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What Future?

Honey Im ready. She said. He walked through the door and sat down on the hard metal chair. She told him that when he woke up he would need to activate the nanobot she was implanting in his head by pushing a button and flicking a switch on the circuit board behind him, and that he would need to notify Maria, their housemaid AI who was observing the whole thing, that it was time for to complete program 54, disconnect the wires and patch up his head. Also in 6 months, Maria would need to be advised to complete program 55. She placed a cold plastic mask on his face, told him to breathe normally, he fell into a deep sleep, and she started to get to work opening up his skull. She implanted the nanobot into his fleshy brain and connected it to the circuit board with multi-coloured wires. She then proceeded to lay down in an old device that women used to pigment their skin a darker shade from the old world, which had been tampered with to be used for medical purposes. She shut the lid, pressed a button on a small remote she held in her hand, and a blindingly bright white light filled the room. Sister Elisha Wiscostanti was a researcher and inventor for the PHP, the Perfect Human Project, a government run project to research and develop the perfect human. The government in 2050 AD was highly influenced by Christianity, even more than the old world, but with one significant difference. Women held positions of power, influence and authority. This government believed that women had a higher intellect than men, and were able to tell right from wrong more easily. They also hated rebels, criminals, and anybody that went against their principles. That is why they first created the PHP, to make everyone stay the same; in the old world society would have called it communism. But they went even further and said that everyone should become the perfect human, because everyone has their faults, or in the words of the government; everyone has or will in their lifetime perform a sin. So they set up the project, and many researchers, inventors, scientists and civilians volunteered. Sister Elisha Wiscostanti and her husband Jotham were both volunteers, and Sister Elisha was the head of the research department. She came up with the idea of using a nanobot that would sit in a volunteers head and would be able to hold her consciousness so that she would be able to hear the volunteers thoughts and see through their eyes, becoming them without their knowledge. She managed to complete this stage and implanted it in her husband. Jotham Wiscostanti woke up. He was in his wifes Laboratory; it took him a minute to remember what she had said before he went under, but when he did, he turned around, pressed the button and flicked the switch on the circuit board that was behind him. Sister Elisha took a deep breath. She watched him call out to Maria, the housemaid AI, and tell her to complete program 54. I am so glad we have her, otherwise I would have to do the work. Like that would happen, Lazy me would leave the house looking like a pig sty. Sister Elisha was surprised at his thought; she always thought that Jotham was happy to clean the house while she worked. Maria rolled around the room on her wheels, she put the mask back on Jotham and he went back to sleep. She then removed the wires from the nanobot and patched up Jothams head. She put a sheet over Sister Elishas body and cleaned up the room. Jotham woke up for the second time and stood up. He was dizzy from getting up to quickly, and then found his feet. He wasnt aware of his wifes ability to listen to his every thought or ability to see

what he was seeing, Jotham, being the unintelligent man that what he was, just thought that she was researching his brain. So he went on his own way. 1 month into the program, Jotham was sitting in a lovely little caf, when a young, Asian lady walked up to him. He was stunned by her beauty like any man would be, but Sister Elisha immediately came to the conclusion that she was trouble. May I sit here? The young lady said gesturing to the empty seat next to Jotham. Certainly Jotham said but also thought, ohh, I hope I get lucky tonight. I should play that I am single to woo her a little. Manners, good. But that harlot is going to seduce my husband! And he wants to seduce her! Oh am I glad that Mother Theresa is running this program for there are many foul minds at play in the world. And to think I thought that Chongs were just like the rest of us, and I gave them sympathy for not being able to see properly. Well only 5 months to go, and please lord be this the only time that my dear Jotham even thinks out of term. Sister Elisha thought. Soo, what name could fit this beauty? Jotham said as he looked her up and down. Aven She said giving him her award winning smile. And that was the first of the many young girls that Jotham seduced over the 6 month program period. But it wasnt the only sin that Jotham performed during that time, oh no. Jotham held traits of all of the seven deadly sins over only 6 months. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. Once the 6 months were up, Jotham sat back down in the chair once again and advised Maria to complete program 55. She drugged him up and copied the surgery that occurred 6 months before in that very room. When Sister Elisha returned to her body, she was very disappointed in Jotham, but could not do anything about her marriage as divorce was illegal in this society. A year after the end of that stage of the program, Sister Elisha Wiscostanti successfully developed a pill containing chemicals such as liquid radiation, that modified brainwaves so that the subject would not experience a want to experience any of the seven deadly sins or a desire to rebel against laws. This pill was tested on 11 subjects with very different characteristics, all with successful results, before being sent out into the world. Everyone believed everything was better. Nobody in the whole world experienced a bad thought, everybody was perfect. But was this a good thing? You and I both know that that world was wrong. No one rebelled against this idea of being good all the time, because of the pill. So in the end, everyone was trapped in a metaphorical Utopia, and no one could escape.

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