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Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again, a quotation from C.S.

Lewis, the writer of the great story The Chronicles of Narnia. This statement tells the important role of literature in changing the lives of the readerfrom childhood until the day when he needs to say goodbye in this world. Part of our self mirrored through literature especially the different facets of our teenage life. We can see the heartbreaking yet wonderful process of growing up. We can relate on how the love story guides the real couple in the campus and how it change the boy into a fearless and confident man. It provides a doorway to us about life experiences that will touch our hearts. It has a big part in our transformation just like a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly. Through literature we can also witness the different soul of the entire individuals that deals with the difficulties and victories and all the challenges that they had experienced. This is by looking through the eyes of the others. Through these experiences we can find an answers or solution to all the problems that we can come across today. These great literary works provide us with the guiding principles of life. It is through reading that one understands life. It can change ones view towards life. What I enjoy the most is through literature I can identify myself with the characters in the stories. I remember the novel Chance Fortune and the Outlaws, which inspires me to believe on myself and to continue my dreams. The works such as the lives of the eminent people who have made a valuable contribution to society give the readers an insight into their lives. The works of Rizal, Balagtas, Bonifacio, Hernandez and many more shows the undying love for country that pushed us to fight for our freedom and democracy. They are just few who change the world through their pens. Literature is a part of our history and as being a Filipino. Reading our literature is getting a glance of us as a people. We can witness the bonds that link us to our country and to the other people. We trace the roots of becoming a Filipino. We can rediscover our self and reclaim our own identity. Through literature we can be aware on what is happening in this world. We can gain insight into lie where w can learn about the culture of the other nations. Someday I will be old enough to start reading fairytales again just to share the beauty of the literary works to my grandchildren and to spread the values that I perceived from all the writings that I had read. Nestie Bryal C. Villaviray October 5, 2012