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A Simple Time Line of Interesting Coincidences

See if you can spot the trend too. 1775 George III wants to impose the Bank of England on the American Colonies financial management. Decision is the last straw that ignites the American Revolutionary War. 1776 Adam Smith publishes his work Wealth of Nations as a staunch anti-mercantilist, he explains the benefits of a free market and the idea of Laissez-faire not capitalism. 1791 Washington signs the Charter for the First Bank of the United States. Bank is heavily criticized as being in favor of the rich and the Northeast. Charter is good for 20 years. Jefferson criticizes it for the same reasons and says that it is a possibility of corruption. 1815 into the 1820s Congress of Vienna is held to figure out how to divide the spoils of the Napoleonic Wars and build unity among the elite of Europe. It is basically a prototype of the Bilderbergs. 1816 Monroe signs the Charter for the Second Bank of the United States and is running for 20 years. 1830s Thomas Robert Malthus finishes a series of essays with key points being how to squeeze your fellow man for all you can get without any of the sickening side effects of guilt. 1832 Jackson vetoes the renewal of the Charter stating that the bank has too much influence over Congress, favors the Northeast at Southern and Western Expense, Invites too much foreign influence on the government, serves to make the rich richer at the expense of the poor, and has too many possibilities for corruption

It might be noted at this time, America is in the full industrial swing in the Northeast with many companies taking excellent care of their employees; some even provide housing and schools for employees families. 1850s One of several Paris Communes occurs. French started talking about an idea of everyone working together, looking out for one another, and sharing in good times and bad times because they realized that we are all in this togetherthey use the word communist from the Latin for to share. Marx finally publishes his long awaited masterpiece (Yawn) Das Kapitaldoesnt quite understand the idea of communism but does realize that economics is the queen of all social sciences. Charles Darwin publishes The Origin of Species taking most of the credit for something that Wallace figured out years before without ever leaving Scotland. Rich take his ideas and mixes it with Malthus to come up for a justification of their greedSocial Darwinism. Alexander Graham Bell later champions it in the science of Eugenics and becomes the ultimate boogeyman for the deaf. 1854 Republican Party is founded in response to the Kansas Nebraska Act. Partys basic goals are to reestablish the Bank of United States and Impose Tariffs that will force the South to buy Northeastern product. They throw in anti-slavery, I think because they are afraid of the competition if the South ever industrializes. 1860 Lincoln is elected 1861 Civil War erupts. Many fortunes are made from military contracts. 1865 Civil War ends and the South loses through atrophy of resources. 1865 A new America emerges in the next almost 70 years there is an army of Republican Presidents with only Andrew Johnson, Grover Cleveland, and Woodrow Wilson as the only Democratic Presidents. Period is filled with large growing corporations led by greedy tyrants, workers have no rights in the work place but growing urban population becomes more and more dependent on corporations for work, in some cases people arent even paid with money but with company

owned store credits. There is a rise of unions and strikes most are put down violently resulting in some massacres of employees and their families. Rich go ultra-greedy. King Leopold II of Belgium kills millions more in the Congo than Hitler does in the concentration camps just so he can say that he owns a big piece of land and make millions more than he already has. Congo is still reeling from the atrocities that he and the Belgian Government committed but Hitler is still the ultimate bad guy because Belgium is our ally. 1870s Congresses on Africa are held with monsters like Cecil Rhodes and King Leopold II making decisions on how to divide up Africa. 1890s British make good use of Concentration Camps during the Second Boer War, thousands die from illness and malnutrition. Hitler learns well from them. 1900s With rising violence at the workplace, Roosevelt kicks JP Morgan out of the Oval Office and threatens him with the Supreme Court. He goes on to bust trusts not necessarily for the sake of the working man but so his rich buddies can have a competitive chance. Goes on to overthrow a democratic government in Columbia and sets up a dictatorship in Panama so he can get the canal at a reduced price, starting a trend of America interfering and messing with other nations governments including Iran in 1953 when we helped BP steal the future of the Iranian people still wondering why they dont like us; yet quickly snags the Nobel Prize for negotiating the peace in the Russo-Japanese War. 1913 JP Morgan bails out the U.S. economy. Fearing one person with that much power, the government creates the Federal Reserve; world witnesses more corruption and ever increasing greed in the marketplace, blacklisting, strike breakers. World War I erupts a year later from greed and egos11,000,000 perish, many more are scarred for life, this is mainly the poor who fought the richs war. 1917 With the rise of unions and the threat of communism happening, a revolution occurs in Imperial Russiaworkers depose the tsar and kick the rich and greedy out. Rich and greedy here are frightened enough that they start recognizing workers rights and give the women the vote. They have good reason to be scared, they might have to share the earnings they made off of others hard work and heaven forbids, they themselves may have to work. Some industrialists such as

Henry Ford and Milton Hershey were proactive in seeing the times and have already created worker friendly plants with great benefits. 1933 Amid a financial meltdown, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is elected and takes on a lot of the countrys responsibility through his social programs. People become more and more dependent on the Federal Government giving the government even more control and power. This trend will continue to the present day. Hitler comes to power and many American Industrialists, especially the greedy ones, praise Adolf. They like the way he gets people to blindly listen and follow. They envision armies of sheep in their factories doing all they can under the spell of blind followership. 1940s Americans start their own Concentration Camps to concentrate the ethnic Japanese population under watchful eyesluckily, relatively few die. 1950 Senator Joseph McCarthy starts his witch hunts for communists. Nothing to fear but fear itself is changed to the Red Scare as Americans are taught to be afraid to protect the interests of the rich and powerful i.e. they want to live off other peoples labor and not have to share. 1954 First Bilderberg meeting is later said to be a way of welcoming a country that has been on the world stage for over 170 years to the world stageI say, it is a collusion of the rich and powerful to try to get everyone on the same sheet of music for the rich and powerfuls benefit. 1960s and 70s There have been decades of massive propaganda against communism, so much that most people couldnt even define communism. Hint: it is just a society where everyone shares because they realize that they are all in it together. They realize that their community is only as strong as their weakest link. Everyone works for the benefit of the community and through the community prospering each individual prospers. Most think that an extreme form of capitalism which exists in the Soviet Union and North Korea are communist, they are not, they are just a small powerful circle controlling and benefitting from everyone else a lot like most corporations. Many regulations have been thrust onto businesses because of their treatment of employees. Civil Rights Movement created a need for equality at the workplace. Recognizing dangers to the earth, our life support system, have brought on more regulations. Television, especially sports becomes the ultimate drug and distraction from what is real.

Nixon starts pushing health insurance and healthcare costs go through the roof. 1980s Ruled by Republicans, Reagan starts to deregulate. Larger banks start gobbling up smaller banks. Interest rates for savings and checking accounts dropped to a level that you are actually losing buying power against inflation. Think about it: inflation runs at about 3-5% and most banks pay less than 1%, its not quantum physics, you are losing buying power putting money into a CD or bank account. 1990s Clinton helps to escalate healthcare costs by threatening price controls. Hillary gets a six figure salary for pretty much doing nothing. 2001 After dodging actual military service for his country, George Bush has no problems at all sending other peoples children to be ripped apart in a war. The war helps make his friends richer. George has spent a lifetime of driving oil companies into the ground, I think three in all using daddys and friends money. 2008 George manages to drive the economy into the ground. Seems that it is blamed on mortgages that go bad almost putting the full blame on the homeowners. Not one word is mentioned about Large chain stores annihilating more and more competition from smaller local business as they invade more local economies, or the price of gasoline going through the roof resulting in net profits of up to $30,000,000,000.00 for some oil companies. Both the shutting down of local businesses and the oil profits represent money that is leaving local economies unless most of the top execs or shareholders live in your neighborhood. This capital flight creates a tightening of the money supply which is what helped to push us over the edge in 1929 when the money supply was tightened by the Federal Reserve. All types of scapegoats are identified, but absolutely nothing was said about how the economy might have collapse because of capital flight from local economies due to oil prices spiking, local economies are dominated with chain stores, and a major increase in utilities in most areas. Today There is a movement to reduce power of unions and reduce regulations. Workers have become too dependent on Corporations and the Federal Governmentgovernment and corporations now hold all the cards, especially banks and insurance. Worker rights are almost nonexistent again in the workplace. Peoples choices have been limited by gradual infiltration of local marketplaces and elimination of competition. We now have a candidate who wants more reduction in

regulations and to make it even easier for the rich. We have become the land of the living dead waiting on table scraps as they struggle to plunder the world. Look at your workplace, think about how you are treatedthat is with regulations, imagine it without. We are being squeezed by the rich and powerful to give them what they want, a president and congress that will give them free range to rape and plunder. If you really want to see large corporations running unchecked, study the East India Company or American Industry during the late 1800s and early 1900s there is actually a reason for all of these laws. For a country that was supposed to fear communism, we are now supporting so called communists states by giving them a lot of business because their slave labor population increases Bain and many others profit margin. Not to mention, Seattle wouldnt have as much air pollution if China actually care about the environment. It has been in the making for at least 200 years, businessmen like Samuel Adams and John Hancock wanted the aristocracy out of the way so they could do as they pleased. Even Vlad Tepes, commonly known as Dracula fought an ongoing battle with the Boyars or greedy businessmen of his time. CONCLUSION: I personally believe that the recession of 2008 was triggered by the capital flight but has been allowed to grow as a form of extorting or squeezing the citizens of the world into accepting less, crush the power of unions, to divide us even further to conquer us even more. You can make your own decision about Romney, Obama, or Johnson.