How ?
The method is based on the induction of integrative experiences through music, movement and encounter situations within the group.

Potentials present in Biodanza:
• Increased self-esteem and motivation for life; • Integrated expression of one’s deepest feelings; • Placing Life as the primordial reference of existence; • Integration of one’s identity • Ability to relate in a more meaningful and poetic way with other people; • Expression of our potentials through the development of five existential lines: vitality, sexuality, creativity, affectivity and transcendence; • Neurovegetative balancing and organic harmonizing effect • Redimensioning of love and affection in everyday’s life; • Expansion of consciousness and awareness • Development of a human ecology, based on a renewed approach to community

What is Biodanza?
Biodanza is a system of human development, affective integration, organic renovation and relearning of the original functions of life, based on experiences induced by dance, music, singing and by group meeting happenings and situations. Promotes integration between thoughts, feelings and action and facilitates harmonization of human beings on several levels: a) Connection with the self; each expressing their identity. b) With the Other, provides human encounter, based on the coexistence of differences and acceptance. c) With the Totality, connecting us with nature, awakening the feeling of sacredness and respect for all life form

The songs used in Biodanza are carefully selected based on semantic criteria and their power for triggering integrative experiences. The movement originated by music, when it manifests itself, promotes the emergence of sensations and feelings, a movement full of meaning, enabling the emergence of integrative experiences. Biodanza is based on a theoretical model with a multidisciplinary base, whose references are anchored in biology, art and the humanities. The exercises proposed are designed to raise the level of health, promote human encounter and stimulate creativity, not only on the artistic but also existential level. Biodanza favors the flowering of identity, from the encounter with the other, favoring the creation of links between people, building a human ecological network.

For whom?
Everyone can practice Biodanza. It requires no previous preparation. Biodanza raises vitality, joy and promotes coexistence. It stimulates existential creativity, enabling the rediscovery of the pleasure of being, expressing, creating, loving, acting, sharing...

It is not necessary to know how to dance, to join the Dance of Life all you need is to want it.
"Dance generates destiny Under the same laws that bind the flower and the breeze Under the Sunflower of Harmony We are all One" Rolando Toro A.

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