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NO. 7




Nadi Amsa 2 - Vadhnavi

Vaishnavamsa is the 2nd in movable sign (0:12 to 0:24), the 149th in a fixed sign (29:36 to 29:48) and 7th (15:12 to 15:24) in a common sign. One born in this Amsa is a Brahmin and a devotee of Vishnu. He takes birth in his fathers house. He has a magnetic personality and attractive eyes. His place of birth is near an ocean, a city predominantly populated by non-Hindus (mlechenakrantsya pattane). His father is good-natured and a businessman. The father has middle longevity. The mother is a lady of great character bringing luck to the father. His maternal relations are also prosperous. The native is the youngest (of the twins) and the last issue. He has two sisters and two brothers. Of medium build and fair complexion, the native also has middle life. All organs are well developed but he has a tendency for corpulence. Sweet-tongued and mild-natured, he is highly learned in the scriptures. He possesses deep philosophical knowledge. Following the ancient precepts of life, he lives in a different country. He has two marriages and sons and daughters. He graces the court of a king (legislative assembly or parliament in modern parlance). He is wealthy, clever speaker, skillful and sociable. He is always honoured by the King of Karnataka (Karnatasya maheepala poojyamanaischa sarvada). He adorns himself with the insignia of a Guru. Righteously inclined, he has the comforts of a King. His rise in life is after the 25th year. His parents pass away in his 30th year. In his 26th year, he gets the first issue. His wife dies in confinement. He again marries due to the persuasion of his friends. His second wife is very beautiful. Sons born to the second wife become prosperous. After 40, he is honoured by the rulers. He becomes a sanyasi (ascetic) in his 55th year. He has a number of disciples and becomes the head of a Math or religious center and is surrounded by all the paraphernalia of a religious order. Always immersed in Vishnudhyana (devotion to God) he develops real detachment. He expounds the real meaning of the Vedas and Sastras and spends his time in penance and meditation. He is always visited and respected by kings and political high-ups. He develops real Atmagnana (Self Knowledge). In the 65th year he falls seriously ill. Uttering the name of Vishnu he departs from the world. The above results pertain to Vaishnavyamsa. The following results are given in an annexure when the birth is in the 2nd part of this Amsa. The duration of the entire part being 12 seconds of arc of time, the seconds half refers to time interval of 24 seconds. He is the 5th issue and the eldest sister alone is surviving. He is deprived of happiness due from his parents early in life. Highly learned in astrology, he is ever expounding the subject for the benefit of the people.

Travels widely in different parts of the world and befriends kings of different countries. He earns considerable wealth. He gets married at 18 but will have two wives. He acquires landed properties and is financially very well off. He is a profile writer and is honoured in assemblies. His mother dies in his 30th year. Endowed with children he lives in a foreign place. Honoured by rulers he leads a happy life. His father dies in his 42nd year. He passes away in his 67th year. If the birth happens to be in Taurus Lagna (Ascendant) and the Moon is in Mrigasira or Aridra, parents prospers in the Dasa of Mars. The native suffers from a mild stroke of Balarishta. All his brothers and sisters are born in Rahu Dasa and the fathers family prospers. His education progresses and marriage takes place. In the Dasa of the 3rd Nakshatra (Jupiter) and in the Bhukti of the lord of the 8 th, parents death takes place. In the 3rd part of Jupiter Dasa, he will live in a far-off place. There he prospers due to the friendship of political high-ups. Liked by the rulers, considerable prosperity attends on him. A brother dies while travelling in the Bhukti of the Moon. In Saturn Dasa in his 36th year, considerable wealth is amassed. In the Dasa of Mercury (in his 55th year), the person becomes an ascetic. Honoured by kings and held in reverence by the populace he is heading for Self-realisation. His fame spreads as Yatiswara from the southern most part of the country upto the Ganga. In the Dasa of the Pratyak Tara (Mars) in his 65th year, he passes away. After death he attains salvation. When the birth is in Aridra, marriage takes place in the 24th year in the major period of Jupiter. Birth being in Vaishnavamsa, different results are suggested for different birth stars. END