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1. CHINDIA Impact of Chinese goods on Indian economy. Done by :Sagar Agrawal 2. There seems to be no way to escape the DRAGON!!!

! They are using the big India n market merely to dump their products and by doing so they are killing the Indi an units. For example last year during Diwali, China made crackers were sold in the Indian market. These crackers reportedly contained Sulphur. Sulphur is more harmful than Nitrate, which is used in India to make crackers. Since the Chinese crackers were cheaper than the Indian crackers, so they managed to attract inno cent and largely illiterate Indian lot. As a result the Indian cracker industry saw a decline in the revenue. 3. Because of cheaper prices products made in China are becoming more popular am ong the Indian masses. This has had a very negative effect on our own manufactur ing units and as a result many of them have had to shut shop. For instance, data reveals that 60 per cent of the industrial units in the industrial belts of Tha ne and Bhivandi near Mumbai have been closed down. ( Indian cottage industries i .e handicraft) Due to its cheap labour, China offers low priced imports such as text iles and clothing, electronic devices, machinery, etc . According to official da ta, Chinese imports stood at $3I9 million (Rs 1,435 crore) during April-June thi s year as compared to $223 million (Rs 1000) crore during the corresponding peri od of the previous year. ( data source ) It has also affec ted Indian Export market,as china has replaced indian goods in the foreign marke t as being cheaply produced. 4. DRAGON s designs of capturing a major share They are killing the economy of not onl y India but also the economy of the whole world very slowly. They are selling th eir cheap products on very cheap rates and we people are getting addicted of the se cheap rated things and after few years there will come a time when you will s ee only the chinese goods in the markets because all the other manufacturers wil l become bankrupt and after that China will start to rise the rates of their pro ducts i.e. there will be complete monopoly of china on the goods market. Thats t he policy on which china is working now a days. 5. Made in China, Sold in India With the world turning into a global village and competition getting stiff, countries like China are ruling the roost in many a market in varied spheres. India is the hub of diverse business opportunities, an d slowly yet steadily, Chinese products like electronics, crackers, idols, appar els , etc. are predominating similar Indian products. Eg : This year, one saw th e flooding of the Indian markets with Chinese made idols which were welcomed wit h open arms by the Indian consumers. 6. Pros & Cons + Positive aspects Relatively Cheaper than the regular/known bran ds. Advanced Features Affordability, common man can easily purchase. Widely avai lable Higher profit margins for dealers. - Negative aspects Unsafe products Non Long-lasting Resulted in closure of many businesses, which lead to unemployment, lower turnover. Outflow of capital Increased in Imports & of Chinese phone ret ailing in Indian market. Media has recently highlighted the technical issues about the Chinese products. Eg. The continuous explosion in china phones , has resulte d in the ban decrease in exports. 7. Can anyone guess which brand is this ? 8. BLUEBERRY NOT BLACKBERRY Same design Same colour shade May be having advanced freatures Very cheap Same has been done to various pro