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Media Terminology for Magazines

Airbrush - Pictures are digitally manipulated, on software such as Photoshop, to enhance an image and/or remove blemishes such as spots and wrinkles. Anchoring Text - Text that gives meaning to the pictures e.g. a picture of an actress would be anchored by her name and the film she is in. Aspirational - Someone is aspirational when they dream of changing their life, being healthier, having higher status, being more popular etc. Many people aspire to celebrity lifestyles. Connotations - What an image such as a front cover suggests. For example, pink has feminine connotations and a rose has romantic connotations. Cover lines the words around the main image telling readers what is in the mag. Covermount A free enticement or gift stuck to the front cover to encourage sales. Font - the name for the type, numbers and punctuation marks, in one face and size e.g. ariel House style Special rules for a particular magazine about its size, the layout, font, colour scheme, spelling etc. Human-interest stories These are stories about peoples lives, often highlighting sensational aspects of their lives that entice the reader to want to know more e.g. My husband had an affair with a soap star. They are typically stories about ordinary people rather than celebrities. Imagined communities This refers to the phenomenon where people feel as if they know, are friends with or exist in the same community as people in the media they have never met. For example they may talk about Posh and Becks relationship in the same way as they would their real life friends. Graphics - The text boxes and symbols used in a article or on the front cover are referred to as graphics and may or may not include text. Layout - How the page is designed and formatted with shapes, arrows, text and boxes at different angles etc. Masthead name of the magazine nearly always at the top of the front cover; acts as a logo with a fixed style of lettering and font size. Main Image typically a well composed, carefully created studio photograph of one person usually female, or one striking object related to the genre of the magazine. Mode of address - The way a magazine talks to its audience i.e. it may talk to you as a friend would. The model on the front maybe making eye contact with the reader giving direct address. Puff - short phrase used to sell the magazine such as FREE INSIDE Slogan a few words giving the magazine a Unique Selling Point e.g. the Ultimate Car Magazine Skyline Runs across the top of the page and attracts readers to a special feature. Strapline A strap or bar of information that usually runs over the top of the page. It is used to summarise content At Home Cheryl Cole, or highlight a feature.