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REVISION TEST FOR 1ST AND 2ND UNITS 1. Konuma balonuna aadaki ifadelerden hangisi getirilmelidir? A. B. C. D. 2.

funny strong stingy gentle


I passed my English test with your great help.Im really

A. anxious C.happy

B.sad D. thankful

Youre very ............

13. My dreams will .. in 2010 A. come true B. bring joy C. be happy D. stand by 14. Tomorrow will be rainy.Lets go shopping another day

I never tell lies. Im

A. Polite B. funny C. honest D. sensitive 3. Aadaki snflandrmalardan yanl olan hangisidir? Appearence Personality A. thin polite B. sensible plump C. tall sincere D. short kind 4. Aadakilerden hangisi anlam bakmndan dierlerinden farkldr? A. funny B. cheerful C. happy D. nervous 5. Verilen resme gre aadakilerden hangisi dorudur?

Yes I watched weather forecast A. B. C. D. Do you think it will be sunny? Should I wear my raincoat? Are you sure about it ? Where will go tomorrow?

Youre so .
A. lazy C.kind B. honest D. stingy

15. Aadaki resimlerden hangisi yukardaki kelimelerin ba harfleri yan yana getirildiinde oluacak kelimeyi anlatr?

6. Bob is always before exams. A. shy B.funny C.nervous D.kind A. 16. B. C. D.

7. Henry is not a . boy. A. lazy B. honest C. hardworking D. helpful 8. Aadaki eletirmelerden hangisi yanltr? A. friendly-unfriendly B.happy-unhappy C. rude-polite D.funny - honest 9. Joseph is kind and friendly. He encourages his friends and helps them when they are in need. Aadakilerden hangisi Joseph iin en uygun ifadedir? A. He is generous B. He is rude and stingy C. He is supportive and sensitive D. He is cheerful and sensible. 10. My bridal is great .Im so . A. sorry B. thank you C.generous D. thankful

Youre not enough .I do not believe you

I did not tell lies.Believe me please!

A. stingy

B. sincere


D. sensible

17. Aadaki resimlerden hangisi interpersonal intelligence i en iyi ifade eder?

a) 18.




11. A true friend should not be boring and unhappy. He should smile and make me laugh. A.cheerful B. sensitive C.stingy D.supportive

19. 25. Im a teacher. Ive a(n) .. a. Verbal intelligence b. Mathematical intelligence c. Kinaesthetic intelligence d. Interpersonal intelligence 26. Im a composer. Ive a(n) .. a. Verbal intelligence b. Visual intelligence c. Musical intelligence d. Interpersonal intelligence 27. He likes drawing and painting. He has_______________ a-) Kinaesthetic Intelligence b-) Mathematical Intelligence c-) Interpersonal Intelligence d-) Visual Intelligence 28. I enjoy working in groups Ive a(n) .. a. b. c. d. Verbal intelligence Intrapersonal intelligence Naturalist intelligence Interpersonal intelligence

20. She can easily. She has a very good kinesthetic intelligence. A) read books B) play every sports C) play musical instruments D) solve mathematical problems 21.

Adjective or adverb? 29. I was ________ with my test results. a) happy b) happily 30. The test was very ________. a) simple b) simply 31. They explained it to me ________. a) clearly b) clear 32. I'm glad that you're ________. a) safely b) safe 22. I like learning about nature. I have a(n) a. b. c. d. Verbal intelligence Visual intelligence Naturalist intelligence Interpersonal intelligence 33. He goes to this bar ________. a) regularly b) regular 34. He keeps his room ________. a) clean b) cleanly 35. Write what the underlined word is; adjective or adverb: 1. Fast runners win races. 2. Mathematics is difficult. 3. Shes a good typist. 4. She behaved rudely to her boss. 5. Youve done well in your test. 6. The clowns are very funny. 7. Shes a pretty girl. 8. He runs fast. 9. Ann is very sad. 10. She plays the piano beautifully. 11. Father is very busy in his office. 12. The doctor arrived immediately. 36. Underline the correct item: 1. He left the room quiet / quietly. 2. Jane works hard / hardly. adjective . . ... ... ... .. .. .. . ....

23. Turkish lessons are very boring. Im not a . learner. A) visual B) interpersonal C) musical D) verbal 24. Resimdeki kiide aadaki zaka trlerinden hangisi OLAMAZ? a. Musical intelligence b. Kinaesthetic intelligence c. Naturalist intelligence d. Interpersonal intelligence

3. Hes a very nice / nicely man. 4. Smoking is bad / badly for your health. 5. She behaves very good / well.
37. An auditory learner uses a) diagrams and chants b) pictures c) tape recorder d) highlighter pens 38. Which of them may be a left-brained person? a) an engineer b) an actor c) an artist d) an architect 39- Which of them isnt a quality of a true friend? a) A true friend is helpful. b) A true friend is funny. c) A true friend is unreliable. d) A true friend is honest. 40. She is good at making jokes. She has . a) a good sense of humour b) reliable c) hardworking d) tells the truth 41. 47. 45.






43. 50.