Das Cabinet Des Dr Caligari Das Cabinet Des Dr Caligari was created in post WWI Germany by Robert Wiene

, this film is a said to be one of the most influential horror films created. We step into a surrealist world that reflects the trauma that occurred through the war. The story is based around Dr Caligari who manipulates the somnabulist to kill innocent people, is quite a predictable story to begin with because everything points to their involvement in the murders . Julia Merriam said ,“ the shocking twist ending is so predictable you’re almost surprised they actually follow through with it.” (Merriam,2008) . This idea is questionable, as a viewer you feel surprised that the protagonist is locked up into a mental institute. You get that feeling of the cliche story line of, it was all a dream. The protagonist seems to be insane now making you wonder did the story really occur, or were we just in the mind of a crazy person hallucinating . The story line was interesting but it is noticeable that the execution was over drawn with a lot of over acting, and exaggerated facial expressions that tried to push the story line along but in many ways slowed it down. Although some critics disagree with this saying, “The acting is almost overdone”, but” against the exaggerated backdrop, it seems almost natural.” (Merriam,2008) This idea is likely because in this world their behaviour seems normal for their world set with no right angles.

Image1 Cesare (1920) The world has a very surrealist feel like if we are stepping into an obscure reality. Roger Ebert suggests that,” the visual environment plays like a wilderness of blades; the effect is to deny the characters any place of safety or

rest.”(Ebert,2009)It is probable that Ebert is correct, because this town is unsafe and the sharp points in the landscape enhances the danger in the film.

A Predetermined atmosphere was created in this world because it seemed to be a flat world that had a lot of three dimensional properties but its sketchy hand drawn feel had predestined shadows like in the halls , it makes it feel like the mood was already created before the characters stepped onto the scene. H.A.V Bullied said “the film is to recall mentally a series of futurist paintings come to life.” (Bullied,2012)The film supports this statement because it does feel like we are slowly watching a fictional story being molded into reality, the flat landscape in his story being a stage for the people in his sub-conscience to perform on.

Image2 Cesare and the damsel (1920) I enjoyed the movie although it took a long time to come to the pinnacle point in the film. But I think that when this was first viewed it would have been a great cinematic experience because no one would have seen anything like this before. The story line was new and it paved the way for future films such as king kong which used that iconic image of the monster carrying the maiden in distress away.

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