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What food do you find disgusting?

(verb) disgusts: makes you feel sick (very strong)
I cant believe the president slept with his secretary. Thats terrible.
His actions ___________________________________________
I _______________________________________________________
The man killed his whole family. Thats so disturbing.
The ______________________________________________________
(verb) repulse: to disgust
His actions were mean, disgusting, and hurtful.
His _____________________________________________________________________________
I ________________________________________________________________________________
His actions were ______________________(adj)
You, good sir, make me sick
You _____________________________________________________________________________
You are ______________________________(adj)
(adj) gross: disgusting
(phrasal verb) grosses Y out
I find fish eggs disgusting. I cant even look at them.
Fish _______________________________________________________
I __________________________________________________________
Fish ____________________________________________(adj)
I cant watch the last scene in Saw. Its so gross.
The ________________________________________________________
I ___________________________________________________________

(adj) sickening: gross/disgusting

(slang) adj: Nasty: gross in a funny way
Example: Your friend shows you a zit on his butt. It is huge.
Your reaction: Oh man, thats nasty. Put it away, put it away!
Tell me about a situation, in which you might say, thats nasty
Makes me nauseous

(Adj) nauseous: feel dizzy and like you will throw up

I felt dizzy and sick after the roller coaster ride
I _________________________________________________________________
The ride ______________me __________________ nauseous
Grammar Note:
X makes Y (adjective) = Something causes Someone to be this adj
That food smells good. Now I feel hungry.
That ________________________________________________________
That news was depressing. Now Im depressed.
That _________________________________________________________
Im sure I will be angry if I meet Jack.
Im sure that Jack ______________________________________________
That food was rotten. Now I feel sick.
That _________________________________________________________
(adj) Rotten: spoiled/not able to eat anymore
Dont drink that milk. I bought it three months ago.
Dont ________________________________________________________________________
I went to the supermarket and most of their fruit was really old and you couldnt eat it.
I ____________________________________________________________________________
Create 5 sentences using X makes me (adj)

X made Y (verb): Y did not want to verb. X had power. X forced/caused Y to verb.
I ate rotten fish. I threw up.

X ________________________________________________________
My father wanted me to go to law school. I didnt want to, but I went.
My _______________________________________________________
I _________________________________________________________
The restaurant stunk. I felt nauseous.
The _______________________________________________________
I __________________________________________________________
Create 5 sentences using X makes me verb
X keeps Y (adjective): something causes Y to continue
Ive been married to my wife for two years. I am happy most of the time.
My wife ________________________________________________
My boss gave me a job two years ago. Without him, I would be unemployed.
My boss ________________________________________________
I wear a jacket in the winter, because _____________________________
When Im about to be stressed out, I smoke a cigarette, because it _______________________
Give me 3 sentences using X keeps me adj
X Makes me want to puke
(verb (slang) puke: throw up
I threw up after I smelt the dog poo
The _______________made ____________________________
X Makes me gag
(verb) gag: the movement your make before you throw up
The room smelt like vomit, I started _____________________________________
When I saw fly in my soup, I _____________________________________________
Review: Put the words in the correct order








Grosses me


I see



Amount of

Made me



Want to


On the carpet





My teacher


Two hours

Made me



My unhealthy






(noun)Obesity: the act of being too fat

(adj) obese: very fat
My dad is 200 kilos
My ____________________________________________________________
My dad has a problem with ________________________________________
Fast food restaurants often make people fat
Fast __________________________________cause _____________________(noun)
When I was a child, I was very fat
When __________________________________________________________
What do you think is the main reason for obesity?
What adverb can go before obese if the person is so obese that they could die? _________________
Fill in the blanks:




1. When I found out I ate horse, it __________me want to puke

2. That scar is _______________. You shouldnt show people.
3. For the last ten years, my doctor has ___________ me healthy


4. After he threw up, it was my job to clean up the __________________.

5. Because of all the fast food, ______________ is becoming a serious problem in America.
6. The restaurant served ________________food and it made many people sick.
7. When I was cleaning up the room in the love hotel, there were a whole bunch of used condoms.
It made me ____________ and I almost puked.
8. Everything about the hospital ____________me out. Thats why I cant go there.
9. He is ______________ obese. He might die unless he goes on a diet.
10. I was ________________ by his actions; he should be ashamed of himself.
What job would gross you out? Why?
When was the last time you puked/vomited/threw up? What was the reason?
What do you think is the main reason for someone being obese?
What people in the world disgust you? Why?
If you eat rotten food, what sickness do you get? Food __________________________.
Describing disgusting/disturbing people:
(verb)Experiment with: try something to see how it is
A lot of teenagers try drugs to see what its like
A ________________________________________________________________________
The doctor tried a new procedure on the patient
The _____________________________________________________________________
What is the adjective for experiment? ______________________________________
The _____________________________________________________________(adj)
(verb) Experiments on: do tests on something
Many drug firms test their drugs on monkeys
Many _________________________________________________________________
Some shampoo companies try their shampoo on rabbits to see if its safe
Some __________________________________________________________________

(noun)Dungeon: a dark, windowless room often used to hold prisoner

Fredrick always talks ________ doing strange experiments _____ animals. He______ a dungeon in the
basement ____ his house. Nobody knows _______ goes on down there
How does Fredrick make you feel?
How would you describe Frederick?
(noun) creep: a strange person that makes you feel uncomfortable (usually a man)
What is the adjective for creep? __________________________
Here are some pictures of creepy-looking guys:

Which guy do you think looks like the biggest creep.

Franklin Frost Jr. Franklin _____ a little _____ strange. He often goes around _____ only a coat and
shows people his private parts. He _____ been arrested six times in his life
How would you describe Franklin?
What noun could describe Franklin?
(noun) pervert: a person who is strange in a sexual way
A pervert is _____________________(adj).
Grammar Point:
With linking verbs, we can say, (subject) + (linking verb)+ (adjective). For example,
It tastes good/It looks strange/It feels nice/It sounds awesome/It smells different
The above verbs can be called linking verbs, because they can link the subject to an adjective.
You can turn the linking verb and adjective into a new adjective. For example:
The food tastes good = It is good tasting food

The garbage smells weird = It ____________________________________________

The crowd sounds excited = It ___________________________________________
The man looks strange = He _____________________________________________
The food looks nasty = It _________________________________________________
The car looks old = It ___________________________________________________
The food tastes rotten = It _________________________________________________
The boy looks creepy = He _________________________________________________
The woman looks beautiful = She ____________________________________________
Sometimes this function is used without linking verbs, for example:
The job pays well = It is a well/high-paying job
He works hard = he is a hard-working man
She drinks a lot = she is a heavy-drinking woman
She smokes a lot = she ______________________________________
The labor is hard: It is ______-breaking _________________________
He is a good salesman: He is a ______-talking salesman

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate term:





Oh sickthat wart is _______________. You should go to the doctor to burn it off.

Blood ____________ me out. I cant look at it for more than one minute, or I will ____________.
Blood ____________me want to throw up. I find it _____________________.
In the middle ages, prisoners were kept in a __________________. Sometimes, they were let out and
had to do _________-breaking labor.
Musicians often _________________with new instruments to try and get a new sound.
That man is so ________________. He follows girls around and makes __________ noises.
It is a ________- paying job, so I think you should accept it.
Hes not_________________ _______________, just a little chubby.
The hospital is paying me; the doctors do ______________ on me and I receive money.
I was _____________ the whole time I was in the meat-packing plant. I was so close to __________ up.

Tell me 5 different ways, you can say, that food is disgusting.
What is the word for a person who is involved in deviant sexual behavior?
Give me two sentences using keep? make?
What are two more word for the verb throw up? ________________________