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Ananda Healing Prayer Council
“The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy." Paramhansa Yogananda Thank you for your interest in the Ananda Healing Prayer Council. Praying for others is a wonderful way to serve God, and to bring comfort to many souls in need of healing in body, mind and soul. People are grateful for this ministry, as shown by the many beautiful testimonials attesting to the effectiveness of these techniques given to us by Paramhansa Yogananda. Over the years, this ministry has become more widely known, and we receive numerous requests for healing prayers from all over the world. So we are deeply grateful for all souls who are willing to serve as instruments for this very special work. Every month you will receive names of three people who need healing physically, mentally, or spiritually. This same list of names is sent to ten members of the Ananda Healing Prayer Council, so you are not alone in your prayer efforts! Please do not feel burdened with the idea of trying to “heal,” but seek, rather, to surround each individual in the healing grace of God, to the best of your ability. In this way you will feel joy in your service. Your spiritual healing ability will increase and deepen with experience, so simply do your best. Many factors come into play, such as the healer’s level of energy, willpower, compassion and concentration. Ask the Divine to guide your efforts, and then leave the results in God’s hands. As Paramhansa Yogananda said, “Just heal and forget. Say, ‘God is the Healer.’” Please pray for the people on your list regularly, using any schedule that is suitable for you, and using any of the healing techniques that are explained in this packet. For instance, you might pray for all of the people every day, or pray for one each day, as your time allows. Please note that some of the techniques only take a few minutes at the end of your daily meditation. Others prefer the longer healing prayer techniques and they may make time to pray deeply once or twice a week. Do whatever works for you. Whenever possible, we will pass on to you any information that helps you to visualize the people for whom you will be praying. However, occasionally we only receive a name and very little else describing a person in a prayer request. In such cases simply pray to God and guru saying, “You know exactly who this soul is, and his special need for healing. Please take this healing energy directly to this person.” You will also receive a monthly newsletter sharing special inspiration on healing individuals, as well as praying for healing and peace in the world. Many members of the Healing Prayer Council have found great benefit in following through on suggestions offered in the newsletter, including memorizing certain affirmations in the book, Scientific Healing Affirmations, by Paramhansa Yogananda. This is a very straightforward and effective way to begin to create strong, positive, healing thoughts, which are of great benefit both to the healer and to those receiving the healing prayers. As Paramhansa Yogananda said, “Change the trend of your thoughts; cast out all negative mental habits, substituting in their place wholesome, courageous thought habits, and apply them in your life with unshakable confidence.” May you be deeply blessed in your prayerful service. Joy to you, Mary Kretzmann Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

Techniques for Healing at a Distance
As taught by Paramhansa Yogananda Prepare for these techniques with prayer and meditation, calming the mind and petitioning God's healing energy to flow through you for the highest good of the person. Feel God’s presence as the source of all healing energy and visualize as clearly as possible the person receiving this blessing. Three Shorter Healing Prayer Techniques These techniques are very good for beginners, or when you have limited time to pray. They use the power of speech and the sound of AUM to heal. 1. After meditation, draw the energy into the arms and hands, rub the hands together briskly and then visualize the person before you. Chant AUM mentally or aloud three times while deeply concentrating on God’s blessings flowing out to them. Hold them in that light for as long as you feel to do so. 2. “Divine Mother, Thou art omnipresent. Thou art in all Thy children. Thou art in (name) Manifest Thy healing presence in his/her body, mind and soul .” Then rub the palms together briskly and then hold up your hands and chant AUM three times, sending this energy to that person. 3. “Divine Mother, Thou art omnipresent. Thou art in all Thy children. Thou art in (name) Manifest Thy healing presence in his body.” Then rub the palms together briskly and then hold up your hands and chant AUM three times sending this energy to that person. “Divine Mother, Thou art omnipresent. Thou art in all Thy children. Thou art in (name) Manifest Thy healing presence in his mind.” Then rotate the hands around each other very quickly (choosing the direction of rotation so that the hands are moving upwards when closer to the body, and downwards when away from the body) and then hold up your hands and chant AUM three times sending this energy to the mind - for strength and encouragement. “Divine Mother, Thou are omnipresent. Thou art in all Thy children. Thou art in name)___. Manifest Thy healing presence in his soul.” Then rub the palms together briskly and then hold up your hands and chant AUM three times sending this energy to that person. Do the above techniques as a “prayer demand” and as a prayer declaration, not as a timid supplication. You are declaring that Divine Mother is already present in this individual. Patanjali, the great, ancient exponent of yoga, taught that the fruit of perfecting non-lying is that whatever one says must come true. For the saint who has perfected this virtue, his mere thought, his mere word will be binding on the universe That is why Jesus could say, “Rise, take up your pallet and walk.” His words had the healing power to manifest any command as he felt inspired by God to give. (For more on this, please see: The Art and Science of Raja Yoga by Swami Kriyananda.) www.healingprayers.org

Learn to convert your hands into healing batteries, so that divine currents will flow through them at will. Through this means when properly administered diseases of body and mind, as well as the malady of soul ignorance, have vanished under this benign touch, whether administered at close quarters or from afar. Thus one becomes the fisherman of souls, that he


may catch them in the net of his divine healing wisdom and present them unto God. Paramhansa Yogananda


Advanced Healing Techniques
by Paramhansa Yogananda in the Super Advanced Course, Lesson #11, c.1935

(Try doing one of these techniques at least a few times a month for the person in need. Many blessings flow from this practice, and some individuals are healed after one session) T ECHNI QUE




♦Prepare with prayer and meditation. (See the Ananda Course in Self-Realization for a deeper understanding of meditation.) ♦Sit erect. Gently tense and relax the whole body. Calm yourself. Touch the medulla once, in order to make it easier for you to concentrate on it. Then visualize Cosmic Energy surrounding and entering the body through the medulla and at the point between the eyebrows, and pouring into the spine. (Editor’s note: this is one of the central keys to Yogananda's teachings on healing. This focus on the spiritual eye is what makes this method truly deserving of the name “Divine Will Healing.” This keeps the focus on the soul rather than the ego, and thus it can be a very uplifting experience for both the healer and the patient. ) ♦Feel the energy flowing down the whole length of the two arms into the hands. Continue tensing and relaxing and feeling the life force flow from the medulla and the point between the eyebrows through the spine to the hands. ♦Stop tensing and relaxing, and firmly rub the entire bare left arm with the right palm (up and down several times). Do the same to the right arm with the left palm. ♦Relax. Continue visualizing and willing Cosmic Energy to descend from the medulla through the arms into your hands. Now, with closed eyes, rapidly but gently rub your palms together about twenty times. ♦Separate the hands, and lift the arms upward. You will feel the life current flowing from the medulla into the spine, especially through both arms and hands, with a prickling, tingling sensation. ♦Your energy-magnetized hands may be used for curing any diseased part either of your own or someone else's body. The person need not be in your immediate vicinity, for it is not necessary to touch your patient. This life force passing through your hands has infinite power of projection. ♦Visualize your patient. Broadcast the healing force by moving your hands, electrified by the above method, up and down in space while willing the current to pass over your patient’s diseased body part. Do this in a quiet room for fifteen minutes, or until you feel that you have accomplished your object. T ECHNI QUE




After meditation, practice seeing and feeling the energy in your own spiritual eye. When this energy is strong, then visualize the person, especially their spiritual eye. Feel that your will is united with the Divine Will. Pray deeply to God that this person be healed as you send a powerful stream of energy through your spiritual eye to theirs. You can then visualize the energy going down their spine and to the affected body part. Do this for about fifteen to twenty minutes, if possible, or as long as you feel concentrated and inspired. If you feel heat at the spiritual eye, that is a positive sign that your spiritual will is developing. This is very helpful in Divine Will healing. (This technique is best used after being initiated into Kriya Yoga, which helps to awaken the energy at the spiritual eye.)

The Healing Power of Thought
The Second Coming of Christ: BY PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA (Inner Culture, July 1934) Nobleman of Capernaum: 46 So Jesus came again into Cana of Galilee, where he made the water wine. And there was a certain nobleman, whose son was sick at Capernaum. When he heard that Jesus was come out of Judaea into Galilee, he went unto him, and besought him that he would come down, and heal his son: for he was at the point of death. 48 Then said Jesus unto him, Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe. 49 The nobleman saith unto him, Sir, come down ere my child die. 50 Jesus saith unto him, Go thy way; thy son liveth. And the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him, and he went his way. And as he was now going down, his servants met him, and told him, saying, Thy son liveth. 52 Then enquired he of them the hour when he began to amend. And they said unto him, Yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him. So the father knew that it was at the same hour, in which Jesus said unto him, Thy son liveth: and himself believed, and his whole house. Jesus preferred those people who loved God as a result of their own innate reasoning and perfect accord, rather than those who were compelled to believe in God as a result of the awe and fear they felt at the display of miracles. In other words, Almighty God prefers to have His children use their own free will and reason to love Him rather than be led to love Him through the force of His miraculous powers. Jesus wanted the nobleman of Capernaum to believe in Him without the performance of the miraculous healing of his son. However, when the father insisted, through true faith, Jesus at last said: “Go thy way; thy son liveth.” After this, the nobleman believed, or rather, sensed the vibratory healing power of Jesus and went home. On his return home, the nobleman was greeted by his servant, who happily announced to him that his son had been living since the day before at the seventh hour. In absent healing the word of healing has to be spoken by the healer. If songs can float through the ether, ready to be caught out of the ether by a radio, so it is that broad-casted healing vibrations can be picked up by sensitive Soul radios. How the Law of Healing Operates In this healing it must be remembered that the nobleman’s son became well immediately when Jesus spoke; that is, when Jesus set in motion His will-impregnated healing Soul Force in the ether. Jesus broadcasted the

God-given healing vibrations and they were received by the nobleman, who relayed them to his son, just as songs, broadcasted at 7 A.M. from Los Angeles, reach New York at exactly the same time. This happens because sound is carried by infinitely fast-moving omnipresent electrons in the ether. If sound waves can be carried through the ether, then sounds impregnated with healing Soul Force can also be transmitted through the ether. Ordinary songs and speeches, received through the radio, produce some mental effect upon the listener, but words impregnated with Soul Force remain in the ether, ever ready to work. Jesus impregnated His utterance with His Almighty healing power. Ordinary songs and thoughts transmitted over the radio give only momentary inspiration, but the words of Jesus, “Thy son liveth,” contained in them the all-accomplishing, invisible healing power. As the energy in the body can be directed by the will to move any part of the body, so also, by omnipresent Divine Will, any atomic changes can be initiated in any body, in any thing, and at any place, no matter how far distant. God had a reason for creating the Cosmos; then He willed it, and light or energy came. Then He willed that the light become flesh and earth. Hence, the Universe, being a product of Divine Mind, can be changed by Divine Mind at any time. Matter, although it has dimensions, is not different from thought, for material objects are nothing but the frozen thought of God. Hence, the body and the life in it, are dream products of God’s will and thought. The dream Cosmos, with the earth and the living Beings on it, are sustained by God’s concentrated thought. If He should dissolve His dream, the Universe, with all things in it, would melt away like a dream. If the Cosmos is made of the frozen thought of God, then the human body is also made and sustained by the same Divine Thought. Hence, God’s thought, being the Creator of the thought-body, can create changes in it through the power of Divine Will. Jesus realized that, since God brought the body of the son of the nobleman into existence through His thought, so also His Almighty Power could produce the desired change in it. God’s will and thought created all things, and those people who are in tune with God’s will and thought can produce any desired changes in matter or in human bodies instantaneously, merely by concentrated thought. The nobleman thought that his son was sick, but Jesus thought differently, and so the son recovered. Jesus was able to displace the dream of sickness in the son by a dream of health, because He knew that the entire Cosmos was made of the tissue of dreams. Ultimately, all disease is found to be psychological, so a strong mind, fostering thoughts of health and perfection, can displace a stubborn thought of illness in another person. Most people cannot heal themselves because their own thoughts are poisoned by the habit of thinking of chronic sickness. It is strange that the

people who are always well never seem to believe that they can become sick. But if they happen to become sick after having enjoyed fifty years of good health, and are then unable to keep well for three months, they believe that they can never get well again. Right at this time, if a strong mind can revive the will of the patient who is paralyzed with sickness, then he himself can change his thought and energy, and thus heal himself. No one can heal us except through the hidden power of our own thoughts. Thought is the brain of the cells and units of Life Force present in every particle of bodily tissue. Hence, a disease thought upsets the entire government of the Life Force in the cells, whereas the thought of health corrects any disorder in the cellular system. It must be remembered that I am speaking of the concentrated Divine Thought which can heal and not of the fanciful thought of imaginative people. In order to move Divine Thought, the ordinary man must know the relation of thought, Life Force, and body without denying the existence of the body thought. The body is the frozen thought and frozen energy of God. Nevertheless, man cannot realize this until he knows that thought is frozen into energy and energy is frozen into the body of man. Many people try to explain away the body delusion. First, it must be realized that the body is made of invisible electrons, and that electrons are made of the invisible thought of God. Instead of saying that the body does not exist, one should say: “The body is not what we think it is. It is not anything but the frozen thought and energy of God, and cannot be gained by fanatic fancy, or by strong Orthodox belief, but only by tuning in with God and by waking up His consciousness to find that the Cosmos is nothing but His frozen dream.”


For further study:

Divine Will Healing

(Book) from the Original Teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda
Compiled by Mary Kretzmann, Director of the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry
This book is a compilation of many helpful articles by Paramhansa Yogananda on the subject of healing. You will find this resource extremely valuable in your service through healing prayer, and in addressing your own personal healing needs. Topics include: yogic diet, utilizing cosmic healing energy for healing oneself and others; drawing healing energy from sunlight; using affirmations dynamically, praying for others, and much more.

Publisher Ananda Sangha $14.95

Healing Affirmations with AUM


AUM by Swami Kriyananda Affirmations by Mary Kretzmann & Kent White
The Healing Affirmations on this CD are based on the words of Paramhansa Yogananda and spoken by Mary Kretzmann and Kent White, both long-term healing prayer ministers. Swami Kriyananda's voice is deeply resonant in this recording of AUM, which is profoundly healing even on its own. Now with the added benefit of healing affirmations, this CD has been helping many people remain positive and uplifted when facing challenges in their lives. This recording is designed to be inspiring, as well as comforting, suitable before sleep or upon awakening. It is also helpful before, during and after surgery for it helps one feel secure in God’s healing Light.

Publisher Ananda Sangha $9.95 running time 60 minutes To order Sangha Products: 530 470-2340 / email course@ananda.org / www.healingprayers.org

Divine Will Healing Workshops
Join us for a weekend or five-day workshops held throughout the year at Ananda’s Expanding Light Retreat. The workshops are led by Mary Kretzmann, who has eighteen years of experience as a spiritual healer and as director of the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry. The weekend workshops are an excellent introduction to ancient yogic healing techniques as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda, and the five-day course allows for a more in-depth

experience, because it allows you to more fully integrate the techniques into your life and prayers. Many have been healed of serious, chronic illnesses, while others have found the key to overcoming deep blocks on the emotional and spiritual level. Your visit will also include daily yogic practices and delicious vegetarian meals. Please contact the Expanding Light for a catalog and dates of the next seminar.

1-800-346-5350 www.expandinglight.org


“Since I came to Ananda, I’ve been doing healing prayers for my family, and I’ve asked others to pray for me. The changes that have occurred in the hearts of my parents and brothers are tremendous. We have a better relationship than ever, and my parents have grown in their hearts toward letting go, and toward love in such a way that I could never have imagined possible, and I am so thankful for all who have prayed for me. Thank you for this Divine service.” Assisi, Italy “Thank you for praying for my brother and his family who had been having many serious difficulties. They live in more joy than ever before.” Rocklin, CA “Last September I asked for prayers for my marriage which was going through a rough period. My wife had said she wanted to leave me, and I was devastated. I wanted you to know how wonderfully your prayers were answered. My wife and I are in a wonderful place. She has started a job she really enjoys. We are both growing and there is a deepening of our relationship. I am also much closer to my two young daughters. I could not have believed this possible. Thank you for you prayers; I have thanked the Master many times over for this blessing.” California “Two years ago I asked for your prayers for a friend who had cancer. Shortly after submitting my prayer request her cancer went into remission. California “We were delighted to find out that a friend of ours who had been diagnosed with bowel cancer (she found out when we where at Ananda last year) has been given a full clearance! She says that she felt overnight the lifting of a load and a ‘magical’ return to full energy. This happened about the same time we prayed for her at SRW last year. Good news all around!” New Zealand “Thank you for your prayers for Asnat A. Her depression problem is so very deep, but I think I can report something which I am willing to call a miracle. There is improvement! Two days ago something very definitely shifted in her, and for the first time in years, yes, years, she felt connected with her true core...” Israel “Thank you for praying for my mother who was feeling depressed and suicidal; she is feeling so much better now...” U.S.A. “Thank you so much for your healing prayers for Stan. The doctors at first thought he had a brain aneurysm, and then later decided it was problem with

a cluster of veins in the back of the head. It was considered quite serious. My father-in-law said that “there were a lot of people praying for him, and Stan got a ‘message from God' that he would recover and not have any after effects. Previous to this I had heard that Stan said that God spoke to him saying the he would live because ‘there were so many people praying for him.' Apparently, members of Stan’s church were also praying intensively for him, as well as the Healing Prayer Council. I am convinced that we had indeed sent a great flood of cosmic love his way and that God responded.” U.S.A. “Thank all of the Healing Prayer Ministry, for the prayers for my niece, C.S.. Your prayers created miraculous healing. We were sure she would be confined to a wheelchair for many months. She is on her own two feet already! There appears to be no permanent damage and she is back singing in performances already. Thank you also for the prayers for my hand surgery.... The vibrations and loving energy that Ananda sends is truly amazing. U.S.A.