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Work & Travel USA: Summer Job Placement

Experience living abroad and American daily life, make friends from around the world, perfect your English (if you are a non-native speaker) - all this, and for as little money as possible. Take a job as a resort worker in a U.S. National Park , as a waiter in a Hard Rock Caf, on a hotel reception, in a shop, or in an amusement park ticket booth this summer. We bring you job vacancies with information about duties, pay, accommodation, location, arrival details, etc. You decide on a location and a job in the Intrax Work & Travel USA programme. An international work atmosphere with students from all over the world, magnicent landscapes and cities packed full of sports and leisure activities are just some of the things you can look forward to. About us Ayusa-Intrax is a company that provides high quality work and volunteer programs that connect people and cultures. Intrax offers diverse educational and cultural programs including high school exchange, international au pairs, language classes, internship and work placements, farmstay programs and volunteer opportunities. Our European ofce in Berlin has been operating since 1990. We work closely with our US head ofce in San Francisco. ! Good to know Work Travel USA with Ayusa-Intrax You apply for a specic job 3 - 4 months work 1 month afterwards to discover the USA Programme Dates for students from UK: between June 1 - September 30 Ireland: between June 1 - September 30 Netherlands: between May 5 - August 15 Spain: between June 1 - September 15 France: between June 1 - September 30 (Applicants from other countries, please contact our ofce to inquire about your programme dates.) Ample pay to cover your main costs (minimum wage: from $7.25 an hour) Job listings contain all relevant informaton concerning duties, compensation, housing, travel arrangements etc. Criteria Full-time student, having completed at least one semester, and registered including the following fall term. Your university must have its summer vacation for the > duration of the summer job Non-native speakers require an intermediate level of English European Residency Between 18 and 28 years old while on programme Hard working, team player, good health Benets & Rewards Full immersion in American culture International work experience to put on your CV Gain uency in English Gain maturity and condence Become more independent Make new friends Travel throughout the country during your free time

J1 Visa Sponsor - Intrax As an ofcal sponsor, Intrax serves as the link between international participants and U.S. host com-panies, providing support and assistance with the documentation needed to obtain the J1-visa. Intrax is a leader in cultural exchange programs and has been authorized by the U.S. Department of State to sponsor the J1 Visa for more than 25 years.

European Ofce Ayusa-Intrax GmbH, Giesebrechtstr.10, 10629 Berlin, +49 - 30 - 84 39 39 62,

Openings: Posted on our website

We post job offers including information about wages, responsibilites, housing, host company information. Most of the jobs are in the service sector of the tourism industry, e.g. hotels, restaurants or lodges - all across the U.S., in cities as well as in national parks. You will normally work 30 to 40 hours per week. As a rule, you will be assigned a certain work area, e.g. sales, reception, housekeeping, restaurant, resort jobs such as building maintenance, work on the golf course, bike hire, etc. Jobs will be allocated on the basis of your manner, engagement and (for non native speakers) your level of English, as well as the requirements of the establishment. Pay Your hourly rate will be at least $7.25. If you work as a waiter/waitress your hourly wage will be lower, but tips ensure that you earn at least earn minimum wage. In return for your summer of hard work, you will gain work experience, lots of friends and - for the non-native speakers amongst you - excellent English. In addition: You are not required to pay the programme fee to Intrax until you have had all of your questions fully answered by us and have rmly accepted a job on the Work & Travel USA programme.

Programme Benets
Summer job in the USA arranged for you by us DS-2019 form for applying for the J1 Work Travel visa SEVIS fee for applying for the J1 Work Travel visa Comprehensive insurance package for the duration of your programme Preparation for visa application, including assistance with lling it in and an advice helpline Online handbook and other travel documents for the programme Support in the USA from our American partners 24-hour emergency phone number in the USA Certicate upon successful completion of the Work & Travel USA programme Comprehensive Insurance Coverage A. Illness or Accidental Injury - cost of treatment unlimited - treatment and care unlimited - Physiotherapy /chiropracty by duration of stay < 3 months US $ 200 < 3 months and < 6 months US $ 200 > 6 months US $ 400 - Psychological /psychiatric illness by duration of stay < 3 months Not covered < 3 months and < 6 months US $ 275 > 6 months US $ 550 Further information on Dental, Ambulance, Emergency Return, Third Party Liability, Legal Costs, Luggage etc. upon request.

Work Travel USA Programme Fees 2012

Programme Fee, including insurance and SEVIS Extra Costs Visa Fee / Appointment at U.S. Consulate Flight Evidence of Personal Funds Living Costs* * For jobs in National Parks: You should be able to pay all xed costs and after 4 months you should have covered the cost of
ights and the programme fees. Accommodation and food are provided, in return for a small fee which is taken directly from your wages. For jobs in other areas: Conditions depend on the job. The cost of accommodation will be stated in each job description.

870 / 970 $160 from approx. 450 depending on departure airport For the visa interview, you must be able to prove that you have personal funds of at least $1000

European Ofce Ayusa-Intrax GmbH, Giesebrechtstr.10, 10629 Berlin, +49 - 30 - 84 39 39 62,

Application Procedure
Application Documents Please nd all application documents on our website. The application form is non-binding. Once we have your documents, we can contact you directly with job offers. Once you have decided that the programme is for you, email your application documents to You do not pay anything until you have been allocated a job which you choose to accept. Interview Once we have received your application, we will invite you to an in-person interview via Skype/Webcam (DOS requirement), in order to ensure that you satisfy the visa conditions and are familiar with the programme guidelines. The interview also gives you the chance to discuss any questions you may have with us. Choose your USA summer job We will send you updated USA summer job listings by email. You choose your summer job from the latest listing. You may send us the completeted application beforehand. We will only validate your application after you have chosen your summer job. Conrmation of the job We will reserve your chosen job in the Work & Travel USA programme. Job contract and programme fees After you have received conrmation of your chosen job, you will receive an invoice for the programme fees. Once your payment has been received, we will send you a link to the online database of our head ofce. Log in to this and sign the Intrax Conditions of Participation as well as the job contract. Visa forms We will send you the DS-2019 form to apply for the J1 visa. This is lled in for the US Embassy online. Detailed information about the Embassy interview and required documents can be found on the US Embassy website. Embassy interview: You will now need to arrange an appoinment with the Embassy in London or the Consulate in Belfast or your country of residency. Details of how to make this appointment and what you will need to bring with you can be found on the US Embassy website. The visa must be applied for in person at the Embassy (or Consulate). April 23, 2012. Prices and Services valid up until issue of a new price list. Errors and omissions excepted. European Ofce Ayusa-Intrax GmbH, Giesebrechtstr.10, 10629 Berlin, +49 - 30 - 84 39 39 62,

The American authorities require proof that you have adequate funds for your residence (approx. $1000 per month). As you will be paid for your work in the USA, it is usually enough to prove that you have $1000 for just the rst month. A current bank statement showing this sum is sufcient. Pre-Departure Orientation Shortly before departure we will send you an invitation to an online pre-departure orientation. You will be informed of how to apply for your Social Security number, check in details, your contact person in case of problems, and many other important details. You may, of course, contact us with questions at any time. And thats it! Good luck in America!

Program Repetition
You can participate in the Work & Travel Program up to 3 times. The J1 visa application is independent of a former participation in other J1 programs.

Questions? Contact us!

Vera Bahnemann is your contact person. +49 - 30 -84 39 39 62