Finger Exorcised

Joe Amato

BlazeVOX [books]
Buffalo, New York

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First Edition

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Amber lords, must we tell you this

Amber lords, must we tell you this is not a history lesson Little mummies who dot the planet, a provenance of sorts, like money, like captains, we've been cussing for ages There are some interesting faces in the world, a breed's to some, loosely, Joan Crawford's a bad actor's even, a wonder to preserve or discriminate among the toys of today, tomorrow too and the po-lice know these and other important details, background checks, indirection is not the objective here, you there are some interesting faces in the world We would outrage you, and it relieves us to remark so in a language like English sounds in the face of numerous exploits of zero-tolerance oceans and socials rife with vitae, or better, breath where some labor of a single thought a primate, maybe, in servitude and down for repairs lost in midlife Americas, or 13

Nagoya, Seattle, São Paulo, Panama, the Wasatch where we find "the second most popular word in the world" and no smile, OK? or that a record will or must be made of why what is read is read, could be? a century hence would be? dusty, biotic, happy, deadly, profane, or just plain in the soil and, well hell, no, we won't, not us you say, they say, visitor 386720764 says we'll always be a vastly literate and industrial species defined just so yet I am not my identity I am not I am not I am not if I have teeth I am not if I have public radio if I have hair I am not they I am not you are May I go he said May I GO now please I WOULD LIKE TO GO your uniforms are scaring me as we stood, stamps in hand, puzzling it out all over again


Writer's DIGEST[ing exotic tangelos]
September 1996

exotic tangelos]



—for Jackson Mac Low, Rod Serling & INFINITI—

What's in a name?
A lot . . . when the name is Kelly .
Kelly is a brand name for staffing services provided exclusively by Kelly Services, Inc. whence, the assimilation of mustard But please note that not every note is a Post-it® note. When writing about Post-it® self-stick notes, please be sure to include the "®." And since Post-it® is an adjective, be sure to follow it with the appropriate noun: Post-it® note, fax note or easel pad, for example. thence




any other way is a horse of a different color.
Mobil® provides products and services that
make autos mobile, but Mobil does not end with an "E." Mobil and it's [sic] red "O", as well as the winged horse symbol, are all registered trademarks of the Mobil Oil Corporation. hence, that was a four billion dollar hurricane

When you use "Xerox" the way you use "aspirin," we get a headache.
Boy, what a headache! And all because some of you may be using our name in a generic manner. Which could cause it to lose its trademark status the way the name "aspirin" did years ago. So when you do use our name, please use it as an adjective to identify our products and services, e.g., Xerox copiers. Never as a verb: "to Xerox" in place of "to copy," or as a noun: "Xeroxes" in place of "copies." Thank you. Now could you excuse us, we've got to lie down for a few minutes. whence, everything changes but the soul


Everyday, irregardless of his homework,

Jeffrey went "rollerblading" because it was to nice to lay around with his nose in a english book.
Of the 7 errors in this headline, "rollerblading" as a verb strikes us as most extreme. to wit

Whether you're running, skiing, hiking or writing, if you use GORE-TEX® fabric correctly, we'll all feel comfortable.
& please take note:

To all the writers and typists and proofreaders and editors who help us protect our trademark Kleenex® by always starting it with a capital K followed by l-e-e-n-e-x and following it with

a proper generic, be it tissue or diapers: Kimberly-Clark says

Bless you!

The Well-Dressed Brand Always Wears Its Symbol.
Whirlpool®, KitchenAid® and Roper® are registered trademarks used by the world's leading manufacturer of major home appliances. If you use our brands, please use the symbol ®.





Some people think "mace" is a name for any self-defense spray. But there is only one...



Weight Watchers
is not just any weight loss program. ETC.

in sum

UGLI® and the UGLI Fruit logo are registered trademarks of
Cabel Hall Citrus Limited. Both marks are used exclusively for marketing "The Exotic Tangelo from Jamaica"™ which originates from the developer of this fruit. Of all the tangelos only their brand is UGLI®. Look for the "I", the beauty is in the eating. & here the need to interject felt most acutely, appropriating for the beauty isin theeatin beauty is in the eatin 19



the exotic tangelos i some he presumes dem exotic tangelos tangelos tangelo = tangerine + pomelo is in the eatin in the eatin tangelo in the eatin eatin eatin in the Y in the Y Y? & the I? in the I aye yi yi

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english spanglish englañol français creole


believinthence the assimilation of mustard believinhence that was a four billion dollar hurricane believinfortrue?everything changes but the soulGET OUT OF HERE FINCHLEY


now cherry the, trees of Loveliest
Snow with hung cherry see to. Go will I woodlands about room little are springs fifty, bloom in things at look to since and more fifty me leaves only it. Score a springs seventy from take and, again come not will twenty, ten and years threescore my of, now, Eastertide for white wearing. Ride woodland about stands and bough along bloom with hung is, now cherry the, trees of Loveliest


Be right with you.
First, let us investigate one another because because because because/because, just because. Later, pinned down at the bar and pressed to cough up what could possibly be meant, we would garble words defiantly our speechifying to be captured live by a planetful of red, white & blue mikes. Ah, well—the markets tank anyway, or don't, and everyone retires broke, having proved all but inadequate. Of course some of us are made to feel by others programmed to make us feel more inadequate than others. Some of us still call this bad vibes. But let's not argue, OK? Because because because because/because this is the world we so wanted, right? Knee-high by July, bathed in sepia, flagging, not to say weaponized? Just be sure to pass that bottle of Brunello before they repossess our thumbs.

French squirrels, while squirrels are nonetheless less outgoing and somewhat more diplomatic than US squirrels because they're, you know French. Beats the shit out of me 23

too, but this might suggest to the suggestible what the price of fish has to do with the marvel of hooey.


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