Alcohol Reform Bill Bingo!

Nanny state. This is complex problem. Young people are the problem. Slippery slope. Unfair to responsible drinkers.

Need more police hotspots.

Alcohol is not tobacco.

A small number who are ruining it.

You can’t legislate behaviour.

We want to be part of the solution.

Advertising doesn’t mean people will use it. Government shouldn’t tell us how to drink. Voluntary regulation is what’s needed.

It’s about drinking responsibly

Shift to harder stuff

Personal responsibility.

Education Is the answer.

Punishing hard working consumer

Economic value.

Products are being unfairly scapegoats.

This defies common sense.

Parental responsibility.

The status quo is fine.

We’re doing research on this.

The fun police are at it again.

Play this fun new game from the New Zealand Drug Foundation as the New Zealand Parliament passes the Alcohol Reform Bill. Every time you hear someone refer to the bill with one of the above clichéd phrases defending the liquor industry cross off that square. First person to come into the Drug Foundation office (with sources) and yell “BINGO!” wins a prize.

Alcohol Reform Bill Bingo facts
Young people are the problem
“That depends on what you think the problem is. Young people tend to binge drink but older people tend to drink more, regularly. Both drinking styles are problematic, with the latter actually costing the health service more."

Responsible drinkers?
About a third of New Zealanders have at least one heavy drinker in their lives, and a quarter of New Zealanders live in the same house as a heavy drinker. It is estimated that for every person with an alcohol problem an average of three others are also affected. So the ripple effects are huge.

It’s a small number who are ruining it
Since when is 785,000 a small number? That’s how many “uninhibited binge drinkers” there are in New Zealand. A further 622,000 people are “constrained binge drinkers”. Together that’s 1.3 million people, about a third of all drinkers in New Zealand who are not drinking responsibly.

The status quo is fine.
The status quo means 1000 deaths due to alcohol every year. It means 785,000 binge drinkers. It means $72,000,000 in costs for Police, Corrections and health expenditure. It means $4.8 billion in costs to the taxpayer. The status quo means more harm.

Alcohol is not tobacco.
Both are big killers: tobacco kills 5000 people a year, alcohol contributes to another 1000 deaths. Like tobacco, alcohol is an addictive drug that causes harm in our communities. Unlike tobacco it causes people to become violent and. So, sure, they’re not the same, but that doesn’t mean we should disregard the harm caused by alcohol.

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