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A Catholic Prayer Meeting of the LIGHT OF JESUS FAMILY October 14, 2012

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Today, I receive all of Gods love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abundance of Gods universe. Today, I open myself to Gods blessings, healing, and miracles. Today, I open myself to Gods Word So I would become More like Jesus every day. Today, I proclaim that I am Gods beloved, I am Gods servant, I am Gods powerful champion. And because I am blessed, I am blessing the world. In Jesus name. Amen.

I GOOGLED Earthly Rewards from God and 2,240,000 results popped up. I clicked a few of them and realized many of them looked at Earthly Rewards in a negative way. They didnt like talking about it. Their message? God wants to give you Eternal Rewards, not Earthly Rewards. Really? Hmm Dont get me wrong. Ill talk about Eternal Rewards next Sunday. I think its crucial that we listen to God about that very special subject. After all, were temporary residents on Earth but permanent residents in Heaven. (Well be living on Earth for a hundred years. But after living in Heaven for a trillion years, were still getting to know the place.) So yes, lets talk about the glories of Heaven. Next week. But not now. I want to talk about Earthly Rewards. Because from my experience, there are Earthly Rewards when I followed God. One obvious example? Since I learned to love others the way Jesus loved me, Ive enjoyed the most wonderful relationships. My marriage, my family, and my friendships arent perfect, but theyre absolutely beautiful. Another example? Since I started following Gods instructions on loving my body (eating the most nutritious food on earth, avoiding wrong food, and surrendering all worry to God) Ive enjoyed robust health. Again, its not perfect, but



NO TO DIVORCE. Tackling the divorce issue as explained by Jesus, Fr. Froilan Briones asked couples who have been married for quite some time to raise their hands. Lay minister Tito Collantes, married for 60 years, raised both arms. His wife, Tuding, serves as usher. See page 2.

man, I love the vibrancy and strength I feel in my body. My final example: When I remain humble by always improving my businesses because I want to serve my customers more, I see financial blessings flow into my life. Why? Because thats what the book of Proverbs says. (More on this later in the talk for today.) What should I do? Complain to God? Lord, I shouldnt be receiving any Earthly Rewards, only Eternal Ones! Honestly, Im enjoying these temporary blessings. I should enjoy them because thats my way of being grateful to God for blessing me. But every day, I remind myself that these blessings are temporary. Borrowed from above. To be returned at an assigned day to its Original Owner. And I remind myself of this truth by giving my Tithes and Love Offering to Him. Enjoy your Earthly Rewards. Important Note: Theyre meant to be shared. Have a great Feast today! May your dreams come true,

KERYGMA CONFERENCE ROCKS! Perking up registration at the Lobby, from left: Beatbox drummer Heather Europa; singer Lop Ponciano; and guitarist Bene Sanchez. More on pages 6-7. --Photos by Cris Legaspi



UNLI, the newest talk series in the Feast, is about Gods limitless rewards plan. Bro. Bo Sanchez began the series last Sunday with the first topic, Effective Rewards.

Bro. Bo said the Law of the Farm is teaching us four important messages: 1. You Reap What You Sow. The Law of the Farm states that if you plant mangoes, you harvest mangoes. If you plant bananas, you harvest bananas You reap what you sow. You harvest what you plant. This is how life works. This is how the universe works. God rewards you. And He already wrote down His Rewards Program in every single atom of this universe. Because of this, the Rewards of God come naturally. 2. If Youre Not Intentional, You Reap What Others Sow In You. Bro. Bo said there are times we sow what

there are also many amazing, beautiful, and wonderful fruits that you didnt plant. Both co-exist. 3. Rewards Dont Come Instantly But In Time. Bro. Bo recalled that when he was a small boy, he admired Tarzan who lived in a tree house. So Bro. Bo planned to have a tree house for himself. He planted a mango seed and hoped it would grow into a tree where he could build a house like Tarzans. But Bro. Bo said his father told him it would take ten years for the seed to become a tree and

The Ultra-Marathon Bro. Bo shared the story of his friend who would run ultra-marathons, where participants cover 100 kilometers. Why did he want to run the marathon? To get the T-shirt with the Jesus Speaks Up text: The UltraMarathon Finisher. About Divorce At some point during IN LAST WEEKS Gospel, the marathon, runners Jesus clarifies the issue of become so exhausted that divorce, as we read in Matthew 19:3,7,8,9 where the Pharisees their legs feel as heavy as tree ask: Is it lawful for a man trunks. Some give up. Others to divorce his wife for any dont because they want to get cause at all? And Jesus answers: Moses the prize. Bro. Bo pointed out that permitted you to divorce your life is like an ultra-marathon: wives; but from the beginning it has not been this way. I say There will be days when you to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery. Fr. Froilan Briones encouraged couples to keep their marriage intact by sharing A Bakers Dozen for Spouses by the Society Against will experience that your legs Destructive Divorces. are as heavy as tree trunks, 1. Be generous to the desires of and you dont want to go any your spouse. step further. 2. Criticize rarely and with love. But, he added, think of 3. If you must neglect the rewards. Do not give up. someone, never let that someone Do not focus on the pain. Focus be your spouse. on the prize. As Revelations 4. Make your spouse shine. 22:12 put it: Behold, I am 5. Meet like Adam and Eve coming soon! My reward is who meet the first time with a sign of affection. with me, and I will give to 6. A compliment-a-day is more everyone according to what he important than a vitamin a day. has done. 7. Never both be angry at the same time. The Law of the Farm 8. When wrong, say youre sorry-- and settle before sundown. Bro. Bo said Gods 9. Never, never throw up reward system is already built past mistakes. into the universe: You reap 10. Pray together and be aware what you sow. You harvest what of your oneness in Christ. you plant. Fr. Froilan said Jesus The law is called the came to the world to heal broken marriages. Couples, pray for Law of the Farm as stated in one another. 2 Corinthians 9:6: Whoever With Gods grace, you sows sparingly will also will find a way to be together reap sparingly, and whoever for life. -- Imelda Ferrer sows generously will also Photo by Cris Legaspi reap generously.

Gods Effective Rewards

Focus on the PRIZE

others plant-- these are pain, trauma, and rejection which we suffer. Bro. Bo presented as an example the experience of a landowner. An enemy scatters poisonous seeds on the landowners farm. Although the landowner did not plant those seeds, the seeds will still grow and bear bad fruit. But, Bro. Bo pointed, the landowner does not have to suffer the bad plants. He can uproot the plants. In the same manner, you have the power to yank out bad things that happen to you. Bro. Bo said you can be intentional and cut the curse of generational sin in your life-- by following Jesus. He added, If there are bad fruits in your life that you didnt plant, look deeply into your life, and youll find that

2 THE FEAST October 14, 2012

by that time, Bo would not want a tree house anymore. That day, Bro. Bo said, I learned about a very important principle of the Law of the Farm. If you plant today, it doesnt mean youll harvest tomorrow. Youll have to wait for many tomorrows before you harvest. As the Bible says in Galatians 6:7-8: A man reaps what he sows. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. 4. God Will Reward You Even If Others Dont. Bro. Bos example here is a lola in Anawim, our Home for the Abandoned Elderly in Montalban. She had a pension from the Social Security System. She gave the papers to her daughter so the daughter could collect the pension for her. The daughter got the papers and never came back. Bro. Bo said he told the lola: Lola, if your daughter doesnt repay your kindness, God Himself will repay you. Bro. Bo concluded: God will reward you for everything that you have done. He is rewarding you for every single act of love that you do for Him and His people. He added: When human beings dont reward you, thats good news! Because Gods rewards are bigger than human rewards. I have a strong suggestion to you: Dont even expect rewards from people. Dont even think about it. If it comes, accept it with gratitude. But dont look for it. Instead, look for your reward from God Himself. Because He promised. And Hell deliver. Youre running an ultra marathon. Theres pain along the way. But dont focus on the pain. Focus on the Prize of God. -- Cessna M. Papas Photo by Ramel Robles

Talk 2: Earthly Rewards Enjoy The Harvest Of What You Have Sown
Mark 10:21, 29-30 Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me. I tell you the truth, Jesus replied, no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age (homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fieldsand with them, persecutions) and in the age to come, eternal life. Mark 9:41 I tell you the truth, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to Christ will certainly not lose his reward. Proverbs 12:11 He who works his land will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgment. Proverbs 14:23 All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. Proverbs 10:4, 5 Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth. He who gathers crops in the summer is a wise son, but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son. Proverbs 13:22 A good man leaves an inheritance to his childrens children.

Personal Reflection and Group Discussion: How have you received Earthly Rewards because you followed Gods way?
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THE FEAST October 14, 2012


Table for Two


SOMETIMES my mind just cant stop thinking and thinking and thinking of casual things, adventitious goals, fortuitous plans, accidental moments, and many unsure thoughts that tend to process in the most random time and circumstance of the day, and right now I just burst and write everything that this heart is trying to say. After attending the Feast, I decided to have some me time and reckon the things that I should be doing for the next months of this year. So I ended up to this one sleek restaurant around the metro. Friends actually say that its a must-try so I went down to see it for myself. When I was about to enter the restaurant, the staff greeted me warmly, and the waiter promptly asked me, Table for how many maam?

Ziecil: Table for one doesnt really sound that good.

I felt a sudden clutch inside my system. Having the thought in microseconds that obviously I hadnt got anyone to be with me, I humbly answered, I am alone. Then the waiter said, Okay maam. May I lead you to a table for two?

And I said, Very well, then. Ever wondered why tables are made for the minimum of two seats? That moment I wanted to ask the waiter, Hey Bro, whuttuubout leading me to a table for one? If theres any? Coz apparently, Im flyin solo? But I didnt. Even the term table for one doesnt really sound that good, right? I mean, why cant I ever find a resto, a coffee shop, a tea house, or even just a tavern that can actually have one chair for a table? Seriously, if you know some place, call me, ASAP. Ha-ha! And maybe if youre saying that when youre alone, some offer high chairs. Possible. Yes. But high chairs dont even stand alone, brothers and sisters. High chairs also stand

4 THE FEAST October 14, 2012

with a couple of three or four chairs with one long table... And thats not the case! I am not really a fan of high chairs. Now I can attest that no table, like man, is an island. Point is, our life, no matter how lame it can ever be, will eventually find its essence when shared with another life. A Human is created for another Human. People are just meant to be together. Eve is for Adam. Ruth is for Boaz. Goliath is for David (not necessarily as a couple I guess?) But first, we must remember the greatest commandment: Love God above all. That table for two is actually your little quiet time with God. He wants to tell you that you are never alone. He is the one sitting beside you and talking to you and having a meal with you. And He is feeding you with His Own, whenever you are hungry. He is our Bread of life. So you definitely need to serve Him back. Return Him the favor. Serve the Bread of Life for those who are hungry. And when His perfect timing comes, He will now hand that seat to someone that deserves YOU. Thats why God taught us how to Love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Remember this: you are not entailed to sit there lonesome for the rest of your life. Thats why by the time that God felt you are ready to share your Life, someone will reasonably enter that restaurant as well, starving to eat, but havent found a seat yet. And in no time, he will walk towards your table and ask: Is this seat taken? Then the story will eventually begin. Accept that there will always be two chairs in one table. One chair is for you, the other is for a fellow, and now, the center table that holds everything... is none other than God.

FLASHBACK. Bro. Bo Sanchez discusses characteristics of various personalities during his talk titled Younique last August. --Photo by ELS

Younique Blessing

THE Feast talk series titled Younique led me to a refreshing discovery about myself. The talk on the Past made me reflect on my life as the youngest in my family. The talk on the various Personalities made me realize that I am a Sanguine-Choleric. The talk on Passion helped me define that I am a nature lover. And Purpose made me aware where I am really going. After the talk, I resolved to use my skills to be of service to my community. For one, I hope to hone my cooking skills. Jesus cooked for His desicples. I hope to be able to use my cooking skills to serve my loved ones and friends. My other skill is organizing responsible and sustainable Ecology tours. After the Younique talk, I reviewed and reviewed my mission statement and began to question

myself-- whether I am really giving excellent ecotours to educate and empower people in my community on the importance of respecting and taking care of Mother Nature. I began to miss my long lost mentor on Environment Education, Dr. Donna Paz Reyes, executive director of the Environment Science Institute of Miriam College. Early this year, I brought Dr. Donna Reyes to Feast PICC and she loved it. Last September 30, 2012, Dr. Donna showed up at the Feast. She told me the Feast has blessed her and she is paying forward what Id done for her -- that is, inviting her to the Feast-- by inviting others to our Sunday gathering. I was sooo glad Id been used by the Lord to be a blessing to others, and making them a blessing for others as well.
THE FEAST October 14, 2012

REFUGE. Facade of Grace To Be Born shelter for women in crisis.

was the babys mother started telling the little ones story. He is Ian, seven months old, and very, very perky. It happened in a January day where a mother brought a baby into a cathedral. In tears, she asked one of the caretakers for a convent that would take her baby in. Unfortunately, those convents only accept weak or ill children. The caretaker, knowing that Luisa was a volunteer of Grace To Be Born, asked her to take care of the baby. That was the start of her guardianship over Ian. Of course, it wasnt at all smooth sailing. Although she didnt have enough income, Luisa kept in touch with the boys mother. Despite the difficulties, Luisa and her daughter Mara, believe the baby himself is a grace to have been born--a gift of God. Luisa shared her advocacy then, one that I thought brilliant, an active solution to the problem of increasing numbers of mothers abandoning their children. If Grace To Be Born offers a refuge for mothers who possibly wanted to abort their pregnancy, Luisa thinks there should also be a home that will take care of the babies of working mothers-- so the mothers can work full-time but still keep their children. I think its incredibly sad that mothers would actually get to a point of wanting to abandon their baby. Luisa believes that can be prevented by well...adopting the mother and baby themselves! She shared, If we can do it, there will be more happy mothers, less of those who would abandon their child. We can help them. We dont have to go to adoption with all the papers. Its the best we can do to contribute to the Pro-Life movement. Of course, it will not be that simple. That is a big dream. But the baby Luisa was holding was the start. At the Kerygma Conference, as I gazed at Ian still happily playing with my By JANELLA IBAY sketchpad --yes, he seemed to love it very THE BABY is just one of the children Luisa I am a member of the Feast Media much-- I saw hope with my two eyes. Its not Mozar took to her care and now she helps in Ministry. Last year, I volunteered to cover the an everyday thing to be witnessing stories bringing up. But this is not just an ordinary Kerygma Conference 2011 which was to be like these unfold right before you. And I pray story of your neighborhoods babysitter-- no. featured in The Feast bulletin. that one day, this advocacy will finally come This woman is an unsung hero, just like all of I was in the middle of taking notes at to reality. her fellow volunteers at Grace To Be Born. the Grand Easter Feast, the culminating event Grace To Be Born is a beneficiary of Grace To Be Born is a Feast of the Kerygma Conference, when a stroller Kerygma Conference. When you attend beneficiary partner, which provides shelter parked beside me. the conference, you are not only learning for women in crisis, particularly unwed To my surprise--a baby dove onto my about God and your faith. You are well mothers. Advocating against abortion, sketchpad! I panicked, because I thought the participating in making Grace To Be Grace takes care of the women throughout little boy was hurt. Thank God, he wasnt. Born work out. their pregnancy, so they will be healthy and A woman with him picked him up, and Women like Luisa serves as a little deliver a healthy baby. The Home teaches out came a little laugh on the babys adorable ray of light in a darkened place where there the women livelihood skills so they can earn lips. It was purely angelic, as if the baby seems to be no exit, and the step she had income and be able to raise their baby. The silently said, Oops! taken to accept Baby Ian and help his mother Home also arranges to have a baby adopted if That moment was very compelling, is a big one--a milestone to achieve that the mother is unable to take care of him. especially when the woman who I thought dream, one baby at a time.

One Baby at a Time

6 THE FEAST October 14, 2012

THE FEAST October 14, 2012


ONE day, my best friend texted me and invited me to go to PICC to attend a Sunday Mass. I was never really a devoted SundayMass Catholic. I only attended Mass on special occasions. Read: Christmas, New Year, and sometimes birthday. It will be silly not to go to church on these days, right? Needless to say, I texted my friend with an excuse--why I could not go with him. Obviously, this friend of mine wouldnt take no for an answer so I was half-expecting he would text me again. And so he did. I figured I would give the Mass a try since I had nothing much to do with my life-- like seriously. Heres a quick glimpse of my status during that day: I am a registered nurse, unemployed for two years and, at age 24, living my life not knowing its purpose. A real catch you might say! But allow me to save my reputation a little by saying that I had been applying for a job. It just didnt help that I decided to pursue a business career rather than a medical career. I cannot really put into words how it felt during my first time at the Feast. I did not expect how many persons were actually there, praising God, singing their heart out. I was just stunned and overwhelmed. The singers were great, not to mention the choir, the band, the orchestra. The songs sent shivers down my spine. I had never felt anything like it before. I mean, I had never gone to a place like this in my whole life. The Mass and the talk blew me away. Bro. Bo Sanchez blew me away. How this man talked and preached was like no one. I was totally moved. I had to hold back my tears because I didnt want my best friend to see me cry. At the time, Bro. Bo was opening a new talk series titled Younique. I learned how my personality, my past, and my pains are all connected to my purpose. It was like God was telling me that I do not need to think that I dont have a purpose because He has one for me. It felt strange how Bro. Bos talk was exactly what I needed to hear about-- what I had been going through. He was talking to thousands at the Feast. But I sure felt that the messages were for me. So I told myself, I will definitely come back next week. And I did, and now I am a regular attendee. One time at the Feast, I finally LOST and FOUND If you lost or found an item, please approach any of the ushers who will guide you to our Lost and Found section.

By AIZZEL ANNE ALINDUGAN Illustration by RALPH ALLEN SEMILLA asked God to help me find a job. But two weeks passed and I still did not have a job. I became impatient and hopeless. But in one of his talks, Bro. Bo said, Maybe you are asking for the wrong reason, for the wrong purpose. Boy was I shocked! Is this man reading my thoughts? Yes, my reason was not good. I wanted to have a job to buy this and that, and these and those. I realized I had selfish reasons. It hit me hard. So what I did was pray hard while everyone was singing, I Surrender. Almost in tears, I finally surrendered everything to God. I surrendered my dream to Him. I let go of what I wanted and asked Him to do what He wanted for me. The following week, I received a call from a huge company inviting me for an interview. Transportation fare to get to the companys head office cost so much. I was on a shoestring budget at the time so after the first interview, I already considered not to follow up. The next day, I received another call from a different company. Yup! I cannot believe it either. Ever since I went to the Feast, Id gotten a lot of job opportunities! I didnt know why, but I turned the second offer down. Later that day, I came to know why I did not accept the interview invitation. I was called back by the first company for the final interview and preemployment exam. Had I decided to go to the other company, I would not have the money to take the pre-employment exam of the first company. Come Sunday, I went to the Feast again. Guess what Bro. Bos quote of the day was? Nothing just happens! Everything happens for a reason, he said. Exactly, Bro. Bo! Man, do you always know what to say? As in always? I cannot believe this guy. God bless Him. He made me realize that every day God

is there to talk to me, to help me achieve my dreams. And yes, I got the job. Next week, I will no longer be unemployed. Whats more, I am not living my life purposeless anymore. It is through the Feast that I realized that God created me for a purpose. It taught me to surrender everything to God, to not control things which are never for me to control. To live and let God. Indeed, God found me a job. It has been a long wait but it is now within my grasp. I cannot wait to receive my first salary and practice to tithe. Through the Feast, I fell in love with God even more. I have never been this close to Him. I have already completed two talk series of the Feast. I cannot bear to miss the happiest place on Earth! I am looking forward to my very first Kerygma Conference experience this November. See you there! God bless us all.
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8 THE FEAST October 14, 2012

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