EXT: GOTHAM NORROWS-NIGHT The slummed down streets are littered with trash and walls painted

with graffiti. Gotham’s homeless scurry the street sleeping in beds of newspapers and kept warm by dumpster fires. An unassuming car pulls up to the sidewalk. A scruffy man wearing a heavy jacket and toboggan socked on his head gets out of the driver’s seat while an attractive brunette in her mid twenties steps out of the passenger side. She wears a heavy jacket and carries a briefcase. They quickly make their way inside a rundown garage. INT: GARAGE (CONTINUOUS) Two men greet them at the garages entrance. JEROME is a firmly built black man holding an automatic rifle and ROSS an equally built white male with two pistols holstered at his side. Jerome: “Arms up.” The attractive girl and her driver hold up their arms as Ross searches them. Ross: “They’re clean.” Jerome: “Follow me.” The attractive woman and her driver lower their arms and follow Jerome through the garage passing my two black car tarps. They enter through a door into an office. INT: GARAGE OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) Inside the rundown office a Russian man in his mid forties SOLOMON sits at a desk covered with neat stacks of 100 dollar bills. Jerome: “They’re here.” Solomon: “Ah, good bring them in.” The attractive girl and driver enter the office. Solomon: “Nice to see you again. I take it your boss found my proposal appealing?”

Attractive girl: “The price has gone up to fifty” Solomon places a stack of bills in a money counter machine. Solomon: “I thought we agreed on twenty.” Attractive girl: “Azrael asks for a real name.” Solomon: “Penguin is the only name I’ve got. With a name such as Azrael, your boss obviously understands the importance of anonymity.” Attractive girl: “Fifty it is.” Solomon glares at the attractive girl gritting his teeth. Solomon: “Please show me briefcase.” The attractive girl places the case on the table unlocking it and opening it up to reveal several large bags of cocaine. Attractive girl: “5.8 kilos of his finest collection.” Solomon gets a large smile on his face picking up one of the bags smelling it then taking a small taste. Solomon: “This will do nicely my dear.” A close up of the attractive girl’s ear shows a small electronic wire. INT: SURVEILLANCE VAN (CONTINUOUS) HARVEY BULLOCK, JAMIE HARPER, and a telecommunications tech watch and listen to the conversation between Solomon and the attractive girl. Harper: “Hang in there Barbara, almost got him.” Bullock takes a large bight from his doughnut. Bullock: “She’s good you’ll have to give her that. I still can’t her old man let her go through with this.” Harper: “You’ve seen how she is with him. I don’t think he had much choice.” INT: GARAGE OFFICE (CONTINUOUS)

Barbara: “Where’s the payment?” Solomon still studying the cocaine. Solomon laughs: “Impatient darling aren’t you. I have your money.” Solomon grabs two stacks of the hundred dollar bills on this desk and tosses them at her. Barbara examines the stacks and looks back at Solomon. Barbara: “This is only twenty. I told you fifty.” INT: SURVEILLANCE VAN (CONTINUOUS) Harper: “This could get interesting.” Bullock speaks into a head set. Bullock: “Be on standby Captain.” The Captain’s voice comes back over the headset. Captain: “Copy that” INT: GARAGE OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) Solomon: “You take twenty and tell Azrael, or whatever your bosses’ name is, that he disrespects me with his petty business.” Barbara: “We had a deal.” Solomon pulls a gun from his desk drawer pointing it a Barbara. Solomon: “Solomon Torres nor the Penguin will tolerate such amateur status! If he wants a name tell him to find the Penguin and ask him himself!” Solomon moves the gun away from Barbara toward her driver and pulls the trigger BANG! Barbara screams as the scruffy man falls to the floor dead.

INT: SURVEILLANCE VAN (CONTINUOUS) Bullock speaks into his headset

Bullock: “Shots fired officer down! Captain you are free to engage repeat free to engage!” INT: GARAGE OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) Barbara in tears is knelt down beside her driver. Solomon tosses all his money into the briefcase with the drugs. Solomon: “It’s time to go. The girl comes with us.” Jerome grabs Barbara by the arm jerking her to her feet. She lands a punch to Jerome’s face knocking him back. Before she can land another Ross knocks her to the ground with a punch and then jerks her up. Solomon grabs the woozy Barbara by the neck. Solomon: “If you want to live I suggest you keep your hands to yourself.” They exit the office into the open garage. INT: GARAGE (CONTINUOUS) They walk toward the two black car tarps and pull them back to reveal two black Audi ABT 8s. Barbara: “Yeah you won’t attract any attention” Solomon and Ross get in car 1 while Jerome and Barbara enter car 2. The car’s engines roar as they crank up. The front garage door explodes open sending dust and debris everywhere. SWAT files in with guns pointed directly at the two cars. SWAT member 1: “Freeze! Don’t move!” SWAT member 2: “Turn off the car and step out with your hands above your head.”

INT: CAR 1 Solomon: “Please take care of our guest.”

Ross smiles pulling a detonator from his jacket then presses it. CUT TO: The garage floor begins to explode segment by segment taking out most of the SWAT team. The two cars squeal tires as they speed out of the garage before being caught in the explosion. EXT: NARROWS STREET (CONTINUOUS) Bullock kicks open the van’s doors as they watch the cars speed out of the garage. Bullock: “This just became as hostage situation.” Bullock reaches for his com Bullock: “Solomon has Barbara has a hostage. Two black cars traveling south on Aiken Street, requesting back up!” Harper notices several SWAT members stirring from the explosion. Harper: “We’re gonna need an ambulance too.” Bullock: “Call it in. I’m going after Barbara.” Harper: “Got it” Bullock hops in the van and speeds off. INT: COMMISSIONER GORDON’S OFFICE (CONTINUOUS) An officer franticly enters. Officer: “Commissioner we have a situation.” Gordon: “Can you elaborate?” Officer: “It’s Barbara she was compromised. hostage situation.” She’s now in a

Gordon face feels with the fear of a father. He gets to his feet and bolts past the officer into the hall. INT: HALLWAY (CONTINUOUS) Gordon: “Where’s she at?”

The officer quickly follows behind the nervous father. Officer: “We’re currently tracking two black cars headed out of the city. Road blocks are being set up as we speak.” Gordon: “Have my car ready.” Officer: “That’s not going to work sir.” Gordon abruptly stops turning to face the officer Gordon: “Say that again.” Officer: “The two cars have been clocked in excess of 120 miles per hour. If you’re going to catch it you’re gonna need your other car.” Gordon thinks for a moment Gordon: “Get choppers in the air and patrollers to do the best they can. Have the tech team get that car ready.” EXT: GOTHAM STREETS (CONTINUOUS) The two black sports cars speed through traffic weaving in and out around cars. From behind, led by Bullock’s surveillance van, a plethora red and blue lights chase after. They approach an intersection with the light being red. SURVEILLANCE VAN (CONTINUOUS) Bullock speaks into his radio. Bullock: “This is our chance. The intersection should slow them down.” INT: CAR 1 (CONTINUOUS) Solomon: “Does the phrase threading the needle mean anything to you?” Ross smiles and shifts the gear stick and punches the gas. INT: CAR 2 (CONTINUOUS) Barbara’s face feels with dread as she realizes they are going through the intersection.

Barbara: “You’re boss is gonna kill us all.” Jerome gives Barbara a menacing look and then shifts the gear stick punching the gas EXT: GOTHAM STREET INTERSECTION (CONTINUOUS) The two cars approach as a semi-truck is passing through. Car 1 J breaks squealing tires pivoting around the truck’s back tires making it through to the other side. Car 2 J breaks turning to the side drifting under the truck’s trailer. The wave of police cars attempt to make it through the intersection but many of the cars are t-boned and wreck. Bullock stands on the street amongst the massive wrecks. Bullock speaking into com: “Pursuit halted at the intersection of 5th and Main from multiple motor vehicle accident. Requesting back up, suspects continuing south toward Gotham Bridge.” EXT: BUILDING ROOF TOP (CONTIUOUS) The black silhouette of BATMAN is crouched on the roof’s edge. He hears Bullock’s transmission through the police scanner built into his cowl. Batman stands from his crouched position and soars off the rooftop. INT: GCPD GARAGE (CONTINUOUS) Gordon enters to several mechanics and technicians surrounding a sleek stealthy looking car. The car resembles the body of Sting Ray Corvette with black and white colors and GCPD on both doors. Gordon: “Are we ready?” Technician: “Yes sir Commissioner.” The technician opens the car door and Gordon gets in. Technician: “Good luck sir.” EXT: GOTHAM STREET (CONTINUOUS) Gordon’s stealth police car burns rubber down the street.

INT: STEALTH CAR (CONTINUOUS) An internal computer system comes alive displaying a large map of Gotham. Gordon: “Barbara Gordon” Computer: “Locating Barbara Gordon.” Barbara’s ID appears on screen as the map zooms into a signal location. Computer: “Barbara Gordon located traveling south bound Sanders Avenue. Unregistered Black 2012 Audi AVT 8. One hundred twenty eight miles per hour. Estimated time of arrival seven minutes. Plotting course.” The screen flashes a GPS schematic. EXT: GOTHAM STREET (CONTINUOUS) Gordon’s stealth car makes an abrupt turn onto a side street speeding off. EXT: GOTHAM FREEWAY ENTRANCE (CONTINUOUS) A barrier of police cars block the length of the road with gunman ready. A cop speaks into his com. Cop: “Roadblock is in position at the freeway entrance. No way they’re getting through here.”

INT: CAR 1 (CONTINUOUS) Solomon smiles has he hears the transmission through his com and then speaks into it. Solomon: “You copy that?” EXT: GOTHAM ROOFTOP (CONTINUOUS) A henchman on the roof answers back. Henchman: “Loud and clear. We’re in position.”

The henchman turns to face several more henchmen who begin unpacking bazookas. Henchman: “It’s show time.” The henchman walks to the roof’s edge over looking the roadblock. EXT: STREET (CONTINUOUS) The two sports cars approach the massive roadblock. INT: CAR 2 (CONTINUOUS) Barbara: “So what’s your plan for this one?” Jerome smiles: “Just wait and see.” EXT: STREET (CONTINOUS) Gordon’s stealth car finally catches a visual of the two sports cars. INT: STEALTH CAR (CONTINUOUS) Gordon: “I’ve got a visual on the cars is anyone in the area?” Voice from com: “SWAT II Unit ETA 2 minutes.” EXT: STREET (CONTINUOUS) The roadblock police notice the sports cars are not slowing down. Cop: “Shoot tires only. We don’t know which car the hostage is in.” As he finishes the statement a massive explosion hits the roadblock followed by another and another. EXT: ROOFTOP (CONTINUOUS) The henchmen prepare to reload the bazooka but a sword stabs one of them through the heart. The other henchmen look up to see half a dozen League of Shadows members. Henchman: “What the…”

He reaches for his gun but the henchmen are no match for the elite martial art skills of the Shadows. The rooftop is quickly littered with their dead bodies. EXT: STREET (CONINUOUS) The two sports cars speed through the battered roadblock onto the freeway. INT: CAR 2 (CONTINUOUS) Jerome smiling: “Impressed?” Barbara does not respond as she lands a glaring look back. INT: STEALTH CAR (CONTINUOUS) Gordon speaking into com: “Medical team needed at road block sight. They had the drop and hit us with some kind of long range missile fire. I’m continuing pursuit!” INT: CAR 1 (CONTINUOUS) Solomon looks in the rear view mirror. Solomon: “We’re home free now!” He then notices Gordon’s car passes through the fiery debris. Solomon: “There’s always one that just won’t quit.” He grabs his com Solomon: “Bridge team we’ve got one car we can’t shake. Light him up when we come by.” EXT: FREEWAY (CONTINUOUS) Gordon’s car closes in on the two sports cars. INT: STEALTH CAR (CONTINUOUS) Gordon sticks his gun out the window and attempts to aim but is unable to get a clear shot. Frustrated he reaches for his com. Gordon: “Where’s by backup?!”

Voice from the com: “We’ve got a chopper team headed for the bridge.” Gordon: “Hurry up because I’m not firing at my daughter.” EXT: BRIGE OVERPASS (CONTINUOUS) A group of henchmen, carrying sniper rifles, position themselves upon the puzzle of steel and cables. EXT: FREEWAY (CONTINUOUS) The two sports cars dip and dodge through traffic with the bridge’s overpass in their sites. EXT: BRIDGE (CONTINUOUS) From the opposite side of the bridge the TUMBLER speeds head on towards the sports cars. INT: TUMBLER (CONTINUOUS) Batman manipulates a key pad that scans the bridge’s overpass revealing outlines of the henchmen’s bodies. Batman: “Dozen henchmen on the bridge overpass with rifles.” An Arabian voice comes over the com: “Moving in now.” EXT: BRIDGE OVERPASS (CONTINOUS) From behind the henchmen a group of Shadows led by Ra’s Al Ghul close in. INT: CAR 1 (CONTINUOUS) Solomon speaking into com: “We’re at the bridge. Light up that car.” EXT: BRIDGE OVERPASS (CONTINUOUS) The snipers fire several shots hitting Gordon’s car blowing out the windshield causing it to swerve. From behind Al Ghul rams his sword through the sniper followed by slicing through another. As before the Shadows make quick work of the henchmen.

EXT: BRIDGE (CONTINUOUS) As Car 1 passes over the bridge one of the henchmen lands on the car’s windshield. Ross tries to maintain control but crashes into the concrete barrier. INT: CAR 2 (CONTINUOUS) Barbara uses the distraction landing a strong punch to Jerome’s throat disorienting him. He fights back with a punch that she dodges and slams his head against the stirring wheel causing the car to crash against the concrete barrier. EXT: BRIDGE (CONTINUOUS) Ross and Solomon crawl out of the mangled car. Ross unholsters his guns searching the area. He turns around to meet Batman face to face. Batman lands a punch to his gut and then slams him into the car. Solomon attempts to run but Batman entangles his legs, with a grapple gun, dropping him to the ground. CUT TO: Jerome makes his way out of the car wiping the broken glass from his cloths. From behind Barbara grabs his arm twisting it behind him pushing him against the car. Barbara: “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say…” Jerome: “You’re a cop?” Barbara: “Undercover to be exact. Now shut up.” Jerome reverse head butts Barbara busting her nose. He turns to land a punch. BANG a gun goes off and Jerome reaches for his leg where he was shot. Barbara turns to see her terrified father lower his pistol. She turns back toward Jerome lying on the ground in pain. Jerome: “My leg!” Barbara wipes the blood from her nose and lands a strong kick to his side. Barbara: “Now it’s your ribs.”

Gordon runs over to Barbara embracing her with a large hug. Gordon: “Are you ok?” Barbara: “I’m fine.” CUT TO: Solomon slowly makes his way back to his feet. Al Ghul walks over landing a punch to his face knocking him to his knees. Solomon: “Who are you?” Ra’s: “A messenger of justice.” Al Ghul raises his sword and swings it towards Solomon’s head but it is blocked by Batman’s spike wrist brace. Batman: “He lives. He may have answers.” EXT: BRIDGE (CONTINUOUS) Several police helicopters shine lights over the wrecked sports cars as the second unit SWAT team arrives. There is no sign of Batman or Ra’s al Ghul. INT: PRIVATE LOUNGE Cobblepot sits in a chair stirring a cup of tea. Cobblepot: “Are you sure it was him?” Bane: “He had help from Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Shadows. They have Solomon in custody.” Cobblepot: “Ah quite a homecoming for you with the League arriving. I see Lazarus Pit was kind to Ra’s and Bruce Wayne. As far as Solomon he’s nothing more than I little worker ant waiting to be squashed.” Bane: “Shall I kill the Batman?” Cobblepot stands from his seat walking over to refreshment table. Cobblepot: “In time. I still have use for his services. A Bruce Wayne appearance could be just the attraction for the campaign party.”

Bane: “The police are running slow. We only suffered causalities from the League.” Cobblepot places a sugar cube in his cup. Cobblepot: “They will break soon. Batman cannot save them now it would take years to replenish their force especially with the bomb Grange is about to drop on them.” INT: MAYOR GRANGE’S OFFICE Gordon: “You’re cutting the budget! Do have any idea how many men we’ll have to lay off?” Grange: “If your men could keep atleast half the cities’ buildings upright we wouldn’t have this problem not to mention the amount of cops killed on the job. Personally I’m tired of consoling widows and cashing in life insurance policies.” Gordon: “Gotham won’t have anything standing if half the force is kicked to the streets. How long do you think before they become desperate, and we start posting their pictures on most wanted ads?” Grange: “Don’t give me that Jim. The Batman came back. Just piggy back off his cape for awhile.” Gordon: “That’s what got us into the mess. We stood by and let him do all the work. You’re taking away any chance we have at taking this city back.” Grange: “I suggest you watch your tone or the title Commissioner will be replaced with door man. Just be glad I’m starting at the bottom of the food chain and working my way up. No one is irreplaceable and it would do you some good to remember that.” INT: BATCAVE Bruce sits at the large computer console. Solomon’s police file is on screen. Alfred walks up carrying a tray of food with an envelope. Alfred sets down the tray and takes a look at the computer. Alfred: “I presume this is Gotham’s newest monster of evil?”

Wayne: “He’s nobody. Just some of drug runner. Probably working with Cobblepot.” Bruce turns toward the tray taking a sip of orange juice. Alfred picks up the envelope Alfred: “While we’re on the subject of Mr. Cobblepot it appears he is requesting your presence.” Bruce opens the envelope scanning the card inside. Wayne: “It’s an invitation to his campaign party.” Alfred: “He wants to mend old fences?” Wayne smiles: “I don’t think so but there is a plus one.” Alfred: “If you’re asking Master Wayne I will need to check my schedule first.” INT: GCPD CAFETERIA Gordon stands amongst nearly 100 of Gotham’s finest. Guilt and sadness pour from his face. Gordon: “It’s been an honor serving with all of you but Gotham’s hard times show no predigest. It is to my deepest regret that you have all been let go. Mayor Grange is making budget cuts and unfortunately you are those cuts.” Hate, anger, and shock feel the crowd of faces staring at Gordon. Gordon: “Turn in your badges and firearms. You have to the end of the day to clean out your lockers.” The sound of chairs scooting feels the room as the stunned men and women stand and begin turning in their gear on a table. One by one Gordon looks each man in the eye with remorse. Bullock tosses his gun on the table and pulls his badge from his coat. Bullock: “Fifteen years Jim and I’m a budget cut, a formality.” Gordon: “It’s nothing personal Harvey and you know that.”

Bullock: “Maybe you know but I don’t know what I believe anymore.” Bullock tosses his badge amongst the pile. EXT: STREET-NIGHT Amongst the traffic a GCPD car drives down the street. INT: GCPD CAR (CONTINUOUS) Barbara, from the passenger seat, has a shocked expression on her face. Barbara: “Half the force?” Gordon in the driver’s seat still has a guilty remorseful face. Gordon: “one hundred and seven” Barbara: “Can he really do that?” Gordon: “He’s the mayor; he can do anything he wants.” Barbara: “How about we hand him a gun and see how long he lasts in a shootout.” Gordon: “I’d like to see him in a shootout but leave out the gun.” Barbara: “I’ve gotta get back on the job.” Gordon quickly counters: “You’re not getting back on anything right now.” Barbara snaps back: “I’m fine. I’m not dead and I was never in danger of dying. If half the force just got the ax I can’t sit around to wait on a white coat, that’s never fired a gun, to clear me.” Gordon: “You were in a hostage situation and very much in danger of dying. Protocol is one month off duty. I’m not talking to you as your father but as the police commissioner and I say no duty or I’ll have you turn in that badge with the rest.” Barbara stares at her father for a moment: “Their right.” Gordon: “Who’s right?”

Barbara: “Everyone--people have been talking for weeks how you’ve changed. That Grange is turning you into his pawn. The Commissioner Gordon I know, my father, would never put his men out on the street.” Gordon: “It’s complicated.” Barbara: “Grange is paving the way for Oswald Cobblepot’s Gotham. He’s ridding the city of anyone who has a voice that can be heard.” Barbara looks out the car window at the beautiful skyline. Barbara: “We always said this was Gotham’s dark times, but pretty soon we’ll call it the good ole days.” EXT: GCPD ROOFTOP-NIGHT Barbara waits beside a lit up bat signal painting the sky. After a moment she becomes impatient cutting off the light. Barbara: “We’ll do it the hard way.”

EXT: ROOFTOP-NIGHT Batman kneels on the edge overlooking Gotham’s street. Barbara: “I guess you’re not answering to lights in the sky anymore.” Batman turns to see Barbara behind him on the rooftop. Batman: “How did you find me?” Barbara holds up emissions meter. Barbara: “Using this—“ Barbara begins walking closer. Barbara (Continued): “After you made your tumbler tech available to my father I realized they share the same exhaust pattern. Since they’re the only two in Gotham I set this emissions meter to track it brining me straight to you. Don’t worry I haven’t passed it around the lunch table yet.”

Batman holds out his hand. Barbara places the device in his hand. He takes a closer look. Batman: “Pretty high tech for a street cop--” Barbara: “I resent that.” Batman snaps the device in half and hands back to Barbara. Batman: “—but I like my privacy.” Barbara: “Or competition.” Batman: “Why did you come here?” Barbara: “It’s my father.” Batman: “Commissioner Gordon has always asked for what he needed.” Barbara: “This is different. Grange is forcing him to destroy everything he worked so hard to build. My father has been nothing but a saint to Gotham but he’s being made the enemy.” Batman: “It comes with the territory. Enduring as the outcast living to fight another day can be a hard lesson to learn.” Barbara: “Maybe so but that’s not a lesson he should have to learn.” Batman: “What are you really here for Barbara?” Barbara: “Let me fight with you.” Batman: “You holding a badge shows you already do.” Barbara: “The force no longer respects my father. Grange forced him to lay off half the cops in Gotham. He’s alone.” Batman: “Then stand with him. My path will gain you nothing.” Barbara: “How can you say that? After everything you’ve been through with my father and this city. Gotham’s hope is branded in you. It runs through your veins.” Batman: “Gotham’s hope rest with people like your father. Poison is all that runs through my veins.”

EXT: ST.FRANCIS HOTEL Outside Gotham’s finest hotel a valet parking service greet men dressed in tuxes and women in beautiful night dresses as they exit their cars. A sleek black Lamborghini Murcielago drives up. Bruce Wayne sporting a tailor made tuxedo steps out. Emerging from the passenger door is a gorgeous woman PAMELA ISLEY with dark red hair wearing a fitted green tinted dress. Pamela wraps her arm around Bruce’s to be ushered in. Bruce hands the valet driver his keys. In turn the driver hands Bruce a ticket. Valet driver: “Your ticket.” Wayne: Thank you” Flash bulbs pepper Bruce and Pamela as they pass by a media crowd surrounding the entrance. Reporters quickly ambush Bruce with questions. “What’s your opinion of Oswald Cobblepot? Do you feel betrayed? Did you agree to the name change? What are you plans?” Bruce and Pamela reach the building’s entrance. Bruce turns toward the crowd. Wayne: “I’m simply here as a tax paying citizen interested seeing what kind of party Gotham’s money can buy. Thank you for your interest. Enjoy your evening.” The two turn and enter the lobby. INT: ST.FRANCIS LOBBY (CONTINUOUS) Wayne: “Sorry about that.” Isely smiles: “A lot of work just to get a picture with me.” Bruce smiles and continues escorting Pamela. INT: ST. FRANCIS PENTHOUSE (CONTINUOUS) The million dollar penthouse lives up to its reputation. The room is made up of Gotham’s finest citizens in tuxes and dinner

gowns sharing Hors d’oeuvres. A large window allows a breath taking view of Gotham’s skyline. At the room’s front, red carpet steps on each side lead up to a stone platform looking out amongst the crowd. Amongst the crowd a stunning VIKKI VALE wearing a beautiful black night gown has Cobblepot attention. Vale: “Last month Gotham’s unemployment rate was the highest its been in nearly three decades. How can you create more jobs and opportunities for the people?” Cobblepot: “First I think you should review the number representing the amount of employees quitting and leaving Gotham. Oswald Enterprise and myself can rebuild Gotham providing more industry, allowing our resources to be home grown versus imported.” Vale: “If elected Mayor can Oswald Enterprise sustain increased expansion and revenue with your attention having to be divided?” Cobblepot: “Of course, it would be a mere balancing act. I have surrounded myself with an experienced trustworthy board. My first priority will be this cities’ health and bringing it back to promise.” Vale: “Has it occurred to you that taking a step back and placing a company of this magnitude in the hands of a board is ultimately what caused the demise of Wayne Enterprise?” Cobblepot clenches his jaw at the boldness of the question. Cobblepot: “My dear make no mistake Bruce Wayne and I come from a much different pedigree. The company Mr. Wayne and Lucius Fox ran is a mere shadow to what Oswald Enterprise is and will become.” Vale: “Strong words Mr. Cobblepot. For one I hope that is the case. Gotham is in dire need of--” CUT TO: Elevator door opens Wayne and Isely step off. Vale’s eye goes right to Wayne.

Vale: “--Bruce Wayne” Cobblepot, annoyed, turns to see a crowd beginning to form around Wayne and his guest. When he turns back toward Vale she has already made a dash toward the crowd. Cobblepot exhales a frustrated sigh. Vale walks up to the crowd of people greeting Wayne. Vale: “Well Well back from the dead I see.” Wayne smiles: “Something like that.” Vale: “Time for a few questions? Like where have you been the past month?” Wayne: “Not now Ms. Vale possibly another time.” Cobblepot walks up playing a fake smile, sticks out his hand. Cobblepot: “Bruce Wayne, extremely happy you could make it.” Bruce shakes his hand. Cobblepot takes his place beside Bruce posing with a handshake as several cameras go off. After several moments the ushers escort the photographers away. The two men relax the pose. Wayne: “I’ve been doing some reading. I see the company has been expanding.” Cobblepot: “Amazing what happens when you put a little water on a dead plant. Ms. Isely of all people should know that.” Isely smiles: “You could say that.” Bruce has a puzzled look. Cobblepot: Ms. Isely was recently named project leader for a little project in Costa Rica Oswald Enterprise is funding. Their rainforest have several native plants with rare mutations that have the ability to produce stem cell like tendencies.” Isely: “We’re hoping to bring Dr. Albert Michaels from S.T.A.R. labs on board. He has several contacts with the FDA that could speed up our research.”

Wayne: (sarcastically) “Harvesting stem cells from trees instead of embryos, I guess your company really can solve all the world’s problems. Hope you solve Gotham’s just as easy.” Cobblepot jaws tighten at Bruce’s cheap shot. Cobblepot: “Please enjoy your evening Bruce, Mrs. Isely.” Cobblepot walks away. Isely: “Only Bruce Wayne would insult one of the world’s most powerful men at his own party.” Wayne: “You left out the part about being Oswald’s senior plant lover.” Isely: “I prefer to keep my personal and professional lives in separate conversations.” Wayne: “What would you like to drink?” Isely smiles: “Surprise me.” As Bruce works his way through the crowd, from behind, a voice calls out his name. He turns to see the Sue Wade. Wayne: “Excuse me.” Wade: “It is a pleasure to finally meet you Mr. Wayne.” Bruce gently shakes Wade’s hand. Wayne: “I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure Ms.—“ Wade: “Wade, Sue Wade, Mr. Cobblepot’s personal assistant.” Wayne: “As his assistant I’m sure you won’t take credit for organizing this event so I’ll be the first to say job well done.” Wade expresses a confident smile: “Thank you Mr. Wayne I would like to say it is an honor meeting someone with your stature. I hope there are no hard feelings with the company transition.” Wayne: “I wouldn’t be here if there were.” Wade: “Your reputation precedes you Mr. Wayne. I hope that one day we can consider ourselves partners in the business world. Enjoy your evening.”

Wade slowly turns walking away holding Bruce’s gaze an extra moment. Temporarily Bruce is mesmerized by her beauty until a loud voice comes over the speakers. CUT TO: Mayor Grange stands at the podium atop the stone platform. Grange: “Good evening, I would first like to thank Mr. Cobblepot for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful night. I would like to take this moment to reflect back on the many changes that have occurred during my four years as Gotham’s mayor. I have amended twelve policies allowing for better roads, cleaner air, and industrial expansion. Gotham’s economic growth continued to steadily incline two percent annually. Over six thousand jobs were created after introducing industries such as Wingate Energies, Ace Chemicals, and S.T.A.R. Labs. Over the past months it has become evident that Gotham has fallen on difficult times. As this unexpected fall began the pressure of re-election began to mount. Will the people give me the opportunity to save their city? Do I even want to serve a second term? So many questions without answers. However a day came when I realized those questions had an answer. The answer was Oswald Cobblepot. As a politician defeat is never an option, but moments do arise when we have to look at the man in the mirror and realize change is needed. Speaking from a man that has looked in that mirror I am officially removing my name for the candidacy of mayor. Though my name is off the ballot my passion and love for this city is eternal. And with that eternal passion I am putting my full support into, Gotham’s new hero, Oswald Cobblepot!” The room erupts in ovation as Cobblepot steps to the podium. Cobblepot: “Tonight I stand before not as someone in a political campaign but as a citizen of our beautiful city. Its undeniable Gotham is in need of a resurrection. Partly I place that on us. We placed our cities’ security in the hands of a masked vigilante. At the time turning to him was our greatest asset. It brought comfort and peace to our streets, but now we are searching. Searching for someone to turn to. I’m asking this city to turn to me. I will make a convenient to restore Gotham

to what it was always destined to be. The greatest city on Earth!” Once again the room erupts in ovation. CUT TO: Bruce, stone faced, takes a sip from his glass. He spots Jim Gordon on the outside balcony. Bruce leans into Pamela. Wayne: “I’ll be right back.” Bruce makes his way through the applauding crowd toward the balcony.

EXT: BALCONY (CONINTUOUS) Gordon stands against the rail gazing upon the skyline. Bruce steps up to the rail several feet away from Gordon. Wayne: “Quite a speech.” Gordon: “Seems to have everyone’s attention.” Wayne: “Couldn’t keep Barbara out of your footsteps?” Gordon: “She got into Harvard and Yale but traded a career with numbers and fortune for gun powder and Kevlar—but I guess you can relate.” Wayne: “Not everyone is meant for the simple life.” Gordon: “Nine years, nine years of sleepless nights and considering every possibility under the sun. In those years I never once considered the billionaire superpower of Bruce Wayne as the masked guardian risking his life every night for a city breeding the corrupt.” Wayne: “It needed to be done. There is still good in Gotham. There is still a chance to save this city.” Gordon: “I once believed that too but Grange is riding my can destroying the police force hanging the blame on me. This Cobblepot guy already has too much power with no one to

regulate. Once he becomes Mayor there will be nothing stopping him from cleaning out Gotham.” Wayne: “That’s why we’re still here. Cobblepot controls all of Gotham’s crime. He’s uses Oswald Enterprise as his cover for all their moves.” Gordon: “He must be the Penguin.” Wayne: “The Penguin?” Gordon: “We’ve gotten lucky on a few phone taps and someone called the Penguin has been mentioned several times. No ID right now but it would be the perfect cover for Cobblepot.” Wayne: “I’ll look into it. Anyone else?” Gordon: “Someone called Bane. Basically a killing machine that’s tearing through our SWAT teams, and before you ask we haven’t been able to ID him either.” Gordon hands Bruce an electronic tablet displaying Bane’s picture. Wayne: “Could be Cobblepot’s man for the underground. Put a face with crime and it keeps Oswald off the suspect list.” Gordon: “What’s your plan?” Wayne: “We wait. He likes spectacle and an audience. He’ll get careless and we take him down.” Gordon: “He better get careless fast or it’ll only be me and you left.” Bruce’s pocket vibrates. He pulls out the phone Ra’s gave him with message across the screen. “Swisher Tunnel” Gordon turns to look at Bruce but no one is standing there. Gordon: “Some things never change.”

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