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Mastering Presentations

Han Chang

Most presentations suck.

You must unlearn what you have learned. - Yoda

Are you using the right tool for the job?

Facts belong in a report.

Presentation Strengths

Body language accounts for

x% of communication.

Presentations are about the transfer of emotion. - Seth Godin


Most people only present with the left brain...

Dont forget about the right brain!

Sanity Check

Wield your slide deck effectively!

Power tends to corrupt, & PowerPoint corrupts absolutely.

- Lord Acton

Dont let your audience fall asleep...

Get your audience excited!

Planning Your Presentation

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. - Albert Einstein

Content comes FIRST.

Main Point

Supporting Arguments

Why should the audience care?

Call to Action!

Tell a story.
A Carnegie Mellon University study in 2007 by Deborah Small, GeorgeLowenstein and Paul Slovic compared the effects of story vs data. Test subjects where asked to collect donations for a dire situation in Africa. The data pitch contained statistics about food shortages in Malawi, lack of rain in Zambia, and the dislocation of millions in Angola.

The second version talked about a particular girl in Zambia, Rokia, who was starving. People were shown her photo and asked to donate to help her directly.

On average, students who received the fact-based appeal from Save the Children donated $1.14. Students who read the story about Rokia donated an average of $2.38, more than twice as much.

In a third experiment, students were told Rokias story but also included statistics about persistent drought, shortfalls in crop production, and millions of Africans who were going hungry. While students who had read Rokias story alone donated an average of $2.38, those who read the story plus the data donated an average of $1.43.

The plight of Africa, the fight with poverty is too overwhelming and people feel their contribution is just a drop in a bucket, hence feel less inclined to help.

This is why facts belong in a report, not a presentation.


Keep it short.

My Planning Process

Crafting Your Slide Deck


No Bullets!

Non Example Time!

Places to Share Slides



Places to Share Slides

Places to Share Slides

Slides are plentiful.

(The more, the merrier!)

Pretty Pictures
Everybody loves them!

Non Example Time!


Small picture?


Small picture?

Small picture?

Polaroid it!
http://bighugelabs. c om/frame.php

Or, add your own frame!

- Han

(Keep graphs simple.)

Non Example Time!

Graphs and shit

80% of the time, you dont even need a graph

Easy on the transitions!


Insert content as HUGE TEXT!

Using a large picture...

Add a drop shadow.

Adjust transparency.

Adjust transparency.

Image credits go well at the bottom.

Increase text contrast in colorful images using a translucent background.

Black text on a lighter background works, too.

Dont be afraid to move things around!

Faces should always point to text.

Add a splash of color!

CAPS, bold, italic, underline!

Play around to find appropriate fonts.

Delivering Your Message

Talk slowly.

Talk loudly.
Project your voice!

Researchers divided 88 participants into three groups to watch one of three slightly different speeches. The only difference between the speeches was that one contained a mild curse word at the start: lowering of tuition is not only a great idea, but damn it, also the most reasonable one for all parties involved. The second speech contained the damn it at the end and the third had neither. When participants attitudes were measured, they were most influenced by the speeches with the mild obscenity included, either at the beginning or the end. The word damn increased the audiences perception of the speakers intensity, which increased persuasion. The audiences perceived credibility of the speaker did not change.

Swear more, d@mn it!

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If you want people to buy into your message, start with something they can agree with. In a research study by Jing Xu and Robert Wyerestablished, there were lingering effects of messages people agree with. In one of the tests, participants listen to a speech by John McCain or one by Barack Obama and then watch a TV ad for Toyota. Republicans tended to be more swayed by the ad after watching the speech by John McCain, while Democrats showed the opposite effect, finding the ad more persuasive after the Obama speech. So when you try to sell something, make statements or represent a world view your customers can agree with first even if they have nothing to do with what youre selling.

Get people to agree with you first.

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An analysis added up the results of 29 different studies, which had been carried out on 6,378 people in total. The finding was that there was a slight persuasive advantage for messages that were framed positively.

This study had to do with the way people relate to disease prevention, such as encouraging people to use sunscreen, and promoting healthy eating habits, but it might have a wider appeal. The researchers hypothesized the reason to be that we dont like to be bullied into changing our behaviour.

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Be positive!
Being positive also applies to interacting with your audience. I gave a talk on how to write a better resume. I wanted my audience to agree that a resume was just a list of past job experiences, and when they did, I told them they were WRONG! This was bad. Sadly, this was done to me just a couple of months before at a SCRUM training session, and I remember that it sucked so hard that I basically tuned out for the rest of the session because I felt betrayed. I could sense the same effect in my audience for the resume talk, and regretted it. Didnt get any resumes for recruiting for my company.

You can never be overprepared.

Ready for anything.

Technical Difficulties

Be passionate!

The Golden Rule

30 min max, < 1 min / slide!


ret! ) Sec rta

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Karmas a bitch.

Go fo!h and present!


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