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Purchase order analysis (ME80FN) - This report can be used for displaying the information of purchase orders created

and the transactions that has taken place. Purchase order display (ME2L, ME2N, ME2J and ME2M) - Facility available to restrict the viewing based on the status of PO viz. Partly received, Closed, No GR made Bill passing not done , etc. Analysis of order values (ME81N) - Totals analysis, ABC analysis, Analysis using comparison period, Frequency analysis. Goods receipt forecast (ME2V) Number of anticipated deliveries Stock lying with subcontractors (ME2O) - Can be useful in deciding which component is to be given to supplier if the procurement is on subcontracting basis. It also helps in giving the visibility of stocks lying at subcontractor. Stock with subcontractor (MBLB) - This report provides an overview of the stocks of material provided to vendor. Monitor supplier confirmation (ME2A) - This program is useful especially for imported purchase orders or such cases where the lead time of procurement is very high. Purchase analysis (MCE1, MCE3, MCE5, MCE7, MCE8) - This program will give you information on purchase value, invoice value during a selected period. However for these reports it is necessary to update the relevant LIS structure. Vendoe master list (MKVZ) - This report can give you the list of suppliers Status of indents (ME5A, ME5K, ME5J) - This report can be used to seek the information of status of indent raised, purchase order number, goods receipt status etc. Long term planning analysis (MCEA, MCEB, MCEC) - This report can be used for Purchase budget requirement. However for this report to work, long term planning functionality should be put in use. Material document listing (MB51, MB59) - This report provides you with a list of the material documents which were posted for one or more materials. Account document listing (MR51) - The report accounting documents for material produces a list containing all accounting documents available for a selected material. Stock Overview (MMBE) - The stock overview provides you with an overview of the current stocks of a material at all places within plant Stock requirement list (MD04) - This report will help you to analyse material requirement plan considering stocks and future requirements. Plant Stock availability (MB52, MB53, MCBA, MCBE, MCBR) - This report provides an overview of the stock situation of a given material in selected plants. If there are multiple

plants where the same material exists, this report can give the information on stocks at various places. Expiration date list (MB5M) - This report provides an overview of the remaining shelf life of batches. This report is generally useful in Pharma. Stock on posting date (MB5B) - The report Stock for posting date lists a company's own stocks in a particular time period. Stock in transit (MB5T) - This report issues a list with all stocks that are located in a plant's stock in transit. This information is useful when interplant / intercompany material transfer is taking place. List of GR / IR balances (MB5S) - The report compares the GR quantities and values relating to a purchase order with the invoice quantities and values for the same PO. The report can thus be used to check goods and invoice receipts when purchasing documents show some discrepancy. Material usage based ABC Analysis (MC40, MC41) - This report will help you in identifying the fast moving, slow moving / non moving items. The report can be executed at the material level / plant level. Range of coverage (MC42, MC43, MC.G, MC.4) - This report will help you in getting the information of coverage of the material for production purpose based on the past consumption pattern. The report can be executed material wise, commodity type wise, material planner wise etc. Inventory turnover (MC44, MC.3, MC.B, MC.7, Mc.O) - This report will help you in getting the information on the inventory turnover ratio. Slow moving items (MC46) - This report will help you to identify slow moving items. Dead Stock items (MC50) - This report will help you to identify dead inventory. Usage value (MC45) - This report identifies the share of the usage value to the total usage. You can also see the report graphically for a selected material in detail screen. Sales analysis (MCTA, MCTC, MCTE, MCTI, MCTG) - These reports can give you information regarding incoming sales order, credit memos, quantity, value etc. Report on: - (Incoming orders, Invoiced sales, Credit Memo, Sales return) (MC(A, MC+A, MC+E, MC+I, MC+U, MC+Y) - These reports can be used for seeking the information on billing Sale report with option like Area wise Statewise Executive wise (MC+2, MC+6, MCSI) The standard report MC+2 & MC+6 can meet the reporting requirement. However in case the standard report is not serving the reporting requirement user defined info structure can be created and transaction MCSI can be used for sales analysis.

Quotations listing (ME4L, ME4M, ME4C) - This report is useful to view / extract information on quotations from supplier in case the quotations are invited for a particular indent. Commodity price (ME1L, ME1M, ME1W, ME1P) - This report is useful to view the purchase order price change history for various pricing conditions. Planned share of business (MEQM) - This report can be useful to know the % share of business planned with a supplier in case multiple sources exist for a commodity. Vendor rating (ME64, ME6D, ME6C, ME65) - This report is useful to extract information of supplier performance on various parameters such as delivery, quality, cost etc. Material List (MM60, IH09) - This report will give you the list of all materials created in the system with the parameter values. Purchase value , Purchase quantity, Quantity reliability (MC$G, MC$1, MC$M) - This report can be used by purchase buyer / manager to track purchase performance. Availability overview (CO09) - This report gives you the information of material availble for production. Physical inventory listing (MI24) - This report may be used in case physical inventory system is followed in an organization. Balance sheet / P&L statement (S_ALR_870122284) - This report will give you balance sheet / P&L Actual comparison of financial results by period with previous period (S_ALR_8701249 / 87012250 / 87012251 / 87012252) - This report can give you financial statement for the selected period with comparison. The report can be viewed on half yearly / quarterly / periodic basis as well. For 10year comparison use transaction S_ALR_87012257 Plan / actual comparison on periodic basis (S_ALR_87012253)- This report will be useful incase you are using GL planning. Cash flow report (S_ALR_87012271) - This report will give you cash flow. GL Balances (S_ALR_87012277, S_ALR_87012301)- This report can be used to display GL balances. Document Journal at summary level , Document Journal at line item level (S_ALR_87012287, S_ALR_87012291) - This report is useful to extract information of GL entries. Statement of customer / vendor / GL Accounts (S_ALR_87012332)- This report will give you statement of customer wise / Vendor wise / GL wise accounts.

Customer payment history (S_ALR_87012177) - This report will help you to analyse history of customers. It contains a forecast of payment volumes and arrears. Account receivable information system (S_ALR_87012167) - The report is used for displaying the evaluations available in the customer information system. Customer balances (S_ALR_87012172) - This report will give you balance at the period start, debit total & credit total for the reporting period and closing balance at the end of reporting period. Vendor information (S_ALR_87012077) - This report is used for displaying the vendor payment. Vendor business (S_ALR_87012093) - This report is to be used when you want to see the information of purchases made from a supplier Vendor payment history (S_ALR_87012085) - This report is used for determining the current payment status for vendors. The report carry out an analysis of the vendor open items according to user defined time pattern. Check register (S_P99_41000101) - This report is used to extract the information of check issued. Asset History (S_ALR_87012075, AR02) - It is the most important and most comprehensive report for the year-end closing or for an interim financial statement. Depreciation simulation / forecast (S_ALR_87012936) - This is a report for the simulation of future depreciation. Posted depreciation (S_P99_41000192) - The report list the period values from posting depreciation. Year end income tax depreciation report (J1IQ) Asset Inventory list (S_ALR_87011981) Cost center accounting - Plan / Actual comparison (S_ALR_87013611, S_ALR_87013615, S_ALR_87013620)- This report lists actual and plan figures for cost center . Cost center accounting - Actual / Actual comparison (S_ALR_87013640) - This report can be used to compare the actual costs on period basis Cost center plan (KSBL) - This report can be used to view cost center plan. Analyse / compare product cost estmates (S_P99_41000111, S_ALR_87013047) - This report can give you the information on standard cost of material Profitability report (KE30) - This report can give you profitability at the sales order level. However it is necessary to implement PA module.

Profit center report (S_ALR_87010777, S_ALR_87010779)