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ATTITUDE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the

human freedomto choose ones attitude in any given set of circumstances Viktor E. Frankl A very simple but true saying is that the only thing you cant take away from me i s the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. The last of the human freedo m is the power to choose ones attitude in any given circumstance and seemingly ho peless environment. The important question is what is attitude? Attitude is the way we mentally look at the world around us and act so. A well researched book Emotional Intelligenc e by Daniel Goleman brings the scientific proof that its our attitude more than ap titude that determines our altitude. Attitude is everything, even the worst situ ation can be tackled with ones positive attitude. The environment around has a pa rt to play but in the end its only we who decide to take or leave the opportunit y. Success or failure of a business is determined more by attitude than by aptitude . It s not very easy to maintain positive attitude every time but it is essentia l to keep ourselves on track so that we get the best results from everything we do, every decision we make. A simple way to understand the effect of attitude is to know the difference betw een optimistic and pessimistic An optimist is hopeful about the future or the succ ess of something in particular; on the other hand, someone who is pessimistic th inks that bad things are going to happen. Which one of them can be termed as rea lity? Since we see the world as we are, both the views can become our reality. T his is the way we mentally look at the world around us and this defines ones atti tude towards life. All of us are full of attitude but what sort of attitude do we possess? Have we ever tried to apprehend? Now is the time to know and develop attitude. Most of u s spend maximum time in developing our skills, but what is the use of skills if we cant utilize those skills at our work place or in practical life. So it is bet ter to invest and develop more time in attitude as it communicates better and mo re consistently than words. Attitude is often based on past experiences. So most of the times, we get stuck because of the bad experiences we went through. Old tapes are hard to erase but for success one should make a deliberate effort to approach each situation with a fresh and positive outlook. Whatever challenges are to be faced, focus on the future and not on the history. These are some of the ways of incorporating positive attitudes to get success in life. Expect the best, Focus on whats right, not whats wrong. To reinforce the positive attitude in others, use every opportunity to encourage desired behaviour. Observe how our own attitude affects those around us. The attitude of the indivi dual often determines the attitude of a group. Do we enjoy our job? Are we spending most of our time on something that makes us feel purposeful and fulfilled. If not consider exploring other career options a nd moving towards a job we love. When we regularly do things that make us happy, we feel better about ourselves and our own life which fosters positive attitude . Think and speak positively to and about ourself everyday. Most of us are in the habit of talking down to ourselves, which leaves us feeling hopeless, frustrated and pessimistic. Get into the habit of building onself up with positive self-ta lk and positive thoughts. The more we focus on emphasizing the positive in others the more likeable we are going to be, and the better we are going to feel about ourself too. Attitude make the real difference between Champs and Chumps. Our life does not c hange when our boss, company, friends or status gets changed but it is only when we change ourselves with positive attitudes. Every condition is a positive cond ition if we view it as an opportunity for development and self mastery that is a superb affirmation. We cannot say it without thinking positive ideas, feeling p ositive emotions, and considering positive actions that we can take. A free man cannot be conquered, the most one can do is kill him. When we are no longer abl

e to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. Finally, I would like to say The game is not over, because I havent won yet!