Hillula of the Aish Kodesh 5773 The Aish kodesh doesn't have a grave. Near Lublin.

No place to visit or daven. Rav Beresh Ushpizin (Aushwitz) asked on the following Pasuk ‫בראשית פרשת ויגש - ויחי פרק מז‬ ִ ֵ‫)כט( וַקרבו יְ ֵ ישראל למות וַקרא לבנו ליוסף ויאמר לו אם נא מצא ִ ֵ בְ ֵ ֶךָשים נא ידךָתחת יר‬ ‫ִ ָ ָ ָ תי חן עיני ִ ָ ָ ְ ַ ַ ְ כי‬ ֶ ַֹ ֵ ְ ְ ִ ָ ְ ִ‫יִ ְ ְ מי ִ ְ ָ ֵ ָ י‬ ִַ‫ועָ ִתָעמָ ִ חסד ואמת אל נא תקברִֵ במצרים: ושכבְ ִ עם אבֹ ַ ונשאת‬ ‫ָ ִ ְ ְ ני ְ ִ ְ ִָ ְ ָ ַ תי ִ ֲ תי ְ ָ ני‬ ֶ ֱ ֶ ֶ ֶ ‫ְ שי ִ די‬ ‫ממצרים‬ ִַ ְ ִ ִ Yaakov Avinu knew his time was ending so he left a tzavah. He wanted to be buried in maaras hamachpela with his parents. He told Yosef to take him out of mitzrayim. Why did he have to add take me out of mitzrayim. It’s obvious that the avos were in chevron? R Beresh answered that even when the body of a Tzadik is buried far away from his chasidim and loved ones the neshama still has the koach to go where it wants. The neshama is not meshubad to the place it’s buried. Therefore Yaakov Avinu had to say even though the neshma could fly he still doesn’t want to be left physically in ִ ‫מצרים‬ ִַ ְ ִ The body of the Aish Kodesh was desecrated, but still the neshama could be with us. The Mezutcher Maggid says when the neshama is in Gan Eden the Tzadik can't see bad, misery, suffering from that perspective. But when the neshama of the Tzadik descends into this world the Tzadik feels the pressure and sadness that he left behind. We know by the yahrzeit the neshama is set free to wonder this world to be drawn like a magnet. The Aish Kodesh didn’t merit having a grave. There wasn't a body that was left. The neshama is drawn to those who learn his torahs. So he is with us. What is the rebbe seeing? Many know that Reb Pinchas Karitzer was asked why was the Neshama of the Baal Shem Tov sent into the world at that time to reveal an old new way of serving Hashem? R Pinchas answered in the sefer the Imrei Pinchas "was sent into this world to wake us up from our sleep so that we reached a stage of ilafon, unconsciousness.” There are different levels of sleep. Tardeimah is deep. Deeper than that is called ilafon which means unconscious. Zohar Hakoesh says galus of Mitzrayim begins with nim vlo nim, dozing off but as galus moved on and years passed fell into sheina than tardeima than ilafon. Can’t see or hear anything. Sefarim say if you call a person by their Hebrew name it wakes them up. At the stage of Ilafon that might not work. So the Bal Shem was sent at a stage of Ilafon. Like anesthesia. Wouldn't feel anything because so asleep. Big sugya in halacha how do we define death. Chasam Sofer1 says if one can't detect a breath or heartbeat but if there is a perceptible pulse in neck it is the last sign of life. Al pi torah he is not dead. That person with the small pulse in the neck is mysteriously amongst the living. Now in 2012 our neshama has left (gra) and our yiddeshkeit is a little movement in the vain like the Chasam Sofer said. The ikar of the lev of the Jew which used to consist of crying Friday night or feeling pain of another Jew no longer exists. With all that the little

‫שו"ת חתם סופר חלק ב )יורה דעה( סימן שלח‬


chiyus that we have as a pulse in the neck there is hope. (Kusta dchiyusa.) R Pinchos Koritzer was upset because there were notes from the Maggid found in the street. He went to the Baal Hatanya and he complained as to what was happening to the secrets of Torah. The baal Tanya told Rav Pinchas a Mashal of a prince. You can cure him with a rare gem on deserted island. They told the king that the stone can be found on the crown. But if removed u lose your malchus. What's the tachlis. If the prince dies I am not the king. Tanya said to R Pinchas you are right, but if there still is a pulse of a Jew. If there is something alive in us than there is hope for the malchus. What is that drop that is still dripping? ‫תלמוד בבלי מסכת סנהדרין דף צב עמוד ב‬ .‫ויאמר אלי בן אדם העצמות האלה כל בית ישראל המה הנה אמרים יבשו עצמותינו ואבדה תקותנו נגזרנו לנו‬ ‫רבי ירמיה בר אבא אמר: אלו בני אדם שאין בהן לחלוחית של מצוה, שנאמר +יחזקאל ל"ז+ העצמות היבשות‬ '‫שמעו דבר ה‬ The vision of ‫ יחזקאל‬by the dried bones. Who were the dead ones with dried bones. ? R Yirmiyahu says Jews who dry from mitzvos. They were alive but had no moisture. ‫. העצמות היבשות שמעו דבר ה‬Their Yiddeshkeit has no moisture of Yiras Shamayim. But yet even from such an ilafon where a Jew has no rigshei kodesh there is still hope. What's the eitza? ‫תלמוד בבלי מסכת סנהדרין דף מז עמוד א‬ ‫לא היו קוברין כו'. וכל כך למה - לפי שאין קוברין רשע אצל צדיק, דאמר רבי אחא בר חנינא: מנין שאין‬ ‫קוברין רשע אצל צדיק - שנאמר - +מלכים ב' י"ג+ ויהי הם קברים איש והנה ראו את הגדוד וישליכו את‬ .‫האיש בקבר אלישע ויגע האיש בעצמות אלישע ויחי ויקם על רגליו‬ Can one bury a Tzadik near a rasha? Story told in Gemara is of a person who dies and needed to be buried. They saw the gdud. So they through into the grave of ‫" .אלישע‬vayichi" ‫ ויחי‬and he came back to life and walked on his legs. Was alive. The only advice we have to wake us up from our Ilafon, our unconsciousness is to come into contact with tzadikim. This can mean going to Kvarim. or to reconnect by rolling over on our graves in our apathy and touch the essence of the Tzadik. We can come into contact with the essence of the Tzadik. Maaseh- There was a talmid of the Baal Ha’tanya Rav Pinchus Rayzes. He used to be with the Tzadik the whole Elul and Tishrei. One year was sick and couldn't go. He couldn't daven. First day he could sit up was Shmini Atzers in shluv. When the talmidim saw they came to fabreng with him. Then Rav Pinchas says " oy rebbe" chasidim thought he was delusional. After Simchas Torah the talmidim returned from the baal hatanya and came to rav pinchas and they told him on shmini atzeres R Pinchas said R Pinchas needs a refuah. Came out was same time the Rav Pinchas said oy rebbe. Was he a baal mofes that he knew when the Baal Ha’tanya was thinking about him. R Pinchas says I am not a Navi you can do it too. Rav Pinchas said the first time I had yechidus with the rebbe I gave him my nefesh than second time I gave him ruach and the


third time I gave him myneshama. I gave him everything I am in him. I gave myself to him. We r each other so we felt each other. The famous statement of the Aish Kodesh when his son dies was" I have been defeated but the Jewish people will survive". We can tell the rebbe even though we are barley alive we can say u r not defeated. 1000s of Jews are learning sefarim. Jews are learning from the crushed bones. Rebbe was victorious.


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