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Good morning. It's a pleasure to be here with you today. I'd like to introduce myself.

Amar from Innosolv Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore. Innosolv is a seven year s old IT solution company. We are offering end to end ERP solutions for SME,Micro SME, Indian Businesses. My purpose today is to give a details of iBEAM for MANUFACTURING -TRADING -FMCG. When your business is growing, You want to add new market segments and new geogr aphic area.But you have no visibility as to where you made your best profit. With out ERP it is difficulty in Managing Margins, Profitability, acceptable lev el of risk & forecasting the cash flow at any given point of time. How do you better forecast on demand, lean out your inventory, and produce produ ct just-in-time? Think about the amount of time you and your subordinates spend each day searchin g for data. That can be readily available at your fingertips. Let me explain the main problems facing by any company - Managing Information an d challenge to Scaled Up Business. Without full ERP your company running the ris k of delaying decisions or, perhaps making worse, decisions based on incomplete or incorrect data. Excel or Spreadsheets, tools to analyzing and manipulating data, but it will not create accurate audit trail. Relying exclusively on legacy system or paper or e mail trails are time consuming and expensive. To compete globally require a performance based culture, strong processes, accur ate audit trails and reliable data that is immediately accessible. Neither sprea dsheets or manual processes nor non-integrated legacy applications can do. But iBEAM ERP is a integrated solution with 11 Core Modules & a single system to streamline the entire business & your feature needs. iBEAM is effective both i n terms of implementation cost as well as management needs. iBEAM--MODULES - Key Features FINANCE and ACCOUNTING General ledger mapping and posting Receivables and Payables Management Working capital management Treasury (incl. chq mgmt or printing, BRS, LC s, Fwd Contracts) Reporting and Analysis by Division, Business Unit, Brands, Product or Services Ca tegory, etc. TAXES Tax Acts, and Rates Management Tax Forms, Components, Codes and Payment Schedules TDS Clauses -by vendor service or item Tax Credit management Income Tax, Service Tax, VAT, Excise, PF, ESI, etc HR & PAYROLL Hiring, Joining Process Separation and Transfers Leave Management Staff Advances and Loans (incl. interest on loans)

Labor Law Compliance (incl. statutory reports) MATERIAL MANAGEMENT Vendor Management Procurement (Indent-to-PO s, Outline Contracts, Service PO s) Store Management Stock Levels, MOQ s, MRP Agent Commission-Brokerage PRODUCTION Bill of Material or Bill of Quantity (BOM or BOQ) based production Process Mfg or Multi-stage Production Create multiple production lines Plan Machine or Asset capacity along with stock Track Machine hour rates Estimation of Work Order based Production (Engineering Sector) Sub-Contracting Production QC QUALITY Quality Parameters Quality Rebates or Discounts (for procurement) Procurement Quality Production Quality -linked to BOM, Work Order SALES and DISTRIBUTION Primary Sales Pricing (incl. MRP Based) Discounts and schemes -by Customer-Product-Region Sales Targets Sales Force Management CMS Secondary Sales Distribution Channel Sales Tracking Centrally Managed Pricing Discounts and Schemes Sales Targets Sales Force Management FIXED ASSET MANAGEMENT Capital Budgeting (for new projects) Procurement to Commissioning Process, Capitalization Sale, Retirement, Impairment, Transfer Multiple Depreciation Rates, Depreciation Run Asset Location & Custodian, Fixed Asset Register BRAND INVESTMENT Campaign Budgeting and Management Brand Spend by Product or Region TAM Reports Upload and Reconciliation TRANSPORTATION Transporters Freight Management Shipment Tracking Even we knew money was walking out the door and we had no way of controlling it. The goal of iBEAM ERP is cost savings. Enterprise License - no additional licens

e costs for new users, as you grow in future. Highly competitive Pricing models iBEAM with more Innovation and Functionality and pre-configured with implementat ion templates and with best practices. iBeam need Less Customization- As low as 2-4 weeks. iBEAM is Ease of Use due to role-based interfaces and configurable dashboards an d navigation trees that can be tailored to individuals. So iBEAM can adapt your business processes. Deployment Options.-You worried about IT staff? Maybe you don t need. Today there are multiple options for deployment like software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing which are often used interchangeably. As well as lot of options for t he ongoing AMC. iBEAM ERP allows a measure of efficiency and control over your business..Not onl y improved efficiency and productivity, but also a measure of visibility that is equally difficult to achieve from paper, spreadsheets and any legacy system pro cesses. Clients1.Jyothy Laboratories Limited withTurnover INR 1000 crores and BSE listed compan y. Jyothy acquired Henkel. 21 manufacturing facilities across 14 locations. 2500 stockists, 120 + locations . Corporate & Registered Office:Mumbai . Regional Office : Bangalore. Products are Ujala Supreme ,Maxo, Exo Dish Wash Bar, 2.Sun Sudh HO at Bangalore. And Factory location Chitradurga with 300MT of refin ing capacity. 3. Patil Parimala Works-Agarbatties Manufacturers 4. IQF Foods Limited 5. Mainland China (Speciality Restaurants Ltd)HO at Mumbai, Present in 25 citie s.