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McGiffen PerformancE Engineering LLC (MPE)

McGiffen Performance offers both single tunes or DSP5 tuning for 01-10 Duramax Diesels. All tunes offer improved fuel economy, increased power, and lower EGTs. Emissions regulations drove GM to compromise fuel economy and power in order to meet emissions. MPE has optimized our tunes to allow the Duramax engine to run at its full potential. 125 HP Single Tune (LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM) This tune was developed to provide the best of everything wrapped into one tune. This was accomplished primarily by optimizing the injection timing at low loads for fuel economy and high loads for max power. 0-50% throttle is optimized for fuel economy, 50% to 75% is optimized for heavy towing, and 75-100% throttle is optimized for maximum power 2-3 mpg gains are common Turbo Brake engages above 2000rpm at 0% throttle position (LLY, LBZ, and LMM ONLY) 250+ HP Single Tune (LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM) This tune is the same as above but the fueling and timing is increased further to provide the most power that the hardware on your Duramax can make. 2-3 mpg gains are common if you can keep your foot out of it Turbo Brake engages above 2000rpm at 0% throttle position (LLY, LBZ, and LMM ONLY) On most trucks this will yield 500-550 RWHP and 12.7-13.4 seconds @ 104 mph quarter mile times A BUILT TRANSMISSION IS REQUIRED TO SUPPORT THIS POWER LEVEL DSP5 Tuning (LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM) a 5 position rotary switch or an Edge CTS monitor is used to switch between 5 different tunes that are loaded into the ECM. The switch and the installation of the switch is included in the DSP5 price. Position 1 (Stock) This tune is very similar to stock tuning. Some of the limiting tables have been removed so throttle response is improved. It is likely that you wont spend much time here with all of the other optimized tunes to choose from Position 2 (Economy) This tune is optimized throughout the map for maximum fuel economy. 2-3 mpg gains are common ~50 HP over stock Position 3 (Towing) This tune is optimized to provide plenty of power while minimizing EGTs to maximize engine durability. ~75 HP over stock Turbo Brake designed to engage when in trailer mode when the engine rpm is above 2000 rpm and throttle position at 0%. This is the same as the factory turbo brake offered on the 2011 LML Duramax. (LLY, LBZ, & LMM ONLY as VVT turbocharger is required) Position 4 (Lope & Smoke) This tune is all about having fun and is designed more for show than go. ~100 HP over stock Lope at Idle to make your Duramax sound like an over-fueled 12V Cummins Heavy smoke upon throttle input please use this wisely (ie. Do not go around smoking everybody out. This type of behavior will only drive more emissions requirements and widespread emissions testing.) This tune uses late injection timing to create and inefficient burn and excessive amounts of smoke. This tune can cause excessive EGTs, fuel dilution in the oil, and block bore wear, therefore this tune should not be used regularly. Do not use this tune while towing heavy loads. Position 5 (125 HP Race) This tune is optimized for the maximum power that can be supported by a stock transmission. ~125 HP over stock Optimized for quick turbocharger spool up Precisely tuned transmission defuel to decrease transmission slippage and damage

Position 5 (+250 HP Race) This tune pushes the Duramax engine to its maximum power capability. The tune requires a built transmission to handle the power. ~250 HP over stock Optimized for quick turbocharger spool up Optimized timing to maximize power while controlling EGTs Standard Features More great features added to all tunes Speedometer / Tire size adjustment Speed Limiter increased to 130 mph Rev Limiter set at 4000 rpm EGR Delete by closing the valve EGR blocker plate still recommended to block flow through the cooler. Head gasket safety feature full fueling is not allowed until the engine coolant temp reaches 160 degF Turbocharger veins adjusted to eliminate the hissing sound at idle on the LLY, LBZ, and LMM. This provides a deep throaty idle similar to the LB7 Smoke at startup if the DSP5 is at position 4 or 5 when the engine is started A drag race staging feature has been added such that if the brake is depressed and the accelerator is floored (>90% throttle) the truck will rev to ~2000 rpm and maintain that speed and boost until the brake is released. If performing 4WD launches, front tie-rod sleeves are required. Optional Features Custom tuning available for special hardware Larger Injectors Bigger Turbocharger Dual CP3s LBZ Fuel pressure regulator / fuel pump on LB7 or LLY Transmission Tuning When a larger turbo is fitted, power and turbo spool-up can be improved by tuning the transmission to up-shift at higher rpms. More HP by raising the shift point Improved transmission life by shifting at an engine operating range where torque is being reduced Improved mpgs by keeping the engine in its most efficient operating range Shift points optimized to provide quick turbo spool-up MPE Recommendations and Notes Tips and tricks If monitoring EGTs at the exhaust manifold, sustained EGTs should stay below 1300 degF. +1400 degF should not be exceeded for more than 10 seconds. If not monitoring EGTs the lope/smoke tune should only be ran at full throttle for less than 8 seconds otherwise excessive EGTs could cause severe damage to the engine or turbocharger. Boost pressures should stay below 30 psi if measured at the intake manifold or below 34 psi if measured at the compressor outlet. The Allison transmission has adaptive learning that allows it to optimize shifts based on the expected torque curve. Therefore, every time full-throttle is applied when running the Race tune, the transmission should be put in tow-haul mode. This helps to protect the transmission by increasing line pressure. Tow haul mode is optional when running the Tow tune but should be used when towing heavy loads up hills at low speeds. MPE will reset the transmission adaptive learning history when a new tune is installed to allow the transmission to adjust to the new power curve quicker. The transmission should be driven in the Economy tune and should be allowed to shift through all of the gears at 25% throttle, then 50%, then 75%, then 100% throttle. Finally, put the transmission in tow haul mode and the DSP5 on the Race tune and repeat the above procedure of stepping up throttle position gradually. Do not be surprised if the transmission shifts a little rough initially as this is completely normal until the transmission adapts to the new torque curve.