The Proliferation of Elite Corporatism Omar Alansari-Kreger

We are left with another shocking reality in which the masses obliviously neglect; at least this is the case here in the United States. Governments and multi-national corporations that essentially exist as nations onto themselves are preoccupied with one primary interest and this exclusively concerns the attainment of the bottom line. The application of an ethical morality is virtually absent from the public scene and the people are viewed as expendable commodities who exist merely to consume and serve the elite agendas maintained by these bastions of power. One could almost argue that the pharmaceutical/medical sector and the industries entrusted with the manufacturing of food stuffs sustaining the food chain are all collaborating with each other for the same bottom line interest; this being the maximization of profit, market dominance, and political power within the center force of society. It does not take a political scientist to realize that the federal government resembles a system that directly compares to the stock market which can be found on Wall Street in the financial district of New York City. Politicians, public service committees, and entire government departments are bought, sold, and traded by corporate backed lobbies with deep political connections that are working with the three previously stated industries. This of course all ties into a term that has achieved widespread acclaim in which the late President Eisenhower dubbed as the Military Industrial Complex. The ultimate aspiration here seeks to gain greater concessions of power and affluence that is redeemed through vast yields of wealth. This is the formula that is being practiced by these all pervasive circles target the masses who are being exploited as the sole source in which the same power mongering bloc has devised from its own ranks. We are then left with the fundamental essence of this system and the underlying lesson that must be taken away which


should expose the inhumanity behind its public application. The people begin to develop obesity due to the poor quality of food in which they are putting into their bodies on an everyday basis. Due to prolonged periods of obesity combined together with extended stints of inactivity, health problems occur and proliferate in severity. In turn, the affected parties have no choice but to seek out medical attention which then leads the individual to a sphere that is dominated by the privatized interests of pharmaceutical and health insurance magnates. Individuals who seek out such treatment are usually at their most vulnerable state and such a system has every opportunity to manipulate them into total submission; this has actually transitioned into a universal standard which can now be found in every corner of the international community. Thus, those who develop illnesses that transcend into diseases seek out attention from the conventional pharmaceutical/medical sphere which replicates trends of dependency on the prescribed medication or mode of treatment. In many respects, these pharmaceuticals that are then distributed through every known aspect of the medical sector are essentially providing legalized narcotics to the ill and diseased which in turn leads to substance dependency. Throughout the United States, health care is unfortunately not recognized as a universal human right and those who need treatment the most are often neglected. Individuals who manage to achieve some sort of medical insurance coverage seek out treatment only to be prescribed new medications which are being pressed by the pharmaceutical magnates and this is all conducted beneath the premise of profit/power mongering over the general population.


This should illuminate the situational reality that is tearing the United States apart as a nation and these ramifications are also international which can be found in every corner of the world community. The viciousness of this cycle has no respect for the sanity of human life. It is this realization which should remind us all as concerned citizens of the international community that direct action must be taken to end, correct, and prevent this cycle from perpetuating and proliferating. Thus, we are presented with all the more reason to consolidate a new edifice for human civilization working as the antithesis of corruption, exploitation, public manipulation, and politically motivated power mongering. Such a series of truthful revelations must awaken us to the pure and simple truth and we should strive to have the audacity to follow through with our commitments to restore transparency, justice, and equality back to our human civilization.