Which underlying trends will shape the landscapes of tomorrow?

Where will we build the avenues that bring growth?
#1: Radical Price Transparency #2: Return of Intermediation #3: IT that Does Not Matter #4: Real and Virtual World Become One
Ondřej  Zaoral  @  ID  World  2012  |  Frankfurt  /M  


#1: Radical Price Transparency becomes Reality

Home   On  the  go   In  a  store   Work   Airport   Public  transport  

of  Smartphone  users  in  the  US  have  researched   a  product  or  service  on  their  phone  
Where  are  smartphones  used  to   research  a  product  or  service?  
97%   83%   78%   71%   49%   36%   Home   On  the  go   In  a  store   31%   43%   58%  

Where  do  people  use  their   smartphones?  

Source: Google Our Mobile Planet 2012, data shown for USA


#2: New Generation of Intermediaries Speeds up Commoditization
Internet  was  supposed  to  disintermediate  tradiTonal  business  relaTonships  …     www  

…  but  a  new  generaTon  of  intermediaries  is  being  born  right  now   www  


#3: IT Does Not Matter: Wrong e-Strategies can kill In  2003  Nicolas  G.  Carr  teased  the  world  by  saying  that  …    

“IT does not matter“
He  was  right!  And  today  …    

Social, Mobile, Location based … none of that actually matters
Only   smart   use   of   these   technologies   ma\ers.   Use   that   creates   value  across  the  business,  improves  rate  of  customer  interacTons   and  opens  new  opportuniTes  for  business  –  even  if  it  costs.    

#4: Business Platforms are transformed as the reality gets augmented
    Retail  1.0  

Brick  and  mortar  

Online  or  bust  

Retail  2.0  

Best  of  both  worlds  

Retail  3.0  

Face  to  face  customer   contact     Flourished  on  regional   markets  with  high   informaTon  asymmetry      

Price  compeTTon  on   the  internet     Online  only  stores   successfully  found   clients  

Focus  on  mulTchannel   customer  relaTonship   Role  of  the  physical   channel  is  not  strictly   „sell  or  die“  anymore    


Do  people  who  click   the  banner  come  to   the  store?  

What  was  the   customer  looking   at  before  buying   this  item?  

Many  innova2ve  retail  business  models  implicitly   rely  on  iden2fica2on  of  people  and  objects    
Objects:  ID  to  provide  interac2on   data   •  Need  a  simple  and  cheap  ID  that   enables  access  to  interacTve   content   •  InteracTve  ID  is  necessary  to   achieve  availability  of  customer   interacTon  data  comparable  with   online  shops   People:  solved   •  Have  numerous  IDs  usable  by   businesses,  incl.  social  networks   and  payment  credenTals   •  Are  willing  to  share  the  ID  in   exchange  for  perks  or   informaTon  value  


Ondřej  Zaoral  
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