The occult meaning of the dove on your bank card

By Lee Pilmore

Symbolism is everywhere you look in the modern world, you simply can't get away from it, well, unless you run into the woods and live like a mountain man, but that isn't going to happen is it? Most people don't give a thought to what any of the corporate symbols that they see every day actually mean. One example of this is the common bank card which is the focus of this article.

Fig 1.

What you will notice if you take a look at the hologram on the right hand side of the bank card is a picture of a dove. Most commonly, people will say that the dove is a symbol of peace and love, which is fair enough, however if you think about it, that explanation doesn't really add up. Do banks really stand for love and peace? I think not. A more appropriate banking symbol would be Dick Turpin's mask or something else that would describe theft, fraud, dishonesty and criminality don't you think? Well, that's just my humble opinion anyway. So if banks aren't into the whole love and peace thing, there has to be another meaning behind the dove symbol, and there is. As with almost all corporate symbolism the answer lies in ancient cults whose knowledge has been kept in the hands of today's secret societies like the Freemasons and other “I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine” organisations. First we have to take a brief look at the law. I know that sounds like it has nothing to do with a dove, just bear with me and I'll show you that it does. In the world today there exists two separate kinds of law. The first is common law which is the law of the land, this deals with offences like murder, assault and theft. This is the basis of all law in our society. The second law is admiralty, this is the law of the sea, the law of trade between nations, the law of MONEY. Money is connected with water in many of the words we use when we talk about it. For instance, we keep it in a bank just like the banks of a river hold water. We have terms such as cash FLOW and if you are like me and are always overdrawn at the bank, they'll tell you to correct the breach ( as in hull breach on a ship). None of this is coincidence, and in my opinion those who are in control of money clearly associate it with

water and the sea. For further evidence of this take another look at the centre of the bank card in Fig 1. and you'll see...Ah yes, water. Now, getting deeper into it ( see what I did there?) we have to look at what controls the sea: The moon. The moon's gravitational pull profoundly affects all water on this planet, the tides and even the water in our bodies. The ancient people realised that the menstrual cycle of women was dictated by the moon and this is why the moon was associated with the life giving feminine energy or feminine principal and was celebrated in the form of many goddesses including Isis (Egyptian), Ishtar (Babylonian) and Diana (Roman). The important thing to remember is that no matter which goddess it is, the main point is the feminine energy. In this respect every goddess is the same whether it is worship of Venus, the moon or the feminine aspect of the Sun as Isis was also associated with the solar disc. The feminine principle controls water, therefore in the eyes of these cults it also controls money. The famous patriotic British song “Rule Britannia” takes on a whole new significance when you figure in this moon goddess, feminine energy concept. In this song it says “Britannia rules the waves.” Of course she does! Britannia is a goddess, just a different variation of Isis, Diana etc. This song, written by James Thomson and Thomas Arne way back in 1740 has nothing to do with the Royal Navy's ability to enslave the known world, it is the veneration of the goddess, hidden in plain sight. This brings us to the dove. In Christianity, the third aspect of the holy trinity is the holy ghost. The holy ghost is the feminine principal of nature and it is often depicted as a dove. The dove was sacred to Aphrodite, while Diana, Isis and many other goddesses were associated with the dove as well as the moon. What is also very interesting is that another variation of the moon goddess, Semiramis derives from 'ze'-'emir'-'amit' which means 'The branch bearer' which is the dove in the Noah's Ark story. Yet another incarnation of the moon goddess was Venus Columbe. Columbre in French means...You guessed it! 'Carpet' just joking of course, it means 'dove'. This pretty much establishes the connection of the dove with the goddess/feminine principal, not that the church will admit it. So, there we have it. The dove on the bank card is a symbol of the feminine energy of the moon in control of the sea of commerce. In my opinion they put it on there because it is their occult belief that if they use the secret symbolism of the goddess it will bring them power. Seems to have worked, don't you think? Thanks for reading.

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