Catholic Charities USA conducted an online survey of its membership during October 2011 to measure programs and services provided between July 1, 2011 and September 30, 2011. Responses were received from 62 local agencies from 33 different states. These agencies serve an estimated 4,176,536 clients.*

Key Findings
• The majority of agencies reported an increase in requests for help relative to the previous quarter from the working poor (80%), families (66%), homeless (60%), and the middle class (59%). These trends did not vary substantially across regions or between agencies that self-identified as serving primarily urban, suburban, or rural populations. • Among the 23 agencies who reported the number of people they served during the 3rd Quarter, families and children (127,030) make up the largest population group receiving services, followed by the working poor (35,676) and seniors (28,488). • More than 88% of local agencies report that they maintained a waiting list or had to turn people away for at least one of their programs or services.
*Based on agency information as reported in the Catholic Charities USA 2010 Annual Survey

• Financial Need: 64% of agencies could not meet the need they faced for emergency financial assistance last quarter. Sixteen agencies reported waitlisting or turning away more than 12,088 individuals who sought emergency financial assistance. • Utilities Assistance: 56% of agencies were unable to meet the needs of those who came to them seeking utility assistance. Fourteen agencies reported being unable to serve 13,189 people who came to them seeking help in this area. In particular, 67% of agencies in southern states struggled to help those who suffered from extended drought and heat waves.

“Our greatest challenge continues to be the large number of families and individuals seeking food and financial assistance.” —Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi, TX

Focus On: Jobs
In light of continuing high unemployment rates, this survey contained a special section to investigate how local Catholic Charities agencies are helping individuals prepare for and access employment opportunities.

Key Findings
• More than half of local agencies (56%) reported providing job-related services. There was a geographic divide in this trend: 66% of agencies who identified themselves as serving primarily urban or suburban communities offered job related-services compared with just 29% of agencies who identified themselves as serving primarily rural communities. • Among those providing job-related services, 88% provided job search services, 76% assisted individuals in preparing resumes, 64% offered interview skills training, and 64% offered direct employment training. • 19 agencies provided metrics around their job-related services, and reported successfully placing a total of 1,196 individuals in jobs. Quantifying Success: Catholic Charities of Baltimore helped 94 people find jobs last quarter. These individuals earned an average wage of $10.34/hour and worked an average of 34 hours/week. Promoting Self Sufficiency: Catholic Charities Atlanta’s employment services for refugees show long-term results, with 98% of refugees who receive employment services becoming employed and economically self-sufficient within six months of arrival.

“Job opportunities remain weak in the local economy as we see a continued increase in the level of violence and homicides largely fueled by the lack of employment opportunity and safety net resources.” —Catholic Charities of the East Bay, Oakland, CA

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