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BI 1: Cu 1: A computer must be able to do the following: a/ store information b/ process stored information c/ keep electricity d/ a and b cu 2: which of the

following is not functional unit of a computer a/ CPU b/ external storege c/ input d/ software cu 3: A floppy disk a/ is a small device b/ is an internal storage device c/ user a laser to read data d/ is an external storage device cu 4: system software is a/ a set of program that play specific music b/ a program that control the computer c/ a database d/ none of the above cu 6: a computer is controlled by: a/ software b/ hardqare c/ keyboad

d/ a disk drive cu 7: which Of the following is not functional unit of a computer a/ CPU b/ external storage c/ input units d/ software e/output units cu 8: A clock speed is measure in a/ second b/ voltage c/ megahert d/ microsecond cu 10: random access memory ( RAM) is: a/ where data can be writen to b/ volatile c/ where data can be read from d/all cu 11: mainfram computer is a/ storage far many computer b/ a very large computer system c/ a large frame that cover many user d/ telephone equipment machine cau 12 : system sofware is a/ a set of program that play specific music b/ a program that control the computer c/ a database

d/ non of the above cu 13: a web borrower can a/ sell and buy things on the internet b/ link user to the internet c/ add delete and update data in the internet d/ be used as a desktop publishing device cu 14: a database can a/comply a program b/ be an operating system c/ store data d/ monitor hardware cau 15 : java is a/ a sreach enginee b/ second generation language c/ a programing laguage d/ machine language Cu 16: which of the followings are operating system a/ window and unix b/ microsoft and unix c/ windows and jave d/ unix and ipad Cu 17: utility program can do the following a/ check for virut b/ create computer game c/ understand human language

d/ none of above cau 18 : a database management system is best described as dap an :progarams that manage data & acess to data in database Cu 19: a terabyte is: a/ 1 milion bytes b/ 10 milion bytes c/ 1 triliion bytes d/ none of the above cu 20: the cental processing unit ( CPU) consit of a/ the micro processor b/ the arthnetic logic unit c/ the contral unit d/ b and c cu 21: bussiness reengerning has the potential of making a/ 5% - 10% bussiness improvement b/20%-30% bussiness improvement c/10%-20% bussiness improvement d/30%-80% bussiness improvement cau 22: collaboration can be define at : a/ the business deal between several companies to buy computer b/ the structured process of two or more people working toward common goal

c/ the laws in peole to uses computer systems in a country d/ the organizaion of several computer systems into a database cau 23: the organization of data into useful information is best describes as: a/ database technogy b/information technology c/ collaboration technolofy d/ interoprability technology cau 24: bussiness invests in information technology to: a/ reduce cost of doing business b/ create business value c/increase competitive advantage d/ all of them cau 25 : information technology management must: a/ create business atrategy for the company\ b/eliminate non-value activity in companys information system c/develope innovaion activity for worker d/set up blogs to communicates with workers cau 26 : information system management is best describe as the study of : a/ computer systems and applications b/ the management of computer programs in a cpmpany

c/ application of information technology to solve business problems d/ the management of data in a company cau 27: an information system is combination of: a/ Software apalications b/ Hardware tecnology c/ Hardware , software, people who work where the information systems in used d/ A and b Cau 28: a companys information systems are focused on : a/ the data and information of a company b/the technology of technology c/ the hardware and software of a company d/ all of them cau 29: global business is : a/ very protected by goverment b/ highly competitive c/ mostly accomplished by private companies d/organized according to country to goverment rules cau 30: traditional informational is not : a/ focus on strategies initiatives b/focused on budget c/focused on people d/ focused on products cau 31: information technology can be best described as the:

a/ key factor for economics growth b/ key process to sell ans buy things on the interest c/ wireless telecommunication system d/case for enabling the persional computing industry cau 32: a bussiness score-card consits of the following perspectives: a/ markets, revenues, costs and taxes b/ money, market, profit and growth c/technology ,skills ,knowledge and innovation d/ customer, internal, innovation and financial cau 33: business must uses information technology to: a/ do business on the interest b/ do business using computers c/create business value ans competitive advantage d/ none of them cau 34: infor,ation technology comprises : a/ computer based infomation systems b/ software applications c/ the hardware that operates in a computer center d/ the technology that a company by from IBM cau 35 : the new rules knowledge industry is: a/ the bigger, the beeter b/ the faster, the better c/ the larger, the better d/the richer the better

cau 36: information technology can change: a/ the way people work together b/internal business processes c/ the way people communicate d/all of them cau 37: business process re-enginering is : a/ a diffirentiation strategy b/ a growth strategy c/ an innovation strategy d/ an alliance straegy cau 38: the Business interlligence is best described as: A.Gathering and analyzing data to support management decision making process B. Strategy for spying on business competitor C.The busimess of creating intelligent robot in factory D.A new way to creat Smart and intelligent software Cau 39/ Business information can not be done without A) New technology B) Personal computer C)The mainfram computer and its software D) A super computer Cau 40. The key challenge of IMS is: A) Preventing computer viruts

B) Improving business performance C) Protecting workers from computer D) Operating the business according to government Cau 41)The summer of information technology systerm depent on: A) The technology it uses B) The computer systerm it buy C)The skills of its managerment D) Process integration Cau 42 Information technology can be describled as the A) Integration of data into information and knowledge for business advantage B) Application of software technology into a telecommunicate business C) Software, hardware and telecomuciate systerm D). Cau 43. Which are the key information technology assets of a company? A) Hardware technology B)Software applications C) The company website D) Company data and information Cau 44.The objects of information systerm in a company is to A) Store information

B) Increase business value by improving business process C) Keep computers running well D) Support software development Cau 45. The four factors for change are: A) New technology, computers, software, and hardware B) Globalization, open markets, software, and technology C) New technology, new competition, new business environment, new markets D) New industry, new manufacturing, new technology, new people 46. Information systerm consits of all the following EXCEPT: A) Computer systerm B) Telecommunications networks C) Business machines D) Operating software Cau 47. Electronic business can be best described as: A) Dowloading music from the Internet B) Searching for information on the Internet C) The way to set up blogs and chat rooms D) conducting business on the Internet Cau 48. Company information is contained in: A) Worker experience

B) Computers systerm C) Business process know how D) All of above Cau 49. The world is changing faster because of: A) Global warning B) War and peace C) Technology D) More people travelling Cau 50,The key responsibility of an IT manager is to A.Support the business in buying more computer B.Enable the business C.Contributing to the business have competitive advantages D.B & C * Cau 51.To increase competitive advantage,business must: A.Buy computer systerm B.Have good student * C.Have good transtration D.Know apply Cau 52.Financial perspective consists of : A.Reduce cost,reduce time,reduce quality B.Increase cost,increase time,increase quality C.Increase quality,reduce cost,reduce time * D.Reduce cost,increase time,increase quality

Cau 53.To succeed,IT management must: A.Manager the business of a company B.Use computer to invest in the stock market C.Support workers to collect data D.Support the business strategy * Cau 54.Bussiness needs to change because of : A.Bussiness re-engineering B.Globalization C.Bussiness stranformation D.Competition * Cau 55.To succeed in global business IT A.Understand information technology B.Support the business strategy C.Create business value D.All of the above Cau 56.Bussiness may not be improved if managers: A.Do not know about money and stock market B.Do not know what skills to develop C.Do not know how the internet works D.Do not know how business database Cau 57.A business score-card has: A.7 perspectives B.5 perspectives C.4 perspectives D.3 perspectives Cau 58.Information Technologymanager needs to: A.Understand bussiness strategy

B.Know how to access to the internet C.Write a program in Java Language D.Have business degree Cau 59.Innovation always starts with: A.Computer systems and its applications B.People C.Information technology D.The manager of a company Cau 60.Business invests in Information technology: A.Buy computers B.Improve the computing skills C.Create business competitive advantage D.Strate Cau 61.The key objective of Information Technology strategy is to: A.Support the business to buy more computers B.Help business managers to search the internet C.Help workers to program better D.Create competitive advantage for the business Cau 62.Business organizations always have: A.Money and stock B.Strengths and Office C.Computers and Office D.Business Database Cau 63.The following is a threat to an organization: A.Database technology B.Large Information technology organization

C.New competitiors in the same market D.Wireless technology Cau 64.Business need to monitor A.Market trends B.Technology trends C.Economy trends D.All of the above Cau 65.The three key element of Information technology are: A.Business,Finance and Accounting B.Hardware,telecommunication and software technology C.People,Process and Technology D.Local,global,multinational Cau 66. A Legacy computer systems is: A.The most famous computer systems B. A mainframe computer system C.An old computer and/or software application D.The personal computer Cau 67.Information system management is best described as: A.The management of computer system including software and hardware B.The management of people,process and technology C.The management of new peole system in the global environment

D.The management of software programmers Cau 68.The strategic functions of Information system consist of all the following EXCEPT: A.Process automation B.Business reengineering C.Telecommunication networks D.Process Intergration Cau 69.Information technology management needs to control the: A.Download of music from the Internet B.Reading blogs and books on the Internet C.Chat in chat room D.Spread of virus over companys information systems Cau 70.Information systems security is critical because: A.Of significant threats to the business B.Computer viruses can damage or worse,steal company data C.Computer hackers might compromise our information systems D.All of the above Cau 71.A Chief Information Officer is: A.The executive in charge of information system B.A lead project manager in the information technology organization C.A sales person selling computer technology

D.An officer whose focus is on information Cau 72.Strategy planing must deal with the question: How to buy a computer How to make emplayees and managers happy How to improve the business How to use the internet Cau 73.The SWOT acronym stand for: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats Strong, weak, old and technology Strategy, world, opportunity and time Searching, wishing, offering and taking Cau 74/The following is strength of an organization Having fewer customers No new products in the next year Protect workers from computer virus Quanlity products and services Cau 75./The following is an opportunity for an organization New product and services The computer systems A new market opening up overseas The risk of business

Cau 76/Business strategy must include information technology because Business needs information technolygy to compete The important of telecommunication equiment Software is good business Personal computer is good business Cau 77,Information technology comprises Computer based information systems Software applications The hardware that operates in a computer center The technology that company buys from IBM Cau 78/The new ruler og the knowledge industry is The bigger, the better The faster,. The large,.. The richer,. Cau 79.Information technology can change: The way people work together Internal business processes The way people communicate All off the above Cau 80.Business invest in IT to: Reduct business costs

Create business value Open markets None of the above Cau 81.Business process Re-engneering is: A differentiation strategy A growth strategy An innovation strategy A alliance strategy Cau 82.Information system management is the study of: Computer systems and their application The management of computer programs is a company The application of information technology to solve business problems The management of data in a compamy Cau 83. the key objective of business intelligence is to: c/ support decision making process based on fact and data cau 84. A legecy computer system is: c/ an old computer of applicatons cau 85. Informantin system management is best describe: b/ the management people, process and technology cau 86. the stragic function of information system

consits of all the following EXCEPT: c/ telecomunicatio n networks cau 87. the potencial of IT to the business is: c/transporting the business cau 88. The IT manage must focus on: b/ Applying information tecnology to resolve business management cau 89/ Increasingly complex technoligy requires: b/ highly skilled management cau 60/ business management scarecard is used to : c/ Measure business performance cau 61. Innovation is outical because: a/ the business must grow cau 62 business transformation is best described as : A . an approach to transform the business to meet future challangers. cau 63 IT will continue to evolve because : B. of bussiness expectations cau 64 bussiness must use IT to D. all of the above cau 65 . to succeed in global business management must A. use information technolgy cau 66 : people often begin the SWOT analysis by : B. contact I T organization cau 68 the key assets of business today are

C. skills & knowledge cau 69 the IT manager needs to B. understand how Business works cau 70 information system management must have : A. IT planning competency cau 71 business collaboration requires A. ability to works as a team cau 72 business balance score card is used to : B. measure customer to satisfaction cau 73 inovation is the process of C. translating new ideas into new products cau 74 inovation is critical because : A business must grow


Business invests in IT to improve it competitive advantage (T) Business and IT must fuse together to create competitive advantage (F) Company data is better stored in computer systems than is people office (T) Today a company consurvive and succeed if IT doesnot have to deal with innovation and growth (F)

For many companies, becoming a knowledge creating organization is one way of developing lasting competitive advantage (True) A manager is NOT an uses of an information systerm (False) Today many information systerm can be managed by robot (False)