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Guaranteed Remediation of TCE DNAPL Confidential Client Queens, NY

Project Summary
TRS Group, Inc. (TRS) completed a Guaranteed Fixed Price Remediation (GFPR) with performance incentives of trichloroethene (TCE) DNAPL in both soil and groundwater in Queens, New York. The goals of the ERH remediation system were to achieve analyte-specific cleanup goals for TCE of 10 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg) in soil and 200 micrograms per liter (ug/L) in groundwater. The system incorporated 36 electrodes with co-located vapor recovery (VR) wells to treat a soil volume of approximately 9,700 cubic yards (yd3) across three treatment areas. Active subsurface heating extended from approximately 5 feet below grade surface (ft bgs) to approximately 42 ft bgs. Average concentrations of TCE in groundwater decreased over 99.8% in the ERH treatment area following treatment. All twelve soil samples were below laboratory detection levels for TCE. Cleanup goals were met in all but one location of the groundwater samples collected,. Soil vapor and steam capture was implemented throughout ERH system operations and site, staff, and public safety were maintained at all times.

The site is located in a mixed commercial and residential area and is vacant. The rectangular-shaped site is bordered to the north by a road followed by a commercial strip mall, to the east and west by commercial properties and to the south by a road, an elevated railroad followed by a large residential apartment building (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Site overview with elevated railway adjacent The treatment area grade drops in elevation approximately 6 feet from north to south. Previous site investigations indicated that a building stucture (used as a garage and plumbing supply house) was formerly located along the western portion of the property. Prior to applying ERH technology at the site, excavation, chemical oxidation, and natural attenuation were attemped as remedial options to treat the DNAPL.

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Site Characteristics & Design Parameters

Shallow stratigraphy across the site is generally consistent. Moist fill material extends from the surface to approximately 5 - 8 ft bgs. The fill is underlain by loose fine sand and interbedded discontinuous organic silty clay and clayey silt lenses that measure approximately 1 - 4 feet in thickness. A semi-confining more continuous clay layer is noted at approximately 37 ft bgs. Groundwater was encountered at approximately 6 - 8 ft bgs. The ERH treatment system was designed to recover an estimated 7,600 pounds of VOCs from a total treatment volume of 9,700 yd3. The total volume was divided into three treatment regions as described in Table 1. Table 1 Treatment Regions Region 25 ft BGS 40 ft BGS 42 ft BGS Treatment Area (sq ft) 4,630 2,590 2,140 Avg. Depth Interval (ft bgs) 7 - 25 7 - 40 7 - 42 Volume (yd3) ~3,300 ~3,400 ~3,000

Based on detection frequency, observed concentration and toxicity, TCE was considered the primary contaminant of concern (COC). The cleanup goals were based on reduction of TCE in soil and groundwater. Pre ERH Concentrations of TCE in soil was 627 mg/kg, and groundwater was 272,000 ug/L. Due to the possible presence of free phase heating oil floating on the groundwater table, two additional design parameters were implemented to allow for continuous monitoring and recovery of the heating oil. The first addition was a vapor/liquid separator that included a separate free product storage tank to recover free product prior to entering our condenser. The second addition was a unique well head design that allowed for the pipe electrodes to be gauged with a oil/water interface probe during operations, please note that the application of energy was temporarily discontinued and properly locked out prior to accessing any electrodes.

System Construction/Operations
TRS installed 36 electrodes with co-located vapor wells throughout the treatment area. Seven temperature data locations with thermocouples installed every five feet were used to track the treatment progress. The system installation included vapor recovery, one condenser and cooling tower, a 700 kW power control unit (PCU), vapor phase granular activated carbon (VGAC), electrode wiring, and communications (Figure 2). The ERH system operated for 283 days, followed by approximately one week of vapor recovery only operation.

Figure 2. ERH equipment compound

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Initial estimates indicated an expected contaminant mass of 7,600 pounds. Over 3,200 pounds of VOCs were recovered in the vapor phase from the treatment volume during ERH. Of the 3,200 pounds of VOCs removed, TCE represented approximately 80% or 2,800 pounds (230 gallons of pure TCE). One confirmatory soil sampling event included the analysis of 12 soil samples collected from 7 sampling locations. Groundwater was sampled at various times thoughout the project to ensure and check remedial progress. Average concentrations of TCE decreased over 99.8% in the ERH treatment area following treatment. Soil vapor and steam capture was complete throughout ERH system operations and site, staff, and public safety were maintained at all times. Concentrations of TCE in groundwater for all samples collected within the treatment volume were below remediation action levels. Prior to ERH, TCE was also measured outside and upgradient from the target treatment area. Therefore, in addition to reaching soil and groundwater remedial goals, eliminating the down gradient migration of TCE in groundwater was a priority and success of the project.

1,000,000 Start of ERH Operation 100,000 End of ERH Operation


Concentration (ug/l)


MW-4i PZ-3 MW-4s MW-10s



1 10/29/10






Figure 3 ERH treatment performance summary

Site Geology and Hydrology Treatment Area Size, Volume, and Depth Beginning Maximum Contaminant Concentrations Remedial Goal(s) Reduction Achieved/Remedial Goal Achieved? Period of Performance Contract Terms Sand. Groundwater, 6 ft bgs 9,360 ft2; 9,700 yd3; 5 to 42 ft bgs Soil: 627 mg/kg TCE; Groundwater: 272,000 g/L TCE Soil: 10 mg/kg TCE ; Groundwater: 200 g/L TCE Soil: 0.0175 mg/kg TCE; Groundwater 23 g/L TCE 283 days of operation Guaranteed Fixed Price Remediation

TRS Contact Information Mr. David Fleming, (425) 396-4266,,
EDG10 ShortV ProjEx 071212 acf 2012- TRS Group , Inc. All rights reserved.