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IL ENGINEERING Date: 16/08/2012 TIME: 1HOUR 30 MINUTES MAXIMUM: 50 MARKS (IS 1343 is permitted) ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS PART A (5X2 =10 MARKS) 1. Define tendon 2. Define pressure line or thrust line 3. A concrete beam supports three concentrated loads equally spaced on the simply supported span. Suggest a suitable cable profile to counteract the effect of these live loads 4. Define creep of concrete 5. Define relaxation of steel PART B (40 MARKS) 6. a. A PSC beam of breadth 240 mm and depth 300 mm is simply supported on an effective span of 6 m. It is prestressed by a parabolic cable with an eccentricity of 75 mm below the centroid at the midspan section and 45 mm above centroid at the support section. Prestressing force is 480 kN. Calculate the initial midspan deflection. Assume the unit weight of concrete as 25 kN/m3 and modulus of elasticity of concrete as 2.5x104 N/mm2 (16 Marks) Or b. A post tensioned prestressed beam of span length 10 m has a rectangular section 300 mm wide and 800 mm deep. The beam is prestressed by a parabolic cable concentric at the supports and with an eccentricity of 250 mm at the centre of the span. The cross sectional area of high tensile wires in the cable is 500 mm2. The wires are stressed by using jack at the left end so that the initial force in the cable at the right end is 250 kN. Using the following data find the total loss of stress in the wires. (16 Marks)

7. a. The cross section of a symmetrical I section prestressed beam is 300 mm x 750 mm(overall), with flanges and web 100 mm thick. The beam is post tensioned by cables containing 48 wires of 5 mm diameter high tensile steel wires at an eccentricity of 250mm. The 28 day strength of concrete is 40 MPa and Ultimate tensile strength of wires is 1700 N/mm2. Assuming that the grouting of the tendons is 100% effective, determine the ultimate moment of the section as per IS 1343 (16 Marks) Or b. The end block of a prestressed concrete beam, rectangular in section is 120 mm wide and 300 mm deep. The prestressing force of 250 kN is transmitted to concrete by a distribution plate 120 mm wide and 75 mm deep concentrically located at the ends. Calculate the position and magnitude of the maximum tensile stress on the horizontal section through the centre of the endblock using Magnels method. Take K1 = -5, K2 = 2, K3 = 1.25 (16 Marks) 8. a. A concrete beam of rectangular cross section 350 mm wide by 700 mm deep supports an udl of 20 kN/m in addition to its self weight. Suggest a suitable cable profile and the prestressing force having an eccentricity of 200 mm at the centre of the span to support the dead and live loads (8 Marks) Or b. Compute the deflections for i) Parabolic and straight tendons ii) Parabolic and straight tendons (eccentric anchor) (8 Marks)