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, exit a classy restaurant to a busy Gotham sidewalk. Bruce: “The chocolate cake was awesome!” Martha (laughing): Just keep your promise that you’ll be able to sleep tonight.” Thomas: “How about a walk to burn off that feast?” Bruce (excited): “Yeah let’s do it.” Martha: “It’s getting late Thomas.” Thomas: “Just a quick one. It’ll be fine.” Gotham’s prized family takes a harmless stroll taking in the sights. As they turn the street corner, a sidewalk clown show is performing for a small crowd. The clown’s face paint resembles a gothic look compared to traditional circus clowns. In fear, Bruce grabs his mother’s hand tight, hiding behind his father. Thomas: “What’s wrong Bruce?” Bruce: “Please, can we go another way?” Martha: “Don’t be scared they won’t hurt you.” One of the clowns comes toward the scared Bruce. The clowns face slightly resembles the Joker’s along with a psychotic laugh. Terrified beyond measure, Bruce runs off into a dark alley. Martha runs after him: “Bruce stop, comeback!” EXT: DARK ALLEY (CONTINUOUS) Martha finally catches up to her teary eyed son. Martha: “It’s ok the clown is not going to hurt you.” Thomas catches up with his family
Return of the Knight 1

Thomas: “Bruce you can’t run away from us like that. You could get hurt.” Footsteps begin to emerge from deep in the alley. Thomas: “We should go.” Thomas begins to escort his family out but is cutoff by a scruffy JOE CHILL and another thug. Chill: “No reason to leave. We don’t mind company.” Thomas turns the other way to see 2 more thugs blocking the other exit. Thug 2: “We got ourselves a Thomas Wayne here. Finally decide to see how the other side lives?” Thomas: “I don’t want any trouble fellows.” Thug 3: “No one ever does.” Bruce and Martha let out a violet scream as they are grabbed from behind with guns put to their heads. Thomas: “Please!” Thomas throws his wallet on the ground. Thomas: “Take it all. Please just don’t hurt my family.” Chill picks up the wallet opening it. Chill: “Two hundred dollars. Didn’t people tell you not to carry large amounts of cash? You could get robbed.” Thug 2: “Your wife and son only worth two hundred? Mr. Wayne you’ve gotten cheap on us.” Thomas: “What do you want?! I’ll do anything!” After a moment of pausing, Chill lands a punch knocking Thomas to the ground. Martha and Bruce scream and cry in fear. Chill: “How about I do something for you. I’ll let you know how it feels to have nothing. To wish for hope that’ll never come.”

Return of the Knight 2

Chill nods his head and the Thug holding a gun to Martha’s head pulls the trigger killing her. Thomas: “Nooooo” Chill: “That’s right it hurts to lose everything, but don’t worry. You won’t feel it long Wayne. Because it’s your son that will lose it all.” Chill shoots Thomas Wayne killing him then walks over to the terrified Bruce. Chill: “It’s a tough world kid. Good luck.” The thugs leave Bruce alone with his dead parents. Bruce senses someone else is present. He looks into the shadows and see’s a large dark figure emerges into the light BATMAN. The fear and terror climaxes in Bruce’s eyes. Batman grabs Bruce around the throat lifting him off the ground. Bruce struggles to breath. Batman’s menacing voices echoes in the alley Batman: “All this is because you were afraid.” INT: DUNGEON CELL Adult Bruce EXPLODES from the nightmare as if taking his first breath. Bruce SCREAMS in PAIN and AGONY. The mysterious dark room is dimly lit by rows of candles along the walls. A pair of hands caresses Bruce’s head. The person begins to say a prayer, in a Middle Eastern dialect, that slowly calms Bruce into a silent state. EXT: INDIA COUNTRYSIDE-DAY An electric passenger train speeds down the tracks amongst the beautiful Indian landscape.

INT: FIRST CLASS PASSENGER CAR Attendants care for guests with various snacks and entertainment while security personnel check passenger tickets.
Return of the Knight 3

At a booth sits a middle-aged, Indian business man MALIK wearing a grey suit sipping on a drink. A security guard walks up. Security guard: “Ticket please.” Malik takes his attention from the newspaper. Malik: “Certainly” Malik hands his ticket to the security guard who quickly scans and hands it back. Security guard: “Enjoy your trip Mr. Malik.” Malik pulls out a pocket watch noticing it is five minutes past the hour. His jaw tightens has he tosses the watch on the table in disgust. Across the aisle a voice speaks to Malik Cobblepot: “It would pay you well to recognize my interest fall far from your instrument of time and closer to your instrument of satisfaction.” Malik turns to see a man, wearing a black suit, reading a newspaper. The man lowers the paper revealing him to be OSWALD COBBLEPOT. Malik: “I presume you are the one they call the Penguin?” Cobblepot pulls a cigar from his jacket lighting it. Cobblepot gestures to the seat across from him. Cobblepot: “Sit” Malik follows Cobblepot’s request. Cobblepot: “I can go by many names. Cobblepot will do.” Malik: “So Mr. Cobblepot, what brings you to India?” Cobblepot: The question is not what I’m after but what you brought.” Malik’s face remains at uncertainty Cobblepot: “Was your mining successful?”
Return of the Knight 4

Malik smiles: “The mysterious backer reveals himself. I have to admit Mr. Cobblepot I made many assumptions but never considered you.” Cobblepot: “Anonymity is a powerful tool in this line of work.” Malik: “Very true. Did you bring payment?” Cobblepot: “He’s here but first I want to see what you found.” Malik: “Bring him here.” Cobblepot gets a smirk on his face: “Ok” Cobblepot signals to one of the security guards. The guard acknowledges. Security guard: “Ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention. Will you please rise from your seats and make your way to the dining cart for exclusive refreshments and entertainment.” Malik, impressed, watches the passengers slowly make their way out of the car. Malik: “Impressive, I see you live up to your reputation.” A door opens and three armed henchmen enter escorting a large muscular man, 6ft 6inches 300 lbs, wearing a hooded jacket covering his face, wrist bound behind his body. Malik: “You managed to capture the beast.” Cobblepot: “Now did you find anything in those mountains?” Malik: “Before we continue do you understand the nature of what you asked of me?” Cobblepot: “I asked you do something for me and in return I did something for you. Nothing else needs to be discussed.” Malik: “GX7 carries a very mystical story Mr. Cobblepot. Ancients claim that it was not merely found but given as a gift by the gods.” Cobblepot: “I’m not interested in stories that come from cave paintings.”
Return of the Knight 5

Malik nervously restless: “We searched day and night but it simply was not there.” Cobblepot: “Are you trying to say after I funded one of the largest mining expeditions in three decades giving you the best equipment available that you didn’t find any trace of it?” Malik: “This is not a simple rock you can dig from the ground. It has abilities far beyond what man can comprehend.” The anger in Cobblepot’s eyes fall from a climax to a calmer expression. Cobblepot: “Tell me Mr. Malik why did you want this man captured?” Cobblepot gestures toward the prisoner. Malik eye’s show a hint of fear. Malik: “He has terrorized my country for years. Destroyed nearly everything my family worked so hard to build. The blood of my family stains his hands.” Cobblepot smiles knocking the ash from his cigar. Cobblepot: “Interesting, he told me of the genocide you committed on Santa Prisca villages. He told me your family bleeds of corruption and preys on the weak. You’re a man blinded by your own desire for world domination, but what I realized is that we’re a lot alike.” As Cobblepot finishes the last syllable the prisoner’s hood is removed revealing the man to be BANE. Bane easily pulls his bound hands apart. Malik’s eyes poor of fear. Cobblepot: “I’m gonna ask you one more time. Where is GX7?!” CUT TO: From under the table Malik casually presses a button on his watch. INT: STORAGE CAR (CONTINUOUS)

Return of the Knight 6

An armed man notices the signal beeping on his com. The armed man turns toward a dozen more armed men giving the signal to proceed. INT: FIRST CLASS CAR (CONTINUOUS) Malik: “You cannot intimidate me with your tactics.” The door blasts open with gun fire. Cobblepot ducks behind another seat. Bane pulls two hand guns from his back pockets firing on the men while the henchmen do the same. The car has now turned into a warzone as gun fire peppers the windows, seats, and walls. CUT TO: Malik attempts to make an escape out of the car but is met by two more henchmen who knock him to the ground. CUT TO: Bane charges through Malik’s men. With a series of punches and overpowering moves the dozen men all meet their deaths. CUT TO: Cobblepot picks the bleeding Malik up from the floor slamming him against the wall. Malik: “This train is filled with my men. There is no escape.” A large explosion shakes the train nearly derailing it. Cobblepot: “This train has one less car now. You may have your men but I’ve got C4 synchronized to blow every sixty seconds. Either you tell me what you’ve done with GX7 or you die.” Malik: “I’ve told you it cannot be found. I do not fear death. I’ve made my peace, have you?”

Return of the Knight 7

Sirens and alarms flash as engineers brace from the explosions impact. INT: FIRST CLASS CAR (CONTINUOUS) Cobblepot: “Two cars left.” Malik: “Are you willing to die with me?” Cobblepot: “Who said anything about me dying?” EXT: TRAIN (CONTINOUS) A helicopter begins to make an approach toward the first class car. The next train car explodes. INT: FIRST CLASS CAR (CONTINUOUS) Bane tosses an M4 explosive onto the ceiling blowing an opening. EXT: TRAIN (CONTINUOUS) The helicopter centers over the opening dropping down a latter. INT: FIRST CLASS CAR (CONTINUOUS) The latter falls to the floor, Bane and the henchmen climb on. Cobblepot: “Last chance” Malik: “You will never know what it is to have true power.” Cobblepot: “Suit yourself.” He drops the beaten Malik to the floor. Cobblepot walks to the latter attaching himself to it and begins to be retracted up toward the chopper. EXT: HELICOPTER (CONTINUOUS) Cobblepot is assisted into the chopper by his henchmen as the next train car goes up in flames. INT: HELICOPTER (CONTINUOUS) Cobblepot straps himself in putting on his headset. Pilot: “Where to sir?”
Return of the Knight 8

Cobblepot: “Airport” INT: FIRST CLASS CAR (CONTINOUS) Malik lies on the floor realizing his final moment is near. EXT: TRAIN (CONTINUOUS) The burning train approaches a bridge. The first class car explodes causing the train to derail off the bridge falling into the canyon. INT: DUNGEON CELL Bruce quietly opens his eyes. After a moment of gathering his thoughts he notices the stone walls surrounding him. The once dimly lit room is now filled with sunlight. He sits up on the bed’s edge and takes notice to the strange black rob that he is wearing. Cautiously he stands and begins exploring the room. At first staggering with short steps as if he had not walked in long time. Then he hears voices outside. He quickly goes to the window looking out to see dozens of men wearing black ninja suits scurrying in a court yard. Bruce notices a large wooden door near where he was laying. He pulls on the heavy door opening it. The door leads to a stone wall hallway. INT: HALLWAY (CONTINUOUS) Cautiously, Bruce makes his way down the hall while noticing antique art and furniture lining the walls. At the hall’s end another wooden door awaits. Reluctantly Bruce pulls on the heavy door opening it. The door opens to thrown room. INT: THROWN ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Sitting on the thrown is a Middle Eastern man, RA’S AL GHUL, with black facial hair on his chin riding up his jaw line to his black sideburns. Bruce notices the man’s semi muscular build and black cloak.
Return of the Knight 9

Al Ghul: “The Dark Knight lives.” Wayne: “Who are you?” Ra’s stands from the thrown making his way toward Bruce. Several men wearing ninja suits enter the room behind Bruce. Bruce takes a combat position unaware of their intentions. Al Ghul: “My name is Ra’s Al Ghul. There is no need to for that. No harm will come to you.” Bruce lowers is combat position. Wayne: “Where am I?” Al Ghul: “In the company of men sharing your passions hidden amongst the Lhotse Mountains. You are very much safe from the outside world.” Wayne: “How did I get here?” Al Ghul: “What is your last memory?” Bruce searches his thoughts for a moment. Wayne: “The airport, Lawton, Alfred. What happen to them?” Al Ghul: “Your butler and the hostages were unharmed. Lawton died with you in the airstrike. Your mind and body will be sluggish for now. You’ve been asleep for several weeks.” Wayne: “I’ve been dead?” Ra’s gets closer to Bruce putting his hand on his shoulder. Al Ghul: “Walk with me, much has changed.” EXT: CASTLE COURTYARD (CONTINUOUS) Ra’s and Bruce walk out into the open courtyard. The environment is filled with blacksmiths creating weapons and ninjas participating in simulated combat drills. Al Ghul: “I lead a secret society known has the League of Shadows. We have existed for hundreds of years with the singular goal of maintaining balance in the world, preventing large empires from gaining too much power and small empires from
Return of the Knight 10

extinction. Gotham nearly fell into that trap before you came along.” Wayne: “You mean Batman?” Al Ghul: “We watched from a far while Batman cleaned up Gotham’s streets. You made peace a reality once again as your father once did. After your death we brought you here.” Wayne: “Why here?” The two men begin to make their way up stone steps near the castle wall. Al Ghul: “These Mountains hold a power unknown to modern society. Some people refer to it as the fountain of youth others the Holy Grail. Its’ true identity is Lazarus Pit. It has the ability to resurrect the dead bringing them back into this world.” Wayne: “You used this on me?” They reach the top of the Castle’s wall gazing upon a large temple in the distance. Al Ghul: “Once I too relied on its abilities. Bringing you back is imperative to Gotham’s future. As the empire of Oswald Cobblepot grows his threat to Gotham does so equally.” Wayne: “Cobblepot? What threat does he pose that no else has?” Al Ghul: “Unlike your previous enemies Cobblepot has control of Gotham’s greatest economic resource--your company.” Wayne: “He bankrupted my company. Cobblepot’s name went down with mine after Wayne Enterprise crashed.” Al Ghul: “Mr. Wayne I believe there is something you should see.” INT: CASTLE CORRIDOR (CONTINUOUS) Ra’s leads Bruce toward a side door. He manipulates a control panel and the door slides open to a highly sophisticated control room filled with computers and monitors. INT: CONTROL ROOM (CONTINUOUS)
Return of the Knight 11

Bruce studies the room in amazement to its unexpected military surveillance equipment. Wayne: “I thought we were away from the outside world.” Al Ghul: “It is separated from us but we are not separated from it.” Ra’s manipulates a console bringing up stock charts and various media outlets displaying Cobblepot‘s success. Wayne inspects the charts and notices a glaring change. Wayne: “Oswald Enterprise? He changed the name and stocks tripled.” Ra’s manipulated another control panel turning up the volume. TV Anchor: “Oswald Enterprise, formally Wayne Enterprise, has sky rocketed to new heights since being taken over by Oswald Cobblepot. Recent military contracts and developments in an energy conservation package have increased Cobblepot’s political power making him a leading candidate as the future Mayor of Gotham City. It is only a matter of time before we see this new economic giant take his place amongst the world’s most influential people.” Ra’s manipulates the control stopping the telecast. Al Ghul: “We have already infiltrated Cobblepot’s infrastructure. Not only is he taking over Gotham’s economic and political stage, he has Gotham’s underworld at his control.” Wayne: “How bad is it?” Al Ghul: “Many of the major mob dealers have folded to his demands. He is wearing the police force thin which will soon cave without our help.” Wayne: “You plan on leading your army to Gotham. What do you want from me?” Al Ghul: “Fight with us and take Gotham back.”

Return of the Knight 12

Wayne: “I’m not interested in joining a team of mercenaries. If I agree you will walk with me following my lead. A room full of body bags won’t change anything.” Al Ghul: “Understood” EXT: GOTHAM CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT-DAY INT: CONFERENC ROOM COMISSIONER JIM GORDON, CAPTAIN MAGGIE SAWYER, INSPECTOR JASON BARD, LIEUTENANT JERRY HENNELLY, MAYOR GRANGE, and Cobblepot sit at a large meeting table. The men appear stressed with reports and area maps filling the table and bulletin boards on the walls. Sawyer: “Latest reports indicate significant increases in assault, battery, robbery, trafficking, drug trade…” Sawyer tosses the report amongst the ocean of white on the table. Sawyer (continued)” You name it we go it.” Grange: “How much is significant?” Sawyer: “seventy two percent” The air is let out of the room as everyone sighs and slumps in their seat. Grange: “Inspector Bard?” Bard: “Homicide division is in the same boat. We close one case five more open up.” Grange: “Gordon, I thought getting the likes of the Joker and Dr. Crane off the street was going make our lives easier.” Gordon: “I thought it would too but we did not account for what would happen if Batman left with them.” Grange: “So we have to clean up his mess with a patched together police force?” Gordon: “We knew this day would come but it’s not an easy transition. We’re currently working to provide Lieutenant Hennelly with the best men we can find, but it’s been difficult.”
Return of the Knight 13

Grange: “Lieutenant?” Hennelly: “My men are green and dropping like flies. These aren’t amateurs out there. They use coordinated military precision that my men are no match for.” Grange: “Do we have any idea who we’re dealing with or what they want?” Gordon: “At this time it’s unclear. Their targets range from Gotham Bank to school buses at Gotham Elementary. But we do have one commonality with the attacks.” Gordon tosses a photo of Bane on the table. Gordon: “They call him Bane. He seems to be coordinating the attacks leading us to believe he’s the brains behind it.” Grange picks up the photo getting a better look. Bard: “The name Penguin is being tossed around but we can’t even get a picture of the guy. Right now it’s just speculation.” Cobblepot laughs: “We had a bat and now a penguin. Where do we get these guys?” Grange passes Bane’s photo to Cobblepot. Grange: “Another man wearing a mask that hunts at night. Any idea who he is?” Hennelly: “No clue. We can’t get close enough for an ID. The body type alone doesn’t match the description of anyone from Arkham or Blackgate. He is extraordinarily strong with elite combat skills.” Cobblepot: “Former military?” Hennelly: “I don’t think so or atleast not ours. I’ve lost a lot of good men because of this guy.” Grange: “Prints?” Sawyer: “Nothing, these guys know what they’re doing.” Grange pauses for a moment turning to Cobblepot.
Return of the Knight 14

Grange: “Mr. Cobblepot do you think any of your military resources can lend assistance?” Cobblepot: “I believe so. If what you say is true about this Bane I know of a regiment looking for work. They can be rough around the edges but they’ll get results.” Gordon: “I’m not brining a truck full of mercenaries to Gotham.” Cobblepot: “Not mercenaries Commissioner just good soldiers.” Grange: “At this point Commissioner we’ll take whatever we can get.” Everyone stands from the table and exits the conference room to the hallway. INT: HALLWAY (CONTINUOUS) Gordon catches up the Grange as they enter the elevator together. INT: ELEVATOR (CONTINUOUS) The doors close leaving the two men alone. Gordon: “With all due respect sir I don’t feel Mr. Cobblepot is qualified or at liberty to discuss police strategy. He runs a company not the city.” Grange: “Mr. Cobblepot is an extremely powerful man that provides this city with resources we need.” Gordon: “Never the less Bruce Wayne was never granted this type of control.” Grange: “Bruce Wayne was also never a potential candidate as the next Mayor of Gotham. I’ve done all I can do for the city and it’s time for someone else to have this job.” Gordon stunned: “You’re forfeiting your second term?” Grange: “I’m trying to give Gotham its best opportunity to move onto a better place. This city is dying and I’m not gonna be so selfish to think otherwise. Keep this conversation to yourself. Gotham will know soon enough.”

Return of the Knight 15

A beep signal goes off and the elevator doors open. Grange exits. EXT: SKY-NIGHT A cargo plane flies through a stormy night with heavy rain and thunder cracking all around. INT: CARGO PLANE (CONTINUOUS) Turbulence rattles the plane’s hull which is filled with League of Shadows members. Just in front of the cargo area Ra’s and Bruce sit in the communications area. INT: CARGO PLANE COMMUNICATION AREA (CONTINUOUS) A loud crack of thunder rattles the plane. Bruce flinches to the powerful sound. Wayne: “I really think Alfred could have picked us up.” Ra’s smiles adjusting the communication frequency. Al Ghul: “Do you not trust my plane?” Wayne: “Well a metal plane in a lightning storm is not what I had in mind. I’ve already died once in this life.” Al Ghul smiles: “You are safe Mr. Wayne.” Wayne: “Back at the castle, you said you had to use Lazarus Pit before. What happened?” Al Ghul: “China and Japan were at war over South Africa. Japan was no match for the superior Chinese military and on the brink of losing. The League of Shadows intervened and China retreated. But like all wars there were casualties and I was one of them. Lazarus Pit was the only way that I could return to this world and lead this army.” Wayne looks at Ra’s in disbelief: “That war was over 500 years ago.” Al Ghul: “September 23, 1508 to be exact.” Wayne: “How have you lived so long?”
Return of the Knight 16

Al Ghul: “Lazarus Pit not only grants rebirth but immortality as well.” Wayne: “Can you never die?” Al Ghul: “Not of natural causes but my body is just as frail and weak as before. Mr. Wayne you must also understand after living 500 years death can be a reward. My time on this earth will soon be coming to an end but these men will need a leader.” Wayne: “What are you saying?” Al Ghul: “You are more to me than another man sharing a passion for justice. You are my heir. Once we reclaim Gotham you will lead these men.” EXT: OSWALD ENTERPRISE-DAY Black SUV pulls up in front of the massive building. The driver exits the car opening the rear door. A young attractive woman SUSAN WADE wearing a business suit exits the car and makes her way up the entrance steps into the front lobby. INT: FRONT LOBBY (CONTINUOUS) Wade walks through the busy lobby carrying a leather briefcase. She has black hair at shoulder length with the skin tone of a middle eastern decent. She makes her way to an elevator and enters. INT: OFFICE FLOOR (CONTINUOUS) Elevator doors open, Wade exits, and walks toward a large set of double doors that have OSWALD COBBLEPOT, CEO plated on them. Wade pushes the door open. INT: COBBLEPOT’S OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) Sitting in front of a massive window overlooking Gotham’s skyline Cobblepot reviews files at a large desk. Wade: “I have the schematics you requested. Wade speaks clear English dialect with no accent. Cobblepot does not look up from the file he is reviewing.
Return of the Knight 17

Cobblepot: “Thank you Susan just sit them on the table.” Wade walks over to a side table laying the leather case down. Wade: “Please Mr. Cobblepot, call me Sue.” Cobblepot stands from his desk and makes his way to the table. Cobblepot: “In this profession sue is not a word to be tossed around. So who wants an interview today?” Wade pulls an I-pad from her purse scanning over it. Wade: “David Wessel, from The Wall Street Journal, wants to do a piece on Oswald Enterprise. Ron Troupe, from The Daily Planet, wants to talk about our new energy conservation package, and Vikki Vale has been calling all day after an interview on your campaign.” Cobblepot pulls a tube from the leather case and unrolls the schematic to review. Cobblepot: “Wall Street yes, Daily Planet no, and tell Miss. Vale she’ll get all she needs at the party. Unless she is free for dinner.” Wade: “I’ll pass the message along. I have also taken care of the guest list for the party. Have you decided on a suit? The tailor called several times this morning.” Cobblepot’s eyes do not leave the drawings. Cobblepot: “Just go with something simple and black. I don’t think Gotham wants their mayor to dress for the prom.” Cobblepot rolls the schematics back into the tube. Wade: “Understood is there anything else Mr. Cobblepot?” Cobblepot smiles stepping closer to Wade rubs her arm. Cobblepot (flirtatious): “Feel free to ignore my desire for simple and dress for the occasion. A woman of your beauty should not hide behind simple business attire.” Cobblepot walks over to the coat rack donning his coat.
Return of the Knight 18

Cobblepot: “Other than that will you please contact Dr. Hugo Strange at Arkham. Have him meet me for dinner tonight at eight at the Lounge.” Wade: “Yes sir.” EXT: GOTHAM SHIPPING DOCKS-EVENING The large cargo plane floats a top the Gotham waters. Men work unpacking supplies from the plane into vans inside a warehouse. INT: WAREHOUSE (CONTINUOUS) Bruce arranges several items in a bag then throws it over his shoulder. Ra’s walks up handing Bruce a high-tech phone. Bruce studies the high tech device he has never seen before. Wayne: “Who knew five hundred year old mountain people were so up to date in the communication devices?” Ra’s smiles “Keeping up with the times Mr. Wayne.” Wayne: “We don’t even have these in the states.” The two begin making their way toward the exit door. Al Ghul: “We will update you after we speak to our contacts.” Wayne: “Simple enough. I’ll see what I can dig up. I’m sure the return of Batman will cause a little stir.” Al Ghul: “Are you sure you do not need a ride Mr. Wayne?” Bruce opens the door to find Alfred parked out front in white 2012 Maybach Landaulet. A cheesy smirk forms on Bruce’s face. Bruce: “I already have a ride.” Ra’s smiles: “Have a good evening Mr. Wayne.” Bruce walks toward the beautiful car. Alfred steps out of the car noticing Ra’s Al Ghul Alfred: “Interesting company you’ve been keeping.” Bruce hands Alfred his bag.
Return of the Knight 19

Wayne: “Are you jealous Alfred?” Alfred puts his arms around Bruce embracing him in a hug. A tear slides down Alfred’s check. Alfred: “I thought I had lost you Bruce.” Bruce pulls back giving Alfred a reassuring look. Wayne: “I’m glad you’re safe.” Bruce smacks Alfred on the arm. Wayne: “Now stop crying. It makes your eye lids wrinkle.” Alfred straightens up clearing his throat. Alfred: “Allergies Master Bruce. Pollen count is dreadful this time of year.” He opens the car door and Bruce enters. Alfred: “I shall warn you that in your absence I did take over the master bedroom.” Bruce looks up at Alfred, surprised. Wayne: You slept in my bed?” The car door closes. EXT: ICEBURG LOUNGE-NIGHT Well dressed upper class citizens, ranging from twenties to more elderly, roam in and out of the Lounge’s doors. A massive sign out front reads “Welcome to the World Famous Iceberg Lounge” with ice sickles hanging from the letters. Greeters stand at the entrance doors along with a valet service. INT: ICEBURG LOUNGE (CONTINUOUS) The large open room is filled with ice sculptures of various animals (one of which being a penguin), cars, planes, and people. Guests share cocktails at an ice sculpted bar while others have a meal at ice sculpted tables. Light but energetic music plays in the background. CUT TO:
Return of the Knight 20

A middle aged bald man with a beard wearing glasses and a suit DR. HUGO STRANGE enters through the door. He studies the surroundings for a moment and walks toward the cocktail bar taking a seat. The bartender walks up. Bartender: “Your drink sir?” Strange: “Water please.” The bartender hands Strange his water. Strange: “Thank you” Strange takes a sip and continues to look around. A well groomed server walks up next to him. Sever: “Dr. Strange, Mr. Cobblepot asks that you join him in his private lounge.” Strange: “Of course” Strange gets to his and follows the server. They make their way through the busy Lounge toward an elevator. The server manipulates the controls, the door opens, and they enter. INT: PRIVATE LOUNGE (CONTINUOUS) The room, quiet and private, is total opposite of the Lounge area. Light classical music plays in the background while Cobblepot sits at a long half moon leather couch watching a large TV. A large penguin ice sculpture sits at the room’s center. At the rooms back the elevator doors open, Strange and the server exit. Cobblepot stands and turns toward them walking over to greet him. Cobblepot: “Ah Doctor, so glad you could join me this evening.” Strange: “I never turn down good food Oswald.” Cobblepot gestures toward a table for two with steak dinners awaiting.
Return of the Knight 21

Cobblepot: “Please sit” The two men take their seats. Strange manipulates a butter knife buttering is bread. Strange: “How is the campaign shaping up?” Cobblepot pours the Doctor and himself a drink. Cobblepot: “Very well, I’m hosting a dinner party in a few days to butter up Gotham’s media and everyone with heavy pockets. Hopefully that’ll put the nail in the coffin and get people to the polls. You should come.” Strange: “I don’t see a reason why I wouldn’t be able to. How is your other campaign coming?” Cobblepot: “I received the schematics earlier today. We’re on schedule to have it completed on time.” Cobblepot stands, walks over to a picture on the wall, pulls it back revealing a safe. After manipulating the combination it opens and he pulls out the schematic tubing Wade had delivered. Cobblepot: “However I have a new problem.” Cobblepot hands Strange the schematics of what resembles a water tank. Strange reviews it for a moment. Strange: “And what might that be?” Cobblepot: “GX7” Strange’s face forms a sinister smile Strange: “The crown jewel of Lazarus Pit.” Cobblepot: “Malik searched for three months in the Arabian Mountains and did not find any traces of it. What do you know about it?” Strange: “Ra’s Al Ghul controls that part of the world. If Malik did not find GX7 then the stories are true.” Cobblepot: “What stories?”

Return of the Knight 22

Strange: “GX7’s comes from Nanog plants that are indigenous to those mountains only. The actual name GX7 was coined by Ra’s himself to throw explores, like yourself, off the trail. After Ra’s used the pit on himself he had every Nanog plant destroyed to prevent anyone else from creating their own Lazarus Pit. Another way the League of Shadows maintains balance in the world I suppose.” Cobblepot: “Or keeps the power all to itself. So if GX7 is extinct how do I get it?” Strange: “You would have to get it from Ra’s himself, his blood. In order not to age the drug would have to be constantly recycling itself in his body. If you were able to get a sample of his blood you could extract it directly.” Cobblepot gets an evil smirk on his face. Cobblepot: “How convenient.” Strange: “I don’t understand?” Cobblepot focuses back on Strange reaching into his jacket. Cobblepot: “No need Doctor you have been more than enough help.” BANG a gun goes off but the sound muffled from a silencer. Strange grabs his stomach in pain and looks at his blood stained hand. Cobblepot: “It’s just good business.” Strange: “What are you doing? You got your company, Lawton got rid of Batman, and you have control. I held up my end of the deal.” Strange falls out of his chair to the floor. Cobblepot squats down to Strange’s level. Cobblepot: “Oh you did Doctor. Consider this tying up loose ends.” Cobblepot shoots Strange a second time killing him. Cobblepot stands up placing the gun back into his jacket. Bane enters the room.
Return of the Knight 23

Cobblepot: “You may dispose of our guest now. Have the boys dump him in the river.” Bane picks Strange’s body and exits a rear door. EXT: BEHIND ICEBURG LOUNGE (CONTINUOUS) Sitting in the secluded empty area is a van with the back doors open. Two armed men stand outside the van waiting. Bane walks up to the van tossing Strange’s body into the back and shuts the doors. Bane: “Toss him in the river, and keep it quiet this time.” Driver: “Yes sir” EXT: ADJACENT ROOF TOP (CONTINUOUS) A person dressed in a black ninja outfit stands on the roof top. The face is covered with a scarf except for the eyes which combined with the figure appear to be a woman TALIA AL GHUL. EXT: BEHIND ICEBURG LOUNGE (CONTINUOUS) Bane watches as the van drives off and then looks around for onlookers. After clearing the area he makes his way into an alley beside the Lounge. INT: ALLEY (CONTINUOUS) In the alley Bane meets Talia. Talia: “Bruce Wayne and my father have arrived.” Bane: “Good, the plan is working.” INT: WAYNE MANOR HALLWAY Bruce and Alfred walk at a slowed pace. Wayne: “Were there a lot of questions?” Alfred: “I’d say so Master Wayne but luckily I was able to defer your absence to the fact you had just lost Wayne Enterprise and needed fresh air.” Wayne smiles: “That did play in our favor”
Return of the Knight 24

They enter the library. INT: LIBRARY (CONTINUOUS) Alfred: “Not to mention Gotham had just blown up its’ airport in the largest hostage situation in our history.” Bruce walks over to a mammoth book case. One by one he pulls six books slightly from their resting positions on the shelf. After a moment’s pause the six books in unison pop back into place and the book case slides open revealing an old mining elevator. Wayne: “Bigger than the one Dent and Nigma pulled down in the subway station?” The two men enter the elevator. INT: MINING ELEVATOR Alfred: “Much bigger.” Elevator doors close. INT: DARKNESS The elevator door opens. Light from the shaft dimly shines providing minimal visibility. Bruce manipulates a control panel and the darkness lights up revealing a massive cave THE BAT CAVE. Wayne: “Surprised you didn’t rearrange the place.” Alfred: “I’ve never shared your fondness of bats and dark places.” Wayne: “If you’d try untucking your shirt every once in awhile you might enjoy it.” They pass through a stone walk way into the open cave. INT: BATCAVE The two walk up a set of stairs onto a platform walkway. The walkway leads to a central hub where a large computer console sits.

Return of the Knight 25

Alfred: “I presume in time you’ll share with me who your friend at the dock is and how you managed to rise from the dead to return to Gotham.” Bruce sits at the computer manipulating the console. The screen flashes. CUT TO: TUMBLER platform lights up with fog lights. CUT TO: BATPOD platform lights up. CUT TO: Bruce manipulates the console again. Wayne: “His name is Ra’s Al Ghul.” Alfred: “I guess a little diversity never hurt anyone.” Computer screen continues to shift from satellite images and maps. Wayne: “He’s the head of a secret organization the League of Shadows. They’ve somehow been working behind the scenes keeping the world in check and Gotham is their new interest.” Alfred: “Are you sure they’re not a terrorist organization?” Bruce manipulates the console “no matches found” flash on the screen. Wayne: “I’m not sure but whatever they are they’ve managed to keep themselves a secret. Right now they’re my ticket back to Gotham. Their insight in Cobblepot’s camp can atleast slow him down while I figure out what to do.” Alfred: “I’m still waiting for the explanation that brought you back from the dead.” Wayne: “Lazarus Pit, another one of the League’s mysterious ways.”

Return of the Knight 26

Alfred: “A secret organization of witch doctors in Gotham. As if we didn’t need any more of the inspired.” Bruce manipulates the consol and a GPS location of Gotham flashes on screen with a signal location. Wayne: “He may be inspired but I can watch him.” Bruce holds up the high tech phone given to him by Ra’s. Wayne: “Only one other man in Gotham has this phone making him stick out like a sore thumb. I’m not sold a five hundred year old man is ready to seize control if he wasn’t planning a war.” EXT: GOTHAM NORROWS-NIGHT The slummed down streets are littered with trash and walls painted with graffiti. Gotham’s homeless scurry the street sleeping in beds of newspapers and kept warm by dumpster fires. An unassuming car pulls up to the sidewalk. A scruffy man wearing a heavy jacket and toboggan socked on his head gets out of the driver’s seat while an attractive brunette in her mid twenties steps out of the passenger side. She wears a heavy jacket and carries a briefcase. They quickly make their way inside a rundown garage. INT: GARAGE (CONTINUOUS) Two men greet them at the garages entrance. JEROME is a firmly built black man holding an automatic rifle and ROSS an equally built white male with two pistols holstered at his side. Jerome: “Arms up.” The attractive girl and her driver hold up their arms as Ross searches them. Ross: “They’re clean.” Jerome: “Follow me.” The attractive woman and her driver lower their arms and follow Jerome through the garage passing my two black car tarps. They enter through a door into an office.
Return of the Knight 27

INT: GARAGE OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) Inside the rundown office a Russian man in his mid forties SOLOMON sits at a desk covered with neat stacks of 100 dollar bills. Jerome: “They’re here.” Solomon: “Ah, good bring them in.” The attractive girl and driver enter the office. Solomon: “Nice to see you again. I take it your boss found my proposal appealing?” Attractive girl: “The price has gone up to fifty” Solomon places a stack of bills in a money counter machine. Solomon: “I thought we agreed on twenty.” Attractive girl: “Azrael asks for a real name.” Solomon: “Penguin is the only name I’ve got. With a name such as Azrael, your boss obviously understands the importance of anonymity.” Attractive girl: “Fifty it is.” Solomon glares at the attractive girl gritting his teeth. Solomon: “Please show me briefcase.” The attractive girl places the case on the table unlocking it and opening it up to reveal several large bags of cocaine. Attractive girl: “5.8 kilos of his finest collection.” Solomon gets a large smile on his face picking up one of the bags smelling it then taking a small taste. Solomon: “This will do nicely my dear.” A close up of the attractive girl’s ear shows a small electronic wire. INT: SURVEILLANCE VAN (CONTINUOUS)
Return of the Knight 28

HARVEY BULLOCK, JAMIE HARPER, and a telecommunications tech watch and listen to the conversation between Solomon and the attractive girl. Harper: “Hang in there Barbara, almost got him.” Bullock takes a large bight from his doughnut. Bullock: “She’s good you’ll have to give her that. I still can’t her old man let her go through with this.” Harper: “You’ve seen how she is with him. I don’t think he had much choice.” INT: GARAGE OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) Barbara: “Where’s the payment?” Solomon still studying the cocaine. Solomon laughs: “Impatient darling aren’t you. I have your money.” Solomon grabs two stacks of the hundred dollar bills on this desk and tosses them at her. Barbara examines the stacks and looks back at Solomon. Barbara: “This is only twenty. I told you fifty.” INT: SURVEILLANCE VAN (CONTINUOUS) Harper: “This could get interesting.” Bullock speaks into a head set. Bullock: “Be on standby Captain.” The Captain’s voice comes back over the headset. Captain: “Copy that” INT: GARAGE OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) Solomon: “You take twenty and tell Azrael, or whatever your bosses’ name is, that he disrespects me with his petty business.” Barbara: “We had a deal.”
Return of the Knight 29

Solomon pulls a gun from his desk drawer pointing it a Barbara. Solomon: “Solomon Torres nor the Penguin will tolerate such amateur status! If he wants a name tell him to find the Penguin and ask him himself!” Solomon moves the gun away from Barbara toward her driver and pulls the trigger BANG! Barbara screams as the scruffy man falls to the floor dead.

INT: SURVEILLANCE VAN (CONTINUOUS) Bullock speaks into his headset Bullock: “Shots fired officer down! Captain you are free to engage repeat free to engage!” INT: GARAGE OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) Barbara in tears is knelt down beside her driver. Solomon tosses all his money into the briefcase with the drugs. Solomon: “It’s time to go. The girl comes with us.” Jerome grabs Barbara by the arm jerking her to her feet. She lands a punch to Jerome’s face knocking him back. Before she can land another Ross knocks her to the ground with a punch and then jerks her up. Solomon grabs the woozy Barbara by the neck. Solomon: “If you want to live I suggest you keep your hands to yourself.” They exit the office into the open garage. INT: GARAGE (CONTINUOUS) They walk toward the two black car tarps and pull them back to reveal two black Audi ABT 8s. Barbara: “Yeah you won’t attract any attention” Solomon and Ross get in car 1 while Jerome and Barbara enter car 2. The car’s engines roar as they crank up.
Return of the Knight 30

The front garage door explodes open sending dust and debris everywhere. SWAT files in with guns pointed directly at the two cars. SWAT member 1: “Freeze! Don’t move!” SWAT member 2: “Turn off the car and step out with your hands above your head.”

INT: CAR 1 Solomon: “Please take care of our guest.” Ross smiles pulling a detonator from his jacket then presses it. CUT TO: The garage floor begins to explode segment by segment taking out most of the SWAT team. The two cars squeal tires as they speed out of the garage before being caught in the explosion. EXT: NARROWS STREET (CONTINUOUS) Bullock kicks open the van’s doors as they watch the cars speed out of the garage. Bullock: “This just became as hostage situation.” Bullock reaches for his com Bullock: “Solomon has Barbara has a hostage. Two black cars traveling south on Aiken Street, requesting back up!” Harper notices several SWAT members stirring from the explosion. Harper: “We’re gonna need an ambulance too.” Bullock: “Call it in. I’m going after Barbara.” Harper: “Got it” Bullock hops in the van and speeds off. INT: COMMISSIONER GORDON’S OFFICE (CONTINUOUS)
Return of the Knight 31

An officer franticly enters. Officer: “Commissioner we have a situation.” Gordon: “Can you elaborate?” Officer: “It’s Barbara she was compromised. hostage situation.” She’s now in a

Gordon face feels with the fear of a father. He gets to his feet and bolts past the officer into the hall. INT: HALLWAY (CONTINUOUS) Gordon: “Where’s she at?” The officer quickly follows behind the nervous father. Officer: “We’re currently tracking two black cars headed out of the city. Road blocks are being set up as we speak.” Gordon: “Have my car ready.” Officer: “That’s not going to work sir.” Gordon abruptly stops turning to face the officer Gordon: “Say that again.” Officer: “The two cars have been clocked in excess of 120 miles per hour. If you’re going to catch it you’re gonna need your other car.” Gordon thinks for a moment Gordon: “Get choppers in the air and patrollers to do the best they can. Have the tech team get that car ready.” EXT: GOTHAM STREETS (CONTINUOUS) The two black sports cars speed through traffic weaving in and out around cars. From behind, led by Bullock’s surveillance van, a plethora red and blue lights chase after. They approach an intersection with the light being red. SURVEILLANCE VAN (CONTINUOUS)
Return of the Knight 32

Bullock speaks into his radio. Bullock: “This is our chance. The intersection should slow them down.” INT: CAR 1 (CONTINUOUS) Solomon: “Does the phrase threading the needle mean anything to you?” Ross smiles and shifts the gear stick and punches the gas. INT: CAR 2 (CONTINUOUS) Barbara’s face feels with dread as she realizes they are going through the intersection. Barbara: “You’re boss is gonna kill us all.” Jerome gives Barbara a menacing look and then shifts the gear stick punching the gas EXT: GOTHAM STREET INTERSECTION (CONTINUOUS) The two cars approach as a semi-truck is passing through. Car 1 J breaks squealing tires pivoting around the truck’s back tires making it through to the other side. Car 2 J breaks turning to the side drifting under the truck’s trailer. The wave of police cars attempt to make it through the intersection but many of the cars are t-boned and wreck. Bullock stands on the street amongst the massive wrecks. Bullock speaking into com: “Pursuit halted at the intersection of 5th and Main from multiple motor vehicle accident. Requesting back up, suspects continuing south toward Gotham Bridge.” EXT: BUILDING ROOF TOP (CONTIUOUS) The black silhouette of BATMAN is crouched on the roof’s edge. He hears Bullock’s transmission through the police scanner built into his cowl. Batman stands from his crouched position and soars off the rooftop.
Return of the Knight 33

INT: GCPD GARAGE (CONTINUOUS) Gordon enters to several mechanics and technicians surrounding a sleek stealthy looking car. The car resembles the body of Sting Ray Corvette with black and white colors and GCPD on both doors. Gordon: “Are we ready?” Technician: “Yes sir Commissioner.” The technician opens the car door and Gordon gets in. Technician: “Good luck sir.” EXT: GOTHAM STREET (CONTINUOUS) Gordon’s stealth police car burns rubber down the street. INT: STEALTH CAR (CONTINUOUS) An internal computer system comes alive displaying a large map of Gotham. Gordon: “Barbara Gordon” Computer: “Locating Barbara Gordon.” Barbara’s ID appears on screen as the map zooms into a signal location. Computer: “Barbara Gordon located traveling south bound Sanders Avenue. Unregistered Black 2012 Audi AVT 8. One hundred twenty eight miles per hour. Estimated time of arrival seven minutes. Plotting course.” The screen flashes a GPS schematic. EXT: GOTHAM STREET (CONTINUOUS) Gordon’s stealth car makes an abrupt turn onto a side street speeding off. EXT: GOTHAM FREEWAY ENTRANCE (CONTINUOUS) A barrier of police cars block the length of the road with gunman ready. A cop speaks into his com.
Return of the Knight 34

Cop: “Roadblock is in position at the freeway entrance. No way they’re getting through here.”

INT: CAR 1 (CONTINUOUS) Solomon smiles has he hears the transmission through his com and then speaks into it. Solomon: “You copy that?” EXT: GOTHAM ROOFTOP (CONTINUOUS) A henchman on the roof answers back. Henchman: “Loud and clear. We’re in position.” The henchman turns to face several more henchmen who begin unpacking bazookas. Henchman: “It’s show time.” The henchman walks to the roof’s edge over looking the roadblock. EXT: STREET (CONTINUOUS) The two sports cars approach the massive roadblock. INT: CAR 2 (CONTINUOUS) Barbara: “So what’s your plan for this one?” Jerome smiles: “Just wait and see.” EXT: STREET (CONTINOUS) Gordon’s stealth car finally catches a visual of the two sports cars. INT: STEALTH CAR (CONTINUOUS) Gordon: “I’ve got a visual on the cars is anyone in the area?” Voice from com: “SWAT II Unit ETA 2 minutes.” EXT: STREET (CONTINUOUS)
Return of the Knight 35

The roadblock police notice the sports cars are not slowing down. Cop: “Shoot tires only. We don’t know which car the hostage is in.” As he finishes the statement a massive explosion hits the roadblock followed by another and another. EXT: ROOFTOP (CONTINUOUS) The henchmen prepare to reload the bazooka but a sword stabs one of them through the heart. The other henchmen look up to see half a dozen League of Shadows members. Henchman: “What the…” He reaches for his gun but the henchmen are no match for the elite martial art skills of the Shadows. The rooftop is quickly littered with their dead bodies. EXT: STREET (CONINUOUS) The two sports cars speed through the battered roadblock onto the freeway. INT: CAR 2 (CONTINUOUS) Jerome smiling: “Impressed?” Barbara does not respond as she lands a glaring look back. INT: STEALTH CAR (CONTINUOUS) Gordon speaking into com: “Medical team needed at road block sight. They had the drop and hit us with some kind of long range missile fire. I’m continuing pursuit!” INT: CAR 1 (CONTINUOUS) Solomon looks in the rear view mirror. Solomon: “We’re home free now!” He then notices Gordon’s car passes through the fiery debris. Solomon: “There’s always one that just won’t quit.”
Return of the Knight 36

He grabs his com Solomon: “Bridge team we’ve got one car we can’t shake. Light him up when we come by.” EXT: FREEWAY (CONTINUOUS) Gordon’s car closes in on the two sports cars. INT: STEALTH CAR (CONTINUOUS) Gordon sticks his gun out the window and attempts to aim but is unable to get a clear shot. Frustrated he reaches for his com. Gordon: “Where’s by backup?!” Voice from the com: “We’ve got a chopper team headed for the bridge.” Gordon: “Hurry up because I’m not firing at my daughter.” EXT: BRIGE OVERPASS (CONTINUOUS) A group of henchmen, carrying sniper rifles, position themselves upon the puzzle of steel and cables. EXT: FREEWAY (CONTINUOUS) The two sports cars dip and dodge through traffic with the bridge’s overpass in their sites. EXT: BRIDGE (CONTINUOUS) From the opposite side of the bridge the TUMBLER speeds head on towards the sports cars. INT: TUMBLER (CONTINUOUS) Batman manipulates a key pad that scans the bridge’s overpass revealing outlines of the henchmen’s bodies. Batman: “Dozen henchmen on the bridge overpass with rifles.” An Arabian voice comes over the com: “Moving in now.” EXT: BRIDGE OVERPASS (CONTINOUS)

Return of the Knight 37

From behind the henchmen a group of Shadows led by Ra’s Al Ghul close in. INT: CAR 1 (CONTINUOUS) Solomon speaking into com: “We’re at the bridge. Light up that car.” EXT: BRIDGE OVERPASS (CONTINUOUS) The snipers fire several shots hitting Gordon’s car blowing out the windshield causing it to swerve. From behind Al Ghul rams his sword through the sniper followed by slicing through another. As before the Shadows make quick work of the henchmen. EXT: BRIDGE (CONTINUOUS) As Car 1 passes over the bridge one of the henchmen lands on the car’s windshield. Ross tries to maintain control but crashes into the concrete barrier. INT: CAR 2 (CONTINUOUS) Barbara uses the distraction landing a strong punch to Jerome’s throat disorienting him. He fights back with a punch that she dodges and slams his head against the stirring wheel causing the car to crash against the concrete barrier. EXT: BRIDGE (CONTINUOUS) Ross and Solomon crawl out of the mangled car. Ross unholsters his guns searching the area. He turns around to meet Batman face to face. Batman lands a punch to his gut and then slams him into the car. Solomon attempts to run but Batman entangles his legs, with a grapple gun, dropping him to the ground. CUT TO: Jerome makes his way out of the car wiping the broken glass from his cloths. From behind Barbara grabs his arm twisting it behind him pushing him against the car. Barbara: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say…”
Return of the Knight 38

Jerome: “You’re a cop?” Barbara: “Undercover to be exact. Now shut up.” Jerome reverse head butts Barbara busting her nose. He turns to land a punch. BANG a gun goes off and Jerome reaches for his leg where he was shot. Barbara turns to see her terrified father lower his pistol. She turns back toward Jerome lying on the ground in pain. Jerome: “My leg!” Barbara wipes the blood from her nose and lands a strong kick to his side. Barbara: “Now it’s your ribs.” Gordon runs over to Barbara embracing her with a large hug. Gordon: “Are you ok?” Barbara: “I’m fine.” CUT TO: Solomon slowly makes his way back to his feet. Al Ghul walks over landing a punch to his face knocking him to his knees. Solomon: “Who are you?” Ra’s: “A messenger of justice.” Al Ghul raises his sword and swings it towards Solomon’s head but it is blocked by Batman’s spike wrist brace. Batman: “He lives. He may have answers.” EXT: BRIDGE (CONTINUOUS) Several police helicopters shine lights over the wrecked sports cars as the second unit SWAT team arrives. There is no sign of Batman or Ra’s al Ghul. INT: PRIVATE LOUNGE Cobblepot sits in a chair stirring a cup of tea.
Return of the Knight 39

Cobblepot: “Are you sure it was him?” Bane: “He had help from Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Shadows. They have Solomon in custody.” Cobblepot: “Ah quite a homecoming for you with the League arriving. I see Lazarus Pit was kind to Ra’s and Bruce Wayne. As far as Solomon he’s nothing more than I little worker ant waiting to be squashed.” Bane: “Shall I kill the Batman?” Cobblepot stands from his seat walking over to refreshment table. Cobblepot: “In time. I still have use for his services. A Bruce Wayne appearance could be just the attraction for the campaign party.” Bane: “The police are running slow. We only suffered causalities from the League.” Cobblepot places a sugar cube in his cup. Cobblepot: “They will break soon. Batman cannot save them now it would take years to replenish their force especially with the bomb Grange is about to drop on them.” INT: MAYOR GRANGE’S OFFICE Gordon: “You’re cutting the budget! Do have any idea how many men we’ll have to lay off?” Grange: “If your men could keep atleast half the cities’ buildings upright we wouldn’t have this problem not to mention the amount of cops killed on the job. Personally I’m tired of consoling widows and cashing in life insurance policies.” Gordon: “Gotham won’t have anything standing if half the force is kicked to the streets. How long do you think before they become desperate, and we start posting their pictures on most wanted ads?” Grange: “Don’t give me that Jim. The Batman came back. Just piggy back off his cape for awhile.”

Return of the Knight 40

Gordon: “That’s what got us into the mess. We stood by and let him do all the work. You’re taking away any chance we have at taking this city back.” Grange: “I suggest you watch your tone or the title Commissioner will be replaced with door man. Just be glad I’m starting at the bottom of the food chain and working my way up. No one is irreplaceable and it would do you some good to remember that.” INT: BATCAVE Bruce sits at the large computer console. Solomon’s police file is on screen. Alfred walks up carrying a tray of food with an envelope. Alfred sets down the tray and takes a look at the computer. Alfred: “I presume this is Gotham’s newest monster of evil?” Wayne: “He’s nobody. Just some of drug runner. Probably working with Cobblepot.” Bruce turns toward the tray taking a sip of orange juice. Alfred picks up the envelope Alfred: “While we’re on the subject of Mr. Cobblepot it appears he is requesting your presence.” Bruce opens the envelope scanning the card inside. Wayne: “It’s an invitation to his campaign party.” Alfred: “He wants to mend old fences?” Wayne smiles: “I don’t think so but there is a plus one.” Alfred: “If you’re asking Master Wayne I will need to check my schedule first.” INT: GCPD CAFETERIA Gordon stands amongst nearly 100 of Gotham’s finest. Guilt and sadness pour from his face. Gordon: “It’s been an honor serving with all of you but Gotham’s hard times show no predigest. It is to my deepest regret that
Return of the Knight 41

you have all been let go. Mayor Grange is making budget cuts and unfortunately you are those cuts.” Hate, anger, and shock feel the crowd of faces staring at Gordon. Gordon: “Turn in your badges and firearms. You have to the end of the day to clean out your lockers.” The sound of chairs scooting feels the room as the stunned men and women stand and begin turning in their gear on a table. One by one Gordon looks each man in the eye with remorse. Bullock tosses his gun on the table and pulls his badge from his coat. Bullock: “Fifteen years Jim and I’m a budget cut, a formality.” Gordon: “It’s nothing personal Harvey and you know that.” Bullock: “Maybe you know but I don’t know what I believe anymore.” Bullock tosses his badge amongst the pile. EXT: STREET-NIGHT Amongst the traffic a GCPD car drives down the street. INT: GCPD CAR (CONTINUOUS) Barbara, from the passenger seat, has a shocked expression on her face. Barbara: “Half the force?” Gordon in the driver’s seat still has a guilty remorseful face. Gordon: “one hundred and seven” Barbara: “Can he really do that?” Gordon: “He’s the mayor; he can do anything he wants.” Barbara: “How about we hand him a gun and see how long he lasts in a shootout.” Gordon: “I’d like to see him in a shootout but leave out the gun.”
Return of the Knight 42

Barbara: “I’ve gotta get back on the job.” Gordon quickly counters: “You’re not getting back on anything right now.” Barbara snaps back: “I’m fine. I’m not dead and I was never in danger of dying. If half the force just got the ax I can’t sit around to wait on a white coat, that’s never fired a gun, to clear me.” Gordon: “You were in a hostage situation and very much in danger of dying. Protocol is one month off duty. I’m not talking to you as your father but as the police commissioner and I say no duty or I’ll have you turn in that badge with the rest.” Barbara stares at her father for a moment: “Their right.” Gordon: “Who’s right?” Barbara: “Everyone--people have been talking for weeks how you’ve changed. That Grange is turning you into his pawn. The Commissioner Gordon I know, my father, would never put his men out on the street.” Gordon: “It’s complicated.” Barbara: “Grange is paving the way for Oswald Cobblepot’s Gotham. He’s ridding the city of anyone who has a voice that can be heard.” Barbara looks out the car window at the beautiful skyline. Barbara: “We always said this was Gotham’s dark times, but pretty soon we’ll call it the good ole days.” EXT: GCPD ROOFTOP-NIGHT Barbara waits beside a lit up bat signal painting the sky. After a moment she becomes impatient cutting off the light. Barbara: “We’ll do it the hard way.”

EXT: ROOFTOP-NIGHT Batman kneels on the edge overlooking Gotham’s street.
Return of the Knight 43

Barbara: “I guess you’re not answering to lights in the sky anymore.” Batman turns to see Barbara behind him on the rooftop. Batman: “How did you find me?” Barbara holds up emissions meter. Barbara: “Using this—“ Barbara begins walking closer. Barbara (Continued): “After you made your tumbler tech available to my father I realized they share the same exhaust pattern. Since they’re the only two in Gotham I set this emissions meter to track it brining me straight to you. Don’t worry I haven’t passed it around the lunch table yet.” Batman holds out his hand. Barbara places the device in his hand. He takes a closer look. Batman: “Pretty high tech for a street cop--” Barbara: “I resent that.” Batman snaps the device in half and hands back to Barbara. Batman: “—but I like my privacy.” Barbara: “Or competition.” Batman: “Why did you come here?” Barbara: “It’s my father.” Batman: “Commissioner Gordon has always asked for what he needed.” Barbara: “This is different. Grange is forcing him to destroy everything he worked so hard to build. My father has been nothing but a saint to Gotham but he’s being made the enemy.” Batman: “It comes with the territory. Enduring as the outcast living to fight another day can be a hard lesson to learn.” Barbara: “Maybe so but that’s not a lesson he should have to learn.”
Return of the Knight 44

Batman: “What are you really here for Barbara?” Barbara: “Let me fight with you.” Batman: “You holding a badge shows you already do.” Barbara: “The force no longer respects my father. Grange forced him to lay off half the cops in Gotham. He’s alone.” Batman: “Then stand with him. My path will gain you nothing.” Barbara: “How can you say that? After everything you’ve been through with my father and this city. Gotham’s hope is branded in you. It runs through your veins.” Batman: “Gotham’s hope rest with people like your father. Poison is all that runs through my veins.” EXT: ST.FRANCIS HOTEL Outside Gotham’s finest hotel a valet parking service greet men dressed in tuxes and women in beautiful night dresses as they exit their cars. A sleek black Lamborghini Murcielago drives up. Bruce Wayne sporting a tailor made tuxedo steps out. Emerging from the passenger door is a gorgeous woman PAMELA ISLEY with dark red hair wearing a fitted green tinted dress. Pamela wraps her arm around Bruce’s to be ushered in. Bruce hands the valet driver his keys. In turn the driver hands Bruce a ticket. Valet driver: “Your ticket.” Wayne: Thank you” Flash bulbs pepper Bruce and Pamela as they pass by a media crowd surrounding the entrance. Reporters quickly ambush Bruce with questions. “What’s your opinion of Oswald Cobblepot? Do you feel betrayed? Did you agree to the name change? What are you plans?” Bruce and Pamela reach the building’s entrance. Bruce turns toward the crowd.
Return of the Knight 45

Wayne: “I’m simply here as a tax paying citizen interested seeing what kind of party Gotham’s money can buy. Thank you for your interest. Enjoy your evening.” The two turn and enter the lobby. INT: ST.FRANCIS LOBBY (CONTINUOUS) Wayne: “Sorry about that.” Isely smiles: “A lot of work just to get a picture with me.” Bruce smiles and continues escorting Pamela. INT: ST. FRANCIS PENTHOUSE (CONTINUOUS) The million dollar penthouse lives up to its reputation. The room is made up of Gotham’s finest citizens in tuxes and dinner gowns sharing Hors d’oeuvres. A large window allows a breath taking view of Gotham’s skyline. At the room’s front, red carpet steps on each side lead up to a stone platform looking out amongst the crowd. Amongst the crowd a stunning VIKKI VALE wearing a beautiful black night gown has Cobblepot attention. Vale: “Last month Gotham’s unemployment rate was the highest its been in nearly three decades. How can you create more jobs and opportunities for the people?” Cobblepot: “First I think you should review the number representing the amount of employees quitting and leaving Gotham. Oswald Enterprise and myself can rebuild Gotham providing more industry, allowing our resources to be home grown versus imported.” Vale: “If elected Mayor can Oswald Enterprise sustain increased expansion and revenue with your attention having to be divided?” Cobblepot: “Of course, it would be a mere balancing act. I have surrounded myself with an experienced trustworthy board. My first priority will be this cities’ health and bringing it back to promise.”

Return of the Knight 46

Vale: “Has it occurred to you that taking a step back and placing a company of this magnitude in the hands of a board is ultimately what caused the demise of Wayne Enterprise?” Cobblepot clenches his jaw at the boldness of the question. Cobblepot: “My dear make no mistake Bruce Wayne and I come from a much different pedigree. The company Mr. Wayne and Lucius Fox ran is a mere shadow to what Oswald Enterprise is and will become.” Vale: “Strong words Mr. Cobblepot. For one I hope that is the case. Gotham is in dire need of--” CUT TO: Elevator door opens Wayne and Isely step off. Vale’s eye goes right to Wayne. Vale: “--Bruce Wayne” Cobblepot, annoyed, turns to see a crowd beginning to form around Wayne and his guest. When he turns back toward Vale she has already made a dash toward the crowd. Cobblepot exhales a frustrated sigh. Vale walks up to the crowd of people greeting Wayne. Vale: “Well Well back from the dead I see.” Wayne smiles: “Something like that.” Vale: “Time for a few questions? Like where have you been the past month?” Wayne: “Not now Ms. Vale possibly another time.” Cobblepot walks up playing a fake smile, sticks out his hand. Cobblepot: “Bruce Wayne, extremely happy you could make it.” Bruce shakes his hand. Cobblepot takes his place beside Bruce posing with a handshake as several cameras go off. After several moments the ushers escort the photographers away. The two men relax the pose.
Return of the Knight 47

Wayne: “I’ve been doing some reading. I see the company has been expanding.” Cobblepot: “Amazing what happens when you put a little water on a dead plant. Ms. Isely of all people should know that.” Isely smiles: “You could say that.” Bruce has a puzzled look. Cobblepot: Ms. Isely was recently named project leader for a little project in Costa Rica Oswald Enterprise is funding. Their rainforest have several native plants with rare mutations that have the ability to produce stem cell like tendencies.” Isely: “We’re hoping to bring Dr. Albert Michaels from S.T.A.R. labs on board. He has several contacts with the FDA that could speed up our research.” Wayne: (sarcastically) “Harvesting stem cells from trees instead of embryos, I guess your company really can solve all the world’s problems. Hope you solve Gotham’s just as easy.” Cobblepot jaws tighten at Bruce’s cheap shot. Cobblepot: “Please enjoy your evening Bruce, Mrs. Isely.” Cobblepot walks away. Isely: “Only Bruce Wayne would insult one of the world’s most powerful men at his own party.” Wayne: “You left out the part about being Oswald’s senior plant lover.” Isely: “I prefer to keep my personal and professional lives in separate conversations.” Wayne: “What would you like to drink?” Isely smiles: “Surprise me.” As Bruce works his way through the crowd, from behind, a voice calls out his name. He turns to see the Sue Wade. Wayne: “Excuse me.”
Return of the Knight 48

Wade: “It is a pleasure to finally meet you Mr. Wayne.” Bruce gently shakes Wade’s hand. Wayne: “I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure Ms.—“ Wade: “Wade, Sue Wade, Mr. Cobblepot’s personal assistant.” Wayne: “As his assistant I’m sure you won’t take credit for organizing this event so I’ll be the first to say job well done.” Wade expresses a confident smile: “Thank you Mr. Wayne I would like to say it is an honor meeting someone with your stature. I hope there are no hard feelings with the company transition.” Wayne: “I wouldn’t be here if there were.” Wade: “Your reputation precedes you Mr. Wayne. I hope that one day we can consider ourselves partners in the business world. Enjoy your evening.” Wade slowly turns walking away holding Bruce’s gaze an extra moment. Temporarily Bruce is mesmerized by her beauty until a loud voice comes over the speakers. CUT TO: Mayor Grange stands at the podium atop the stone platform. Grange: “Good evening, I would first like to thank Mr. Cobblepot for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful night. I would like to take this moment to reflect back on the many changes that have occurred during my four years as Gotham’s mayor. I have amended twelve policies allowing for better roads, cleaner air, and industrial expansion. Gotham’s economic growth continued to steadily incline two percent annually. Over six thousand jobs were created after introducing industries such as Wingate Energies, Ace Chemicals, and S.T.A.R. Labs. Over the past months it has become evident that Gotham has fallen on difficult times. As this unexpected fall began the pressure of re-election began to mount. Will the people give me the opportunity to save their city? Do I even want to serve a second term? So many questions without answers. However a day came when I realized those questions had an answer. The answer was Oswald Cobblepot. As a politician defeat is never an option, but
Return of the Knight 49

moments do arise when we have to look at the man in the mirror and realize change is needed. Speaking from a man that has looked in that mirror I am officially removing my name for the candidacy of mayor. Though my name is off the ballot my passion and love for this city is eternal. And with that eternal passion I am putting my full support into, Gotham’s new hero, Oswald Cobblepot!” The room erupts in ovation as Cobblepot steps to the podium. Cobblepot: “Tonight I stand before not as someone in a political campaign but as a citizen of our beautiful city. Its undeniable Gotham is in need of a resurrection. Partly I place that on us. We placed our cities’ security in the hands of a masked vigilante. At the time turning to him was our greatest asset. It brought comfort and peace to our streets, but now we are searching. Searching for someone to turn to. I’m asking this city to turn to me. I will make a convenient to restore Gotham to what it was always destined to be. The greatest city on Earth!” Once again the room erupts in ovation. CUT TO: Bruce, stone faced, takes a sip from his glass. He spots Jim Gordon on the outside balcony. Bruce leans into Pamela. Wayne: “I’ll be right back.” Bruce makes his way through the applauding crowd toward the balcony.

EXT: BALCONY (CONINTUOUS) Gordon stands against the rail gazing upon the skyline. Bruce steps up to the rail several feet away from Gordon. Wayne: “Quite a speech.” Gordon: “Seems to have everyone’s attention.” Wayne: “Couldn’t keep Barbara out of your footsteps?”
Return of the Knight 50

Gordon: “She got into Harvard and Yale but traded a career with numbers and fortune for gun powder and Kevlar—but I guess you can relate.” Wayne: “Not everyone is meant for the simple life.” Gordon: “Nine years, nine years of sleepless nights and considering every possibility under the sun. In those years I never once considered the billionaire superpower of Bruce Wayne as the masked guardian risking his life every night for a city breeding the corrupt.” Wayne: “It needed to be done. There is still good in Gotham. There is still a chance to save this city.” Gordon: “I once believed that too but Grange is riding my can destroying the police force hanging the blame on me. This Cobblepot guy already has too much power with no one to regulate. Once he becomes Mayor there will be nothing stopping him from cleaning out Gotham.” Wayne: “That’s why we’re still here. Cobblepot controls all of Gotham’s crime. He’s uses Oswald Enterprise as his cover for all their moves.” Gordon: “He must be the Penguin.” Wayne: “The Penguin?” Gordon: “We’ve gotten lucky on a few phone taps and someone called the Penguin has been mentioned several times. No ID right now but it would be the perfect cover for Cobblepot.” Wayne: “I’ll look into it. Anyone else?” Gordon: “Someone called Bane. Basically a killing machine that’s tearing through our SWAT teams, and before you ask we haven’t been able to ID him either.” Gordon hands Bruce an electronic tablet displaying Bane’s picture. Wayne: “Could be Cobblepot’s man for the underground. Put a face with crime and it keeps Oswald off the suspect list.” Gordon: “What’s your plan?”
Return of the Knight 51

Wayne: “We wait. He likes spectacle and an audience. He’ll get careless and we take him down.” Gordon: “He better get careless fast or it’ll only be me and you left.” Bruce’s pocket vibrates. He pulls out the phone Ra’s gave him with message across the screen. “Swisher Tunnel” Gordon turns to look at Bruce but no one is standing there. Gordon: “Some things never change.” INT: SWISHER TUNNEL Batman: “What is it?” Batman along with Ra’s and several men stand in at the ledge of a large, square, concrete hole appearing to be 5ft deep and 15ft wide. At the tank’s head stand two large spiraling metal columns with wires running to the tank. Ra’s: “It appears to be an attempt to recreate Lazarus Pit.” Batman: “I didn’t think anyone could replicate its power.” Ra’s: “Something as ancient and sacred cannot be man made on any level, for they lack what man cannot offer.” Batman: “Then why go to the trouble?” A figure comes out of the darkness, Bane. Bane: “What they lack may not be created by man but is very much attainable by mere mortals.” Batman steps back into a defensive position. Batman: “Bane” Ra’s: “Calm yourself, he is one of us.” Batman: “Bane works for Cobblepot. He’s the one we should be fighting.” Bane: “Working for is such a misinterpreted phrase. I prefer the idea of accompanying.”
Return of the Knight 52

Ra’s: “Bane is a member of the League of Shadows. His partnership with Oswald is a necessary act in returning balance to what is rightly owed. When I explained we had infiltrated Cobblepot’s infrastructure no stone was left unturned. Even for my own daughter.” From behind Ra’s steps Sue Wade. Batman: “Sue?” Wade: “Talia, I trust you enjoyed your evening.” Batman: “What else are you not telling me Ra’s? How can I work with you if I don’t even know who you really are?” Ra’s: “Trust is nothing I have to earn from you. Remember it was I that stripped you from death’s bonds. I would not have granted you immortality for a betrayal.” Batman’s defensive tone calms down. He turns toward Bane. Batman: “You said what Cobblepot needed was still attainable. How will he do so?” Bane: “I suggest you ask the only man who can provide such resources.” Ra’s: “After the powers of Lazarus Pit were realized I made sure it’s secrets could never be found. After years of research I discovered the water replenishing the pit was highly concentrated with a mineral found in the Nanog plant. It was indigenous to our mountain ranges only. In an attempt for it not to fall into the wrong hands I made the plant extinct along with providing the false name of GX7. I mere shadow to prevent its’ true nature from realization. Now the only reminisce of the Nanog plant lies in our blood.” Batman: “Cobblepot needs one of us in order to make the pit work. We just hold out until he gets desperate and then make our move.” Talia: “Unfortunately it’s not that easy. If he becomes mayor he’ll have Gotham at his finger tips. He will manipulate the city until one of you becomes vulnerable.”
Return of the Knight 53

Batman: “Then take him tonight.” Bane: “Tomorrow” Batman: “Why wait? The election will be over and may already be mayor.” Bane: “A demonstration will take place at Ace Chemicals Warehouse. The entire following will be present.” Batman: “He’s magnifying crime to make it look like he’s cleaning up more than he really is. After the election there won’t be so much as a rap sheet out there. He’s creating a demand that only he can supply.” Ra’s: “Theatricality comes in many forms Mr. Wayne.” Batman: “We have to notify the police. That warehouse will turn into chemical bomb, polluting the city.” Talia: “It stays here. Outside these walls there’s no one we can trust.” Batman: “We can trust Gordon.” Ra’s: “The Commissioner’s loyalty has been a great asset but make no mistake even he can be broken.” The camera slowly rises into a dark loft atop the tunnel. Neatly tucked amongst the shadows Barbara Gordon uses a voice magnifying hearing aid to listen to the conversation. EXT: GOTHAM POLLS-DAY Lines of people filing onto the sidewalk and streets outside the building. Vale V.O.: You are seeing a live video feed from the various Gotham City Polls as an unprecedented number of Gothamites wait to cast their vote for this mayor election.” CUT TO: Another poll site with a line of people extending outside the building.

Return of the Knight 54

Vale V.O. (continued): As unofficial numbers begin to trickle in from the various district sites, the lead overwhelmingly favors Oswald Cobblepot. While polls will stay open until five o’clock this afternoon it seems inevitable that Oswald Cobblepot will be the next mayor of Gotham City.” EXT: COURTHOUSE-EVENING On the Courthouse’s front steps Cobblepot stands with his left hand on a bible and right hand held in the air. Cobblepot: “I do solemnly affirm that I Oswald Cobblepot shall—“ CUT TO: Inside Batcave Wayne sits watching from the large computer. Cobblepot: “Well and truly execute the Office of Mayor and Mayorality within Gotham City in all things touching my said office--” CUT TO: A solemn Jim Gordon stands on the steps, behind Cobblepot, with other Gotham City officials. Cobblepot: “I shall see and cause the Peace to be kept within said City as much as in me lieth—“

CUT TO: Hundreds of thousands of Gothamites stand in front of the courthouse. Cobblepot: “And shall do indifferent Justice to all men and be partial with or against no Party, but shall do all things in according to the Laws of this Realm and the Liberties of this City as much as in my Power lieth—“ CUT TO: Back to Cobblepot on the courthouse steps
Return of the Knight 55

Cobblepot: “So help me God” The crowd of Gothamites ERUPT into applause. Cobblepot steps to the podium Cobblepot: “Gotham--today you have taken your stand against affliction. Today is the dawn of a new Gotham City where persecution, suffering, and brutality will no longer exist in our daily lives. Together we will return Gotham to a place of growth in wealth and peace. Make it known that I hear your pleas, I hear your prayers, I feel your passion! Look to the horizon Gotham, a new sun has risen!” The crowd ERUPTS into an even louder applause. INT: BATCAVE (CONTINUOUS) Alfred and Bruce listen to the thunderous applause on the large computer. Alfred: “I have an unsettling feeling that behind this rising sun lies a violent tornado.” Wayne: “I’m not going to let that happen.” Bruce manipulates the control panel. At the circular platform, beside Bruce and Alfred, floor panels begin to retract and the Bat suit rises up. Bruce stands from the computer walking over the suit. Alfred: “Good hunting Master Bruce.” EXT: ACE CHEMICALS FACILITY-NIGHT Florescent light from the large ACE CHEMICAL sign paints the surrounding area. Behind a surrounding chain fence lies networks of large steel pipes running to various steel drums. Smoke clouds the sky above with haze. INT: PRIMARY CONTAINMENT HANGER (CONTINUOUS) A football field sized room houses a continuous network of steel lines and drums. Henchmen scurry amongst the equipment planting C4 explosive throughout.
Return of the Knight 56

The menacing Bane causally strolls amongst the men. One of the henchman walks up. Henchman: “How long shall I set the charges for?” Bane holds out a detonator. Bane: “No countdown, I will control the explosives.” Henchman:”Yes sir” EXT: ACE CHEMICAL FACILITY-CONTINUOUS Lead by Ra’s and Talia Al Ghul, nearly 3 dozen League of Shadows quietly make their way through the network of steel. They stumble upon a dozen henchmen patrolling the area with automatic weapons. Talia and three shadows slowly get in position atop a steel drum to pounce on part of the group while Ra’s does the same from the adjacent drum. In synchronization they both drop down taking the henchmen by surprise. Talia pulls a staff from her back whipping it into its’ full length. With ninja like quickness she lands violent hits to 3 of her enemies’ bodies before they are able to take a shot. Her fellow Shadows quickly dispose of 3 more. At the adjacent drum Ra’s lands earth shattering blows the henchmen’s bodies without ever drawing his sword. As the dust settles a whipping sound is heard through the air as 3 shadows fall to the ground dead from sniper fire. Before anyone can react they are surrounded by henchmen. Henchman: “Don’t make any foolish moves.” Ra’s and Talia share an uncertain look as they lift their hands to the sky. Smoke pellets fall at the henchmen’s feet as the area quickly becomes blinded. Batman leaps into the smoke field area taking down the disoriented henchmen. One by one Batman lands head cracking punches and kicks as the men grown in pain and gunfire randomly goes off. As the smoke settles Batman lands one final punch as the ground is littered with unconscious men.
Return of the Knight 57

Ra’s: “Wondering when you would show.” Batman: “I’m here. Where are the explosives?” Ra’s: “They are in the primary containment hanger with Bane.” Batman: “What about Cobblepot?” Ra’s: “He’s near.” INT: PRIMARY CONTAINMENT HANGER (CONTINUOUS) Henchman: “The explosives are in place and armed.” Bane: “Very good.” Henchman with a shaky voice: “Is—Is the Penguin really coming here.” Bane: “Are you afraid?” Henchman: “I’ve just never seen him before.” Bane: “No need to fear him. There will be much more to occupy that emotion.” Suddenly the power goes out. Moonlight from the windows on the ceiling dimly light the room. Bane looks toward the high ceiling. Bane: “And so it begins.” Without hesitation he lands a crushing punch to the henchman he was just speaking with. Several ropes drop from the ceiling has Shadows repel in. Men screaming and gunfire quickly fill the room. Bane’s muscular arms close line henchmen as they run past. He picks up another by the neck smashing him into a steel drum. CUT TO: Talia drops in from the ceiling taking down several henchmen. CUT TO:

Return of the Knight 58

Bane round house kicks a henchman breaking his neck. Sensing someone behind him Bane rares back for a punch but realizes it to be Ra’s Al Ghul. Ra’s: “You have served the League well my disciple.” Bane: “The battle is not yet won.” A henchman flies past the two as Batman walks up. Batman: “Where is he?” Bane: “This way.” The three make their way through the warzone taking down henchmen as they see. Talia emerges beside them cracking her staff over a henchman’s head. Talia: “Get to Oswald I can handle it here.” Bane: “A second unit will be entering, with reinforcements, from the south gate. Take a group to intercept.” Bane leads the men through a set of double doors into a hall. INT: HALL (CONTINUOUS) Bane: “He is just ahead in the isolation room.”

INT: PRIMARY CONTAINMENT HANGER (CONTINUOUS) As the fighting continues armed henchmen begin to emerge along the catwalk encircling the entire room. EXT: ACE CHEMICALS SOUTH GATE (CONTINUOUS) Talia and several men hide in the shadows as distant truck lights emerge. INT: PRIMARY CONTAINMENT HANGER (CONTINUOUS) The Shadows slowly begin to notice the nearly one hundred guns pointed at them from the catwalk. Cobblepot emerges amongst them.

Return of the Knight 59

Cobblepot: The League of Shadows, so highly regarded yet so highly primitive. You have fought valiantly but for nothing.” Cobblepot turns toward the henchmen. Cobblepot: “Kill them all.” The sound of a hundred guns goes off as every Shadow and henchmen on the floor are murdered. INT: HALL (CONTINUOUS) Bane, Ra’s and Batman pass through the double doors into the isolation lab. INT: ISOLATION LAB (CONTINUOUS) Ra’s and Batman hear the loud gunfire and quickly turn toward it. Immediately the emergency door slides down locking into place. Ra’s turns back toward Bane who stands in the middle of the room. Ra’s: “What’s going on?” Bane: “Evolution, a new sun has risen.” Batman: “Bane’s been working for Cobblepot the whole time. It’s all been a trap to get us alone. They want our blood for Lazarus Pit.” Bane: “Ra’s al Ghul’s blood is for Lazarus Pit however your blood is for game.” Ra’s draws his Arabian sword taking a defensive stance. Ra’s: “If you dare betray the League of Shadows then death will be your game.” Bane raises his fist into a fighting position. Bane: “On the contrary.” Ra’s charges at Bane wailing his sword violently. Bane blocks several of the blows with iron wrist braces. Ra’s lands a punch to Bane’s face and then his gut.

Return of the Knight 60

Bane unfazed lands a left right combination to Ra’s face knocking him into the door. Bane: “So predictable. A man of your experience would surely seek originality.” Batman: “How about this?” From behind Batman lands several blows to Bane’s ribs followed by a haymaker to the temporal. As he reloads for another punch Bane catches his fist. Bane: “Different yet ineffective.” Bane head butts Batman’s cowl knocking him back followed by a haymaker of his own crashing him into the center table. Batman’s impact send glass beakers and equipment crash to the floor. From behind Ra’s slices as gash across Bane’s back. Bane touches the gash finding the blood on his hand. Bane: “The mighty sword of Ra’s al Ghul, sharp but shallow.” Ra’s: “You have yet to feel the true nature of my blade.” Ra’s charges with several more hacks at his enemy each being blocked by steel cuffs on each wrist. Ra’s lands a punch directly at Bane’s mask which seems to stun him. Taking the opportunity Ra’s lands a kick to Bane’s chest knocking him back. Batman wraps his arm around the giant’s neck. Ra’s continues to attack Bane’s body. After struggling for a moment Bane lands a kick to Ra’s blasting him into the wall. Bane lands an elbow into Batman’s gut loosening his grip. Bane turns landing combos to Batman’s face and body. Batman attempts a punch that is caught by Bane who lands a crushing blow to his elbow breaking it. Batman YELLS in agony. Bane grabs Batman by the neck lifting him off the ground. Bane: “Your aggression shows no fear, yet it is fear that would have saved you from this.” With his other hand Batman lands several punches to Bane’s face. Unfazed by his attempts Bane slams Batman flat of his back onto a steel table.
Return of the Knight 61

Bane: “This is going to hurt.” Bane raises both fist over his head then SLAMS them into Batman’s body CRUSHING the table to the ground. The battered Batman lies in excruciating pain, barely able to move. Bane kneels down to the ailing man. Bane: “Your stand for justice will certainly echo in the minds of humanity, but your fall will resonate throughout eternity. The weight of Gotham’s despair will be the death of you.” Ra’s wraps a rope around Bane’s neck pulling him away from Batman. Bane reaches for the rope as Ra’s pulls with all his strength. Ra’s: “I brought you out of exile. I gave you a new life.” Bane finally grips the rope ripping it from Ra’s hands who quickly draws his sword. Bane: “I intend to repay the favor. The afterlife will serve you well.” Bane unleashes a powerful hay maker that Ra’s dodges that is countered by a blow to Bane’s ribs. The two warriors exchange punch for punch with intensity only known to the League of Shadows. EXT: ACE CHEMICAL SOUTH GATE (CONTINUOUS) Talia and the Shadows take the truck of henchmen by surprise. Quickly their elite combat talents overwhelm the henchmen killing them all. INT: ISOLATION LAB (CONTINUOUS) Ra’s, demonstrating his supreme agility, flips over Bane landing a round house kick to his mask. Bane stumbles to one knee. Batman gets to his feet to stand beside Ra’s. Ra’s: “It’s over Bane. All of it. The League of Shadows have won.” Bane gets back to his feet adjusting his mask. Bane: “Indeed it has.”
Return of the Knight 62

Bane charges the two men with intense fury Ra’s blocks the first swing but misses the second, receiving an elbow to the face. The staggering Batman attempts several jabs but receives a crushing blow to the cowl cracking its’ side, snapping off the pointed ear. Ra’s readies his sword for a fatal blow but Bane turns, cracks his elbow taking the sword, and ramming it into Ra’s chest. Ra’s lets out a silent gasp. He slowly backs away looking at the sword coming from his chest. Bane: “Balance is restored. The League of Shadows will have a new master.” Ra’s drops to one knee. Ra’s: “I failed you. I failed to recognize your weakness for unnecessary brutality.” Bane: “Unnecessary? The act of giving power back to the people who can control it is always necessary.” Bane turns to see the beaten Batman. The containment doors open as henchmen enter dragging Ra’s al Ghul out. Bane: “The Batman has been broken.” Batman barely able to speak. Batman: “Cobblepot is the Penguin.” Bane: “Right you are—“ Bane rips a cable from the wall. Bane: “—and for reasons I cannot explain he does not want me to kill you.” Bane wraps the cable around Batman’s neck and attaches the end to an overhead pulley hook. Bane: “I have no intentions of doing such.” Bane unhooks Batman’s utility belt smashing it across the cracked cowl then tossing it across the room. Bane then manipulates a control and the pulley hook retracts the cord
Return of the Knight 63

pulling Batman into the air. Batman struggles for air against the noose. Bane: “The noose’s uncanny ability to prevent oxygen from permeating the brain will.” Bane manipulates another control that causes red lights to flash and an alarm to sound. The alarm system gives a warning “Hydro decontaminant protocol initiated” Bane: “Or the water that will fill your lungs.” Bane exits the isolation room. The alarm intensifies. From the pipes above, massive amounts of water begin to flood the room. To no prevail, Batman continues to struggle against the noose. From the corner of his eye he notices his utility belt floating nearby. Releasing the noose he presses the wrist of his glove which begins unleashes the sound of a charge forming. Pointing an open palm toward the floating belt it begins to jerk toward his hand. As it moves closer the jerks intensify until finally exploding into his hand. He manipulates the belt pulling out a black circular disc. His face of obvious distress as the water creeps to neck level. Batman presses the disc’s center releasing it into the water that rises over his head. The disc ignites creating a large white circle of bubbles as a shockwave rushes through the room blowing a hole into the floor. The powerful vacuum sucks Batman through. EXT: BENEATH ISOLATION LAB (CONTINUED) From the suspended room water and debris flood the ground below dropping Batman like a rock. The battered and soaked Batman coughs as he removes the noose from his neck and slowly gets to his weakened feet. He manipulates a button on his utility belt and after a moment the quiet rumble of his tumbler appears. Batman enters and drives off. INT: PRIMARY CONTAINMENT AREA (CONTINUOUS)

Return of the Knight 64

Henchmen slide Ra’s body into the room laying it to rest amongst his fallen brothers. Ra’s lightly stirs as he hears Cobblepot’s footsteps approach. Cobblepot catches his first glimpse of the bloody and beaten body. Ra’s barely able to muster up a sound: “Oswald” Cobblepot takes a knee: “Ra’s al Ghul” Ra’s lifts his hand toward Cobblepot’s face. Ra’s: “Treachery cannot win” Cobblepot stops Ra’s hand. Cobblepot: “Shhh save your strength Ra’s. You have one final task to perform for your destiny to be complete.” A pair of henchmen insert blood drawing needles into Ra’s arms. Ra’s grimaces in pain. Cobblepot: “The truth is we both seek the same ending. We did not settle for the false notion that humanity can police itself. We pulled back the curtain to see how untamable man really is. People call us radical but we know what the true remedy for this world is.” Ra’s and Cobblepot’s menacing eyes meet Cobblepot: “Obliteration, a reforming of societies’ priorities, to allow humanity to grow into the powerful civilization it was intended to be.” A henchman signals to Cobblepot they are finished. Cobblepot leans in closer to where only Ra’s can hear him. Cobblepot: “The only true difference between us is you live forever with hopes to one day rule the world while I will rule the world forever.” Cobblepot slides a dagger into Ra’s heart. He releases a silent gasp as he finally meets death. Cobblepot stands wiping the bloody dagger.
Return of the Knight 65

Cobblepot: “She coming?” Bane: “On her way.” EXT: ACE CHEMICAL FACILITY (CONTINUOUS) Talia and the group of Shadows make their way back to the primary containment facility. INT: PRIMARY CONTAINMENT FACILITY (CONTINUOUS) Talia and Shadows enter first noticing the dozens of bodies on the floor. Her next glimpse is of Bane knelt down by a body. Talia: “What happened here?” She begins making her way toward Bane who silently backs away from the body. Talia: “Where’s my—“ Her eyes finally fall on her father’s body. She collapses to her knees beside him holding his bruised face. Tears filling her eyes. Talia: “How did it happen?” Bane maintains silence for a moment. Bane: “The Batman.” Talia’s mournful eyes twitch to Bane’s answer. Talia: “Batman killed my father.” Talia stands facing Bane. Talia: “It wasn’t Cobblepot?” Bane: “Batman betrayed us when we entered the isolation lab. He used your father’s sword against us.” Bane lifts the bloody sword into view. The saddened eyes begin to transform into anger. She takes the sword in her hand examining the blood. From the darkened shadows Cobblepot and his henchmen emerge.
Return of the Knight 66

Cobblepot: “That sword belongs to you now.” Talia startled raises the sword into an attack position. Cobblepot ignores her position and continues walking toward her. Talia: “And it will escort you to death.” Bane grabs Talia’s wrist lowering them. Bane: “Oswald saved us from Batman.” Talia: “I don’t understand.” Cobblepot: “I must say Talia is a much more fitting name than Susan.” Talia: “We all have secrets.” Cobblepot: “We do my dear and it seemed Batman held the greatest. I don’t know everything he did in turning you and your father against my cause but I can assure that you and I fight on the same team.” Talia: “Why would I ever fight with you?” Cobblepot: “We share a common enemy. Batman is working to turn the city, I would sacrifice my life for, against me, and he murdered your father in cold blood.” Tears outweigh the anger in Talia’s eyes. Cobblepot: “You want to kill him don’t you?” Talia’s grip on the sword tightens. Talia: “Tonight” Cobblepot slowly gets very close to Talia’s saddened face and places his hand over her hand that tightly grips the sword. Cobblepot: “This will one day pierce his heart but tonight it will pierce his soul.” EXT: DESERTED ROAD-NIGHT

Return of the Knight 67

The Tumbler speeds down the wooded trail. As it continues it is apparent the roads gives way to a waterfall. The Tumbler passes through the waterfall entering the Batcave. INT: BATCAVE (CONTINUOUS) The Tumbler splashes through the standing water from the waterfalls over flow and settles onto a circular platform. The platform rises and settles at a catwalk. The Tumbler roof retracts and Batman slowly exits falling to the floor. EXT: SKY (CONTINUOUS) A helicopter flies above the Ace Chemicals facility. INT: HELICOPTER (CONTINUOUS) Cobblepot, sitting beside Bane, holds the detonator in his hand. Pilot: “We’re clear of the blast radius.” Cobblepot activates the detonator. Cobblepot: “And the new Gotham begins.” He presses the detonator. INT: PRIMARY CONTAINMENT AREA (CONTINUOUS) The C4 bombs ignite as the large steel drums explode engulfing the room. EXT: ACE CHEMICALS FACILITY (CONTINUOUS) Flames swallow the facility whole as everything burns. INT: BATCAVE (CONTINUOUS) The explosion’s shockwave rattles the Batcave as Batman gingerly limps across the catwalk. He’s favoring his broken elbow using the handrail for balance. Alfred enters from the opposite catwalk and quickly rushes to Batman’s aide. Alfred: “What happened to you?”
Return of the Knight 68

Batman: “It was all a set up. Ra’s al Ghul is dead and the Penguin has control of the League of Shadows.” Alfred sets Batman down at his main computer and removes his battered cowl. Bruce rests for a moment catching his breath assessing his injuries. Alfred: “The Penguin?” Wayne: “It’s like I suspected, Cobblepot is the Penguin.” Alfred wipes the blood from Bruce’s face. Alfred: “Cobblepot not only has the resources of Oswald Enterprise but the title of Mayor and the League of Shadows?” Wayne: I underestimated him. I didn’t think one man could have that much working.” Alfred attempts to move Bruce’s broken arm. Bruce yells in pain. Alfred: “Your elbow is dislocated. The bone is going to have to be set.” Without warning Alfred cracks the elbow resetting the bone. Bruce YELLS even louder as the pain climaxes. After a moment it begins to subside has he can now move his fingers. Alfred: “Keep it in a sling for about a month and it’s good as new.” Wayne: “There’s no time. I have to get to Gordon.” Alfred steps back for a moment. Alfred: “When is it enough, sir?” Bruce manipulates controls at his computer. Wayne: “What do you mean?” Alfred: “Is there any end to Batman? Or is that the point?” Wayne: “I cannot surrender Gotham to the Cobblepot.” Alfred: “It’s Cobblepot today and someone else tomorrow. There’s always more ready to take their best shot at the Batman.”
Return of the Knight 69

Wayne: “That’s why Batman will always be needed.” Alfred: “This road to redemption has led to you burying Lucious and Julie. When does it stop?” Wayne: “It will never stop. Batman is to be a symbol….” Alfred: “It’s not Batman that I care about! It’s Bruce Wayne! That’s still a man’s heart beating under that suit and it was beaten within an inch of its’ life. I almost lost you once and you got a second chance. I don’t want to see you waste it.” Wayne: “Batman is the only way I’m not wasting it! If my father had not been killed Gotham would have never needed any of this, but he was. And it’s because of me. Batman can do something Bruce Wayne will never do. Make a difference.” Alfred: “Are you willing for it to cost you your life or mine?! They know who you are and they will come for blood!” BAM!! A large explosion goes off knocking Alfred and Bruce to the ground. Disoriented the two regain their footing as Shadows pile in. Bruce, seemingly forgotten about the pain of his injuries, quickly manipulates the control panel causing barrier walls to rise from the floor encircling them. Several more explosions ignite denting the barrier. Bruce looks toward Alfred Wayne: “Satisfied?” Alfred does not respond. An explosion rocks the floor beneath them. Debris flies upward as the explosion has created a hole. Alfred and Bruce shield their eyes. Five Shadows along with Talia rise from the hole. Bruce very wounded attempts to fight off their attacks but is quickly overwhelmed knocking him to his knees. Pinned down with a sword to his throat he see’s Alfred in a similar situation. Talia, holding her father’s bloody sword, stands behind him.
Return of the Knight 70

Wayne: “Talia, what are you doing?” Talia: “You took away the most important person in my life. I want you to know what that feels like.” Talia raises the sword preparing to execute the butler when several smoke pellets fall to the ground clouding the area. A figure drops in taking down the Shadows. Bruce unable to see who this is feels a prick in his neck and loses consciousness. Alfred feels someone bring him to his feet. As the smoke clears its Barbara. She raps a cable around the unconscious Bruce then hands Alfred one. Barbara: “I’m a friend. Wrap this around your waist and hold on tight.” Alfred follows the instructions. Alfred: “Hold on for what?” As he finishes that statement a strong pull snatches the three into the air. Talia clinches her jaw as she watches her chance at revenge slip away. League of Shadow member: “Burn the house?” Talia: “No, just the cave.” EXT: BATCAVE WATERFALL (CONTINUOUS) A massive fire ball explodes out of the waterfall engulfing the surrounding vegetation in flames. Talia looks on with hate in her eyes. EXT: ACE CHEMICAL FACILITY-DAY More than a dozen fire hoses continue to drench the now smoking remains of Ace Chemicals. Police tape ropes off the entire perimeter. CUT TO: Hundreds of fire and rescue personnel patrolling the area.
Return of the Knight 71

CUT TO: Dozens of people wearing hazmat suits take soil and air samples. CUT TO: Gordon ducks under the tape surveying the scene. FIRE CHIEF HAMILTON walks over to the Commissioner. Hamilton: “Commissioner” Gordon: “How bad is it?” Hamilton: “It’s a total loss. There’s nothing to salvage.” Gordon: “Fowl play?” The two begin making their way to the wreckage. Hamilton: “From what my people can gather it was some type of explosive that went off in the primary containment facility. After that it just spread like a wild fire. We got lucky though.” Gordon: “How’s that?” Hamilton: “Whoever is behind all this didn’t take time to recognize none of these chemicals carry aerosol toxin. They may have intended to set off a chemical bomb but it turned into a huge smoke bomb instead.” Gordon: “It’s hard to determine anyone’s intentions these days. Just keep the area secure. Forensics will be here within the hour.” Gordon’s phone rings. Gordon listens to the voice for a moment. Gordon: “He did what?” Gordon listens for another heartbeat. Gordon: “On my way.” EXT: GCPD Gordon’s police car comes to a screeching halt outside the station. Gordon exits his car finding a line of the cops, he was forced to fire, stretching outside the door.
Return of the Knight 72

Gordon pushes his way past them into a busy lobby. INT: LOBBY (CONTINUOUS) Gordon makes his way to the front desk to the overwhelmed receptionist MARGRET. Gordon: “What’s going on?” Margret: “The Mayor reinstated everyone this morning. They’ve been filing in demanding their badges.” From the crowd Harvey Bullock yells Gordon’s name. Bullock: “Glad to see Cobblepot’s got our back. Maybe some of his guts will rub off on ya.” Gordon: “Shut it Bullock, you know I had no control over what happened.” Bullock: “Maybe not but it’s about time we got some new blood in this city.” Gordon does not reply to Bullock’s comment. Margret: “Lieutenant Hennelly is waiting for you in your office.” INT: GORDON’S OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) Gordon enters to see Hennelly waiting in a chair across from his desk. Gordon passes by him taking a seat at the desk. Gordon: “Lieutenant” Hennelly: “Would you like to tell me what in the blazes is going on with my SWAT unit?” Gordon: “What are you talking about?” Hennelly: “Half an hour ago I had a General from the United States Army, march into my detail, informing me that I had one hundred new members to my unit. Now I don’t know who’s calling the shots around here but I want answers.” Gordon: “Who was the General?” Hennelly: “His name was Carter. He mentioned something about a Gotham Military Partisans Act. He said the Mayor and U.S. Army
Return of the Knight 73

had an agreement to bring an Army base to Gotham. They’re cleaning house Jim.” Gordon’s jaws tighten: “Cobblepot” Hennelly: “What am I supposed to do?” Gordon stands quickly stands from his chair. Gordon: “Hold tight for now and don’t do anything. I’m going to pay our new Mayor a visit.”

INT: GOTHAM CITY COURTHOUSE MAYOR’S OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) Cobblepot sits at his desk working a conference call. Cobblepot: “Just get the documents to me by lunch and they’ll be signed back to you by morning.” From outside the door Cobblepot can hear his assistant Susan Wade’s voice getting louder. Wade: “Commissioner you are going to have to wait. He’s been in a conference call all morning.” The footsteps outside his door become louder and louder. Wade: “Commissioner!” Gordon snatches the door open entering the office with Wade on his heels. Cobblepot leans in toward the speaker phone. Cobblepot: “That’s all for me today gentlemen. I’m satisfied with our progress.” He ends the conference call. Wade: “Mr. Cobblepot I tried to explain to him—“ Gordon butts in: “I don’t believe you can answer the question I have at this point and time.” Cobblepot: “It’s ok Susan. Leave us.”
Return of the Knight 74

Wade exits the room closing the door behind us. Cobblepot: “I will say Commissioner barging into the new Mayor’s office, less than 3 hours into my term, is an interesting way to start things. Please take a seat” Gordon: “I’ll stand. Interesting is not exactly how I would describe how this morning has gone so far.” Cobblepot: “Oh you must be referring to the expansion I granted your Gotham City PD. I was expecting more of an appreciative encounter from you.” Gordon: “I want to know since when was it ok for changes to be made on my police force and the police Commissioner be the last to know about it?” Cobblepot: “I knew you were busy at the Ace Chemical fire and didn’t won’t to bother you.” Gordon: “Grange drove nails into my skull making me fire those men because of financial conflicts and I took the fall for it. I’m the one who had to stand in front of them and say thank you for your years of service but hit the road. Why did you hire them back?” Cobblepot: “Grange failed to recognize the duty and sacrifice the men in blue make for this city. I simply wanted to return what he took away.” Gordon: “And I didn’t?! Is this your way of putting yourself on a false pedestal? Pump people with the idea you’re giving them what others couldn’t while in reality you’re giving them what others were not allowed. Not to mention I had a General Carter march a hundred Green Berets into our SWAT unit. Since when did the US Army aid the police?” Cobblepot: “I could no longer ignore Gotham’s ailing security measures. The force has become a limping dog and the wolves a circling. An extensive intervention was required. General Carter and his Berets will more than compensate for your losses.” Gordon pauses for a moment running his hand through his hair.

Return of the Knight 75

Gordon: “So this is how it starts. You come to Gotham; put your name on its prized diamond. Sweet talk the Mayor into paving a road straight for his chair then, before the coffee gets cold, rewire the whole system. Hand tie anyone with a objection and gag anyone with a voice. How’s it end Oswald? Statue? Holiday? Or just a tombstone for those of us who truly cared for this city?” Cobblepot allows the reply to soak into his thoughts for a moment. Hands together, resting over his lips he leans forward elbows resting on desk. Cobblepot: “Commissioner I realize with any brand of change a transition period has to take place. But you have to understand the lettering on my door allows me to make the decisions that are best for Gotham and its people. Right now its people want to be able to go outside their homes and not feel threatened. Human nature was not designed to live in constant fear. Fear lives in the Middle East and prisons not Gotham. I will do whatever is necessary to insure it stays that way.” Gordon’s teeth tug at his bottom lip realizing nothing more is to be said. Gordon: “Understood” He turns and exits closing the door behind. As the door shuts Cobblepot grits his teeth leaning back in his chair. A side door opens and out steps Bane. The angered Cobblepot does not acknowledge his presence. Bane: “Spirited” Cobblepot showing no expression ponders for a heart beat more. Then reaches for an hour glass on his desk. Cobblepot: “It is time to proceed as intended.” The hour glass is flipped over and sand begins to poor down to the empty side. INT: APARTMENT BEDROOM

Return of the Knight 76

Bruce quietly opens his eyes from sleep. He sits up and does not recognize his surroundings. He turns his head to see Alfred standing in the doorway wearing dress pants and a collared shirt. Alfred: “I thought I heard you stirring.” Brue antalgically makes his way to the edge of the bed. His body painted with bruises from his previous encounter. Wayne: “Nice shirt.” Alfred: “Miss Gordon allowed me to borrow several of the Commissioner’s outfits.” Wayne: “Barbara?” Barbara appears in the doorway alongside Alfred. Barbara: “You can thank me later.” Wayne: “What happened?” Barbara moves from the doorway closer to Bruce. Barbara: “Apparently your enemies decided trying to kill you in your house was easier than on rooftops.” Wayne: “The League of Shadows, Talia.” Barbara: “Whoever they are nearly got you and Alfred last night.” Wayne: “So I guess the secret’s out with you.” Barbara: “I already knew. It became obvious to me after Batman was considered dead my dad took a strong interest in the whereabouts of Bruce Wayne. Your secret is safe with us.” Wayne: “You used the emissions meter.” Barbara: “Guilty” Wayne: “How did you know to come?” Barbara: “Call it a hunch. I overheard your conversation with Ra’s al Ghul and Bane the other night. I was at Ace Chemicals when you crashed through the containment facility. Followed you back. I didn’t know how bad you were hurt and then they came. I had to act.”
Return of the Knight 77

Wayne: “Thank you.” Bruce stands from the bed pushing up with his elbow. He does not grimace in pain and it able to flex and extend it. Barbara: “You can thank me later for that too.” Wayne: “How did you do it?” Barbara tosses a medicine vial to Bruce. Barbara: “It’s an analgesic steroid used on race horses. Takes the pain away for hours at a time. Just re-administer every six hours and you’re good to go.” Bruce stands and begins examining his battered suit lying on the floor. Barbara: “So what’s next?” Wayne: “Regroup, did they burn the house?” Alfred: “Just the cave. The house was spared.” Wayne: “Avoiding unnecessary attention.” Barbara: “Are you finally gonna let me tag along? It’s obvious you need my help.” Wayne: “What gave you that impression?” Bruce picks up his cowl which breaks into several pieces. Barbara: “If your solo act is just a way for you to die for something then that’s all it will be. Another dead man wearing a mask, but if you really want to beat this then let me help you.” Bruce pauses for a moment looking out the bedroom window at Gotham’s skyline. Wayne: “Alfred it has been quite some time since we visited Cana Bay Island.” Alfred smiles: “Particularly the North Ridge.” EXT: HIGHWAY-DAY A car travels down through the busy traffic.
Return of the Knight 78

INT: CAR (CONTINUOUS) Bruce and Barbara share the back seat. Wayne: “Wayne Enterprise renovated the island eight years ago. During the project I had a replica of the cave built into the North Ridge of the mountain, for scenarios like this.” Alfred from the driver’s seat: “I still say it could have been a lovely vacation home.” EXT: BRIDGE (CONTINUOUS) Their car continues onto a bridge hanging over water, leading to the island. EXT: CANA BAY ISLAND (CONTINUOUS) The beautiful island sports luxurious landscaping. Waves gently crash the beach as young and old couples enjoy the view. Runners pace along the sidewalk’s edge breathing in the clean air. The car follows along the winding road then takes a side road toward the man made mountain. EXT: MOUNTAINSIDE (CONTINUOUS) Their car peels off the road, into brush, out of sight. They come to a stop and Alfred puts the car in park. INT: CAR (CONTINUOUS) Barbara looks all around to see nothing but over grown trees and shrubs. Barbara: “You know I’m all for this go green movement but this might be a little extreme don’t ya think?” Wayne smiles: “Just sit tight.” The car shakes startling Barbara. She looks out the window to see the camouflage platform slowly lower the car into a dark abyss. INT: ABYSS (CONTINUOUS)

Return of the Knight 79

As the car clears the ground area a panel slides over the open area. Lights cut on, lighting up the room, displaying the architecture of Batcave. INT: CAR (CONTINUOUS) Barbara gazes down as the platforms below begin assembling. Barbara: “That’s a little more like it Mr. Wayne.” INT: BATCAVE (CONTINUOUS) The platform reaches the floor and the car settles. The three exit gazing upon the massive cave. Directly ahead of them a catwalk leads to the main computer console. Separate platforms rise revealing the Batpod, Tumbler, and Batwing. They make their way over the catwalk to the main console. Bruce manipulates several controls and the computer comes to life. A computerized voice announces “Commencing system setup”. Wayne: “It’ll take several hours for the entire network come online.” Barbara: “So what do we do in the mean time?” Bruce sits down in the computer chair leaning back propping up his feet. Wayne: “Sit back and enjoy the quiet.” Alfred: “I’ll start a pot of tea Master Wayne. Miss. Gordon, can I offer you the same?” Barbara: “We’re not seriously going to sit around here drinking tea while Cobblepot and Bane wreck Gotham?” Bruce still showing no panic: “It’s organic cinnamon black.” Barbara rolls her eyes but realizes there’s no point in fighting it. Barbara: “Yeah sure” EXT: WAREHOUSE ALLEY-NIGHT
Return of the Knight 80

A black SUV pulls into the alley. Several armed men meet the car as it breaks. One of the henchmen opens to the rear passenger door and out steps Cobblepot smoking a cigar. The henchmen escort Gotham’s mayor inside.

INT: WAREHOUSE (CONTINUOUS) Inside the building appears to have been abandoned for some time. Moon light creeps onto its’ floor through large pain windows laced with cracks. Bane stands at a shadows edge. Cobblepot: “Where is he?” Bane looks over his shoulder nodding. From the darkness the sound of a faint grown of a weakened man being drug into the light by two henchmen. They toss him into a lighted area and is revealed to be beaten and battered Grange. He looks up at Cobblepot shielding his eyes. Cobblepot: “Daniel, how has the world been treating you?” Grange slowly gets to his hands and feet. Grange: “Why don’t you go ahead and kill me like the savage you are Oswald.” Cobblepot: “You may now address me as Mayor and don’t wish your life away my friend. Sometimes you get what you wish for.” Grange: “Mayor?” Cobblepot: “Oh you didn’t hear? I guess a month without seeing so much as the light of day has its effects.” Grange: “How did you sucker Gotham’s people into that?” Cobblepot: “Oh it was not I. I simply explained what my intentions for the city were. It was you that brought them to the light and encouraged their votes to sway in my favor.” Grange’s face fills with disbelief and anger. Grange: “What did you do?”

Return of the Knight 81

Cobblepot: “You should have seen them. They trusted you. They hung on every word believing you were the heartbeat of this city. All the way to the point when you publicly removed yourself from the ballot to fully endorse me.” Grange jumps to his feet rushing at Cobblepot. Grange: “Trader! You will pay for this!” Before Grange can take action a henchman lands a punch to his gut followed by face putting him back on the floor. Cobblepot is unfazed by the out lash. Cobblepot: “I can see the confinement has yet to take your resentment.” Grange wipes the blood from his nose. Grange: “When this is over resentment is the only thing you’ll have left. How did you do it, body double? Dress up one of your pawns?” Cobblepot smiles: “Not exactly” From the shadows emerges a man looking exactly like Grange wearing a business suit. Cobblepot: “What I love about this city is things are never as they appear.” Grange’s twin smiles has his body transforms into an exact replica of Jim Gordon and then Cobblepot. Twin Cobblepot: “It’s all a matter of prospective.” Grange’s face feels with fear and uncertainty. Grange: “What are you?” Twin Cobblepot transforms into Bruce Wayne. From behind Grange, Cobblepot puts a gun to his back and whispers in his ear. Cobblepot: “What you could never be.” BANG the gun goes off. INT: GORDON’S OFFICE
Return of the Knight 82

Gordon sits at his desk looking over documents. Several coffee cups, a crinkled up food wrapper, and strained eyes paint the picture of an overwhelmed man. He here’s a knock at his door. Gordon looks up and through his glasses sees Captain Sawyer standing at his door. Gordon: “Come in Captain.” Sawyer enters and closes the door behind her. Sawyer: “Some day.” Gordon closes the folder leaning back in his seat. Gordon: “Take a seat.” Sawyer does so. Sawyer: “If it’s any consolation everyone at MCU flooded Cobblepot’s office with calls about starting a Christmas pension program.” Gordon has a light chuckle. Gordon: “He’d probably rather deal with annoying Commissioners all day instead of that.” Sawyer: “They took the phone off the hook by lunch.” Gordon shifts in his chair. Gordon: “What’s your question Captain? I don’t believe you came here just to update me on your phone records.” Sawyer’s face shifts from a light hearted smile to a serious tone. Sawyer: “It’s not so much a question. A couple of weeks ago I applied for a position with Metropolis PD. It was just to see what was out there. I never thought I would get the job.” Gordon: “You don’t have to explain Maggie. Better to get out now before things get worse. Henderson has Metropolis going in a good direction.” Sawyer stands from her chair: “It was an honor serving under you Sir. Keep your head up. The people here believe in you.”
Return of the Knight 83

Gordon stands from his chair walking toward her. Gordon: “Right now people don’t know what to believe in.” Gordon embraces Sawyer with a hug. Gordon: “It was a pleasure working with you Captain. Good luck.” INT: BATCAVE AT CANA BAY ISLAND Bruce sits at a metal table using tools to manipulate a alternate wrist cuff. Barbara sits at another table inspecting a Batarang. Barbara: “They’re a lot lighter than I thought they’d be.” Bruce concentrating on this work cracks a smile. Wayne: “It’s the best way to make sure they get where I need them to.” Barbara inspects the Batarang a moment longer and then launches it across the room stabbing a wall. This quickly takes Bruce’s attention from his work looking at the half Batarang sticking out of the wall. Wayne: “Not bad.” Barbara notices the wrist cuff. Barbara: “What’s that?” Wayne: “Something that will hopefully even out my next encounter with Bane.” Bruce places the silver cuff onto his wrist. Wayne: “Several years back Wayne Enterprise funded a developmental prototype project with a prosthesis company out of Beijing. They were using Trimetric expansion technology. The idea was to provide amputees with a compact brace, like this, that would expand in space forming the full prosthesis. In the end the project faded out so I bought the patens and modified it for more generalized use.” Bruce manipulates the brace, the cuff powers up, and quickly blocks of metal flow from the brace forming around the entire
Return of the Knight 84

hand. Barbara’s eyes widen at the spectacle. Bruce opens and closes his fist moving the fingers. Wayne: “Light weight alloy with the punch of a sledge hammer. Brass knuckles for the hand.” Barbara: “Not many things in this world a billion dollars can’t buy.” Bruce manipulates the cuff and the iron fist retracts. Wayne: “There are a few things.” Bruce removes the cuff placing it on the table. Barbara: “If I don’t get the chance I want to say thank you.” Wayne: “For what?” Barbara: “Being there for my father all these years.” Wayne: “Your father is a great commissioner and even greater man. Gotham is lucky to have him.” Barbara: “You’ve taken a lot of heat off his back.” Wayne: “I’ve put a lot of heat on his back.” Barbara: “I remember when I was a little girl I would lie awake at night scared that he might not come home. That something bad would happen. But then I would always remember the Batman was out there and would keep him safe. Even now I still sleep better knowing we have you on our side.” Bruce looks at Barbara for a moment with appreciative eyes fiddling with a small tool in his hands. Wayne: “Don’t thank me yet Barbara. Wait until when the only thing Gotham does at night is sleep.” A beeping noise goes off on the large computer. Bruce and Barbara make their way to the screen to find a GPS map of Gotham with a signal flashing. Barbara: “What’s the signal from?” Bruce manipulates several controls analyzing signal data.
Return of the Knight 85

Wayne: “It’s a signal from the device Ra’s al Ghul gave me.” Barbara: “Someone just activated it. He’s supposed to be dead.” Wayne: “I watched him die” Bruce further manipulates controls zooming in on the map. His eyes come cold and stoned. Wayne: “The signal is coming from inside my house.” EXT: WAYNE MANOR-NIGHT All is still at the large estate. Darkened windows, the house free of any tampering. Two shadowy figures move onto the roof slowly entering through a balcony window into a guest bedroom. It’s Batman and Barbara. INT: BEDROOM (CONTINUOUS) Without making a sound Batman and Barbara scan the area seeing nothing suspicious. Batman glances down at a tablet screen displaying a house schematic with the signal location. Batman turns to an alert Barbara. Batman: “Coming from downstairs.” Barbara acknowledges with a simple nod and the two proceed into the dark hall. INT: HALL (CONTINUOUS) As they navigate toward the stairs a faint light is visible from downstairs. Batman throws up his hand stopping Barbara. Batman: “There’s a back stairwell behind a large painting in the master bedroom. It leads downstairs. Take it.” Barbara: “Don’t you think we should stay together?” Batman: “They won’t expect anyone else to be with me. You can take them by surprise.” Barbara: “I guess your loner reputation can come in handy.” Barbara takes off in the opposite direction. Batman proceeds to the light.
Return of the Knight 86

INT: ATRIUM (CONTINUOUS) The room’s lights are on with a view of Batman ending his journey down the stairs. He stops in his tracks taken back to what he sees. The camera pans back to reveal Grange, dead, hanging from the ceiling. A grandfather clock pivots out from the wall. Barbara enters and is startled at seeing the former Mayor. Batman: “It’s just him.” Barbara: “Mayor Grange, suicide?” Batman examines the body closer noticing the gunshot wound in his chest. Batman: “He wouldn’t have hung himself and then put a gun to his chest. Especially when there’s not one here. It was a murder but he didn’t die at this house.” Barbara examines the area around the body. Barbara: “No blood residue on the floor. Someone’s setting you up.” Batman pulls the tracking device from Granges pants pocket. Batman: “Or sending a message. If I was being set up they would not have wanted me finding the body first. I was lead here by Cobblepot.” As they both fall silent in thought a faint noise can be heard in the distance. Both of their heads turn toward it. Barbara: “Is that a TV?” Batman: “The living area.” Both proceed toward the sound.

INT: LIVING AREA (CONTINUOUS) They enter to find the room empty except for the TV. Barbara: “Looks like no one’s here. Why would the TV be on?”
Return of the Knight 87

Batman takes a closer look to notice Grange being interviewed by JACK RIDER on the Jack Rider Show. Batman: “Impossible” Barbara: “Is that live?” Batman: “Yes, all of Rider’s shows are broadcasted real time.” Barbara shocked: “Then how can that be Grange if he’s dead hanging from your ceiling? Body double?” Batman: “A body double wouldn’t be able to fool his family that long. Mannerisms, expression, personality, vocabulary identical to the real Grange. Only one man is capable of pulling that off.” Barbara looks at Batman with a confused face. Barbara: “Who?” Batman: “Hagen” Barbara: “Matt Hagen? Matt “Clayface” Hagen? He was declared dead two years ago after the sewage accident.” Batman: “That case was suspended as I remember.” The two cut their attention back to the TV. Rider: “It goes without saying you accomplished so many feats, overcoming plenty of obstacles as your time as Mayor. So what now? You’re a free man from those responsibilities. Where do you go?” False Grange smiles: “One word Jack. Vacation, not for a week or a month but a much needed extended uninterrupted vacation.” Rider turns back toward the camera. Rider: “You heard it here folks. Take a good look at this face because we’ve seen the last of Daniel Grange for the near future.” Barbara: “So that’s it? He covers up his death with an extended vacation?”

Return of the Knight 88

Batman: “It’s closure to prevent suspicion. Cobblepot doesn’t need Grange anymore. Hagen will move onto someone else.” Barbara: “Cobblepot is the Mayor. Who else would he need to control?” As the question leaves Barbara’s mouth their eyes meet with an equal chill rolling down their spines. Batman: “Where’s the Commissioner?” Barbara: “Working late at the office.” The two dart out of the room. EXT: WAYNE MANOR DRIVEWAY (CONTINUOUS) The Tumbler’s engines roar as it squeals tires toward Gotham City. INT: COMMISSIONER’S OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) The pile of files and paperwork has nearly doubled since earlier. The bags under Gordon’s eyes along with their blood shot appearance tell the story. Gordon pulls back from the documents, removes his glasses, and runs his hands over his face. He presses a button on the desk phone: “Margret hold my calls. I’m gonna take a breather for a little while.” Margret’s voice comes back over the intercom: “Yes sir Commissioner.” Gordon stands from his desk, grabs his coat, and exits the office shutting the door behind. As the door shuts the cell phone on his desk begins vibrating with Barbara’s picture flashing on the screen. INT: TUMBLER (CONTINUOUS) Barbara has her cell phone pressed to her ear and then pulls it down. Barbara: “He’s not answering. I’m gonna try an office phone.” Batman: “Don’t, they’ll have it tapped and be expecting us.”
Return of the Knight 89

The fear and uneasiness pours from Barbara’s face. Barbara: “Let’s just get there.” EXT: GCPD BUILDING ROOFTOP (CONTINUOUS) Gordon stands next to a turned off Bat signal sipping coffee gazing at the beautiful lights of Gotham’s skyline. INT: GCPD BUILDING LOBBY (CONTINUOUS) False Jim Gordon enters through lobby doors making his way to the security check in. Margret: “Quick break Commissioner” False Gordon: “Just needed to recharge my battery.” Gordon clears security check in and proceeds toward an elevator. As he enters a custodian, security officer, and office worker follow him in. The door closes. INT: ELEVATOR (CONTINOUS) False Gordon pulls a gun from his coat pocket and transforms into Matt Hagen’s normal appearance. Mid 30’s male, medium build, short blonde hair, chiseled face. The other three pull guns from their clothing. Hagen: “Bane’s on the roof. We wait for his signal.” EXT: GCPD BUILDING ROOFTOP (CONTINUOUS) Gordon lights up a cigarette inhaling and releasing a cloud of smoke. Bane: “Smoking can kill you Commissioner. I would be careful.” Gordon, startled, quickly turns to see the large masked villain standing behind him. Gordon: “Bane” Bane: “You’ve heard of me. I’m flattered.” Gordon: “So I guess you’re here to kill me as well?”
Return of the Knight 90

Bane: “In time but there’s something I want to show you.” Gordon: “Just get it over with. I’m not gonna be your puppet.” Several League of Shadows members emerge from the shadows. Bane: “Please Commissioner let us be sensible.” Gordon’s stern face turns to submissive and follows Bane. INT: GCPD HALLWAY (CONTINUOUS) Bane leads as Gordon is escorted by several League of Shadows member. Gordon: “You sure kidnapping the Police Commissioner at the police department is a good idea? Sounds like a good way to get out numbered pretty fast.” They arrive at Gordon’s office where the door is shut. Bane grabs the door handle. Bane: “I suggest you do not underestimate the League of Shadows Mr. Gordon.” Bane turns the handle opening the door. Gordon looks in, his face turns to stone as his eyes fall on a copy of himself sitting at his desk. False Gordon leaned back in the chair, feet propped on desk, and hands behind head. The office worker, custodian, and security guard are also in the room wearing henchmen attire. False Gordon: “You look like you’ve seen a ghost Commissioner.” Gordon: “Hagen” False Gordon: “Good eye Commissioner.” Gordon: “The Penguin must be desperate.” False Gordon: “Not as desperate as you’re about to become.” EXT: ALLEY (CONTINUOUS) Tumbler comes to a stop. The roof slides open. Barbara and Batman exit.
Return of the Knight 91

Batman: “Take the front lobby and I’ll enter from the rooftop. Try and cut off any entrance and escape routes.” Barbara checks her gun and badge from her coat pocket. Barbara: “If we run into Bane I figure a bullet may slow him—“ She looks up but Batman is already gone. Barbara: “—down.” INT: GCPD BUILDING LOBBY (CONTINUOUS) Barbara walks through the lobby up to the Margret’s desk. Margret: “Officer Gordon I didn’t realize you were back on duty.” Barbara smiles: “I just wanted to see how this place was holding up without me. Is my dad still here?” Margret: “He just came through about 15 minutes ago. He looks so tired. I wish he would take a few days off.” Barbara: “I agree but try convincing him of that.” She checks in at the security check point and proceeds into the elevator. EXT: GCPD BUILDING ROOFTOP (CONTINUOUS) Batman goes to the nearest door. He attempts to open it and realizes the door handle has been broken off. He manipulates the com in his cowl. Batman: “The door on the roof has been tampered with. Be on the look out.” INT: GCPD HALLWAY (CONTINUOUS) Barbara: “Copy that. I’m almost there.” INT: GORDON’S OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) Gordon sits in a chair surrounded by armed henchmen. Across the desk False Gordon leans back with a smirked face. Bane’s presence hangs over the room.

Return of the Knight 92

Gordon: “So this is the new Gotham. If you’re not on board with the plan Cobblepot replaces you.” Gordon turns toward Bane. Gordon:”You can’t replace all of us.” Bane: “Transforming the masses’ identity is not our concern. It’s their mind we seek. Gotham is a young child easily moldable susceptible to the ideas of greater men.” Gordon: “Is that how the Penguin took the Mayor’s seat? Influencing the weak?” Bane looks to False Gordon relaxing behind the desk. Bane: “Mr. Hagen” False Gordon transforms into Grange. False Grange: “I would personally like to take credit for that.” The hair on Gordon’s neck stands up has he temporally holds his breath. Bane: “Stifling isn’t it Commissioner?” Gordon’s voice reeks of fear: “The Demon’s Head has no boundaries” Bane leans back raising his arms to the sky: “You have seen the light. But where light exists darkness soon follows.” As he finishes that statement the sound of men struggling can be heard from the hall. Gordon turns toward the noise. Bane: “Right on time. Savor your final moments Commissioner.” INT: HALL OUTSIDE GORDON’S OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) Barbara takes on three henchmen out dueling them punch for punch. After a brief moment she stands over her beaten opponents. Barbara looks at the unconscious man. Barbara: “I expected more.”
Return of the Knight 93

The door to Gordon’s office opens, out stepping Bane. Barbara’s face goes from confident to a hint of fear. Barbara: “I knew I shouldn’t have said that.” Bane: “Please Ms. Gordon, no need for apologies.” INT: GORDON’S OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) Bane escorts Barbara into the office. Gordon jumps to his feet at the sight of his daughter. Gordon: “Barbara!” Two henchmen forcefully put the Commissioner back in his seat. Gordon: “She has nothing to do with this!” Bane: “Commissioner you had to know your daughter’s presence in the police force would eventually be used against you.” Pain and sweat pour from Gordon’s face. Gordon: “It doesn’t make a difference. Do what you have to with me but this isn’t her fight.” Bane: “Have you not yet realized. This is Gotham’s fight. A new regime is born.” Barbara: “What makes you think Cobblepot won’t cut you off as soon as he has his power? You’re just as expendable as the rest of us.” Bane shoves Barbara into her father’s lap knocking them both over. Bane: “The title of expendable is a very loose term Commissioner. You must understand the difference between expendable and collateral damage.” Gordon and Barbara are hoisted to their feet. They both attempt to fight the henchmen’s grip but are to no prevail. A henchman unholster’s his pistol placing it at Barbara’s temporal. Barbara aggressive attitude quickly stiffens.

Return of the Knight 94

Bane: “The tragic murder of your daughter will surely bring you the sympathy vote Commissioner.” Gordon grits his teeth with the terror of losing his daughter. Gordon: “Just kill me!” In the midst of the tension the large office window shatters as Batman explodes into the office putting two feet into Bane’s back. Glass rains down causing everyone to shield their eyes. Two smoke pellets cloud the room with smoke. Amongst the chaos, Batman takes down the armed henchmen with earth shattering punches to the cranium and gut. He grabs the disoriented Barbara and Gordon from the smoke. As the room clears Bane and Hagen find the room empty except for their unconscious henchmen. INT: ALLEY (CONTINUOUS) Batman quickly leads Barbara and Gordon to the Tumbler. Barbara: “Guess I owe you this time.” Batman: “We’re even.” Batman grabs Gordon who is still coughing from the smoke. Batman: “Are you ok?” Gordon catches his breath: “I’m fine. They were gonna replace me with Hagen the same way they did Mayor Grange. This is escalating out of control.” Batman: “I know and they’ll be back for you. Barbara is going to take you somewhere safe. Stay there until I get back to you.” Barbara: “Where are you going?” Batman: “I’ve got to figure out what we’re dealing with.” INT: ICEBERG LOUNGE VIP AREA-NIGHT Cobblepot throws a glass shattering it against a wall. Cobblepot: “You had them right there and you let them escape?! All you had to do was pull the trigger!”
Return of the Knight 95

Armed henchmen line the hundred million dollar room’s walls. Bane: “I wanted the Batman.” Cobblepot: “And you got him! I’m aware of what you did with Grange’s body. You set a trap that only Batman could fall into. As soon as he realized Hagen was doubling, the Commissioner would become the next target. So you set it up for him to crash your little party. I’ve told you from the beginning I need him. He’s the key to everything.” Bane: “Batman is too dangerous to be left alive. If given the opportunity he will become a problem.” Cobblepot, angrily, walks up to Bane getting close to his face. Cobblepot: “Right now the only problem I see is you. Just remember our deal hangs on me getting what I want and only until then will you receive what you desire.” EXT: GOTHAM MEAT HANGER ROOFTOP-NIGHT Batman creeps amongst the shadows left by large coolant vents. The voice of an unknown identity emerges from the shadows: “Some things never change.” Batman stops in his tracks turning toward the voice. From the shadows emerges the elegant prance of a woman dressed in a seductive, skin tight, dark purple suit. Her cowl leaves her face exposed with two tiny pointed extensions rise from her cranium. A coiled up whip is attached to her belt revealing to be SELINA KYLE CATWOMAN. She begins to slowly pace in circles around Batman. Catwoman: “Still hiding in the shadows of Gotham.” Batman: “Or luring my next victim into the open.” Catwoman: “Oh please do I look like a victim? I’m the one doing circles around you.” Batman: “Tides can change quickly Selena.” Catwoman: “Enough with the small talk. What do you want from me?”
Return of the Knight 96

Batman: “I need information.” Catwoman: “You need information? That nerd boy computer of yours run out of memory?” Batman: “I need to know about Bane.” Catwoman: “Might want to get in line. Didn’t take long for Cobblepot to make him the hot ticket in town.” Batman: “That’s why I came to you.” Catwoman: “What makes you think I know anything you don’t?” Batman: “This is over your head Selena. If I can’t stop him you and the rest of Gotham won’t survive. You know the back channels. Who is he?” Catwoman: “What’s in it for me?” Batman: “You want a chance to stop chasing Maroni and actually put your hands on him?” Catwoman stops her circling directly in front of Batman. Her face bleeds of intrigue. Catwoman: “That creeps off the grid. Somewhere in the Caribbean if I had to guess.” Batman: “I can give you an address if you give me a history.” Catwoman’s once arrogant expression transforms into willingness to cooperate. Catwoman: “Bane was a gun for hire. He tore a hole through Asia stringing from Indonesia to North Korea. He was considered more of a ghost than a man. Something you can relate to.” Batman: “How did he become involved with Ra’s al Ghul?” Catwoman: “On his trek across western Asia they gained a common enemy, Albert Krieger a Nazi anarchist. Ra’s and Bane went to war against Krieger eventually destroying his regime. During the battle Bane was nearly burnt to a crisp. Ra’s took him in and, to save his life administered, an experimental venom he had constructed. The mask he wears provides a continuous aerosol
Return of the Knight 97

version of the compound. It gives him is strength and inability to feel pain, but most of all it keeps him alive.” Batman: “Why didn’t Ra’s use Lazarus Pit?” Catwoman: “Bane was a well known mercenary. He was not about to grant someone like that immortality.” Batman: “That’s why Bane betrayed him. Ra’s made him dependent on the venom that only he could create. Bane became his slave. Cobblepot is gonna let him use the pit so he’ll no longer be bound to the venom.” Catwoman: “Not gonna lie but even you might be in over your head. Oswald has the entire crime belly at his disposal along with the League of Shadows. Quite intriguing but not my problem. I’ve given you all I know.” Seductively Catwoman gets in Batman’s face caressing his chin. Catwoman: “The cat wants her treat.” Batman pulls a miniature GPS chip from his utility belt and flips it to Catwoman. Batman: “Make sure you pack sunscreen Ms. Kyle.” Batman walks past her toward the rooftop. Catwoman examines the chip and then looks toward Batman walking away. Catwoman: “So when do I get a name to call you other than a pain in my side?” Batman mounts the roof’s edge: “That’ll do for now.” Batman disappears into the darkness. INT: ICEBERG LOUNGE BALCONY With a solemn face, Talia leans against the balcony’s edge overlooking the lounge’s restaurant and bar area. Bane walks up beside her. He gazes upon the people. Bane: “Worthless aren’t they. Feeling they have control over their shallow lives.”
Return of the Knight 98

Talia: “Right now I don’t feel much different.” Bane: “You don’t deserve their agony.” Talia: “My agony has already been served with my father’s murder. We trusted Wayne. For all my father did for him in the end meant nothing.” Bane: “Your father made the choices he felt would bring balance to civilization.” Talia: “His vision of balance died along with him. It seems Oswald has his own agenda now.” In a burst of passion Bane quickly turns Talia to face him. Bane: “I will not allow those words to be spoken from the heir to the League of Shadows. Ra’s al Ghul’s legacy will live on. If not this world, another.” Bane’s emotions settle as he turns back toward the balcony. Bane: “Oswald has gained a false sense of control. He measures power through materials, economic status, and political misguidance. The hour approaches, Talia, when we will remind man kind of what it means to truly have power.” Bane turns from the balcony to walk away but stops placing a comforting hand on Talia’s shoulder. Bane: “In time you will have your moment to avenge.” INT: BATCAVE CATANA BAY ISLAND Gordon: “It’s deeper than any of us thought.” A concerned Gordon sits at a table’s edge with one foot propped on a chair. Barbara stands beside her father listening intently with arms crossed. Bruce dressed in street clothes pulls up a chair taking a seat. Wayne: “To the core. Oswald has managed to not only manipulate the entire political, criminal, and social network of Gotham he’s got the world’s most elusive terrorist organization in his back pocket.”
Return of the Knight 99

Barbara: “So there’s nothing we can do?” Gordon: “He’s got every card in the deck. Criminal world won’t touch the Penguin with the League of Shadows, and Gotham won’t fight its own Mayor.” Wayne: “And he’ll play both sides of that. His final move will be from every angle. Either way we’re all that’s left to stop him.” Barbara: “The three of us? We’re like tossing a pebble in the ocean. I agreed to help you but this is suicide. We can’t do this alone.” Gordon, manipulating his badge in his hand, looks up at Wayne. Gordon: “Got anyone in mind?” Wayne smiles: “I’m gonna make a call.” EXT: GOTHAM BRIDGE-DAY Two motorcycles speed through traffic weaving in and around cars. EXT: STREET (CONTINUOUS) The two motorcycles continue to move through downtown Gotham. They come to a stop in front of Oswald Enterprise. The two drivers look at each other, with face shields down, and shrug their shoulders. They rev their engines and speed off. EXT: EXPRESS WAY (CONTINUOUS) The two motorcyclist speed down the busy highway and peel off a road with a Cana Bay Island sign above it. EXT: CANA BAY ISLAND NORTH RIDGE (CONTINUOUS) The two motorcycles come to a stop hidden in vegetation. The ground beneath their bikes begins to shift lowering them down. INT: CANA BAY BATCAVE (CONTINUOUS) Sunlight breaks the dark ceiling as Bruce, Alfred, Barbara, and Gordon watch their guests descend. The platform meets the ground and the ceiling panel slides back into place. The two men get
Return of the Knight 100

off their bikes and make their way down the platform toward Bruce. Barbara: “There’s only two of them? You call this back up?” Wayne: “You have no idea.” The bikers unstrap their helmets removing them to be two men in their twenties. The slightly older one appearing to be in his late twenties sports shaggy hair, a chiseled jaw, and lean physique DICK GRAYSON. The second wears a buzzed haircut appearing to be mid twenties equaling a chiseled jaw and slightly stockier physique TIM DRAKE. Alfred is the first to meet Tim and Dick embracing them with a hug. Alfred: “Master Dick, Master Tim delightful seeing you again.” Drake: “Gotta be better than looking at Bruce’s stale grin.” Bruce walks up sporting his stale grin: “It’s a good thing Alfred doesn’t need your exceptional social life.” Grayson: “Don’t let him fool you. He came here didn’t he?” Gordon and Barbara walk up greeting. Gordon: “Commissioner Gordon, hope you boys are ready for a fight.” Grayson: “We hope to even the odds.” Drake turns toward Bruce: “I guess the secret is out.” Wayne: “Things have changed. This isn’t the Gotham you left behind.” Grayson: “Yeah we read the sign on the side of your building or I guess former building.” Drake: “Oswald Enterprise doesn’t hold the eye as well.” Barbara frustrated from the conversation, steps forward. Barbara: “Who are you guys? Special Forces, Boy Scouts? Can somebody give me something?”
Return of the Knight 101

Tim and Dick look at Bruce with an uncertain expression. Drake: “You invited us here. I’ll give you the honors.” Bruce smiles and walks over to the computer mainframe manipulating several controls. Wayne: “This should ring a bell.” Behind their feet the floor panels begin to shift on both sides of the Bat suit’s hanger. Two identical hangers rise from the floor. One hanger embraces a red armor top sporting a graphic R on right breast plate ROBIN. The second embraces a black armored suit with a blue outline V stretching from shoulder to shoulder and down each arm NIGHTWING. Barbara’s eyes widen as she realizes who the two men are. Wayne: “Does that answer your question?” EXT: GOTHAM ARMY BASE-CENTRAL COMMAND BUILDING-DAY A black SUV pulls up at the building’s front entrance. Two armed military personnel open the back passenger door and out steps Cobblepot. The next man to greet Cobblepot is solid war veteran militant with 4 stars atop each shoulder four star GENERAL CARTER. Carter: “Mr. Mayor welcome to Gotham Army Base. Glad to have you on site.” Cobblepot looks around at the state of the art facility. Cobblepot: “Thank you General. You military boys spare no expense.” Carter smiles: “Yes sir, right this way.” INT: COMMAND CENTER MAIN HALL The two men leisurely walk down the long stretch of hall. On both sides hang pictures of former Presidents and various moments in American history captured in time. Carter: "The resources your empire and Gotham have been able to provide are remarkable. We're installing Geometric Communication Units, Ricon Surveillance Drones are online, and just received a
Return of the Knight 102

go for Quonto radar satellite imaging. We are the most highly advanced, up to date, combat ready base on the planet." Cobblepot: "Music to my ears General. Gotham sleeps easier under your protection." Carter: "Gotham City PD losing its edge? I heard Commissioner Gordon had this place on lock down." Cobblepot: "Batman had this place on lock down. Like you we do not serve to make enemies but the territory of the job breeds them. Like a parasite they learn to adapt, attacking you in ways you've yet to consider." Carter: "What are you saying?" Cobblepot: "Having your brigade on SWAT isn't enough. I have no doubts crime is going to make a final stand against my legislation and our alliance.” Carter: "Mr. Mayor, we are the most potent fighting force on the planet. Street gangs and crime lords pose no threat." Cobblepot: "I read your file General. You did several stints in the Middle East." Carter: “I fought in that hot box for 34 months. Made Queens and Southside Chicago look like candy land.” Cobblepot: “Ever run across Ra’s al Ghul and his League of Shadows?” Carter chuckles: “The Demon’s Head? Heard stories from the locals; sounded more like voodoo and magic.” Cobblepot: “General I have seen that voodoo and magic, when not taken serious, can be very dangerous.” Carter: “Believe me Mr. Mayor it’s nothing an M240 can’t handle.” Cobblepot: “Your confidence is reassuring but we have signs the League is here.” Carter: “How do you know?”

Return of the Knight 103

Cobblepot: “Gang activity has ceased over the past week with a spree of homicides involving unusual methods.” Carter: “Cutting skins and hanging bodies?” Cobblepot: “Large impelled wounds from sword blades known to be used by Ra’s al Ghul and his following.” Carter: “I don’t think a sword in a gun fight will do them much good.” Cobblepot: “For the safety of Gotham and its people keep your men ready. I fear a crusade is coming to our streets that’s unlike anything we’ve seen on American soil. It will require all of the strength and soul Gotham has left.” INT: CANA BAY BATCAVE Dick sits at the mainframe scanning through various articles of Cobblepot and Oswald Enterprise. An article with the headline “TERRORISTS ATTACK INDIAN TRAIN KILLING 428”. The article is followed by an article whose headline reads “RISE OF CELL SIX”. Dick manipulates several buttons to a headline “GEOSPROUT AIDS TERROR ORGANIZATION” Dick reads for a few moments and then smiles. Grayson: “We got him.” INT: CANA BAY BATCAVE (MOMENTS LATER) Tim, Bruce, and Barbara crowd around Dick at the mainframe. Dick: “Oswald created a demi-company to do his deeds. Geosprout was an environmental organization funding a mining expedition in Arabia three months ago. Out of nowhere the expedition stopped because the mining expedition was being done by a second demicompany that went by Arnworth.” The mainframe screen changes bringing up a picture of a Middle Eastern man. Dick: “The owner of Arnworth was traced back to this man Trinidad Malik. Turns out Arnworth was a cover for the Cell Six terrorist organization. Once ousted, every one scattered like hungry vultures.” Drake: “What was he mining for?”
Return of the Knight 104

Wayne: “The Nanog plant to create Lazarus Pit.” Wayne looks at Barbara. Wayne: “Will this be enough to convict him?” Barbara gives a reluctant expression: “Might be a tough sell. Oswald can always claim he had a rouge board member with too much power.” Dick: “I’ve got you covered.” Dick manipulates the computer brining up the article “TERRORISTS ATTACK INDIAN TRAIN KILLING 428”. Dick: “This happened three weeks after the mining project was shutdown. Malik’s body was found in the crash” Wayne: “Cobblepot involved?” Dick: “I was able to access recordings of the security cameras before the crash and found the diamond in the rough.” Dick brings up the footage of Cobblepot and Malik’s conversation along with the attack just before the crash. Drake: “Oswald wanted to tie up loose ends. No one to rat him out.” Barbara: “Where did you get this kind of footage?” Grayson: “The camera sends a transmission to a satellite before bouncing it back down to various anti terrorism groups.” Barbara: “Then why haven’t they come after Cobblepot?” Grayson: “They never received the transmission. A virus was planted destroying the footage. I was able to hack the transmission pre-satellite were the virus was planted.” Barbara: “They leave nothing to chance.” Tim turns toward Barbara interrupting their conversation. Drake: “If we get this footage to your father we can stop all of this.”
Return of the Knight 105

Wayne: “We’ll have to go higher. As deep has Cobblepot has infiltrated it’ll never see the light of day.” Barbara sarcastically: “Dick seems to have a handle on the federal government. Maybe he can take it to the President himself.” Drake: “When we go live with this it may very well start a war.” Wayne: “I know. That’s why there is something I need to do first.” INT: SWISHER TUNNEL The tunnel’s deepest darkest bellows wreak of turmoil and death as Shadow’s line the walls leading toward a glimmer of light. Cobblepot follows the path saddled with armed henchmen by his side. As the light becomes brighter the dark tunnels open into a large stoned room. Smoke and heat seeping from the bubbling water of Lazarus Pit located at the room’s center. The two large spiraling metal columns hum with power as the Pit seems to live and breathe. CUT TO: Talia flanked by Bane looks on. A concoction of anger and misery mask her face. CUT TO: Cobblepot breathes in the fumes of immortality as he makes his way toward an elderly Arabian man conformed in tattered clothes. Elderly man: “It is finished. Immortality awaits you.” Cobblepot smiles for a moment: “As it does.” He then turns toward the crowd of on looking henchmen and Shadows. Cobblepot: “Does anyone have the courage to wade through the storms of death so he may taste the power of immortality?” No reaction falls over the crowd as silence captivates them all. After a moment an older henchmen lays down his gun, taking off his vest, exposing scarred flesh.
Return of the Knight 106

Cobblepot: “We have a winner. Bane if you will.” Bane walks up to the volunteer and without hesitation stabs a sword through his heart. The man gasps for air as he falls to the ground where death awaits. After a moment several Shadows wrap the body in a cloth material. He is then rolled onto a wooden stretcher. With a man at the feet and one at the head, the stretcher is lifted and taken to the Pit’s edge. It fits into a specific area cut out for its size. The elderly man approaches the body placing his hands on the head and audibly reciting a prayer in Arabian dialect. Cobblepot looks on with glaring eyes. The prayer slowly builds and as it reaches the climax the elderly man pushes the body into the Pit. The room falls silent. After a moment the bubbling water begins to stir and erupting with a barbaric scream the man stands out of the water. Cobblepot’s expression turns to greed and conquest over death. The barbaric scream subsides. The man’s body no longer bears scars of war but shines of muscles and youthfulness. He makes it to the edge of the pit and steps back onto the ground. Cobblepot walks up the resurrected man. Cobblepot: “How do you feel?” The man looks at his strong hands and reinvigorated body. “Strong” Cobblepot smiles: “Good” BANG! Cobblepot’s pistol goes off putting a bullet in the man’s chest. BANG! He shoots him a second time. The man’s once revived body is stained with blood as he falls to the floor finding death. Cobblepot holsters the gun turning toward the onlookers. Cobblepot: “He is an example. Immortality is what I offer. In return prove yourselves worthy and it shall be yours.” EXT: PRIVATE RUNWAY-DAY
Return of the Knight 107

A private jet sits on the runway as a man dressed in a suit waits at the bottom step. INT: CAR (CONTINUOUS) Bruce is in the driver’s seat with Alfred in the back seat. Alfred: “Master Bruce this is borderline kidnapping. I could have you reported for this nonsense.” Wayne: “Gotham isn’t safe right now and is about to get a lot worse. I’m not gonna put you in the middle of it and chance losing you again.” Alfred: “Personally like for you to take a bit of your own advice and come with me. From back here I see how dreadful of a driver you’ve become.” Bruce rolls his eyes. Wayne: “Don’t go diva on me Alfred. You’ve got 8 years worth of vacation days built up. I’ve set you up on an all inclusive island where you can play croquet like you use to tell me about.” Alfred: “As a young lad I was the croquet grand champion three years in row until some dishy porky robbed me. I’ve never seen such botchy officiating.” Wayne smiles letting out a small laugh. Wayne: “You’re not holding a grudge are you?” Alfred: “Master Bruce you should have seen the debacle. It was clear as day when I…” EXT: PRIVATE RUNWAY (CONTINUOUS) The car drives up to the plane. Bruce and Alfred exit the car and walk toward the sharp dressed man. Wayne: “Agent Faraday, thank you for coming on short notice.” Faraday: “Not a problem Bruce.” Faraday looks toward Alfred.
Return of the Knight 108

Faraday: “Mr. Pennyworth, I hope you packed sun tan lotion.” Alfred: “I just hope you can fly this contraption.” Faraday smiles: “If you’ll board Mr. Pennyworth we’ll be on our way.” Alfred turns to Bruce. Alfred: “This is not good bye you hear me but you were right about Batman and Gotham. Gotham needs that true symbol of hope right now and only Batman can give them that. When this is over Bruce Wayne can be that symbol. You do whatever you have to do and burn that tyrant to the ground.” Wayne: “Keep an eye to the sky and look for smoke.” Alfred picks up his bags and heads up the plane’s steps. Faraday: “He’ll be safe. Sure you don’t need any help?” Wayne: “Not with this. It’s something I have to do.” Faraday: “Fair enough, but when this is over there’s something I need to discuss with you.” Wayne looks interested: “And what might that me?” Faraday smiles and nods toward the city: “Like I said finish your business here first.” Faraday turns and walks up the steps closing the plane’s hatch. INT: CAR (CONTINUOUS) Bruce gets back in his car just as a message beeps in over the speakers “Incoming call from Dick Grayson”. Bruce manipulates a button. Wayne: “What do you got?” Grayson (through the speaker): “You better get back here quick. Cobblepot has made his move.” Wayne: “How?”

Return of the Knight 109

Grayson (through the speaker): “Well according to the news Batman has the Mayor hostage at Oswald Enterprise.” Bruce’s expression blends that of shock and anger. INT: CANA BAY BATCAVE Bruce, Tim, Dick, and Barbara huddle around the mainframe’s screen watching Vikki Vale’s news cast. Vale: “A nightmare Gotham never saw coming has become a reality. Reports are coming in confirming Mayor Oswald Cobblepot is being held hostage by Batman.” The screen shows footage of Oswald Enterprise with a visible Cobblepot bound to a chair with Batman, Bane, Talia, armed henchmen and Shadows surrounding the entire floor. Vale (continued): The live footage you’re viewing is provided by a GCP chopper. It appears the Mayor is being held in the Board Room at Oswald Enterprise. They have identified the second masked figure to be Bane. He is most notably known from his violence spreading through Asia. According to Commissioner Gordon, Bane has been on Gotham’s most wanted list for several weeks. Police have yet to identify the female or other armed aliases. At the moment GCP are attempting to make contact with Batman to understand a motive. Stay tuned as we will continue to update as this situation unfolds.” Drake: “This guy does it big.” Grayson: “Where did they get your suit?” Wayne: “It’s Hagen.” Grayson: “Clayface just couldn’t keep his hands to himself.” Barbara: “This doesn’t add up. He’s backed himself into a corner with a standoff.” Wayne: “It’s bait. He wants us to come to him. Get us out in the open. He chose the Oswald Enterprise building instead of city hall for a reason. Drake: “For what?”

Return of the Knight 110

Wayne: “I don’t know. Dick can bring up the White Shadow Satellite? Set it for thermal and weapon ID signatures. What kind firearms are the police and SWAT using now?” Barbara has to stop and think for a moment: “Police have Beretta 90s and SWAT’s got Heckler & Koch MP5A2, but what does that matter?” Wayne: “Each gun type has a particular signature the satellite can trace. I want to know how many of Cobblepot’s men are in the area. He’s not putting them all in one corner.” Dick manipulates controls and a city block radar schematic appears with hundreds of bodies highlighted in various colors. Dick: “Blue and green are police and SWAT. Yellow is everyone else.” Drake: “Looks like cops are on the streets but the three surrounding buildings are covered in yellow. They have the building surrounded on all sides. We’ll never get in their without being seen.” Barbara: “It’s gonna turn into a shoot out real quick.” Wayne: “See what buildings those are.” Dick manipulates the controls: “Gotham Financial at the north, West is Rico Supplies, and Bass Building at the South. Each one atleast 104 stories. They’ll have line of sight all day.” Barbara: “What’s our play?” Wayne: “Use the height to our advantage. You’ll drop in from above. The three of you will neutralize three of the surrounding buildings. I’ll take the Tumbler and enter Oswald Enterprise from the ground up.” Drake smiles as if catching onto Bruce’s idea: “Secret access tunnels leading straight to R&D.” Barbara concernly chimes in: “You’re going to take on Bane and Talia alone?” Wayne: “It’s our only option. They won’t be expecting it giving us an advantage.”
Return of the Knight 111

Drake: “What about Lazarus Pit? If we can destroy that we atleast put a damper on their planes.” Wayne looks at Barbara: “Can you get a message to your father?” Barbara: “What you need it to say?” Wayne: “Get the location to the Commissioner to get a demo team at Swisher’s tunnel. Oswald won’t leave it alone so he’ll need to be ready.” Barbara: “You got it.” Grayson: “Only one thing left to do.” Wayne: “Suit up.” Dick manipulates the controls and from the floor rise the Nightwing, Batman, and Robin suits. Barbara: “I don’t mean to sound self centered or greedy but can I have a little more than a cop uniform?” CUT TO: Bruce opens a metal cabinet revealing spare parts to a prototype Batsuit. He pulls out a cowl and leather suit minus the cape handing it to Barbara. Barbara looks over the large suit with a reluctant expression. Barbara: “I’m all for hand me downs but I don’t do well with a large.” Wayne: “Memory leather can customize itself to any size.” Barbara: “Like a one size fits all?” Wayne: “Just put it on and press the center button on the belt.” CUT TO: A dark green glove slides onto a hand. A black leather chest plate outlined in blue slides into place. A gold utility built snaps across the waist of a black leather suit. Crimson leather chest plate with a graphic R turns into the light blanketed by a black cape. A batarang is loaded into a utility built. A black
Return of the Knight 112

cowl slides over a females face. A black graphic domino mask is placed on Dick and Tim’s face. CUT TO: Batwing platform lights up revealing Nightwing, Robin, and Batman. Batman: “Look good.” Robin: “Happy it still fits.” Nightwing: “That Robin suit hasn’t always needed elastic.” Robin: “Where’s the girl?” Footsteps are heard coming up the platform. The footsteps enter the light revealing a feminized version of the Batsuit without a cape. Batman looks her up and down: “Fits good.” Barbara: “It’ll do.” Nightwing and Robin impressed at the elegance and attractiveness Barbara brings out of the suit. Robin: “We have a Batman so I guess now have a Batgirl? Who would have ever guessed it?” Barbara gives Robin an annoyed look: “Barbara will do for now.” Batman: “Time to load up.” EXT: POLICE PERIMETER-IN FRONT OF OSWALD ENTERPRISE-DAY Police rope and cones block off the street in front of Oswald Enterprise. Dozens of police cars line up inside the perimeter. Gordon stands at the perimeters head surrounded by cops. Gordon speaks into his com: “Can someone tell me where Captain Horne is?” A female voice from behind speaks up. “Captain Horne has relieved himself of duties and placed me in charge.”
Return of the Knight 113

Gordon turns and is shocked to find Jamie Harper. Gordon: “Since when?” Harper: “About an hour ago. I’m sorry Commissioner he told me over the phone and didn’t give an explanation. If you don’t want me in the position I understand.” Gordon: “Not now Captain. What’s our status?” Harper reveals a short smile and then straightens up for business. She opens a map of the city block spreading it across the hood of a police car. Harper: “Perimeters surround the entire block, choppers are in the air looking for possible extraction points, and we’re currently trying to get SWAT in these three surrounding buildings. They equal the height of Oswald Enterprise giving us clear line of site.” Gordon: “Any idea how many we’ve got in there?” Harper: “Including Batman and Bane 19 have been indentified to this point but there could be more. The Mayor is the only visible hostage. Either he’s the only one they want or the rest of the employees are already dead.” Gordon: “Let’s hope not. Top priority is getting eyes in those surrounding buildings and figuring out some way to get in their without this becoming a blood bath.” Harper leans toward the Gordon lowering her voice. Harper: “Commissioner I’m not trying to over step my boundaries but this doesn’t feel right. I’ve never been in hostage situation where the kidnappers are so exposed. Snipers could take them out before they knew what hit them. Not to mention after all these years Batman decides to go rouge now. We’re missing something.” Gordon: “Preaching to the choir Captain. Keep your eyes pilled.” EXT: RICO SUPPLIES-FRONT STEPS (CONTINUOUS) A dozen SWAT members sprint up the front steps weaving around terrified employees desperately making their way to safety.
Return of the Knight 114

INT: GOTHAM FINANCIAL-STAIRWELL (CONTINUOUS) A unit of SWAT members quickly makes their way up the stairwells. SWAT Team Leader speaks into his com: “SWAT leader Skyhawk, Gotham Financial, floor 89, update progress when in position.” Command: “Copy that Skyhawk.” INT: BASS BUILDING-TOP FLOOR (CONTINUOUS) Armed henchmen stand at point awaiting the incoming SWAT team. INT: RICO SUPPLIES- STAIRWELL- TOP FLOOR (CONTINUOUS) SWAT team opens the door. BAM a flash bang goes off leaving SWAT blinded with ears ringing. Henchmen gunfire rings through the air as the SWAT team is ambushed. INT: BASS BUILDING- TOP FLOOR (CONTINUOUS) Henchmen begin dressing themselves in the fallen SWAT member’s gear. INT: GOTHAM FINANCIAL-TOP FLOOR (CONTINUOUS) Henchmen complete their transformation to reflect a Gotham City SWAT team. A com from one of the SWAT uniforms crackles. Command: “Skyhawk this is command to confirm position, over.” The henchman wearing the uniform takes the com without hesitation. Henchmen: “Command this is Skyhawk we are in position and awaiting further orders.” Command: “Copy that Skyhawk.” INT: OSWALD ENTERPRISE R&D DEPARTMENT The floors begin to shift sliding back revealing the Tumbler as it rises. The Tumbler’s roof slides back Batman, exits. As he gazes at the large hanger he finds replicas of the Batsuit and accessories along with Batpods, Batwings, and Tumblers. EXT: POLICE PERIMETER-DAY
Return of the Knight 115

Gordon is looking at a map accompanied by Lt. Hennelly, Harper, and Bullock. Gordon: “Lieutenant have SWAT hold their position. We’ve got a team looking to see what sewer tunnels might breach Oswald Enterprise.” Gordon’s cell phone rings. Surprised by this Gordon reaches for it to realize its Barbara. Gordon: “Excuse me I’ve got to take this.” Gordon steps away to a private area answering the phone. Gordon: “Barbara what is this all about?” INT: BATWING (CONTINUOUS) Barbara is in the third seat behind Robin and Nightwing who are flying the plane. Barbara: “Hagen is wearing the Batman suit. Bruce has just breached Oswald Enterprise through the R&D hanger.” EXT: POLICE PERIMETER (CONTINUOUS) Gordon: “He better do something fast because we’ve got a lot of people out here ready to kill a Batman.” Barbara (through the phone): “I know that but the target has changed. You have to destroy Lazarus Pit. Whatever Cobblepot is planning it involves that pit.” Gordon: “What is it?” Barbara: “Something from the League of Shadows. If he submerges himself in the pit it will give him immortality. It has to be destroyed.” Gordon: “Ok where’s it at?” Barbara: “Swisher Tunnel on 75th, It’ll be heavily guarded so be careful.” Gordon: “I will. Where are you?”
Return of the Knight 116

INT: BATWING (CONTINUOUS) Barbara looks around at the highly advanced Batwing. Barbara: “Close, I’ll be dropping in soon.” Gordon: “Be careful, I love you.” Barbara: “Love you too.” INT: POLICE PERIMETER (CONTINUOUS) Gordon hangs up the phone. Gordon: “Bullock, tell that combat unit to get out of those sewers. They’re coming with me.” Gordon grabs a police officer: “Get DOD on the line. I need a demo team at Swisher Tunnel on 75th. They do not enter until I get there.” Police officer: “Yes sir” INT: BATWING Nightwing: “Approaching first drop zone. Ready back there Ms. Gordon.” Barbara: “Give me the word.” Nightwing maneuvers the Batwing over the Gotham Financial building. Nightwing: “Remember you are no longer a police officer abiding by excessive force restrictions.” Robin: “What he’s saying is you can crack a spine and ain’t nobody gonna say anything.” Barbara smiles: “I can handle that.” Grayson manipulates the controls. Barbara’s seat turns 180 degrees having her face the back of the Batwing. The seat begins moving toward a small tunnel cargo area as a hatch slides back revealing the Gotham Financial building a thousand feet below. Nightwing: “Good luck”
Return of the Knight 117

Barbara rises from her seat and without hesitation jumps toward the building. After a few moments of free fall a cape emerges from the suit’s back acting as a parachute slowing the descent. Robin: “Didn’t even hesitate” Nightwing: “Your turn boy wonder.” Robin’s seat follows the lead of Barbara’s. Robin looks down the hatch at Rico Supplies. Robin: “Time to go to work.” Robin jumps. Nightwing manipulates the controls turning on the Auto pilot. Nightwing: “You go back home and wait for us sweetheart.” The hatch slides back and catapults Nightwing up into the air. EXT: SKY (CONTINUOUS) The Batwing quickly flies off. The propulsion from the ejection begins to wear off as Nightwing heads back toward the earth straight for the Bass Building. EXT: POLICE PERIMETER (CONTINUOUS) All eyes remain on Oswald Enterprise, none noticing the Batwing’s silent flight or the three hero’s descent to the buildings. EXT: BASS BUILDING-ROOFTOP (CONTINUOUS) A parachute cape softly lands Nightwing atop the roof. He presses a button on his utility belt retracting the cape. He presses his com in his ear. Nightwing: “Everyone in the nest.” EXT: GOTHAM FINANCIAL-ROOFTOP (CONTINUOUS) Barbara’s cape retracts into place. Barbara: “Good to go.”
Return of the Knight 118

EXT: RICO SUPPLIES-ROOFTOP (CONTINUOUS) Robin: “Ready to shake this thing up.” EXT: BASS BUILDING-ROOFTOP (CONTINUOUS) Nightwing: “Let’s rain on this parade.” INT: OSWALD ENTERPRISE-BOARD ROOM Just as Vikki Vale recently described Cobblepot is bound to a chair at the head of the table. He is flanked by armed henchmen and League of Shadows. Bane, Talia and Pseudo Batman standout amongst the crowd. One of the henchmen comes walking up: “All three buildingss are secure.” Bane: “Very good.” Henchman: “What do we do now?” Bane: “Wait” Henchman: “For what?” The menacing voice of Batman echoes through the room: “Me” Bane: “Of course we are.” Bane presses a button from a controller in his hand. EXT: POLICE PERIMETER (CONTINUOUS) Windows, viewing the hostage situation, fog over creating zero visibility from the outside. Harper speaks into her com: “Did those windows fog over? Can you see anything?” INT: GCPD CHOPPER (CONTINUOUS) Pilot: “That’s a negative. We’ve lost complete visibility.” EXT: POLICE PERIMETER (CONTINUOUS)
Return of the Knight 119

Harper has a frustrated appearance: “Keep me posted if anything changes.” Harper drops the com: “Of all the cases to start with.” INT: BOARD ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Cobblepot stands from his loose bonds. Cobblepot: “Welcome back Mr. Wayne. It all comes full circle seeing how this is the place of our first meeting.” Batman: “Seems that was the first of many mistakes I made with you.” Cobblepot: “No need to live in the past when we have the future.” Batman: “This is over Oswald. I know of you involvement with Cell Six and the murder of Trinidad Malik. How much longer do you think Bane and the League of Shadows will pawn out of your hand? I know why Bane is here and no matter what you give him his loyalty will not be gained.” Cobblepot begins slowly walking toward Batman: “The world’s greatest detective doesn’t disappoint. And you’re right loyalty will not be gained through this venture. But the death of a legacy is all I seek.” Alerted to the distraction, Batman quickly turns around as Pseudo Batman attempts to entangle Batman’s neck. Batman counters by grabbing the wrist of Pseudo Batman holding him back. Pseudo Batman strains against Batman’s grip: “I’ll have to say the suit is nice. Gives you a sense of purpose.” Batman: “You don’t deserve to wear it.” Batman pushes Pseudo Batman back landing a haymaker to his face and gut. Batman grabs him by the cowl. Batman: “It’s not the suit but the man underneath.” Batman pulls the cowl off to reveal a bloody nose copy of his father Thomas Wayne. The, bloodied, Pseudo Thomas smiles spitting out blood: “You’re right it is the man underneath.”
Return of the Knight 120

Anger feels Batman’s cowl as he head butts his pseudo father knocking him, unconscious, to the floor changing back into Hagen. Batman steps back filled with anger. Batman: “No matter how far you run or how deep you dig there is no place on this earth I will not go to stop you.” Several Shadows drop in from behind Batman who quickly turns unleashing all his furry and rage. One by one Batman over powers the warriors breaking their bones and slashing through wounds. From several feet away Cobblepot smiles at the display of brutality. INT: GOTHAM FINANCIAL-TOP FLOOR An armed henchmen walks out of an office room to light up a cigarette. He begins to leisurely stroll down the hall noticing a storage closet door opened with the lights out. He steps in flipping on the light to the dark figure of Barbara directly in front of him. Before he can make a sound Barbara grabs him and the lights go out. INT: BASS BUILDING-TOP FLOOR-OFFICE Two henchmen stand at post at a window looking toward Oswald Enterprise. Henchman 1: “Why didn’t we get SWAT gear?” Henchman 2: “Shut up and just stay focused.” Henchman 1: “I’m serious we paid our time just like the rest. What makes them special?” Henchman 2, frustrated, turns toward his partner: “I’m not gonna tell you…” He turns to be face to face with Nightwing as his partner lays unconscious behind. Nightwing: “Tell me what?” Henchman 2 quickly raises his gun but is blocked by Nightwing who then lands haymaker knocking him to the floor. INT: RICO SUPPLIES-TOP FLOOR-CONFERENCE ROOM
Return of the Knight 121

A snake like viewing device pokes through one of the ceiling tiles to find a dozen armed men dressed in SWAT gear and henchmen attire standing guard at a large panel window overlooking the police perimeter. The device retracts through the panel. INT: RICO SUPPLIES- CONFERENCE ROOM ATTIC (CONTINUOUS) Robin returns it to his utility belt. He then speaks into his com. Robin: “Looks like this is not an authentic SWAT unit. Either Cobblepot’s thugs disguised or paid them off.” Over com Barbara: “I see the same thing.” Over com Nightwing: “Treat everyone as hostile.” Robin: “Like the sound of that.” INT: RICO SUPPLIES- CONFERNCE ROOM (CONTINUOUS The hostiles continue to hold their position when one of the disguised SWAT members notices what appears to be a small black button. He picks it up from the floor that quickly explodes in his hand expelling thick smoke into the room. Three more go off around the room quickly creating a suffocating haze. INT: BASS BUILDING- BOARD ROOM (COTNINUOUS) Coughing and gasps for air are all the henchmen can manage as they search for fresh air. INT: GOTHAM FINANCIAL- CONFERENCE ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Attempting to exit the chaos a henchmen pulls open a door to be face to face with Barbara who immediately lands a knee to this face. The henchman drops to the floor. She dons a gas mask over her mouth and enters the fury. INT: RICO SUPPLIES-CONFERNCE ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Robin, wearing a gas mask, drops from the ceiling and begins taking down the dazed henchmen. The henchmen scramble to discover their attacker blindly firing throughout the smoke. Several of the shots hit and kill fellow henchmen. The room
Return of the Knight 122

feels with groans and screams as the helpless henchmen are overtaken. INT: BASS BUILDING-BOARD ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Nightwing tears through the overwhelmed henchmen with lightening fast kicks and punches. A henchman raises his gun to the back of Nightwing’s head. Henchman: “Got you now boy.” Nightwing pulls two billy clubs from his belt activating them. The hum of electric staffs powering up feel the environment. Henchman: “What the…” Nightwing quickly turns around to the armed henchman landing a bone cracking electric smash to his head. In a fury he unloads the same fate to all the surrounding henchmen. INT: GOTHAM FINANCIAL-CONFERENCE ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Barbara continues to clean the clocks of all the henchmen. The smoke begins to clear to reveal a room full of unconscious henchmen. Barbara speaks into her com: “Room is secure” INT: RICO SUPPLIES-CONFERENCE ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Robin scans over the injured henchmen noticing one slowly getting back to his feet. He walks over extending his bow staff cracking it over the henchmen’s head dropping him to the floor. Robin speaks into his com: “Everyone is taking naps here.” INT: BASS BUILDING-BOARD ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Nightwing holsters his staffs removing his gas mask. Nightwing speaking into his com: “Check the other floors, and then we meet up with the big guy.” INT: OSWALD ENTERPRISE-BOARD ROOM

Return of the Knight 123

Cobblepot, Bane, and Talia continue to look on as Batman savagely takes down the Shadows. The sound of bone snapping is the final sound before the last Shadow drops to the ground. Cobblepot begins to clap: “Impressive Mr. Wayne. I see Lazarus Pit was able to restore the fire and anger that drives you.” Batman breathing heavily from his violent assault walks toward Cobblepot cracking his knuckles. Batman: “You’re about to see how angry I’ve become.” Cobblepot: “Before I have the privilege—“ As Batman approaches the sound of gunfire and explosion can be heard from outside the building. This catches his attention, Cobblepot smiles with satisfaction. Cobblepot: “—you should look outside.” Batman goes to the window to see the police being over ran by a fleet of Tumblers and Batwings showering the streets with fire. Cobblepot: “You see Mr. Wayne when a man takes over a company he inherits the good, the bad, and the extraordinary. In my case thousands of files and schematics on how to build a Batman. It’s quite a different point of view when your toys are coming after you isn’t it?” EXT: POLICE PERIMETER (CONTINUOUS) Harper: “Pull back into the parking deck now!” Three Tumblers zoom by firing on a row of police cars and scattering citizens. INT: GCP HELICOPTER (CONTINUOUS) Pilot: “Man that gun Henry. Batman is coming around for another pass!” Henry slides the cargo door open loading a 50 caliber. The Batwing blasts a GCP chopper out of the sky and then banks hard right toward them. Henry: “Here he comes!”
Return of the Knight 124

The pilot violently torques the stick attempting to move away from the Batwing’s path. Henry unloads fire toward the Batwing tagging its hull. A missile emerges from below the Batwing’s hull and is fired straight for the chopper. Alarms buzz and sound alerting them of the incoming missile. The pilot strains to move out of harm’s way but to no prevail as the chopper becomes a fireball crashing amongst the scattering civilians. INT: OSWALD ENTERPRISE-BOARD ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Cobblepot walks up beside the helpless Batman looking out at the destruction. Cobblepot: “How it must devastate Gotham to be destroyed by the one sworn to protect it.” Batman clinches his teeth in anger swinging a punch for Cobblepot’s head only to be caught by Bane. INT: RICO SUPPLY-TOP FLOOR-HALLWAY With stealth like precision Robin makes his way down the empty hall when he begins to hear a light beeping noise. As it becomes louder he realizes it is a tracking device on his boot. BAM!! An explosion tears through the wall. Followed by another and another. Frantically, Robin sprints down the hall has the explosions follow. EXT: RICO SUPPLY (CONTINUOUS) A Batwing hovers outside the top floor peppering it with gunfire. INT: GOTHAM FINANCIAL-TOP FLOOR-HALLWAY Barbara is also chased down the hall from a Batwing’s gunfire. At the hallway’s end her face is met by the stock of gun knocking her unconscious. INT: BASS BUILDING-TOP FLOOR- HALLWAY A sprinting Nightwing see’s an elevator door dead ahead. Reaching into his belt he pulls two explosive pellets tossing
Return of the Knight 125

them ahead to the doors blowing them open. He leaps into the shaft just ahead of the Batwing’s fire. While in the freefall he aimlessly fires a grapple gun upwards. The grapple catches abruptly stopping his fall. Nightwing lets out a relieving sigh has he takes in his surround environment. Red laser dots one by one cover his body. Looking up toward their source his eyes meet a group of disguised SWAT members guns pointed at him. SWAT member: “Times up boy.” EXT: SWISHER TUNNEL-DAY A row of police sirens and lights meet demolition vans surrounding the tunnel’s entrance. Gordon exits his car walking up to a man wearing a hard hat, safety goggles, and a demolition vest. Demolition man extends his hand toward Gordon: “James Arnold DOD.” Gordon shakes his hand: “Mr. Arnold I’m gonna be frank with you I’m not sure what we’re going to walk up on but I can guarantee it will be hostile. Any of your men had any training with a fire arms?” Arnold smiles: “Nothing official but we can handle our own.” Gordon: “Let’s hope so. How long will it take you to set up.” Arnold: “If we do it quick and dirty give my team 45 minutes.” Gordon: “Pray for that luxury. Load up.” INT: SWISHER TUNNEL (CONTINUOUS) The stench of corroding underground and the sound of infected water slowly dripping make up the tunnels murky habitat. With Gordon in the lead, twitching flash lights paint the walls and architecture of the rotting tunnel. The crew of nearly thirty slowly makes their way toward the unknown. As their trek progresses on, a dim light begins to glow brighter. The team continues into what becomes a large open room playing home to an unmanned Lazarus Pit. The sound of bubbling water and low toned electrical hum works as background noise in
Return of the Knight 126

the large area. The team cannot help but explore the unique nature of Lazarus Pit. Police Officer: “What is this?” Gordon: “The devil’s work. Arnold you’re on.” Arnold: “Yes sir.” The demo team begins unloading their gear. Gordon turns toward the police officer. Gordon: “Stay alert. It’s too quiet.” BANG!! The officer drops to the ground from a gunshot. The team scatters as gunfire begins raining down from henchmen emerging from the shadows. Gordon makes his way to cover returning fire. Several officers counter the henchmen’s assault but are quickly cut down. Gordon peaks out from his cover taking down several henchmen. He is then blindsided to the back of his head knocking him to the ground. The henchman towers over the helpless Gordon knocking his gun way. Henchman: “Looks like even Commissioner’s have their day of death.” With his gun pointed at Gordon the henchman takes a bullet to the chest. Gordon turns toward the bullet’s origin to find Arnold knocking off approaching henchmen one by one. Gordon gets back to his feet as Arnold drops the last one. Gordon: “Nothing official?” Arnold: “Agent Faraday with S.H.A.D.E.” Gordon: “S.H.A.D.E? Arnold: “Super-Human Advanced Defense Executive, I can explain later Mr. Commissioner but my men and I need to clean this up.” Faraday cocks his pistol Gordon: “All yours.” With sniper precision the demo team mows down the entire defense of henchmen in a matter of moments. The once warzone is returned
Return of the Knight 127

to the background Lazarus Pit provides amongst a littered floor of henchmen and cops. Faraday: “Rig it up.” SHADE agents begin aligning explosives around the Pit. Faraday holsters his gun walking up beside a stunned Gordon. Faraday: “I apologize for the secrecy of our involvement. We felt it necessary due to the recent invents taking place within your police force. Honestly we didn’t know who to trust.” Gordon: “Understandable, I myself find trusting people difficult right now. Really the only question I have is why you people got involved?” Faraday: “Let’s just say we have certain assets that need to be protected.” SHADE agent approaches Faraday. SHADE agent: “Charges are set sir.” Faraday: “Time to finish the job.” EXT: SWISHER TUNNEL (CONTINUOUS) The team runs out of the tunnel making it safely behind a row of police cars. A large explosion follows shaking the Earth as debris and smoke emerge from the tunnel’s entrance. INT: FIRST FLOOR PARKING DECK-POLICE PERIMETER-DAY Harper and her men continue to take fire from a pair of Tumblers as they are pinned. Harper: “Where’s our backup Bullock?” Bullock ducks his head as debris peppers his body. Bullock: “I don’t know. They probably can’t penetrate with all this gun fire.” Harper: “They better start penetrating or they’ll have nothing to back up.”

Return of the Knight 128

Two stray blasts tag the closest Tumbler followed by a third sending it into flames. While a single missiles destroys the second Tumbler. Harper, Bullock, and her team temporarily hold fire scanning for the origin of the gun fire. A platoon of army soldiers pile into the area lead by General Carter. Carter: “General Carter United States Army, we are taking control of the situation.” Harper: “Under whose authority?” Carter: “Above your pay grade Captain.” Harper: “What do you mean pay grade? I’m not military personnel General. I don’t fall under your protocols.” Carter: “Captain, I’m asking you nicely to stand down and let us do our job.” Harper’s face feels with anger as she prepares to lash out at the General. Bullock grabs her attention. Bullock: “It’s not worth it Captain.” Harper quickly turns her head toward the typical hot head detective. Bullock shakes his head: “Not today.” Harper’s raging face calms and begins to follow Bullock away from the area. Harper: “You of all people are gonna give in that easy?” Bullock: “Shut up and keep walking. There’s something I need to show you.”

CUT TO: Soldiers take post surrounding the police perimeter laying down cover fire at a second wave of Tumblers.

Return of the Knight 129

General Carter speaks into his com: “Area is secure. Mission is a go. Get Raptors in the air.” A voice comes from the com: “Copy that” INT: OSWALD ENTERPRISE-BOARD ROOM Bane lands brutal punches to Batman’s side before connecting with a violent hook to his head. Batman stumbles back but quickly regains composure retaliating with combos to Bane’s face and ribs. The mercenary does not flinch as he grabs Batman’s head landing a head butt that knocks him into a pillar. Batman stunned from the blow, gets weak in the legs, and slowly slides to the floor. Bane walks over Batman as if conquering him in the boxing ring. Cobblepot takes a knee in front of the woozy hero slumped against the stone pillar. Cobblepot: “You’re the only man I’ve seen take a beating like that and keep breathing.” Batman’s face tells the story of a man in intense pain struggling for each breath. Cobblepot pulls a handkerchief from his pocket wiping his face. Cobblepot (continued): “It’s taken a lot of work to get you here, but people always end up where they are meant to be. In your case at the forefront of the worst terroristic attack in Gotham’s history. What sets us apart from our predecessors is they failed to completely break Gotham’s spirit because they lacked the knowledge of where that spirit lives.” Cobblepot leans closer say that only Batman can hear. Cobblepot (continued): “Us, you and me Bruce, this city feeds off the belief someone can bring peace to lives so desperately lacking it.” Batman struggles to speak: “You can’t offer these people peace.” Cobblepot: “I offer Gotham a new light for the tragedy that is about to shake its core. The legacy of Bruce Wayne and Batman will soon be written. The great mystery solved. At this moment Batman is holding a Mayor hostage. But this hostage situation is soon to escalate when your Batwing comes crashing through that window setting off a hundreds of explosions. Oswald Enterprise will crash to the streets killing us all. Search teams will find
Return of the Knight 130

the bodies in the wreckage including your own. They’ll pull back that mask to find the face of Bruce Wayne. Gotham will mourn. Not for the death of a man but the death of hope. The people will realize the true nature of their Batman and the world will recognize billionaire Bruce Wayne as a terrorist.” Batman: “Steep price to pay with your life.” Cobblepot smiles: “Man does not die with the water of Lazarus Pit. My body will not be found as I am taken away to be reborn. People will bow and worship me after my resurrection. It’s the final hour Bruce. There’s nothing you can do.” Batman: “I never intended to do all the work.” Cobblepot’s turns to a puzzled expression. Batman: “Just like a company one man never does all the work. You might want to check the security on that Pit of yours.” Cobblepot turns toward one of the henchman who is shaking his head. Henchman: “I’m not getting a signal from Swisher Tunnel.” Batman: “It’s taken a lot of work to get you here, but people always end up where they are meant to be.” Batman kicks Cobblepot in the chest with both feet knocking him back. Bane charges at Batman who gets to his feet activating his iron wrist device. It comes to life, generating iron around his fist as he unloads a jaw shattering punch to Bane’s face cracking his mask. Wasting no time Batman lands punch after punch to Bane’s face and body beating him into submission. With blood running from his mouth and nose Bane struggles to breathe barely able to stand. He attempts a counter punch that Batman ducks under landing a blow to Bane’s ribs. He falls to one knee in severe pain. Finally Batman lifts Bane over his head. Batman: “This is going to hurt.” With all his might, Batman slams Bane onto his knee breaking his back. Bane screams in pain as he lies on the floor beaten, barely able to move. Batman looks up at a stunned Cobblepot gazing upon the fallen giant.
Return of the Knight 131

Batman: “There’s not going to be a resurrection Oswald. The people will not be forced to believe a lie.” Cobblepot: “Strong words but Bane was never intended to be the death of you when true revenge is among us.” Talia: “It is time to pay your debt.” Batman quickly turns around catching Talia’s sword with his iron fist. The force drops Batman to his back. Talia raises the sword again crushing it down onto Batman’s wrist. Talia: “After all my father gave you.” Talia lands another blow. Talia: “The trust he implanted in you.” Talia goes for another shot but Batman rolls out of the sword’s path, popping to his feet. Talia: “You repay him with murder!” Batman puzzled at her actions. Batman: “Talia, I had nothing to do with your father’s death.” Talia raises the sword charging at Batman. Talia: “You lie!” Batman is able to deflect the sword away from his chest. Talia lands a punch to his face. Aimed for his face, Batman knocks the sword from her hand. She counters with a round house kick to the face before pulling a dagger from her belt ramming it into Batman’s shoulder. He groans in pain grabbing the dagger pulling it out. Slowly he falls to the floor. Talia picks up her father’s sword from the ground. Batman: “Bane murdered your father.” Talia: “Your attempts at creating mutiny within us pathetic. You deserve the same fate as the man responsible for killing your own parents.”

Return of the Knight 132

Batman: “Killing me will only give Cobblepot what he wants. He was going to give Bane Lazarus Pit to end his need for the venom. It’s been a set up from the start. Only a matter of time before he kills you too.” Cobblepot quickly butts into the conversation: “Kill him Talia. He’s only trying to manipulate you.” Batman slowly climbs to his feet: “Listen to me. He wants the League of Shadows for himself. He has no intention of honoring your father’s purpose.” The confusion enters Talia’s eyes. Henchmen enter the room cocking their weapons. Batman looks at Talia with a reassuring expression. Batman: “A lot of heat just for me.” INT: SURVEILLANCE VAN Harper and Bullock lean over the shoulders of a technician. They are viewing a screen with rows of dissected sound waves. Technician: “This is Skyhawk’s frequency before they breached the top floor of Gotham Financial and this is the frequency after the breach.” Harper: “They’re different.” Bullock: “Someone else radioed in the area was secured, but it’s not secured by us.” Harper: “What about the other buildings?” Technician: “Same discrepancy.” Harper: “Radio into those buildings and see what we get.” Technician manipulates the controls speaking into his head set. Technician: “Skyhawk this is command, over? Skyhawk do you copy?” The technician looks up at Bullock and Harper with an pessimistic expression. Bullock: “Try another team.”
Return of the Knight 133

Technician speaks into the headset: “Dark Screen, Road Hide anyone copy?” Static is all that returns through the speaker. Harper: “I want squadrons in those buildings ASAP. If the General has a problem with that he can take it up with the Commissioner.” EXT: SKY ABOVE OSWALD ENTERPRISE-DAY Batwing’s continue to pepper General Carter’s soldiers with fire. Two F-22 Raptors drop in from above tailing one of the Batwing’s. INT: RAPTOR 1 (CONTINUOUS) Pilot: “Engaging Bogey 1 bearing 29 Alpha.” INT: RAPTOR 2 (CONTINUOUS) Pilot: “Copy that Raptor 2 on your flank.” EXT: SKY The Raptors begin peppering the Batwing with gunfire having little effect on its armor. INT: RAPTOR 1 The pilot manipulates his control panel: “Switching to side winders.”

EXT: SKY Two missiles launch from both Raptors targeting the Batwing. As the missiles close in a second Batwing swoops in taking the hit. A massive fireball fills the sky as the two pilots shield their eyes from the brightly lit debris. INT: RAPTOR 2 (CONTINUOUS) Pilot: “Did that thing intentionally intercept those missiles?” INT: RAPTOR 1 (CONTINUOUS)
Return of the Knight 134

Pilot: “Looks that way. They’re protecting this one for something special---Ground control you copy that?” EXT: CENTRAL COMMAND-FORMER POLICE PERIMETER (CONTINUOUS) Carter: “We copy that Raptor 1. See if you can get those bogeys over our heads. We’ve got a little surprise waiting.” INT: RAPTOR 1 (CONTINUOUS) Pilot: “Copy that.” EXT: SKY As the two Raptors prepare to bank around a skyscraper another Batwing meets them head on blasting them out of the sky. EXT: CENTRAL COMMAND (CONTINUOUS) General Carter and his men turn toward the loud sound to see the two Raptors crash through several buildings before smashing onto the street. The two Batwings drop altitude flying directly toward the platoon of soldiers. General Carter: “Move!” The platoon quickly darts for cover countering with little fire. The Batwings pulverize the central command area leaving no one alive. INT: GOTHAM FINANCIAL- TOP FLOOR STAIRWELL (CONTINUOUS) Harper leads a team of police officers up the stairs. As they continue to climb they find bullet holes in the wall along with dried blood. Police Officer: “Something happened here.” Harper: “Scan for an ID.” The officer pulls an electronic scanner from his belt hovering it over the bloody residue. After a moment the device beeps revealing a picture of a SWAT member.
Return of the Knight 135

Police Officer: “Henderson, Daniel SWAT Skyhawk team.” Harper cocks her pistol and nods to an officer as they prepare to breach the floor. Harper kicks in the door taking a mixture of henchmen by surprise. Both parties unload gunfire lighting up the room. Harper and her team proceed into the room overwhelming the henchmen. INT: BASS BUILDING-TOP FLOOR (CONTINUOUS) Bullock and his team follow suit gunning down the stunned henchmen. Bullock: “Keep it up! They’re on the run!” INT: BASS BUILDING-STORAGE ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Four armed henchmen stand around Nightwing who is restrained to a metal pillar. The gunfire echoes into the room. The henchmen looked concerned. Henchman: “You bring back-up boy?” Nightwing shrugs his shoulders: “I work alone. Sounds like someone else wants your head.” A henchman looks at one of the other henchmen: “Stay here with the boy. He moves kill him.” Three of the henchmen exit the room. The lone henchman gives a glaring look as Nightwing gives a tight smirk. INT: RICO SUPPLIES-TOP FLOOR HALLWAY (CONTINUOUS) Armed policemen make their way down the empty hallway passing the large burn holes left behind from the Batwing. The force rounds a corner to see a henchman facing them. The cops immediately swing their guns his way. FREEZE! The henchman does not make a sound as he slowly falls to the floor with Robin standing behind him. Robin retracts his staff holstering it.

Return of the Knight 136

Robin: “The building is secure. Concentrate your fire on those Batwings.” Police Officer: “You work with the Bat. We’re not trusting you.” Robin: “I can assure you this is not Batman’s doings. If you don’t get those Batwings out of the sky they’re going to plow a hole through the middle of Gotham.” The officers drop their weapons. The team leader reaches for his com. Leader: “Building is secure, request immediate deliverance of AT4 Rocket Launcher to rooftop.” INT: GOTHAM FINANCIAL-TOP FLOOR Harper and her team stand amongst a littered floor of dead henchmen. Harper: “Is that all of them?” A door kicks in followed by gunfire from a team of henchmen. After a moment the henchmen fall to the floor pulled out of the room. Out of sight the sounds of men yelling and bones cracking fill the air. As the violence stops Barbara emerges into the room removing chain shackles from her wrist. Barbara: “The one thing in common with all criminals is they’re cheap.” Harper raises her gun: “Stop right there. Who are you?” Barbara stops in her tracks realizing Harper does not recognize her. The rest of the team raises their guns at Barbara. Barbara: “Not the enemy Jamie.” Harper: “You didn’t answer my question. Who are you?” Barbara: “Someone like you, someone trying to make a difference. You know Oswald is behind everything. Batman would not do this.” Harper slowly lowers her gun followed by the rest of her team. Harper: What do we need to do?”
Return of the Knight 137

INT: BASS BUILDING-STORAGE ROOM The armed henchman keeps his back to Nightwing with his attention toward the outside gunfire. Nightwing: “First day holding a gun?” The henchman keeps his back turned: “I don’t think you’re in a position to speak.” The hum of Nightwing’s staffs powering up echoes in the room. Nightwing: “This better?” The henchman quickly turns to see a freed Nightwing holding the staffs in a combat pose. INT: BASS BUILDING-BOARD ROOM

Bullock and his team exchange gunfire against the relentless henchmen. The two officers flanking Bullock take bullets to the chest dropping them to the floor. Bullock realizes the tide may be turning against them. Two henchmen begin closing in on Bullock but are stopped dead in the tracks after electric staffs crash into their necks. Nightwing burst into the room unleashing is advanced combat skills onto the henchmen. He maneuvers through the flying bullets catching henchmen in the face and ribs with bone crushing blows. He glides to the pair of electric staffs retrieving them from the floor finally crashing them into the final henchman’s skull. Bullock and his team look in awe at the ease Nightwing took down their adversaries. Bullock: “Alright we’ll follow your lead from here on out.” INT: OSWALD ENTERPRISE-BOARD ROOM Talia and a wounded Batman stand surrounded by two dozen armed henchmen. Cobblepot: “As fate would have it Bruce here we are again with a difficult decision and no answer.” Batman: “You haven’t won anything Oswald.”
Return of the Knight 138

Cobblepot: “This isn’t a game Bruce. I have you within minutes of your death with no Ra’s al Ghul to save you.” Talia: “Do not breathe a word of my father’s name!” Cobblepot: “You have nothing to threaten me with sweetheart. Your name no longer has any meaning in the world. It died with your father.” Anger over takes Talia who charges directly toward Cobblepot, sword aimed for his head. BANG! BANG! BANG! The gunfire stops Talia in her tracks in front of Cobblepot. Oswald looks on, with a smirk, at the barely standing Talia: “Pathetic” BANG Cobblepot’s gun goes off. Talia’s father’s sword drops to the ground followed by her body. Oswald leans down to her with a glaring smirk. Talia barely breathing in intense pain. Cobblepot: “Ironic the immortality surrounding the al Ghul name has been proven false in a matter of days. You would have lived longer as Susan Wade.” Talia’s eyes close as she takes her final breath. Oswald stands. Cobblepot: “Care to try your luck Bruce or has the great Batman finally run out of options?” Batman: “I prefer to improvise.” Windows shatter as Robin, Nightwing, and Barbara crash into the room. With the henchmen stunned Batman jumps into action slugging the first two henchmen, he see’s, to the ground. The team of four work like a well oiled machine beating down every henchmen within reach. CUT TO: Barbara fires a grapple gun through a henchman’s shoulder dropping the man in pain. She wraps the cable around a second henchman’s neck flipping him to the ground.

Return of the Knight 139

CUT TO: Robin plows through a row of seven henchmen wrecking their bones with his elongated bow staff. CUT TO: Nightwing over powers a group of henchmen frying their brains with his humming staffs. He turns firing darts from a wrist brace spraying their bodies with painful piercings. CUT TO: Batman mutilates a set of enemies snapping their guns in half crushing their week bodies into the floor beneath. CUT TO: Cobblepot cocks his pistol darting for the nearest exit. As he approaches the door he is blindsided off his feet crashing to the floor. The powerful grip of Batman jerks Cobblepot to his feet. Batman: “Nowhere to run Oswald.” Batman lands a concussing head butt to the shaken man breaking his nose. He is then slammed into the wall. Batman: “No one to punch back.” Oswald catching his breath: “I can fight my own wars.” Cobblepot aimlessly takes a swing at the Dark Knight who easily avoids it. Batman then jaw jacks Oswald blasting him into the hallway. INT: HALLWAY (CONTINUOUS) Oswald crashes to the floor. He frantically tries to scoot across the floor away from a pursing Batman. Batman: “Did you honestly believe you could come into my city, take my company, and charade people into believing you are a god?” Oswald smiles spitting a mouth full of blood. Cobblepot: “Not a god Bruce, a better man. A better man than what you claimed to be.”

Return of the Knight 140

Overtaken with anger Batman jerks Oswald from the ground slamming him against a wall. Blood drains from Cobblepot’s nose and mouth as he smirks. Cobblepot(continued): “Look at you and all your strength. But it’s worthless at this point. In a matter of moments your Batwings will crash into this building and your legacy will be sealed.” Batman: “Gotham will soon learn of the man you are. Word’s out Oswald, you’re a wanted man and I’m here to deliver.” With all the strength Batman can compose he throws Oswald through the door of his personal office tearing his name plate from the wood. INT: OSWALD ENTERPRISE-BOARD ROOM (CONTINOUS) Batman walks through the room covered with beaten unconscious evil. He manipulates a button on his built walking toward the large broken window. Robin: “Where you headed big guy?” Batman: “To finish this.” Nightwing: “The Batwing is back at the cave. Could take a…” The Batwing halts in front of the broken window. Batman: “I’ve got it.” Batman hops in the open cockpit and flies off. Barbara: “I think he’s got a handle on the situation.” EXT: BASS BUILDING ROOFTOP-DAY Bullock: “Here they come!” Several cops aim rocket launchers toward the speeding Batwings. Pressing the triggers a pair of missiles fire toward the planes. One of the Batwings deviates from the formation gunning down the missiles. Bullock: “Can we please catch a break?”
Return of the Knight 141

EXT: GOTHAM FINANICIAL ROOFTOP (CONTINUOUS) Harper: “Light em up!” Three missiles are fired toward the Batwings to be equally knocked out of the sky by returned gunfire. EXT: SKY (CONTINUOUS) The Batwings change course toward Rico Supplies. EXT: RICO SUPPLIES ROOFTOP (CONTINUOUS) Police Officer: “Take cover! Here they come!” The team sprints toward the roof exit as gunfire begins to swarm around. The Batwings launch four missiles at the running men igniting the roof in flames. EXT: GOTHAM FINANCIAL ROOFTOP (CONTINUOUS) Harper looks on in shock at the flaming building.

EXT: SKY (CONTINUOUS) The Batwings turn course toward Gotham Financial loading missiles for fire. BAM BAM, the two shots hit the modified wing of the rear Batwing spinning it out of control crashing to the street. INT: BATWING COCKPIT (CONTINUOUS) Batman manipulates controls locking in on his target firing missiles away. EXT: SKY (CONTINUOUS) As missiles quickly approach the Batwing performs a 180 degree flip leaving Bass Building in the missiles path. The builds top floors ignite from the explosion. INT: BATWING COCKPIT (CONTINUOUS)
Return of the Knight 142

Batman attempts evasive maneuvers as the Batwing launches a pair of missiles crashing into the wing and engine. Alarms sound as the Batwing begins losing control. EXT: SKY (CONTINUOUS) Batman turns his Batwing toward the sky for a vertical climb as the enemy Batwing sets its’ course for Oswald Enterprise. INT: OSWALD ENTERPRISE-BOARD ROOM (CONTINUOUS) Barbara, Nightwing, and Robin look on at the oncoming plane. INT: BATWING COCKPIT (CONTINUOUS) Sirens continue to scream. “Power 18%” Batman manipulates controls displaying a trajectory path. “Power 17%” Batman punches a button blowing the Batwing’s canopy pulling him from the cockpit. EXT: SKY (CONTINUOUS) Batman rights his body toward the street below, tightens his cape beginning a speedy descent downward toward the evil Batwing. As he approaches the cockpit he fires a grapple gun breaching the canopy ripping it off to find no pilot. Batman lands in the open cockpit. INT: ENEMY BATWING COCKPIT (CONTINUOUS) Batman attempts to manipulate the controls but the computer resistant “Auto pilot locked”. Running out of time Batman pulls all the explosive pellets from his belt cramming them into the computer. He jumps out of the cockpit followed by a large explosion separating the cockpit. EXT: SKY (CONTINUOUS) The enemy Batwing quickly loses altitude crashing into the street below. His cape spread resembling a bat, Batman sores through the sky over the flaming Batwing. INT: OSWALD ENTERPRISE-BOARDROOM (CONTINUOUS) Nightwing, Robin, and Barbara look on with relief and satisfaction.
Return of the Knight 143

EXT: STREET (CONTINUOUS) A police car drives up near the flaming wreckage. Gordon steps out. He looks up to the sky as Batman soars overhead. His face glows with pride. INT: CITY HALL-MAYOR’S OFFICE-NIGHT A beaten Cobblepot sits at his desk. An empty bottle of liquor sits next to a handgun. Oswald slams back another shot throwing the glass against a wall. He picks up the handgun looking down the barrel cocking it. The door kicks open as armed men dressed in black tie suits enter. A well dressed man enters flashing a badge. Well Dressed Man: “Agent Zimmer FBI, Mr. Cobblepot you are under arrest on 380 counts of homicide, drug trafficking, money laundering, and aiding the terrorist organization Cell Six.” EXT: GOTHAM SKYLINE-MORNING Vale: “Reports are leaking in that Mayor Oswald Cobblepot has been arrested for his involvement aiding an underground terrorist organization known as Cell Six. A second source is reporting Cobblepot was also behind a devastating train crash in India. No one has seen or spoken with the Mayor since yesterday’s incident at Oswald Enterprise but an anonymous source reports it was a setup by the Mayor himself…” INT: CANA BAY BATCAVE (CONTINUOUS) Wayne looks on at the mainframe screen watching Viki Vale’s newscast. Mug shots of Hagen and Bane appear on screen. Vale: “Aliases in the case include Matthew Hagen and an unknown mercenary Bane. It was confirmed to be Hagen impersonating Batman. We apologize for the lack of details at this time but will keep you updated as reports come in.” The screen goes blank. Grayson: “The Batman name is going to be cleared.” Wayne: “It’ll take time but one day.”

Return of the Knight 144

Drake: “If it takes awhile just remember Robin is still in good standing with the public.” Barbara: “A good name only gets you so far in this town.” Drake: “Gets you further than your real name.” Grayson: “He’s got a point. If you’re gonna put on that suit I don’t recommend wearing a Barbara Gordon name tag.” Wayne: “Batgirl isn’t very original but it would work.” Barbara smiles: “Says from Batman. I’ll sleep on it.” EXT: CITY HALL FRONT STEPS-DAY Gordon stands at a podium addressing media. Gordon: “Mayor Grange was the victim of evils strongest will. As we continue to wrap our minds around the brutality of his final days his memory will live on with honor…”

EXT: OSWALD ENTERPRISE-DAY Construction crews and cranes work to repair the damage. Vale V.O. “Oswald Cobblepot’s arrest has left his company Oswald Enterprise at a stalemate. Due to the language of documents the company was made public for sale this morning. An anonymous buyer has been identified for purchasing the majority share. Bruce Wayne is said to have no involvement with the issue.” INT: CAR Wayne: “I really looked forward to taking a day off Alfred.” Ahead in the driver’s seat Alfred responds. Alfred: “Do you realize the trouble I undertook in arranging this meeting?” Wayne: “You were supposed to be lying on a beach with umbrella drinks.” Alfred: “Well I took it upon myself to do a little extra work.”
Return of the Knight 145

INT: OSWALD ENTERPRISE-OFFICE (CONTINOUS) Wayne, visibly restless, sits in a chair. The door opens and Alfred enters with an African American male appearing Bruce’s age. Alfred: “Master Wayne I would like you to meet the majority holder of Oswald Enterprise.” Wayne stands greeting the man: “Bruce Wayne, pleasure to meet you Mr…” The African American man shakes his hand: “Fox, Lucius Winston Fox Jr. but Winston will do.” Bruce’s eyes look as they have seen a ghost. Fox Jr.: “You meant a lot to my father Mr. Wayne.” Wayne: “Lucius never mentioned having a son.” Fox Jr. smiles: “He was a dedicated man. I plan to make a few changes. Add a little more familiarity to Wayne Enterprise.” Wayne: “Wayne Enterprise?” Fox Jr. smiles EXT: WAYNE ENTERPRISE (CONTINUOUS) A crane moves a large W to the side of the building. FADE TO BLACK AFTER CREDITS EXT: SKY-NIGHT Bat signal lights up the sky. EXT: GCPD ROOFTOP-NIGHT Batman lands atop the roof to find Faraday and Gordon waiting. Faraday looks at his watch in amazement. Faraday: “Thirty eight seconds, he is fast.”
Return of the Knight 146

Gordon: “This is Agent Faraday of SHADE.” Batman: “We’ve meet. Time for our discussion?” Faraday smiles: “Tired of the solo act Wayne?” Batman: “I’ve got a team.” Faraday: “I’m not talking about just any team Bruce. I’m talking about an extraordinary team.”

Return of the Knight 147

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