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A round up of local schools was reported on and MildenhallCollege was amongst the mix and its reported that

the number of students gaining 5 GCSEs at grades A*-C was at 94% which was up 6% on the previous year and this is a very commendable and to be congratulated.

Comment [H1]: You cannot report on a round up of schools; this does not make sense. It should read a round up of schools results was reported on. Comment [H2]: Use of its (possessive pronoun) is incorrect. Its = it is, but that would be incorrect also as the tense should be past, ie it was, which cannot be contracted to its Comment [H3]: Comma required before which to separate subordinate clause from main clause. Comment [H4]: The connective and is used 3 times to join simple sentences, instead of a conjunction followed by a subordinate clause. Eg: A round up of local schools results was reported on, with Mildenhall College amongst the mix. Comment [H5]: Indefinite article not needed here. Comment [H6]: Comma required after success to separate out the subordinate clause. Comment [H7]: Comma required after subjects to separate out the subordinate clause. Comment [H8]: Full stop required after correct, or there needs to be a connective inserted to join the two main clauses together.

Now there are many ways to measure success such as the results in different subjects but any analysis that excludes Maths and English is in my opinion not correct the 3rs reading, writing and arithmetic are the backbone of life and work. 5A*-C grades including Maths and English is the litmus test.

Whilst we can debate the effects of a change of government and the impact this has had on the various Boards grade boundaries the one thing that does spring to my mind is how complete this has all become and how it needs to be simpler; this is meant to be about a general certificate of education a guide for colleges, university and employers as to the ability of students at a point in their lives, a measurable standard seems to have been lost in its complexity and as I have said I think any measurable standard must include Maths and English.

Comment [H9]: Apostrophe required after Boards Comment [H10]: Comma required after boundaries to separate out the subordinate clause. Comment [H11]: complete does not make sense. This is not the correct word. Perhaps complex is what is meant? Comment [H12]: Comma needed after education as what follows is a list Comment [H13]: Should be a full stop as what follows is a main clause. Comment [H14]: Comma required here.

Overall, the piece lacks clarity and coherence, and is littered with basic errors of grammar and punctuation. The sentence structure is weak, with

punctuation used either incorrectly, or not at all, leading to the sense often being unclear. In particular, commas are not used accurately to clarify meaning and are frequently used where there should be a full stop. The connective and is often used to join simple sentences together in an unsophisticated way, forming compound sentences when complex sentences needed to be developed. The use of apostrophe is inaccurate, and the writer also needs to understand the difference between its as a possessive pronoun and its which only ever means it is. Speech marks are not used correctly. All of these areas would need to be improved before the piece would reach a Grade C. At best, it would get a D.