Appendix B NEMETH DATABASE This Nemeth database has the conversions for most commonly used mathematics sysmbols

. All these conversions should be used inside the CZ editing mode in the WordPerfect, to be translated exactly. Please make sure you close the exact translation mode by including $tx[sp] after the Nemeth Code. Use the blank sheet to write down the symbols you come across that are not in this database, and we will update it every month. This database is arranged in alphabetical order. For exam ple to find code for µ you can either check mu, or Greek Alphabet. Note: Each column is seperated by two hyphens. Category Symbol Nemeth code Explanation/Example

Alpha a .a Greek a. Upper case use .,a Ampersand & _& Ampersand Angle $[ Angle ABC is represented as $[,a,b,c Angstrom Units °A @,a Units of measurements shown inink-print capital A with a hollow dot above it. Arrow bidirectional < $[o Split bi-directional arrow. Used in chemical equations Arrow left > 33o Arrow head ending on the left side. Can used in Chemical eqns, limits, etc Arrow right < [33 Arrow head pointing to the right Arrow vertical ^ <33o Arrow standing vertical Arrow vertical v %33o Arrow pointing downwards Asterisk * @# Asterisk inside Nemeth editing, outside leave t as it is. At sign @ @a Ex: @20 @a#20 Backlash \ _* Baseline indicator " Used after subscript or superscript only when there is no space after the subscript/superscript. Unnecessary baseline indicators must be avoided as much as possible. Beta b .b Greek letter b, Capital Beta.,b Bold face X _;,x If the ink-print character is very distinct, then bold face indicator should be used. The ; in the conversion is the alphabet indicator, need to be used for text symbols. Braces {} .(.) Braces enlarged {} .,(.,) used to signify the difference. {4} = .(#4.) when there are multiple braces, should be

Bracket [] @(@) [4] = @(#4@) Capitalization CHN ,c,h,n need to include capitalization sign before each letter Capitalization, letter A ,a when only one letter needs capitalization Capitalization, word THEN ,,then when the whole words need capitalization. Do not use whole words in Nemeth unless you know grade 1 translation for them.


Cent sign @c Check mark @> Chi c .& Greek letter, lower case. Uppercase.,& Circle O $c Colon : _3 For ex 3:30 is #3_3#30. Distinguish it from ratio sign Complex fraction 1/(2/3) ?1/(,?2,/3,#)# Start, middle and end of a complex fraction carry a comma before them. Contains # _.1 Logical symbol. Used in sets etc. Cross product x @* 1x10 =#1@*10 (Avoid spaces when using @* Cube root of 3V <3> This is just representation of cube root, for the rest root symbols, refer Square root. Dash x-y should be x--y in Nemeth Decimal point . . Decimal point can be entered as it is. Differentiate between period and decimal

* 90° is #90^.d Diagonal line / _/ Diagonal line only.k Greek letter k.50 $cz[sp]@s#3. but inside nemeth code.1| @.. Single letters left in text will be translated by Duxbury.' Looks like double quote Divided by : . lower case.* Delta d .) Minus or plus + + Need to check the alignment after translating. so that they are not confused with contractions. Sx dx is !x dx. Integral.a. `" Epsilon . . Example: A = l is $cz.k Lambda l .1@. Gamma g German letter ndicator them. braces ex=(2) is [sp]. >= .k#1$tx Lower limit limit %lim Matrices [1 2] @.) Alignment is very important.$ Greater than sign > .. Uppercase is . and there should be a space before the derivative like dx or dv or whatever the intergral is about.d Greek letter d..g _ Greek letter g. lowercae. Upper case .= Integral S ! Integral with super f !@$c imposed circle Definite integrals S !. For example single letters like g as in grams...(#3 #5@. .k(#2) Equivalence = @<. lower case. we should nclude letter indicator. Horizontal bar : Horizontal double = _7 Chemical bonds representation Horizontal single .e Greek letter e. Upper case. Feet ` ` Single quote...0^1 We need spaces after the limits..I Kappa k .l Less than or equal to < "k: Less than sign < "k Letter sign .(#1 #1@.l Greek letter l. need to enter Grade 1 translations. All Greek letters are preceded by. Ex. Need to use single letters. double SS !! Integral.1 Greek letter indicator .. For every @& For some @= Fractions 1/5 ?1/5# No number signs or sign indicators inside the fraction. m as in meters all should have letter indicators.e Equals sign = ../ Arithmetic division Dollar sign $ @s Ex: $3.1". Uppercase is .I Greek letter I.1: .k Greater than equal to > Greater than sign nestd >> with greater than sign . No spacing when used with a grouping symbol like parenthesis. Uppercase is .k Leave spaces before and after code.% Logical symbol Iota i . |1.g All german letters have this indicator before Gradient v . Do not use contractions for words inside fractions. lower case._3 Chemistry symbol Horizontal triple = _=] Chemistry symbol Inches " '' double single quotes Infinity o .. triple SSS !!! Intersection sign ^ ..(#1 #2@.50$tx[sp] Ellipsis . lowercase.) [3 5] @.Degree ° ^.< Exclamation mark ! _6 Differenciate exclamation and factorials Exponent x2 x^2 See also superscript. cos Need a space after the function name. lowercase. cos sin. Dont use it to represent division Ditto mark " .1 Combination of equal and greater than signs have base line indicator between them. Upper case delta is . Functions sin.

Dont leave periods inside nemeth unless they are decimal symbols. lowercase.m Greek letter m. lower case.. Uppercase . feet etc. lower case..2".? When you need times instead of Dont use spaces.n Greek letter. where it seems numbers will be confused with letters. Uppercase . Ex..r Seconds " double quote. Square root of 16 is >#16] Star * $s Not a multiplication symbol Subscripts . Uppercase .r Two single quotes to represent minutes. Upper case .cr[sp] also subscript indicator is not when the subscript is entirely a number. Upper case . lowercase. . For the summation range need to use % sign and then as shown in the code.0 Subscript with subscript represented by two semicolons. _2 Sigma s . See cross sign code..? Times x @* multiplication symbol use @* Greek letter t. Upper case .y Greek letter. double :: Rho r .p Plus or minus ± +Point . Superscripts ^ Baseline indicator " is not needed when there is a space after the superscript. Union sign v . For chemical formulae use uppercase symbol before each letter.# Prime ' ' Prime used to represent minutes. dont use it for colon. The second level subscript should be Summation b ".. Perpendicular to Phi f also the same * $p .s. Upper case ..+ Uppercase .p Greek letter p. lowercase.s. not Semi colon . Upper case . lower case. _4 Period inside nemeth braille.. Upper case .Minutes ' ' Mu µ .@F Pi p . _8 Ratio sign only. Upper case is ..f Greek letter f. Decimal point.k Nu h . .s%n. there should be a symbol indicator before any symbol when coming out of nemeth. Slash / _/ Square roots V >xx] Ex. Psi a .a$1b$tx Partial derivative d @d Percent Sing % @0 Convert percent to nemeth everywhere Period .hcn.k1>50 Just sigma is . . For example x2[sp] is x^2[sp] and x2 + y2 is x^2"+y^2 Tau t .t Greek letter... entered as it is Pounds #(lbs) ..n Numbers # Use this sign. . For example HCN is . $Cz_$tx[sp] Question mark ? Ratio sign : "1 Ratio sign. "2 '' Greek letter r.y Punctuation _ To avoid ambiguity between punctuation in grade 2 and nemeth..w Overbar xyz "xyz:] For x bar just x: will work Parallel || $1 For example a||b is $cz .w Greek letter w.h. Not equal to / /. * For cross sign like x use @*. lowercase.c. lower case. For ex. Omega w . Avoid using it too much.. lower case. Baseline indicator " is not needed when there s a space after script. lower case.n but not .m Multiplication sign . For example H2O but not . Since @/ Inverted therefore symbol.* Theta j . 2cr is #2.t There exist @= Therefore : .h.s Greek letter s.f.

lowercase.x Greek letter x. double || \\ No space between vertical bars Vertical double bond || \\ Vertical triple bond ||| \\\ Xi x .u Greek letter u. lower case.x Zeta z .z Return to SEM Page Home</A> . Upper case .z Greek letter z.Uppercase lock . Upsilon y ... To show the whole word is uppercase. Upper case.u Vertical bar | \ Two vertical bars | | \"\ There is a space between two vertical bars. lower case. Vertical bar... Uppercase .

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