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The silly season of negative political campaign ads appears to have spilled over into a recent campaign by a group of oral surgeons against Provo dentist, Dr. Heath Hendrickson. You may have seen Trooth, LLCs billboard, or someone holding a sign in front of a Wisdom Teeth Only office that says: Heath Hendrickson of Wisdom Teeth Only is not an oral surgeon. That statement is true: Dr. Hendrickson is not an oral surgeon; he is a DDS (a Doctor of Dental Surgery) -- a licensed General Dentist. But the implication that there is something wrong with that is false and misleading. Lets do a quick fact check. Here are the three most important facts Trooth, LLC may not want you to know: - Fact #1: You dont have to be an oral surgeon to remove wisdom teeth. A DDS (a licensed General Dentist) is qualified to remove wisdom teeth (as well as fill cavities, perform root canals, do gum surgery, and provide other dental care). - Fact #2: A DDS (a licensed General Dentist) is held to the same standard of care as an oral surgeon when removing wisdom teeth. And, perhaps the most important fact: - Fact #3: A DDS (a licensed General Dentist) generally charges less than an oral surgeon to remove wisdom teeth. For example, Dr. Hendricksons general cash charge to remove all four wisdom teeth under sedation is $899. Here are some additional important background facts: Fact #4: Oral surgeon Dan Bluth DDS sold part of his Wisdom Teeth Only practice to Dr. Hendrickson in 2007. Fact #5: As his advertising, signs at his office, and his informed consent form make clear, Dr. Hendrickson is a DDS (a Doctor of Dental Surgery), or, in other words, a licensed General Dentist.


Fact #6: Since Dr. Hendrickson began exclusively removing wisdom teeth in his Wisdom Teeth Only dental practice in 2007, he has performed tens of thousands of wisdom tooth extractions. Fact #7: In Dr. Hendricksons five years of Wisdom Teeth Only dental practice, his insurance carrier, Professional Insurance Exchange (or PIE), has never had to defend him in a claim or suit. PIE director, Richard C. Engar DDS, says that from a claims standpoint, Dr. Hendricksons practice record is clean as a whistle. Fact #8: Trooth, LLC is a group of ten oral surgeons: Christopher Burton DDS and MS; Gary Crawford DDS; Cameron Egbert DDS; Michael Harris DDS & MD [Medical Doctor]; Maurice Jenkins DDS & MS [Master of Science]; William McBee DDS; David Nicholls DDS; David Park DDS & MD [Medical Doctor]; Christopher Price DDS & MD [Medical Doctor]; and Tate Viehweg DMD [Doctor of Dental Medicine]. Fact #9: A DDS (or DMD) degree generally requires 4 years of dental school. Training to become an oral surgeon generally takes 4 additional years. Oral surgeons have additional training to perform facial reconstruction, trauma surgery, cosmetic procedures, head and neck cancer surgery, jaw surgery, and so they themselves can administer sedation anesthesia. But you do not have to be an oral surgeon to be fully qualified to remove wisdom teeth. Fact #10: All of Dr. Hendrickson's sedations are performed by Michael Call, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Michael Call graduated with his CRNA degree in 1973 from the Mayo Clinic. Over the course of his career he has performed hundreds of thousands of sedations. While oral surgeons are licensed to perform their own anesthesia, they often call on the skills of CRNAs, like Michael Call, when performing more demanding procedures. ### Please contact Dr. Hendrickson DDS through his counsel, Attorney Barnard N. Madsen, Fillmore Spencer LLC, 801-426-8200; Facts #1-3, 7 and 9 can be verified by Dr. Richard C. Engar DDS, at PIE 801-262-0200. His bio can be found here: On the following page is a photograph of Dr Heath Hendrickson DDS. His bio can be found here:

Heath Hendrickson, DDS