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20 60 Oysters Duck liver pt, sesame seed praline, toasted grissini, apple chutney 115 Tempura crayfish, miso aoli, coriander salad, spicy tomato salsa 60 Tomato tarte tatin, goats cheese feta, balsamic reduction 65 Springbok carpaccio, miso dressing, potato gaufrettes 50 Grilled baby calamari, lemon beurre blanc, pickled vegetables 45 Risotto balls, smoked buffalo mozzarella, truffle aoli 100 Crayfish tian, avocado and tomato salsa, baby leaf salad 160 Giant tiger prawn, pickled vegetable salad, ponzu Asian dressing 50 Tom yum, hot and sour prawn soup, ginger, lemongrass, chilli 50 Fresh greens, pickled vegetables, marinated feta, olives 70 Smoked buffalo mozzarella, basil pesto, herbed tomato, avocado 75 Tuna crudo salad, nahm jim dressing, sun-dried tomato pesto 40 Spiced-fried baby calamari, peanut aoli, tapioca-fried vegetables 55 50 Beef carpaccio, basil pesto, parmesan shavings Salmon ceviche, sweet miso dressing, coriander salad


110 Baby calamari, lemon and herb butter, basmati rice

149 Marinated springbok, cherry chutney, buttered pommes pure, crispy-fried onions 120 Ragout of springbok with penne, parmesan velout, parmesan shavings 125 Slow-roasted lamb shoulder, buttered pommes pure, tomato chutney, roasted baby onions 100 Roasted potato gnocchi, tomato ragout, smoked buffalo mozzarella 140 Deboned lamb ribs, BBQ basting, parmentier potatoes, minted sour cream cheese Beef fillet, onion chutney, free style chips 125/145 125/145 200 rock salt pepper crusted Truffle fillet, mushroom cannelloni, truffle salad, gaufrette potatoes 135 Slow-braised deboned lamb neck, XO marinated, matafam potatoes, coriander, minted cream cheese 110 Cape Malay curry, butter-poached chicken, coriander 109 Roasted chicken breast, matafam, lemon and thyme velout


Linefish, tomato and onion salsa, lemon vinaigrette


Sesame seared tuna steak, roasted vegetables, balsamic reduction


Miso-marinated kingklip, garlic and ginger emulsion, coriander matafam potatoes


Asian prawn curry, lemongrass, chilli, coriander, ginger, oyster sauce.


Salmon wellington, roasted vegetables, pommes cocotte, lemon beurre blanc


Kingklip, champ mash, tomato and onion salsa


Seared Norwegian salmon, roasted vegetables, citrus beurre blanc


Kingklip and langoustine, pommes neuf, tarragon butter


Seafood and crustacean plate


The ultimate crustacean plate 145 Tandoori ostrich medallions, champ mash, peach chutney 120 Penne, spicy crme Creole velout, tiger prawns, baby leaves 100 Spaghetti and meatballs, tomato and herb ragout, parmesan shavings


Crayfish, langoustine and king prawn plate

In the shell: 40 100 160 275 King prawn, each Extra large langoustines, each Tiger giant prawn, each Crayfish, each

15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 Side salad Roasted vegetables Roasted butternut Free style fries Basmati rice Onion rings Bok choy Pommes pure Mushroom sauce Peri-peri sauce

50 45 Vanilla crme brle, almond biscotti Selection of ice cream, chocolate or caramel sauce 55 Chocolate fondant, soft oozing centre, white chocolate ice cream 49 55 39 49 Banana tarte tatin, honeycomb ice cream Lemon meringue tarte, vanilla bean ice cream Crme caramel martini Chocolate and honeycomb sundae, toasted nuts, biscotti, caramel sauce

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