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October Family Faith Packet

Topic: The Bible MEMORY VERSES: The Memory Verses are a means of reinforcing the topic of the month by memorizing a verse from the Bible that speaks to the topic of the month. Encourage your kids to return to the next Family Faith Session knowing their memory verses and they will receive a little treat (non-food) from their Catechist. The CD included has both the memory verses for the year and the Books of the Bible to help with memorization. Good Idea: Try posting the Memory Verses somewhere where the kids will see it often for example on the refrigerator

Hey Dad! Dont forget to read the Hey Dad section on the Opening Page (lower left margin) of each weeks topic, which calls out to Dad to play a special part each week!! Good Idea: Start each Family Faith Session off by lighting a candle and saying a family prayer.

Week 3: October 21st (Color: BLUE) Topic: The Four Evangelists Focus: The Books of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John 1. Read the Opening Page, which will focus on the 4 Evangelists the writers of the Gospel as being chosen by God to reveal to truth of His Son, Jesus, to others through their writings. 2. Check your supplies: This lesson will need Catechism of the Catholic Church, scissors 3. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John a. The Gospels are the Heart of Scripture i. Words and Actions of Jesus ii. Needed to write the Gospel in order to preserve the Truth of Jesus teachings and works iii. The 4 men were chosen by God to write what He wanted revealed to us 4. Saint Matthew a. Jewish Tax Collector when he met Jesus left to become one of Jesus Apostles b. Wrote to the Jewish People used Aramaic language c. Many references to Old Testament d. Begins with Jesus Family Tree i. Significant to the Jewish People because the Messiah was to descend from Abraham and King David e. Feast Day September 21st

5. Saint Mark a. Part of the first Christian community in Jerusalem as a child b. Traveled as a Missionary with Barnabas and Paul c. Helped Peter in Rome d. Never met Jesus, but learned about him from Peter i. Recorded the facts of Jesus life as heard from Peter e. Gospel of Miracles i. Writes about most of the Miracles f. Jesus as Human is portrayed in Marks Gospel i. Jesus eats, sleeps, feels compassion, anger, and grief g. Died a Martyr Feast Day is April 25th 6. Saint Luke a. Wrote to the Greeks was a Greek Doctor b. Told the story of Jesus from beginning to end c. Written like a research paper d. Used eyewitness sources e. Became Christian through St. Paul became a missionary with him f. Died a Martyr Feast Day is October 18th g. Most touching and beautiful book ever written i. Luke wrote with Joy about Our Lord h. Luke wrote 7 different times about Jesus praying i. Luke wrote about the significant women in Jesus life 7. Saint John a. John had read the 3 previous Gospels before writing his b. Focuses on Jesus ministry in Jerusalem c. Longer teachings and mysteries of our Faith d. John was an original follower of John the Baptist and then of Jesus e. John was with Jesus at His crucifixion f. Feast Day is December 27th

Activity: Whos Who in the Gospels Sorting facts (just gone over) into the appropriate Gospel.