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Session 8

Questions we will answer during this session:
What are the major electronic processes in which schools
are required to participate?

How do schools send and receive data electronically?
What role does the Internet play in Title IV?
How do schools get answers to questions regarding the
electronic requirements?
What are the major electronic processes in which
schools are required to participate?

Session 8 – Electronic Requirements 2
Session 8 – Electronic Requirements 3
How do schools send and receive data electronically?

TIV WAN Destination Points

National Student Financial
Loan Data System Management
Central Loan Origination
(NSLDS) Campus-Based System (RFMS)
Processing Center (LOC)
System (CPS) System (CBS)

Title IV WAN Highway

The School

Session 8 – Electronic Requirements 4
Checkpoint #1 – Destination Points

In the situation described below, fill in the appropriate destination points.
Santana College has just gotten connected to the Title IV Wide Area
Network. They are anxious to get off the ground with several processes.
First, financial aid employees take a pile of student FAFSAs so they
can enter the data to send them to the _____ for processing. The school,
a Perkins participant, will send campus-based data to the _____. Being a
Direct Loan school, some members of the staff are busy preparing data to
submit to the _____. Then they need to report overpayment information to
the _____. Finally, they must report Pell disbursements to _____.

Batching – combining several
student files into one package to
send to an ED destination point
over the Title IV Wide Area

Exporting – moving batches
from EDExpress or similar
software into Edconn32 so they
can travel over TIV WAN

Importing – moving files from
Edconn32 into EDExpress or
similar software for processing.

Session 8 – Electronic Requirements 5

Message Class Extension

Applications 1999-00 In to ED First file of this type

Content of way the The number of
Year data is files of this type
moving there have been

S A R A 0 0 O P. 0 0 2 Third file of this type
Processed applications 1999-00 Out from

Session 8 – Electronic Requirements 6
Checkpoint #2 – Terminology

1) A package of data is called a _______.

2) In a process called _______, you can create a _______ using
_______, and then move it into _______ so it can ride the TIV WAN

3) The process of _______ involves moving data from Edconn32
into _______.

4) The filename is EAPS99IN.04. What is the year? ______
Is the data traveling to ED or to the school? __________
How many previous files of this name have been sent? _____

What role does the Internet play in Title IV?

Information for financial aid professionals:

The Application for Approval to Participate in
Title IV:

The Grant Administration and Payment System

SFA Materials Ordering System

Session 8 – Electronic Requirements 7
Final Exam – Electronic Requirements
True or False
1) Even though ED requires schools to be able to access the IFAP page,
ED will always send paper versions of Dear Colleague letters to schools.
2) The vehicle on which schools must place their data to be sent over
the TIV WAN highway is called EDExpress. _______
3) The Central Processing System (CPS) and the school’s financial aid
office are both examples of destination points. _______
4) In the filename EAPS99IN.001, the IN describes data coming in to
the school from ED. _______
5) Schools must register with ED to use any part of the IFAP web site.
6) Some features of EDExpress involve electronic applications.
7) Data your school receives over the TIV WAN must be imported
from EDconnect into EDExpress (or other software) before you can
read and use the data. _______
8) If your school undergoes a change of ownership, you must now
report this change to ED electronically. _______
9) Your business office may either use GAPS or order funds using a
paper “Title IV I-52 Request Form.” _______
10) Electronic participation is strongly encouraged by ED, but is not
currently required. _______

Session 8 – Electronic Requirements 8
How do schools get answers to questions regarding the
electronic requirements?

Session 8 – Electronic Requirements 9
Session 8 – Electronic Requirements 10
Session 8 – Electronic Requirements 11
To subscribe to Finaid-L, send an e-mail message to:

In the message, type ONLY:
SUBSCRIBE FINAID-L (your first and last name)

Session 8 – Electronic Requirements 12
Dear Colleague Letter GEN-97-11 (Electronic

Dear Colleague Letter GEN-96-20
(EDE participation)

Dear Colleague Letter GEN-97-6
(Electronic Filing of the Application to

1999-00 EDE Technical Reference

Payees Guide for the Grant Administration and
Payment System (now available at

Session 8 – Electronic Requirements 13

Checkpoint #1 – Destination Points


Checkpoint #2 – Terminology

1) batch
2) exporting; batch; EDExpress; EDconnect
3) importing; EDExpress
4) 1998-99; to ED; 4

Final Exam – Electronic Requirements

1) False
2) False
3) True
4) False
5) False
6) True
7) True
8) True
9) False
10) False

Session 8 – Electronic Requirements 14