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MORIGO VS. PEOPLE FACTS: August 30, 1990: Lucio Morigo and Lucia Barrete contracted marriage on.

January 17, 1992: the Ontario Court granted the petition for divorce to Lucia. October 4, 1992: Lucio Morigo married Maria Jececha Lumbago September 21, 1993: Lucio filed a complaint for judicial declaration of nullity of marriage with Lucia on the ground that no marriage ceremony actually took place October 19, 1993: Lucio was charged with Bigamy in an information filed with the RTC Lucio moved for suspension of the arraignment on the ground that the civil case for judicial nullification of his marriage with Lucia posed a prejudicial question in the bigamy case. Motion was granted but subsequently denied. RTC convicted Lucio for the crime of Bigamy on the ground that it discounted the claim that his first marriage to Lucia was null and void ab initio. Case was appealed to CA. CA affirmed RTC's decision ISSUE: WON the 1st marriage is void WON he is guilty of bigamy HELD: Yes.Morigos marriage with Barrete is void ab initio considering that there was no actual
marriage ceremony performed between them by a solemnizing officer instead they just merely signed a marriage contract.

No. The petitioner does not need to file a declaration of the nullity of his marriage when he contracted his second marriage with Lumabago. Hence, he did not commit bigamy and is acquitted in the case filed. The effect of the final judgment declaring nullity acquitted Lucio Morigo from the crim of Bigamy.