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Judge Thomas Parker, an Appellate Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, said in a judgment earlier this year that evidence submitted by a petitioner “... if presented to the appropriate forum, ... would raise serious question about the authenticity of both the ‘short-form’ and the ‘long-form’ birth certificates of President Barack Hussein Obama that have been made public.”

A Hereditary Peers’ Briefing Paper | London, England
by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley


Special to the Washington Times

leading politicians, officials, justices, electoral registration officers, law enforcers, and journalists will get letters from a State senator enclosing a briefing paper I wrote for fellow Hereditary Peers concurring with results from a ninemonth law-enforcement investigation by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Obama’s “birth certificate” is a forgery. I am no “birther”, but that document is bogus. Is the President the President? (download your free copy at details the forgery. The elite have ignored serious questions surrounding Obama’s parentage, birth certificate, birthplace, nationalities, domiciles, college records, overseas-student grant funding, social security record, and selective service registration. Mr. Obama’s first executive order, made on his first day as “President”, sealed those records. Why? The Alabama Supreme Court recently held that a petitioner’s evidence, “if presented to the appropriate forum, … would raise serious questions about the authenticity of both the ‘short-form’ and the ‘long-form’ birth certificates of President Barack Hussein Obama that have been made public”. When the odds against independent error are multiplied together, the truth emerges. • Registrar’s signature-stamp all on one electronic layer, allowing it to be moved about at will: 100:1 against (actually impossible) Registrar’s date-stamp ditto: 100:1 (again impossible). • Multiple 1-bit monochrome electronic layers and one 8-bit color layer: 60:1. Experts twice found no such pattern in 600 file-optimization programs; we generously imagine 10 anomalous programs exist. • • Line spacing anomalies 10:1, letter spacing 20:1. Certificate number out of sequence 25:1; father’s birth date wrong 40:1; use of “African” 20 years before common use, against written rules 25:1; miscoded statistical data 25:1 (government estimate). White-haloed text 10:1; chromatic aberration absent 100:1 (actually impossible).


• Wrongly-worded abstract on short-form certificate 100:1; twodigit year on selective service stamp against DoD rules 100:1 (no example except Obama’s is known); non-citizen of CT holds CT social security number 100:1. Some errors could not have happened by accident: most could have. But if all were accidental they would be independent events, so the odds that all occurred accidentally in one document are the product of the individual probabilities: 1 in 75 sextillion, or 0.0000000000000 0000000001.

The truth could be established in 5 minutes
The matter could be settled in five minutes if just one State’s electoral returning officer gets a court to order Hawaii to let independent forensic experts examine the Kapi’olani Hospital’s 1961 birth ledger and the bound volumes of original, long-form 1961 birth certificates. Obama is worried that people no longer believe he was born in the United States. Hawaii is tired of answering queries about his birth. So these are the obvious questions: Why won’t they agree to let lawenforcement experts inspect the original documents? What has Mr. Obama got to hide? Many times, Congress has declined to remove from the Constitution the provision that the President must be born within US jurisdiction. So here is my message to your leaders who have received copies of the Peers’ Briefing. “It’s your Constitution. Don’t ignore what you swore to uphold. Uphold it, or lose it. It has been a beacon of hope, democracy, and freedom to the world. It is precious. Do not look the other way and let it fail.” - Lord Christopher Monckton 10/22/2012


Lord Monckton – The Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, a Hereditary Peer, was a policy advisor to Margaret Thatcher, the British Prime Minister, at 10 Downing Street, where he investigated scientific frauds for the Prime Minister. For many years he has run a consultancy investigating government-level frauds, and a concerned US citizen invited him to scrutinize this one. In the past he has exposed several scams related to global warming. He is now an IPCC expert reviewer. His methods of detecting fraud include the application of formal logic, probability theory, macroeconomics and physics to disprove Al Gore’s climate claims. The British High Court accepted scientific testimony drafted by Lord Monckton relying on the probabilistic method also used here, and ordered 77 pages of corrective guidance to be sent to all schools in England.