The guidance office is at the Vilas Middle School. Call Laurie Abbott at 8356351.

Physical  Education  
Students are graded in physical education in one or more of the following areas: • Participation - A grade is given for participation in each class meeting. Students who are absent from school are marked excused and not expected to make those classes up. • Preparation - A grade is given in each class. Students who are not prepared will not be allowed to participate for health and safety reasons.

School  Telephone  Numbers  
Acworth School Alstead Primary School Sarah Porter School Vilas School 835-2270 835-2482 835-2260 835-6351


Sexual  Harassment  
Disclosure  of  Information  
The Fall Mountain Regional School District regularly releases lists of names and addresses of pupils, teachers, and other personnel for official and professional purposes. Parents and students may refuse the disclosure of information provided that a written request is submitted to the Superintendent by September 30th. Superintendent of Schools, SAU 60 PO Box 600 East Street Charlestown, NH 03603

Parent  Right  to  Know  Act  of  2001  
The district’s hiring procedures include hiring only individuals who are “Highly Qualified” as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. A definition of “highly qualified” along with the credentials of all teachers and paraprofessionals are on file at the SAU 60 Central Office and are available upon request.

Elimination  of  Discrimination  on  the  Basis  of  Handicap  
The Fall Mountain Regional School District will comply with Section 504 of the United States Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the regulations implementing Section 504 promulgated through the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare. The School Board is of the general view that discrimination against a qualified handicapped person solely on the basis of handicap is unfair. The School Board will, to the extent reasonably possible, see that qualified handicapped persons are included in the mainstream of life in the school community. The administration will comply with the provisions of this policy and implement Section 504 of the United States Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the regulations promulgated there under by the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare, as part 84, Title 45, U.S. Code, as such regulations are applicable to the Fall Mountain Regional School District. Elimination of Discrimination on Basis of Sex, Race, Age, Creed, Color, Marital Status or National Origin. The Fall Mountain Regional School District School Board is committed to non- discrimination in relation to sex, race, age, creed, color, marital status, national origin, handicap, and any other human differences. In keeping with the requirements of Federal and State Laws, every effort will be made to remove any vestige of discrimination in employment, assignment, promotion, educational opportunities, services offered, discipline, location and use of facilities and educational offerings and materials. • • An Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer

Each school in the Fall Mountain Regional School District shall make available a time and place, properly supervised, for the exercise of freedom of assembly and free exercise of religion as provided under RSA 1891B upon request.


Safe  School  Zone  
Any violation of RSA 193-D (the safe school zone law ) will result in a report filed with the local police department. Violations include theft, destruction, violence, possession of weapons, possession of drugs, possession of tobacco products, and harassment.

Elimination  of  Sexual  Harassment  
The Fall Mountain Regional School District guarantees an environment free of sexual harassment in any form.

Definition  of  Sexual  Harassment  
Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and sexually motivated physical conduct or verbal communication which has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with a student's education environment or which creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational environment. Sexual harassment includes, but is not limited to the following: • verbal or physical sexual advances including pressure for sexual activity; • unwelcome sexually motivated touching, pinching, patting or intentional brushing against; • repeated verbal harassment or abuse; • repeated remarks or gestures of a sexual nature; • demanding sexual involvement accompanied by threats. Sexual harassment is an abuse of POWER. Sexual harassment is viewed from the eye of the receiver of the behavior, not the giver. The Fall Mountain Regional School District shall not tolerate any behavior, verbal or physical conduct, by any administrator, faculty, staff member, or student, which constitutes sexual harassment of any employee or student.

Definition  of  Bullying  
Bullying among children is commonly defined as intentional, repeated hurtful acts, words or other behavior, such as name calling, threatening and/or shunning committed by one or more children against another. These negative acts are not intentionally provoked by the victims, and for such acts to be defined as bullying, an imbalance in real or perceived power must exist between the bully and the victim. Bullying may be physical, verbal, emotional or sexual in nature. For example: • Physical bullying includes punching, poking, strangling, hair pulling, beating, biting, and excessive tickling. • Verbal bullying includes such acts as hurtful name calling, teasing, spreading rumors, and gossip. • Emotional bullying includes rejecting, terrorizing, extorting, defaming, humiliating, blackmailing, rating/ranking of personal characteristics such as race, disability, ethnicity, or perceived sexual orientation, manipulating friendships, isolating, ostracizing, and peer pressure. • Sexual bullying includes many of the actions listed above as well as exhibitionism, voyeurism, sexual propositioning, sexual harassment and abuse involving actual physical contact and sexual assault.


Procedure  for  Filing  Alleged  Charge  of  Sexual  Harassment  
The complaint is reported to the building complaint managers and an informal interview is held to determine the seriousness of the charge. If the charge is in violation of HUM, 402.02, an investigation is held. Complaint Managers: Principal, Guidance, Nurse, Lead Teachers or Classroom Teacher. A Harassment Complaint Form and a Witness Disclosure Form is filed with the principal, complaint managers, and District Title IX Coordinator. Upon completion of the investigation, the complaint managers will attempt to resolve the complaint and will take action as it deems necessary to correct the effects of the sexual harassment charge. If the complainant is not satisfied with the action, they may appeal in writing within five working days to the complaint managers. An investigation will be scheduled with the Title IX Coordinator and Superintendent in an attempt to determine remedial action to satisfy the complainant. If the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution, he/she may submit written objection to the Fall Mountain Regional School Board.

Smoking  Policy  
The Fall Mountain Regional School District prohibits smoking in any building, at any time, on school grounds.

Special  Education  
The special education program provides services to children challenged by the learning process. In compliance with Public Law 94-142, the district employs the services of specialists to meet the needs of those students with learning challenges.

Student  Insurance  
Student accident insurance is made available to all students at the beginning of each year. This program is administered through an independent agent. Students who participate in athletic teams or cheerleading, must have sufficient medical and dental insurance to cover any accident that might occur during their participation. The district will require written proof of coverage before participation can be allowed.

Student  Photography  &  Disclosure  of  Information  
During the school year, the school district provides an opportunity for students to be photographed in the school environment. Information will be sent home prior to the arrival of the photographer for parents who wish to purchase this service. Some school related activities are videotaped and/or photographed for broadcast or publication on local cable television or in newspapers. If parents wish to exclude their child from the above and wish to protect their child's privacy (also see #35) then parents may refuse the disclosure of information provided that a written request is submitted by September 30 to: Superintendent of Schools PO Box 600, East St. Charlestown, NH 03603


Student  Records  
The schools maintain a record of each student's test results, academic grades, attendance, evaluation forms and correspondence. These records are kept in each of the individual schools. Parents who wish to view their child's records may make a request of the school. If a child transfers out of the district, parents must sign a Release of Records form at the new school. Student's records will be mailed to that school. Student's records will not be given to parents for delivery to the new school.

Student  Testing  
Some grade levels are selected by the New Hampshire Department of Education to take the state tests, NECAP (Grades 3-8) and MAPS (Grades K-8).

Student  Use  of  School  Property  
Each year students make use of many learning materials. While we do expect some normal wear and tear, irresponsible use of school materials will not be tolerated. Families will be asked to pay for items lost or damaged by negligence or abuse.

The Board welcomes the active interest of parents and citizens in their public schools and invites the community to visit at any time. However, since schools are a place of work and learning, certain limits must be set to visits. The building principal is responsible for all persons in the building and on the grounds. For these reasons, the following policy applies to the school: • Anyone who is not a regular staff member or student of the school will be termed a "visitor." • Any visitor to the school must report to the school office upon arrival at the school. • Parents or citizens who wish to observe a classroom while school is in session are urged to arrange such visits in advance with the teacher, so that class disruption may be kept to a minimum. • Teachers are expected not to take class time to discuss individual matters with visitors. • Any person or persons engaging in unacceptable conduct in school, on school property or at school events will be reported to the principal or the principal’s designee. Abusive, profane language, gestures or behavior is considered unacceptable behavior. The person will be asked to leave. Law enforcement officers may be called if the situation warrants and the school's attorney may be notified.

Video/Photograph/Internet  Release  
Some School related activities are videotaped and/or photographed for broadcast or publication on cable television, the internet, or in newspapers. Student photographs are occasionally displayed at school on bulletin boards, posters, etc. At the beginning of the school year, you will be asked to sign and check off either yes or no on the registration form. Check no if you do not wish your child to be included in these media.


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